Five Facts

1. Today is the 23rd of February.
2. February has only 28 days.
3. I sort of got distracted by the Kusha Kusha thing, and haven’t been knitting on my February socks.
4. All I have done is 3/4 of one size 12 sock, and the recipient has two feet.

5.ย  That is a bit of a problem.

141 thoughts on “Five Facts

  1. Five days is nothing. Just pretend that it’s December 20th and you still have lots of gifts to finish. You could totally make that deadline!

  2. I have been knitting my very lovely, very deserving brother-in-law with size 12 men’s feet socks…

    … since September 29.
    I love him. I love the yarn. I love the socks (your Earl Grey pattern).
    But he has big feet.

  3. Good luck with finishing them! Go Steph Go! It’s doable – just knit in the bath!
    You’ll probably finish these before I finish my pair of socks. Mens size 9.5, toe-up with cabled legs. The cables are kicking my arse. Have 24 more rows of cables, then about 10 rows of k1tbl/p1 twisted rib to finish on both, and it’s gonna take at least a couple weeks at this point.

  4. #6. But we all remember just how long the plane flight is from SeaTac to Toronto (most of one sock, right?). I have confidence in you.

  5. Maybe we all need to find some people with only one foot to knit socks for…just a thought.
    @Deb-I made the Earl Grey sock for my hubby for Christmas (also size 12), took me a while too. Very rewarding, though, he’s worn them almost every day (with breaks for the washer, of course!)

  6. Can’t you just have them “Cinderella” the sock?
    1. Tell them they have to produce the other sock (like producing the other slipper)
    2. Make part of their foot disappear?
    I think I prefer option 1, but I don’t know how the recipient would feel ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Is that green grass I see? You’re not back in Toronto, right? Hope you bring some warm weather back here with you. And the sock is very handsome.

  8. Similar problem at my house. The birthday is February 25th, and the giftee has size 13 feet. (yes, two of them!) AHRR!

  9. The sock looks great. You already know this but the yarn, color and pattern look very right together.
    March has 31 days so a day or so out of it to finish the socks won’t hurt.

  10. I just love the way you keep to your monthly sock resolution. I am encouraged and taken by your example. I have begun, myself, to KEEP not try to keep, but KEEP my resolutions to myself for 2011. This year is more about me…not in a selfish way but more about doing some small things just for me, myself and I. (We) have been longing for a few shawls and more socks, so that is what (we) shall get in 2011.
    Thanks for the example of sticking to it no matter what!

  11. I have the same type of thing going myself. I just got past the heel on sock 1 and then got socked with a deadline project. Thankfully, my monthly sock resolution also involves a few pairs of socks that I started in years past (got to get the UFO socks done), so I am going to just pick one of those in March and get them both done.

  12. Feel your pain. I’m on the heel flap of the 2nd sock of my Feb. pair, and work/evening engagements keep interfering with my knitting time…

  13. Bad luck that you picked the biggest socks for the smallest month… But it’s a beautiful pattern. And I know you can do it!

  14. If you break it down, how many inches of sock per day is that (about)? Not insurmountable at all at your speed!
    If I did a monthly sock club, I’d never have time to knit anything else at my rate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Not a problem if you are the Yarn Harlot! You knit like the wind! I have no doubt that you will have a FO in five days.

  16. I have a man with size 14, so I feel for ya! I am not quite to the heel on his second of the pair Xmas socks… oops! But, you knit A LOT faster than me. Has anyone checked the Guiness Book of World Records for fastest knitter?

  17. Don’t worry. Happily knit for the next five days. Remember two days are the weekend. Doesn’t the weekend have more hours to knit? What a fun pattern. Bigger feet mean more knitting.

