Sock in the City

Vogue Knitting live is finished, and I don’t think that I could sum up the whole thing, so let’s go random Monday on it.  (It is Monday- right?)

1.  I did a booksigning at Barnes and Noble when I got to New York.  I checked into my hotel and tried to figure out what to wear and then went downstairs to get in the car and the next thing I know I’m in a car with Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss and they are both funny and bright and the whole time I was in the car all I could think was  "Wow, I’m in a car with Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss". It was sort of surreal.

2. At the booksigning, I met Nicole who knit a beautiful version of the snowdrop shawl and brought me the best cannolis I have ever eaten. She was lovely.

3. Also at the booksigning was Melissa, who had me sign her knitting journal, and it was an incredible experience. You know how all knitting teachers/books are always going on about what a great idea it would be if you had a knitting journal, where you kept notes about your projects? You know, a page or two where you keep track of what yarn you used, maybe stapled in the ball band, a swatch, a picture of the finished thing, a little bit of the yarn and some notes about how you did what? You know how we all agree that would be awesome, and some of us even buy knitting journals, but none of us really write in them more than once or twice before the habit falls off?

Melissa does it. All the time.  It was wild.  Like meeting a unicorn or something.

4. Debby Bliss held my sock.

5. Nicky Epstein held my sock.

6. Vickie Howell held my sock.

7. Debbie Macomber held my sock, and talked about reading my blog.  I don’t remember anything after that because I couldn’t think with all that blood rushing around in my head.

8. Iris Schreier held my sock, and then gave me some really beautiful and interesting yarn.   I liked her.  (Probably would have liked her even without the yarn, but I have to tell you that it helped.)

9. I’m almost done with my January socks.

10. That’s good because I’m obsessed with the yarn that Iris gave me. It’s cashmere sock.  I can’t stop thinking about it.

11. It snowed while I was in NYC, but it turned to slush really fast.  I know it’s a pain in the arse for New Yorkers, but it was really beautiful. The January Socks loved it.  (In as much as an inanimate object loves anything.  I may have been projecting.)

12. Teaching at VKL was pretty awesome, but dudes.  Busy. Crazy busy.  Whole days full, morning to night.  Great students.  Sore feet. Big fun.  Major exhaustion – which must explain the camnesia that I suffered. These are really all the pictures I have.

13. I went to dinner with Clara and we showed the sock Times Square.

14. I bought exactly one yarn in the Marketplace.  It was from Solitude, and I couldn’t help it.

15.  I like to think that it was a moral victory that I didn’t buy more, but really, I just didn’t have time.

16. After Vogue Knitting Live I was spaced out and exhausted, and Ms. Toomuchwool and I went to my absolute favourite restaurant in New York. 

17.  That’s HanGawi, and I’m sort of sorry I told you that, because now it’s going to be even harder to get a reservation.  I love it there, and it’s the spiritual opposite of being in the Hilton for three days, no matter how good a time you had there.

18. After that, which was really the icing on the top of a very knitterly 4 days, I took the train to Juno’s house.

19. We’re knitting.

20. Last night we went to yoga, and there was a knitter there.  That meant there were three knitters at yoga, which makes me feel like we’re everywhere and slowly taking over, which I had sort of suspected after the Vogue thing. 

142 thoughts on “Sock in the City

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. What color cashmere yarn did Iris gift you with? And how soon will it jump the queue to become something fabulous?

  2. hanGawi is so beautiful.
    I am your basic carnivore–but I love the place too.
    Snow melts and becomes slushy in MANHATTAN (it has steam heated streets (in effect) in the other boroughs, it hangs around in sodden, slippy, clabbered masses.

  3. Eh, I figured you’d get done with VKL totally whacked (I sure would be!), but I’m so glad you got to have a bit of fun. I hope you got to rest a bit before heading home, though. Man, your trips are absolute killers!

  4. It sounds like you understand a bit how I felt meeting YOU and Barbara Walker and Meg Swanson and Cat Bordhi at Sock Summit! Now you know why we get tongue tied around the knitters we revere! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time!

