Now it’s going too far

 This Random thing is starting to leak into all sorts of days.

1. I’m in the Vancouver airport, having a glass of wine and looking to touch base with my grown-up self, since this morning when I woke up and realized that my whopper of a head cold hadn’t been cured while I slept, and I really was going to fly to Madrona sick as a dog, I may have begun an internal juvenile tantrum that I’m only just now trying to get over.

2. Man, do I feel crappy, and that makes me a little bitter, because even though I’ll be working at Madrona, I really think of it more like play because it’s such a fantastic event- and I am really rather bitter about being deprived of that good time by a crappy little virus.

3. Colds piss me off anyway.  Really, I think it’s almost disrespectful that they can make you feel this awful while still being completely benign. Something that can’t kill you shouldn’t be able to make you feel like you might die.

4. I was knitting a sock on the plane. 

It’s February’s self-imposed-sock-club socks, because last night I flipped out, saw the date and realized that I might want to get on those.

5. I know these are crappy pictures, but I can’t seem to do better. It’s an airport. I have a  cold.  Cut me a break.

(I just realized that it looks like I’m doing wicked product placement for Tom Bihn’s yarn stuff sacks, which was not at all on purpose, though I do love and use them.)

6.  It’s the "It’s Tea Time" socks from Around the World in Knitted Socks , knitted in Cherry Tree Hill supersock solids in Bark.

7. That’s a good book. Good yarn too.

8. A lot of people asked me on Monday how I could put in an afterthought heel after the tube part had been knit- didn’t I need to put some stitches onto a holder or knit in waste yarn or do something like that?

9. Nope.  At the risk of sounding silly, the point of an afterthought heel is that it can be done entirely afterwards, with no planning at all.  I did a post here that explains it.

10. I’m going to take another six pounds of cold medicine and try to make it to Tacoma. Everything will be better once I get there. I feel sure of it.

166 thoughts on “Now it’s going too far

  1. Flying with a cold? No wonder you feel lousy.
    On the other hand, love the sock.
    Get better soon. Hot tea with lemon & honey works for me.

  2. I agree–it’s so unfair that cold make you feel like complete ass, but, as you say, are usually benign. I always feel as if it’s my fault when a cold lasts too long. Anyone? Also, am I the first commenter?

  3. Hope you feel better soon! maybe try some zinc tablets to shorten the duration of your nasty cold. Wine should help, too.

  4. Oh, that sucks about the cold. The socks definitely don’t suck though. I love the Bark colour. Flying with stuffed-up ears or blocked sinuses can be horrible, but Tylenol Cold and Sinus can be really helpful to unplug and unstuff your head, especially during take-off and landing, which are the worst parts of flying. If only the plane didn’t need to leave the ground. Hope you feel better soon, and have a great time at Madrona. Oh yes, and get some tissues with lotion in them. They are a wonder.

  5. I was one of the people who asked about the afterthought heel, so thanks for the link to your explanation. I am going to try this on my next basic pair of socks. But today I am casting on for a pair out of Around the World in Knitted Socks. I’m doing Fresh Breeze, but the Tea Time socks are on my list too. The name alone is enough to make me want to knit them! Yours are lovely! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. do you come up with silly names for your projects? Probably not, or I would have noticed by now.
    But I would call those black tea socks or steeped tea or brown bark tea…
    they look really cool.
    I hope your head feels better because, yeah, that would suck.

  7. I am now going to share with you the Hawaiian cold cure: Make up a solution of super salty water (tap is fine). Use it as nose drops. I found a bulby thing at the pharmacy for cleaning ears, and put some of the salty water in it. If you are in the throes of a cold, this will sting. However, it will kill all of the evil stuff in your sinuses, and help you recover faster. I usually do this 3 times the first day, then repeat once in the morning and once at night the next day. Don’t do it any more than needed. I find a big improvement immediately.
    This was explained to me by a very nice lady from Hawaii, when I whined about having a cold at the start of my vacation. This lady told me that no one in Hawaii ever has colds because they treat them by going into the ocean and running sea water back from their noses to the back of their mouths. I tried it and it worked. I was fine within 24 hours. I do not live near the Pacific Ocean, and it is cold in my part of California, so I had to come up with an alternative.
    Try it if you like-who knows, it may help you!
    Have a great trip!!

  8. I am very excited to be headed to Madrona too. Can’t wait to see you and your February socks. Hope you are feeling better and having a good flight.

  9. Re your tweet: actually there is quilting fiction. And needlepoint fiction. And cooking fiction, and soapmaking fiction… Browse the mystery paperback section of any big bookstore and you’ll be amazed at how the “hobby-mystery” genre has exploded. Personally I love it! (Also love the sock. Hope you feel better soon!)

  10. another “advert” for Tom Bihn…:0
    but I can see why you love them.. they are great. Excellent looking sock and I do hope the 6 lbs of cold medicines help you feel better. Have you ever considered “Netti pots” they really work! kinda like the running around in the ocean in Hawaii.. as mentioned earlier..
    I think it’s fine that you have random blogs. be safe.

  11. ….just a thought on germs. The are living beings and need to eat, grow and reproduce. We are their best souces for all those functions. We must love germs. The love us after all.
    Afterthought heels rock.