  18. I have a similar problem.
    1) It is the 23rd of February.
    2) There are, as previously mentioned, only 28 days in February.
    3) I have only knit 2/3 of one of my February Socks (Rogue Roses, by you).
    4) I also have 2 feet, a woman’s US size 7.5 so a lil smaller
    5) I have only knit 7/8 of one of a pair of gloves which must be done before the 28th.
    6) The glove recipient has two rather large hands (by large I mean that I have read about a millionty glove patterns and none of them are large enough – I had to make it up myself). Damn him.
    Happily I have the entire weekend in which my only plans are knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. My Dad has size 13 feet. Knitting him socks out of WORSTED weight yarn just about did me in… I’m still amazed that my Mom once knit him a WHOLE SWEATER out of fingering weight! (He’s over six feet tall, BTW!)

  20. If anyone else had posted this, I’d think, “Oh bummer, she’s not going to make it.” But with you, I feel certain you’ll post a pic of the finished pair tomorrow with a caption that says, “That was a close one! And I whipped out this shawl, too…”
    See how you’ve trained us?

  21. The February socks have become the March: Pair 1 socks due to other, more urgent knits needing finishing by the end of the month.

  22. I see two potential solutions:
    1) Knit on the socks more.
    2) Get a hacksaw.
    (Teasing, just teasing…please don’t send someone to arrest me.)

  23. I’m sure you (of all people) can do it… but now you have a sense of what it’s like for those of us whose whole family has Size 12 feet!

  24. Hey, maybe it’s time to re-think this sock-a-month thing. Perhaps a pair of size 12 socks (and larger) should count for two months?

  25. I’m in the same pickle, but a different size foot. February socks for me are Cookie A’s Bex. I’m on the instep of the first sock. I really should be knitting my daughter’s wedding stole instead though…..

  26. My sock club…My rules. You inspired me to start my own sock-a-month resolution this year. Jan 5th: 3/4th done with 1st sock…patting myself on the back-tried it on & realized I was making woman’s med for my size 10 feet!
    Jan 27th: sock still sitting there-feet still sz 10-no decision(intricate pattern not easy to frog)
    Jan 30th: whipped out a pair of lacy colorful infant socks. February: Made pr toddler socks+ Adult socks (worsted) then revisited Jan socks decided it was do-able to knit to fit…am 3/4 done with 2nd one. Yarn delivery today. New grandson arriving 6 days…hmmm Think Jan socks have graduated to March socks and I’m still ahead 1 pair.

  27. I have the perfect solution: I also have an insane sock knitting deadline. I have to knit an entire My Vampire Boyfriend sock (ladies size 7.5) by the last day of February. I’m handicapped by a 9 – 5 job and a fourteen month old daughter.
    I’ll Race You.

  28. Don’t you have a travel day before March 1? Just warp the space-time continuum on the airplanes.

  29. If anybody can do it, though, you can!
    I’m in a bit of the same predicament! I spent the first half of the month finishing my Charlotte’s Web shawl for Stitches West. Now I can knit on my Feb. socks, but I only just turned the heel on my first sock. I’m only knitting a Women’s Size 8 foot, though, in sportweight yarn, so it’s entirely possible that I could finish, but I want to knit on anything OTHER than those socks. haha

  30. Aren’t you the girl who worked up an amazing sweater in an unbelievably short Winter Olympics stretch last year? Um, a sock is just a sock. You can do it easy peasy.

  31. My hubby has size 11 feet and I only make him socks out of thicker wools (like Patons Decor). I love him but not enough to use ‘real’ sock wool ๐Ÿ™‚ I also always knit both socks at one time. I’d never get socks done if I still made them one at a time.

  32. I’ve got nothin’ but good knitting vibes headed your way. Too many deadlines for me this year, son getting married in August and 6 shawls to knit for the wedding party and I still can’t get the bride to settle on a pattern (I only gave her two to choose from, what kind of an idiot do you think I am?). Oh well, if it was only a sock….

  33. 5 days… you can make it.
    I, on the other hand, am incredibly grateful that I really only knit socks for myself. I have size 7 feet.

  34. The first bit of advice I give to new sock knitters is to fall in love with someone with small feet, or never knit her/him socks so she/he doesn’t get addicted to handknits.