  5. I love that journal. I have a hard time keeping up with all of that kind of stuff. It looks like it had tabs in it too. Very helpful.

  6. Actualll LOL at office.
    It’s contagious and we are a good species of Typhoid Mary. I’ve contaminated my neice and my SIL and my BFF (a man) is willing to be contaminated. Just need some “Fisherman’s Wool”.

  7. Oh goodie!!!A rewind! This week needs an extra day or two. Echoing comments above, please post finished socks and new (drool) cashmere yarn. Great to have you back, missed you.

  8. Which restaurant? I live in NYC now (not sure if Denny passed on the goss). Great post as always. Sorry I missed you live here–too much chaos in my world. But did do some sock knitting in your honour late that eve.
    Lorraine (of the now sleeping SQ)

  9. Actually, I think it’s Tuesday. I could be wrong though…I don’t get out much and the days tend to run together for me.
    I can’t wait for details on that cashmere sock yarn, it looks lucious and beautiful, I am certain you will love knitting and wearing it.
    As always, thank you so much for opening your life to us and making us smile.

  10. um…no…it’s Tuesday. but that’s ok. and I’m another yoga-doing knitter (or knitting yoga-er, depending on your perspective). So we really are everywhere.

  11. Sounds like fun. Wish I could have been there. I love the sock yarn… went to the web page and it lists two stores within 100 miles of me. One I might actually get to because it is 100 miles by road. The other is 100 miles as the bird flies… I doubt I’ll drive there, though… a little thing called Lake Superior is between me and there. Gotta love literal web sites.

  12. Lucky, lucky you!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I went to the Road to California Quilt show in Pomona, it was great too. They had some yarn there as well. Occasionally write in my journal. It has saved me more than once. Love your adventures.

  13. Awesome trip…wish I was there!! My dearest Harlotta, just for your information, we out here of the blog think you belong in the same sentence and cab with Nicky and both Debbies, and Cat et al. We love you extra because YOU don’t think so.
    Solitude is in my very own county! I find this cool and exciting…the proprietors of same look at me like I’m a little looney anytime I express this.
    There is a saying floating around best expresses by the character Hardison on “Leverage” – “Geeks rule the world, baby.”. The more I post about knitting in non-knitterly forums, and the more KIP I do, the more of us I find there are out there. Geeks do rule the world, but I think we rock it!

  14. If the only yarn you bought in NYC was from Solitude, you made a very good choice indeed. They have a booth at the farmer’s market at DuPont Circle so when I get to DC for a meeting every 3 years, that’s what I plan my time around. The Solitude booth at DuPont Circle. Awesome.

  15. So, if you have a big binder with all your patterns in it does that count as a knitting journal???
    How fun was all that!! I have to say, I’m not big on autographs, even for my beloved Dallas Cowboys football team, I wouldn’t necessarily want an autograph from one of the team members- but one of my prized knitting possessions is my copy of Louisa Harding’s Hats, Gloves and Scarves that she autographed for me at a knitting class I took from her a few years ago. It was the best!

  16. Wave to my hometown for me! Juno lives in or near it (at least based on her finished-object photos… one of them was photographed within sight of my parents’ house).

  17. Wish I’d been there too. Love NYC. Obviously, the sock did too. Just got your audio version of Meditations… at the library! Can’t wait to enjoy it, again.

  18. So nice to see a mention of Hangawi! It is a very special place to me. I also consider it my “favorite” restaurant in NYC, though I have been there all of three times, have been to very few NYC restaurants in the last 20 years, and have not set foot in the city for years now. I first read about it in some vegetarian magazine soon after it opened. I was visiting from Wisconsin, so brought a copy of the review, and a dear friend agreed to go with me. We loved it, and went again when I visited a year or two later. That friend died suddenly ten years ago, so the memories of those two lovely meals with her are especially cherished. I went one more time a few years later with my brother. I do hope to go again some day, so glad to hear it is still lovely!

