A Valentine

This last weekend passed in a blur, with lots of car rides and movies and family gatherings and I had tons of time where I was keeping people company, and – Well.  I made myself a little Valentine.  I started on Thursday with a beautiful roving from The Yarn Yard.

I split it in half, then each half into singles, then into two skeins of a two ply.  I knew I wanted socks, but I wasn’t sure how much yarn I had, so I started at the toes, and supplemented with some black that I had kicking around.

I knit two tubes, starting with black toes and ending with black ribbing. I was at the movies when I came to the place where heels should be, I just kept going. 
Today,  I put in afterthought heels.

They almost match.

I love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me.  Handspun, handknit socks.