This post was supposed to be about the knitting I’m taking on the plane to Vogue Knitting Live today, but it turns out that I made a bunch of rookie mistakes when I got to the airport, and as a result I’ve only got about 10 minutes to get it together, instead of more than an hour like I planned.  (I was also held up briefly at customs while the dude and I had a discussion about the concept of "Knitting Conference" and yes, I was going to one, and no.  I won’t be alone when I go there.)

I’d give up and blog when I got there, but there might not be time, since I have to be at Barnes and Noble for a "Meet and Greet" almost immediately after arriving- and from there, the next few days will likely happen at breakneck pace. In any case, if you live in NYC or going to VK live and you’re already there, I’ll be at that Bookstore tonight with a whole lot of knitters a lot more interesting than me (Click the link. It’s true.) and we’ll all answer questions and meet and greet and sign books if you have any.  I’d love to see you, even if you’re only there to meet Debbie Bliss.  You could wave at me- or show me your sock. I like that.