  19. So jealous. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Really, cashmere sock yarn. Will you adopt me just long enough to raid your stash?

  20. You will love the Solitude yarn. I bought some at MS&W last year and knitted a beautiful felted bag.
    Plus they are an awesome couple of ladies.

  21. NOW I know why there are so many hat patterns out there! It’s because Vickie Howell looks so unbelievably cute in a hat! Not me….

  22. a new to me yarn fiction author! hurray!
    Knitting Yoginis – we’re taking over the world, one FO and asana at a time.
    Those socks better be for you when this is all done!

  23. Another big cheer for Solitude yarn. I’m so glad you linked to their web site. In addition to the Dupont Circle farmers’ market, they also have a booth at the “White House” Farmers’ Market on Vermont Avenue near the White House (a seasonal market) which is where I first saw them. The other poster is correct — they are wonderful women, and I love, love, love their yarn and their values. Good choice.

  24. It sounds like an awesome trip with so many wonderful things to do and see.
    But I would like to know more about the necklace Nicky Epstein is wearing in the picture you too. It looks very interesting and unique….

  25. And some of us were equally in awe to see you, Anne Hanson, Cookie A… Wow! It was indeed an exhausting weekend though, not enough time to do and see everything, despite rushing around at warp speed, but fantastic fun! Thanks for the great blog–you brighten my days!

  26. I want to be Melissa when I grow up. For now I’m stuck studying high level math for fun. Maybe I’ll dig out a spare binder and start working on it.
    It’s good to have you back and we’re glad you had so much fun. I hope you don’t burn out on reentry.

  27. We are everywhere! Last night on my train ride home, there were two women on the train next to me and one was talking about getting off at my stop to go to the gourmet yarn store at that stop! She had on a really pretty sock yarn scarf. She was too busy talking to her friend so I didn’t talk to her.

  28. I had a dream that there was a men’s knitting group at police headquarters. Okay, so it was fiction, but still–knitters taking over everywhere!

  29. It’s a Monday in Tuesday’s clothing here…. Wednesday will be here tomorrow, which makes it halfway to Friday….. Yesssssssssssss!!!! It’s all perspective, right? hahaahaaahaaahahaaaaa…
    No, really, I’m fine.

  30. Camnesia!! Great! I’ve been wondering if there’s a name for it…been suffering myself for years. You sort of get drawn into the moment (which, if you ask me is far more fun). Your words create fantastic pictures though – so interesting, humorous and inspiring, thankyou for sharing xxx

  31. This sounds excellent. I really wanted to go, but I couldn’t quite justify the expense (if my friend didn’t have a studio, then I could have at least skipped room costs) because I signed up for Squam instead.

  32. Journal? What a great idea! Though thanks to Ravelry, I am much better at tracking and documenting my various knitting projects.

  33. people and books suggest knitting journals? Why did no one tell me? That would have made my life so much easier for so many things!
    Guess I will get started now. Thank goodness I have a whole bunch of blank books that I have been trying to figure out uses for.
    (The sad part is that this whole thing is actually in all seriousness. I have never heard of a knitting journal and now I feel all left out.)

  34. So jealous–sounds like so much fun! Currently making myself knit plain black toe-up socks (altho’ w/a colored heel & toe) to use my stash & avoid spending money. I have a small loom on hold so no money spent on any extras. Salivating at the thought of the yarn in the Marketplace. The one yarn you mentioned on the website called their yarns “artisan yarns”–I think that’s my favorite new phrase!

  35. Sounds like a good trip. Looking forward to similar experiences at this year’s Stitches West in Santa Clara. (Knitting, yoga, good food and friends!…oh yeah…and YARN!)

  36. Loved Vicki’s hat! Would love to know pattern. Question: Why aren’t you in more of your pictures????? We’d love to see you too!

  37. Know what the best part of that is? While you’re there, freaking out cause so-and-so held your sock, I’d betcha that Debbie and Iris and Vickie and Nicky and Debby are even more freaking out cause they got to hold YOUR sock.
    And in case Ms. Bliss reads this – thanks for that Pure Silk yarn. I’m making a little shawlette out of it, and it’s seriously awesome.