  35. Wait a minute! You SPUN the Valentine sock yarn, AND knitted those socks. Can’t THEY count as the February Sock Club Socks? Thereby making the Size 12s into “bonus” socks, which don’t technically matter for the Official Unofficial Sock Club Count?
    If not, I believe suitable applications of chocolate and/or alcohol, along with skipping inconsequential activities such as sleeping, should see you through. At least, that’s what works for me …
    Good luck!

  36. I hear your words and understand. My husband has size 15 feet with a high arch. I was knitting him 1 pair of socks a year.
    This year I knit him the (as my SIL says) ‘deer mating hat’ for Valentines day… forget the socks!

  37. Not unlike making mittens with an after thought thumb and forgetting to put in the extra string to hold the stitches. My experience is that all my recipients had two thumbs…

  38. I was just reminded of the socks my son wanted for christmas with his size 13 feet. I wonder how much longer I can put it off.

  39. I’m so impressed that not only are you sticking to the self-imposed sock club, but you included someone with size 12 feet! Truly, this must be a worthy recipient ‘cuz that’s, what… double the stitches and yarn that goes into socks for your feet?
    I have faith that you’ll make it to the finish of those lovely socks.

  40. I have a son with size 12 feet, a husband with size 11 feet and a 13 yr old son with size 10 feet. I feel your pain.

  41. My hubby is 6’2″ and has size 11 feet. The poor guy never gets any knitted gifts on time! I had the brilliant idea of knitting him socks for valentine’s day and I’m still only on the leg part of the second sock even though I was taking the darn things everywhere with me and knitting like a madwoman.
    I don’t feel too bad though since he started knitting me a plain linen stitch cowl for Christmas and it is still on the needles. (Yes, he knits, and yes, he is a yarn snob, and yes, I realize I am the luckiest girl I know so I will continue to knit him really big stuff out of really nice wool.)
    Now…back to those really big socks. Good luck with yours, they look great so far!

  42. Gotta deal for you: You create 3 midterm exams for me, and I’ll knit one of the socks for you.
    The only good thing about midterms is that while they’re taking the exams, I’ll have six wonderful hours to knit (yes, I take my knitting to work, just haven’t figured out how to write equations on the blackboard with sock yarn in my hands).
    Sending you lots of energy…

  43. My 13 year old son has size 11 feet this month. I’ve been contemplating making him socks, but I get discouraged thinking of the effort involved compared to the rate he grows these days. Since my dad’s a size 14, maybe I should just aim for that and wait for my son to catch up. Socks for my 4 yr. old are much more appealing. I do like the socks you’re making.

  44. If anyone in the world can finish those socks, it’s you. May the wind (or yarn) be at your back. God Speed.

  45. Fact 6: February only has 28 days, so you have 2-3 days less than you should to meet your self-imposed deadline.

  46. If you made them a women’s 10, I’d happily take them off your hands and you’d have 2-3 inches less knitting per sock….

  47. Here is a solution. Change recipients. My 22 year old son wears a men’s size 7 and isa below knee amputee. I’m not making that up either. He would love a handknit sock. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I have faith in you and I’m sure the transatlantic flight will help. I also suggest you forgo housework if at all possible, you know, just to help the deadline.

  49. At first I reverted to my pre-knitter days and thought, “no problem, it’s just a sock.” Then I started doing the stitch estimate in my head, and thought, “good grief, that’s almost half a sweater!” Half a sweater, with what looks like traveling stitches and other complications, in 5 days, with Sock Summit planning and everything else you have to do!? You are a brave and intrepid soul with amazing knitting speed, but……..maybe baby booties would be a good idea? Big Foot can be moved to next month!

  50. I’m in the same boat-still on sock#1 of my Feb socks…and I haven’t finished my sock mending or the UFO for Feb, either.
    My sock is a lady’s 8, but is a complicated cable. What was I thinking!!

  51. Where/What is that yarn? It looks very much like some ball of stuff i got at Tina’s Barn sale last year(Blue Moon Fiber arts of course), have never been able to figure out what it was since. . (it was out of the 2$ scrap bin) BUT., I LOVED IT and want more…

  52. Joe will understand. Of course you do have the ability to knit like the wind so you’ll probably succeed in finishing both before your self imposed deadline. Of course if Tina has you slaving over the post-it notes nothing may get accomplished other than Sock Summit. Of course that is a bit of an accomplishment all by itself. Looking forward to July.

