Joe’s Christmas socks (which are also my December socks) are on his feet, and walked away this morning. 

Pattern: Basic sock from Knitting Rules with a cable Joe likes whacked into it. Yarn: Everlasting. Colour: Brownie.
Joe has big, wide, long feet, and likes his socks pretty tall, and so knitting socks for him is an undertaking. (It is, in fact, no small feat. Get it?) He’s usually the Christmas victim who gets his socks well into January, and so I’m really pleased that this year they landed right on his feet and straight into rotation in his sock drawer while it was still December. I wish I had better pictures, but he was a man on the move, and only so willing to co-operate with a sock picture in the cold.  I don’t think he would have done it at all, actually, were he not pretty freakin’ grateful someone knits socks for him, and concerned that the supply might dry up if he offended his knitter.

Remember how I was worried I would run out of yarn? 

That’s what was left.  Less than 2 metres.  It was a close one. 
This pair of socks brings the first year of the Self-Imposed-Sock-Club to a successful close.  Twelve months, twelve patterns, twelve yarns and twelve pairs of socks.  Six pairs went into my formerly meagre sock drawer, six pairs into the Christmas bin and I thought it was pretty awesome.  So awesome that I’m doing it again.  I’m giddy with the idea of choosing. Suggestions?