  38. Hey, travelers have their gnomes, you have your January sock. I just started mine last night…think I’ll finish it and take it out on the town for a drink.

  39. Knitters are definitely secretly taking over. Not only have I personally made 5 new knitters(imagine that multiplied a few times), but when I go to concerts at our local college people often stop to admire what I’m knitting while lamenting that they did not bring theirs because they were afraid of what people might think. Knitting in Public- hey, it’s what I do. 😉

  40. Wow! Whenever you (or whoever) wears those socks, so filled with all the delicious energy of so many creative hands that held them, they probably will sprout wings from their ankles and never touch the ground or feel fatigued again.

  41. I think one of the many things I like about you is that you totally don’t get that you’re just as big a deal as Debbie Bliss and Nicky Epstein are to the rest of us. I do know the feeling though, I met Debbie Bliss at a booth at the Toronto needlework festival and had the urge to do some genuflecting whilst muttering something like “Oh knitting Goddess I’m not worthy”
    Nice to see the sock out and about

  42. (Back with a shameless plug for a local-to-Juno service project)
    If you happen to stop in at a local yarn shop, look for a flyer for “Hoval Knit In” — it’s my little sister’s Gold Award project!
    “Attention all knitters & crocheters! Is your stash crawling out of the closet? Beat those mid-winter blahs! Please help Rory Nachbar earn her Girl Scout Gold Award by coming together to enjoy refreshments & knit/crochet preemie hats for the Capital Health NICU.”
    Dates and details at “Facebook Hoval Knit-In”
    I didn’t tell her that I’m passing on the info here… thought it would be a big morale booster if some more knitters or crocheters (unrelated to her) jump in.

  43. You sure know how to show socks a good time. You should have both pair going so it could be Socks an the City

  44. Thanks for linking to Solitude Yarn! I live down the road from them and was just tickled pink to see them mentioned in a blog that’s on my “Read Daily” list. You’ll love their yarn!

  45. HanGawi is my favorite Korean joint! I work in the neighborhood and tried HARD to keep it a secret. Thanks a lot, Harlot. 🙂

  46. Your January sock looks SO much like the socks I knit for my DD a few months back. What yarn is it? (Maybe I should look back at older posts. . . .) The yarn I used must be different, because it was worsted weight, but the striping worked out JUST like that. This tickles me. 🙂

  47. I love how excited you were to be in a cab with Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss! I would be that thrilled to meet you!! Is it wrong to plan my family’s summer vacation in conjunction with sock summit?!!! Blissfully, they are not aware of it yet.

  48. It was fun, wasn’t it! I too bought a skein of yarn from Solitude, and several from Blue Moon, a pair of square needles with a soft cord (think spaghetti), and some Soak. I ate at Connolly’s Pub 1/2 block from the Hilton – 2x (both great), and learned the patent stitch. Best of all was seeing friends and all that knitwear. I hope they do it again next year.

  49. Knitters are everywhere… I was at an all-day-work-training-ho-hum-but-have-to-be-there thing which was vastly improved by the seating which allowed me to knit on a sock ALL DAY LONG! During one of the breaks a woman came up to me and said: “Good, now I can go get my knitting out, I was feeling self-conscious” … !!

  50. I love Iris’ cashmere sock yarn. I have a pair of Gansey-esque socks almost done/designed in it that went to Indiana for photography and are not yet back. I miss them.

  51. I like no. 8. Iris. What is she wearing? That shrug and the other top are most interesting and look handknit.

  52. We /are/ everywhere! I meet knitters in the oddest places. I’m the only one at work, though, which makes me kind of sad — and kind of excited: it’s an untapped field! I can just bring pretty wads of wool to work and see who pets it. There’s my knitting padawan, see, the one for whom the wool is an irresistible draw.