  53. I say your valentine socks count for February’s Self Imposed Sock Club and these beauties are an early installment for March! Pat yourself on the back in a satisfied sort of way and eat some chocolate as a reward. I love only adding things on my To Do list after I’ve already done them, a whole list done! See, they are all crossed off. Besides, size 12 socks seem like the wrong choice for a short month such as February! I <3 Stephanie.

  54. OK, you’ve ruined my life with the whole Kusha Kusha thing. I made the mistake of browsing their kits…it’s possible I might expire if I don’t get a Habu kit…
    My gravestone shall read:
    Here lies Caroline
    The Yarn Harlot was her undoing

  55. Wait, it’s your sock club. You can totally make a rule to give you more time for February. And don’t you get credit for all those socks that got finished early? Or might you get an extra month for socks twice as big?
    Gorgeous socks, lucky man.

  56. Your loyal admirers have the utmost confidence in you and give you their best encouragement. An alcoholic beverage wouldn’t hurt either.

  57. Uh-oh. Better hurry up before February ends. . .or the recipient learns you’ve hocked his amplifiers/power tools/iPad/guitars/hunting dog/etc., etc., etc.!

  58. Those are pretty intense socks. You are going to have to concentrate, but I think you can do it. But you’ll have to put the scarf AWAY. Don’t get side-tracked!

  59. Personally, I think you thrive under self-imposed pressure. I have no doubt you’ll finish.

  60. Okay….This is February…and in HONOR of the fact that this month brings us Leap Year on occasions, I think your February socks should LEAP into March and be two month socks….start the second sock on the 1st… get the sticks clickin on the first one…..just sayin….(Love the pattern… knitting socks….)

  61. We have 9 beautiful inches of white stuff here in the Gorge. Wish I could stay home tomorrow and just knit by the fire! That would be a rotten shame for your flight to be delayed. Seems like you’ve had to put up with a lot of that lately. Good thing you have knitting to pass the time!

  62. I’m not sure the intended recipient is entirely with you on point 5. They may feel less than problematic about having two feet ๐Ÿ™‚
    But then again it is really nice to have such a handsome sock for one’s second foot as well.
    You will just have to wave your magic wand, err, knitting needle very forcefully and conjure that pair of socks into existence. You know you can do it….

  63. The recipient has TWO feet?!?!?! How dare he! And how dare he have such LARGE feet! Doesn’t he know the kind of pressure he’s putting you under?
    My February socks were also for a big-foot, my mom, size 11. I’m itching to start my March socks, an original design I’ve charted out myself. Am I allowed to start them before March 1?
    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  64. Didn’t last year’s February socks get completed in March? The world did not end, and March has 31 days, and I think you finished the March socks on time. Problem solved.

  65. Knitting for guys with big feet always make me really glad when I look down and see my rather small feet.
    My husband has size 13 feet. And it took me like 5 months to knit him a pair of socks. Admittedly, I hated the yarn and pattern.
    But I feel like you can do it. You are the Wonder Woman of knitting.

  66. I’m with Presbytera. And I love the pattern- those are gorgeous.
    Also, this morning I found the perfect quote for all the people commenting on your enabling powers: “I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.”

  67. Pretty though. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I guess I shouldn’t think that for what looks like a guy sock, but dang it! It is!

  68. I know you can do this. Just forget about cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. It will still be there when the sock is done.

  69. But March has 31 days, so just add the two together and average. That does mean you need to keep on track in March though.

  70. Since February is such a short month, and (in my part of the world) a dark & gloomy month, I think you’re allowed to borrow days from June or July. It’s a relatively unknown component of daylight saving time.

  71. Nice socks. I like the pattern and the color.(I have a little bit more than casual interest. I have size 12 feet too.)

  72. If you count you gorgeous valentines ones as Feb ones which is quite fitting then technically you have started Marchs ones early ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. I’m not sure what the problem is, exactly. You have an extra whole day over what you thought. This year is a LEAP YEAR!!! Feb 29 exists. You can do it!!

