Now it’s going too far

 This Random thing is starting to leak into all sorts of days.

1. I’m in the Vancouver airport, having a glass of wine and looking to touch base with my grown-up self, since this morning when I woke up and realized that my whopper of a head cold hadn’t been cured while I slept, and I really was going to fly to Madrona sick as a dog, I may have begun an internal juvenile tantrum that I’m only just now trying to get over.

2. Man, do I feel crappy, and that makes me a little bitter, because even though I’ll be working at Madrona, I really think of it more like play because it’s such a fantastic event- and I am really rather bitter about being deprived of that good time by a crappy little virus.

3. Colds piss me off anyway.  Really, I think it’s almost disrespectful that they can make you feel this awful while still being completely benign. Something that can’t kill you shouldn’t be able to make you feel like you might die.

4. I was knitting a sock on the plane. 

It’s February’s self-imposed-sock-club socks, because last night I flipped out, saw the date and realized that I might want to get on those.

5. I know these are crappy pictures, but I can’t seem to do better. It’s an airport. I have a  cold.  Cut me a break.

(I just realized that it looks like I’m doing wicked product placement for Tom Bihn’s yarn stuff sacks, which was not at all on purpose, though I do love and use them.)

6.  It’s the "It’s Tea Time" socks from Around the World in Knitted Socks , knitted in Cherry Tree Hill supersock solids in Bark.

7. That’s a good book. Good yarn too.

8. A lot of people asked me on Monday how I could put in an afterthought heel after the tube part had been knit- didn’t I need to put some stitches onto a holder or knit in waste yarn or do something like that?

9. Nope.  At the risk of sounding silly, the point of an afterthought heel is that it can be done entirely afterwards, with no planning at all.  I did a post here that explains it.

10. I’m going to take another six pounds of cold medicine and try to make it to Tacoma. Everything will be better once I get there. I feel sure of it.