  53. Sounds absolutely overwhelming and fabulous.
    And I love Solitude Yarn. I have the immense pleasure of spinning with Gretchen in the spring and she brings yarn. Lots of it. It’s something I don’t think any knitter could ever resist. I’m so glad you got your hands on some.
    See you soon at Madrona!

  54. Man oh man, I was exhausted (and excited/happy) after 4 days in New York and all I did was take the classes, not have to teach or speak or appear responsible in any way. I can’t imagine the level of exhaustion on the teaching side of things.
    Knitting and hangout and yoga sounds awesome – I am already looking forward to me time at the end of this week. It can’t come soon enough.

  55. Sounds like a great weekend, despite busy-ness. (is that a word?) It’s good to see the traveling sock again! Love the yarn – what is it?

  56. I’m going to DC in June and will check out Solitude Farms at the Farmers Market then. From what I saw on their website the yarn looked absolutely yummy! Thanks for the tip. I’m sorry that I’m not going to NYC any time soon the leek pancakes and avocado lettuce salad at HanGawi sound really yummy also. Sounds like you had a goooood time.

  57. You know, I bet Debbie Bliss and Nicki Epstein are home telling their friends about how they met YOU and how excited they were! And Vicki Howell and all those other guys, because, y’know, they’re just knitters, too.

  58. My high school daughter had to dress up like her favorite celebrity and she chose to be you! She has hair like yours and glasses and carried around her yarn and needles to all her classes. If our kids don’t want to be like us, it is a joy to see they want to be someone we admire 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

  59. Sounds like fun!! I’m another yoga student and I know several other people at the studio I go to who also knit. It is everywhere!

  60. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, I wish I could have been there! 😀
    Can’t talk now.. knitting on the shawl

  61. I am so sorry I missed meeting you at Vogue Live. I did see you once whizzing by in the crowd on the way to somewhere (I volunteered during the weekend). It was crazy busy, absolutely no doubt.
    I’ll have my photos up later in the week, so maybe some of them will help to fill in the missing pieces (although your sock certainly got around – excellent!).

  62. I am so proud of you as a Torontoian and a Canadian. You represented us proud at Vogue Knitting. Hooray!

  63. Child, it tuckers me out just reading it. Glad you got to do it, glad we get to do it through you. That said, phew.

  64. It was such a fun weekend! I’m totally hitting HanGawi next time I’m in the city. I like my vegetables treated with reverence.

  65. I’m so envious of your January socks. Sounds like it was a fun (if exhausting) weekend, I’ll bet you’re glad it’s all done. Wish I could have been there! so much knowledge to be soaked in.

  66. Regarding #1 – Please give yourself more credit. You know you are in the same league as them. No need to be bashful honey.
    Knew you’d have a blast.

  67. I love how starstruck you were! you do realise i would be that starstruck if i were in a room with YOU!
    speaking of which, when ARE you going to come to Australia? *bats eyelids*

  68. That is now a power sock. Everytime you wear it, all the good knitting joojoo will flow up through you from all those fabulous knitters.

  69. Glad you had fun in NYC. I did too! I was in your Friday afternoon class and really enjoyed it. (How cool is silk?!) Thanks for indulging me and taking a picture with me and my sock (and letting me hold yours – OMG!!!). My class with you (and my friend, and the cool bunch of other knitters) was the highlight of my NYC weekend! As usual, well done Ms. Harlot! You rock!

  70. Knitters really are everywhere. I was recently knitting a sock in the St. Lucia airport for a flight back to Toronto when a lady came up and asked me for advice about how to join a new ball of yarn to a project. She wasn’t quite ready to so but thought she would be at that place fairly soon. She was relieved I could help. I wished her well on her project and got her Ravelry name. Wouldn’t you know it, she was sitting right beside me on the plane ride!
    Knitters. We’re everywhere.
    We should make t-shirts that say that.