  74. I borrowed from March 1. It isn’t really a LEAP YEAR. I’m just pretending it is. You can, too..

  75. If it makes you feel better I have until tomorrow to finish a set of colourwork mitts for a friends birthday. I’m “done” one (no thumb, and the over-stitches aren’t on yet) and the other is, well, cast on.
    All I have to do is knit 1 mitt today while I’m at work so I can finish the nit-pick stuff tomorrow. (This completely disregards the fact that it’s taken me 3 days to finish the first mitt).
    Five days is plenty of time!
    ~ K.

  76. I have faith in you! I know people do this all the time, and I don’t usually, but that yarn and pattern are just gorgeous. Share please?

  77. Well – you’ll finish the first one for sure. And start the 2nd. To my way of thinking, that counts, because when March comes to an end, you’ll have the February Socks done and the March socks done and – well – what else is there to say? Right? That’s still 3 pairs of socks by the end of the 3rd month. Well Done!!!

  78. Uh, given the Feb 14 socks that were completed from spinning the yarn to finished socks in a weekend, I don’t think even 1 1/4 size 12 socks will be a challenge for you. Enjoy!

  79. Would that recipient be called Joe? If so, you can always procastinate until… if and when the gansey is finished and give him a matched (in that both items are handknit) set….Just sayin’.

  80. I’m trying to do the SISC this year but I’m not even finished with my January socks yet and I haven’t even cast on my February socks. I have a friend getting married this weekend so I’ve been cranking out an afghan instead. I’m not worried though. I’ve declared March to be March Madness for socks so we’ll see how many pairs I can manage and if I can get caught up then.

  81. Grass!!! There was grass in that picture! Also, a beautiful sock but that’s only to be expected on this website. I cast on a pair of womens ankle socks this afternoon but there was certainly not a blade of grass available for viewing pleasure. Ok, the snow is kind of pretty (all sparkly in the sun) but it’s been months and months now and we still have months to go before it melts. Thanks for the reminder of the green stuff.

  82. Those look pretty long. You might think about snipping a thread in the middle of the cuff and picking up the stitches from both pieces. Knit up one cuff and down the other for the foot.

  83. Oh, you are just teasing us with the possiblity of not finishing on time….I’m on to you now. You’ll whip the second one out while you’re waiting for the tea kettle to boil.
    Now if you’da started those socks from the toe, you coulda cheated and made them into little tennis socks. Too late now! >:-)

  84. Does he care, or will he notice, if they match? If not, use the vanilla sock version for the other foot.

  85. I’m from the Detroit area originally where it snows A LOT. Then I moved to Portland, Oregon 25 years ago. It still never ceases to amaze to this day how freaked out Portlanders get over a little snow. We actually had a snow day from school on Thursday even though the roads were clear. Go figure.

  86. I recently moved from Wisconsin (similar to Canada, weather and equipment wise) to Southern Idaho (it snows a bit, but then it melts right away). I know the feeling. My students come in with “it’s so cold out there!” And I reply “I own another whole coat for when it gets colder than this! It’s not so bad!” They also are too young to respect when its necessary to slow down a bit to drive in snow.

  87. Last July, I went to Poland and they were having something of a heatwave. It was in the 90ยบF range for most of the two weeks I was there (32ยบC-ish) and this was a matter of great concern to them. There are no air conditioners in Krakow that I’m aware of, so every bus, building, tram, and place that I went was really quite hot. In short, it felt like a normal summer to me. Needless to say, I drank a fair amount of beer just to keep my internal temperature down. “How often does it get this hot here?” I asked my friend.
    “It doesn’t.” she said with a great deal of authority – and I believed her. The cold, they can handle, though I met no knitters there, but the heat is impossible to deal with. She had the same reaction to the idea of that kind of heat every summer as I have to the winters to which you and she are accustomed.
    I think there is a reaction to being out of one’s element that is pretty much universal and when your own local weather does something more than what your used to, you freak out a little because you’re not equipped to handle it.

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