Beer O’Clock

Another little finished thing tripped off the needles last night, or technically it was two things… but it’s mittens so I guess like socks, it only counts as one finished object when really it’s two. 

Done and done are Spillyjane’s Mittens with Pints on, and I think they’re beyond charming.  I rather like the idea of frosty pints of beer keeping ones hands toasty warm.

The yarn is the very lovely Satakieli, procured from Schoolhouse Press, from which only good things come.

I used (I think) #894 for the background, #97 for the Stout, #385 for the Dark, #288 for the Amber and 184 for the Lager – along with #3 for the creamy heads on all those little perfect pours and the enchantingly stripy thumbs.

I love them. My only regret now is that they aren’t the right size for my favourite barkeep,  so I suppose I’ll have to keep them- which isn’t exactly a sad turn of events,  and in retrospect, may have been an unconscious decision, since I could see how wee they were all along, and just kept knitting them in my size. 

That’s another project off the needles, and leaves me with one pair of mittens in the bin, although I had a close call last night.  I went out for a walk, and my old and well loved pair of mittens simply weren’t warm enough, and I had a screechingly close call with the stash.  I came in from out and went straight to the wool closet, and began pulling out everything I needed to make a pair of thrummed mittens, which I can see now was just a reaction to the feeling that my fingers were going to fall off.   I pulled it back from the brink and plunked myself down to knit the thumbs on these mittens instead. (I mean I did that as soon as my fingers thawed enough to let me knit.)   They won’t be as warm as thrummed mittens, but maybe I can layer.  New mittens underneath, old mittens overtop, and the pride of having tidied another thing out of the basket as whipped cream on a little mitten cake.

PS. I tell you something I figured out last night.  I don’t know SpillyJane very well, so there’s little I can say about her with certainty- except this.  
That woman doesn’t mind weaving in ends.