  71. Why is a knitting journal odd? My first one is around somewhere, a nice little blank book in a pretty tooled leather case, 90% or more filled, much the worse for wear. Drawings by small children in the back, when I needed to keep them busy and quiet….this book presages cell phone games! My next one is also 90% full, one of the ones Meg Swansen sells as . It’s nice, but I wanted my graph paper and plain paper in different places, so my new one is a levenger leather book with a plain paper insert, with lots of sheets of graph and lined paper, that I can move to where ever I want them. We’ll see how I like this one. I always seem to get sick of the current book at 90% full, though…I can’t manage without it! I put the changes to my current pattern in it, and often copy (or write, from scratch, for mittens and socks and the like) patterns in it. Lots of sticky notes and tabs keep my various places! When I left it in a museum when I was researching a quilted petticoat, I panicked, until they found it for me…..and mailed it back home, safe and sound.
    My notebook sounds organised…..I’m not…..*just* my notebook is….and it’s all appearance, fake organisation. 😉

  72. AM I a UNICORN??? I have kept a knitting journal since my very first project. I have them ALL. Then when ravelry came around I started keeping two…a digital and hard copy. YIKES…can you say OCD?!? I guess I didn’t realize how crazy that is until I wrote it out…maybe I am a unicorn! I am glad to know that there are other unicorns out there…thanks for documenting our rare breed!

  73. Glad that you and the sock had fun. I was in your Friday class and it was awesome! I am enjoying working with my mawata and figuring it out and it was so great to meet you (and thanks for taking a sock picture with me).

  74. What a wonderful trip! I visited HanGawi and the picture of the Korean shoes reminded me of the rubber ones I used to wear in the summer to the pool. My Halmoney would bring them.

  75. OK, nothing to do with the post, but hope someone reads this and can help.
    I want to send a question to Knitty, to ask how to print out an article from Summer 2006, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do either of those things – [print out an article without getting everything so the pattern type is too small to see, OR send a question to Knitty]. Nowhere do I see a Contact Us button.
    Been looking everywhere I can think of . I CAN’T knit a pair of socks while the pattern is online.
    Thanks if anyone can help. [Clicking on my name will take you to my email address.]

  76. I was SO MAD when I realized you were in NYC… an hour and a half after the book signing was over 🙁 SO MAD!
    But I’m glad you had a great time 🙂

  77. So wish I could have come. Sounds wonderful!
    To GeniaKnitz….there is a FAQ section on the bottom of Knittys home page and at the end of the questions there is a link to contact them. Hope it helps. I would have sent to your email but mine is slowly trying to drive me insane at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s in a mutiny with my contacts as they seem to be AWOL too.

  78. So wish I could have come. Sounds wonderful!
    To GeniaKnitz….there is a FAQ section on the bottom of Knittys home page and at the end of the questions there is a link to contact them. Hope it helps. I would have sent to your email but mine is slowly trying to drive me insane at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s in a mutiny with my contacts as they seem to be AWOL too.

  79. I think that Epstein and Bliss were thinking the same thing in the car with you.. “I can’t believe I’m sitting next to THE Yarn Harlot!”. I rode in the elevator with you a few times, and I was too tongue tied to try and say anything, never mind trying to be clever or witty.

  80. I was so happy to be able to get in your lecture class. You were really good and funny. And I used some of the information last night in a discussion with my son, knitting vs video games.

  81. I can’t remember what I knit last week. I also can’t remember where I put that last bleep bleep journal that I bought to help me remember that I knit the heel for 38 rows instead of 34. This is why nothing I make can ever be repeated and stands as a testament to the number of unique objects that can be in the universe. This is January, so I am on a mission to catalog my work this year. I have put at least 50% of my knitting in Ravelry. It is the 26th of January, so I will probably only continue for another couple weeks until I just give up completely and knit.

  82. Never mind knitting journals. I was lucky to find the other ball of yarn for a scarf I was knitting and was only carrying one of them around so it fit in my purse better.
    Camnesia! Perfect! Have to tell hubby – he still laments the time at a football game where the play was coming right at us and he was so entranced he forgot he had the camera.
    Just tell yourself your feet will be too hot in the cashmere sock. So just send it along to me.

  83. I’m scrolling down, reading your blog, when the strangest thing happened! I got teary-eyed seeing all those wonderful knitter/teachers/writers. Geez, I’m such a baby! I’m in a ‘stephani’ mood this week as I’ve borrowed all, ALL, of your books from our library and am savouring each of them, one at a time! You always make me smile and say quietly to myself (cause if i said it out loud i’d get strange looks from my family) “she can see straight through me!”

  84. I am dead certain that Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss couldn’t believe THEY were sharing a cab with The Stephanie Pearly MePhee. >:-)
    You “just didn’t have time (to buy more yarn…)”??????? I totally don’t understand this sentence. Especially coming from you.

  85. So glad you “survived” an NYC winter visit. I’m sure you recognize the differences. Slush. Ruins good boots because of the salt/motor oil mixed in. Makes you jump from the curb and land on the packed ice out in the street. Boy do I ever miss working in the city (Hartford, not NYC).
    I really wanted to comment on what a fantastic photographer you are. Really. I keep remembering the shots you took in the park on the bridge for a shawl. When you are bored sometime, you could look into selling some of your shots. One of those park pix on a canvas bag? Or blank note cards? Even a tee shirt (worn under a hand knit sweater jacket, good jeans, boots)
    I have an active fantasy life that involves great effort on the part of others.

  86. Sounds like the January sock had a giddy time. I love Nicole’s snowdrop scarf. I’ve had that pattern on my desk for about a year and this makes me want to go get it cast on!

  87. some knitting yoginis are yoga teachers and yoga therapists too. ahhh…all that calm breathing at the end of each stitch, and a mantra for each row.
    and a smile for each and every one of us!

  88. I LOVE HanGawi! I try to go there every time I’m in New York, too – glad you were able to get a table!

  89. Hooray for Solitude! I am a family friend of Gretchen and have worked her booth at MD Sheep and Wool in exchange for yarn. Glad to see them getting a mention in the blogosphere!!

  90. I’ve been lucky enough to get to speak with Debbie more then once, I just adore that women. She is so incredibly sweet, and humble and just calm! I love being around calm people when I am all jittery. Great pic you got of her too, hope she gets to see it!

  91. I’m another UNICORN. I’ve kept yarn journals since I started knitting. I have several going simultaneously because I use them rather than toting around pattern books.
    Love your blog! It’s on my tracking list.

  92. I’m just kind of blown away by the poster on the wall behind Debbie Macomber. “A Conversation With Belinda Carlisle and Sandra Bernhard.” I bet that was quite a conversation!

  93. Thanks for your wonderful VK Live! post. It’s hilarious and charming.
    That sock of yours lives a very exciting life. I hope it doesn’t get a swelled head (toe?), having been held by so many knitting goddesses. And I hope the other sock doesn’t whine about feeling deprived. Maybe you could bring it to the next VK Live! show.
    Moving along to food…Does the godawful smell of kimchi overwhelm at HanGawi? I’m vegetarian, but that stuff scares me.

  94. I have this wonderful feeling knowing that you get giddy over the same things that make my heart aflutter!

  95. Oh, what a wonderful time! Definitely wish I could have been there. Dang it…now I want to put down the keyhole scarf I’ve been knitting and dig out the half finished sock I was working on last fall. Wonder where I stuffed it… Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.

  96. It is delightful to hear/see VKL from someone/something else’s perspective. It truly was an amazing experience: seeing all those I have admired and all in one place.

  97. Your sock of the month club (and the warmth of my new socks and the fact that in the southern US it’s gotten COLD these days…) has totally inspired me. I’m working on my 3rd pair this month! Well, I guess this 3rd pair will be for February. And one was for a preschooler, but still – it counts. Anyway, my problem is that I have cheap, wooden DPNs and I know there’s a better way. What are your favorite needles for knitting socks?

  98. fininshitupitis must be contagious or epidemic. I finished 3 scarves I had started. Maybe it’s the new year. Or the snowy cold weather.
    I live in Michigan.

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