  12. Orange juice (or any real citrus)
    Robitussen (whatever kind applies)
    For chest issues, Vicks VapoRub @ night
    CLEAR liquids ONLY.
    Been there, done above, still alive.
    P.S. Nice socks. Thanks for thinking of us under the circumstances.

  13. i’d like to throw my two cents in and advocate for pomegranate juice. i’ve been much healthier since i added 8 oz of pom juice daily. just a thought.
    feel better and enjoy madrona!

  14. Get a netipot. Low tech, no drugs, and it will clear your sinuses. I bought a travel version at a CVS For 10 bucks; it came with single-dose saline packets.

  15. Colds do suck! That was me at Vogue Knitting Live last month. But I did get better…eventually…just not while I was there. But I’m sure YOU will be instantly better once you arrive in Tacoma! Yes, yes. I’m sure of it. Wish I was going to Madrona this year. Maybe next year. But I’ll see you at camp (where neither of us will be sick!)

  16. Thanks for the link-back to the afterthought heel, that looks easy! How does it work with a toe-up sock, will my heel stitches be upside down? (hmm, not that I personally care so long as I don’t have to curse my way through the usual heel) 😀

  17. Good luck, and best wishes at Madrona as it is my home town. I wish I were there, don’t mind the aroma and look for the Mountain (Rainier). Cheesecake and/or Peanut Butter Fudge at the Antique Sandwich Company are to die for. Tell Shirley or Tammi hi from Meg.
    The cold thing I just got over. Tons of Pseudophedrine, Tylenol, but not with alcoholic bevs, and guafenisen, without the cough medicine.(Unless you want to go somewhere “over the rainbow”)… and soft, soft tissues. My ears got bad, so I put little wads of wool in them.

  18. Hope you feel better. Sorry I won’t be able to make it to Madrona this year. Would love to take a class from you. Or any of the other knitting luminaries teaching there this year.
    Take care!! It was nice in Seattle today, but just started raining again.

  19. love the idea of the afterthought heel. just need to clarify one thing. after you snip a stitch in the middle of the row below, i am not sure if the stitches you pick up then are in the same row as the snipped stitch, or in the row below the snipped stitch. thanks and hope you feel better!

  20. I can’t remember when I started reading your blog… But I remember reading after thought heels the first time… 2007. Wow. Thank you for the great knits and writing.

  21. Two things: First, being sick and being a mother NEVER go well together. You don’t get to rest. Second, wine and cold medicine may not go so well together (if you want to be conscious).

  22. My dear doctor once told me a cold will last 7 days if you treat it and a week if you don’t. I, too, have a cold and have once again sworn off “nighttime cold remedy” type stuff. Zonks you out and makes you feel even more terrible the next day.
    Not that that helps at all. Have fun!

  23. A real hot toddy always does the trick for me. So easy–put 1 or 2 Tablespoons of Jameson’s into your favorite tea mug. Don’t get crazy with the whiskey. You really don’t need a lot. Squeeze a wedge of lemon over it and drop it in. Add a teaspoon or two of sugar and 3 or 4 whole cloves and then fill it to the brim with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes (like it’s tea). Doesn’t taste whiskeyish at all and cures what ails you. Or maybe it just gives a nice gentle buzz so you don’t care about your cold any more. Either way, it works every time. If you’re feeling particularly traditional use brown sugar.
    Have fun at Madrona!

  24. Hope you feel better soon. I love Madrona and am kind of sad I’m missing it this year. Loved your class last year! 🙂
    Once when I had a cold in Germany I went to this little Indian place down the street for some take out and the guy who owns the place told me to boil a big pot of water and squeeze a bunch of fresh lemon juice into it. Take it off the stove, cover your head with a towel and breathe in for 20 minutes. Works wonders every time for me. Just thought I’d share! 🙂

  25. I really like the name of the socks! And also how they look. Hope you feel much better soon and the flight home will find you feeling more comfortable.

  26. I love the way you write from airports while having a glass of wine. I fly infrequently and spend most of my time worrying about missing connections. My approach is to proceed immediately to the gate and sie there as if my mere presence will ensure a timely departure. Did you bring some Buckleys? You know, “tastes awful, but it works!”

  27. Thanks so much for the tutorial on the afterthought heel. That is just so stupendously awesome that words can hardly express how i feel about it.

  28. One of the beauties of knitting – even if you’re sick, in all likelihood you’re still producing beautiful stuff. Hope you feel better soon!

  29. Oh, those socks are truly gorgeous! Sorry about the miserable cold. (and is there any other kind?) The only thing I have ever found that REALLY helps with a cold is a hot toddy and lots of sleep. A difficult cure to use if you are traveling, raising children, caring for others, working, or generally if you have a life. Hope you feel better soon.

  30. A few folks beat me to the saline rinse suggestion. I’d also be slamming some Emergen-C. The tropical is yummy.

  31. A twitter entry mentioned there is no quilting fiction –
    being bicraftual, I of Jennifer Chiaverini (sp?) who writes
    mysteries involving quilts.

  32. Wishing you well…taking homeopathic meds? I swear by “Wellness Formula”.
    Please tell SKcircle(?) twitter-er Quilting fiction popular in Wisconsin…
    NPR interview of Twitter co-founder – only twitter I follow is in your sidebar.

  33. What you say about colds is so true! How can a little virius make you feel like you might die..
    Drink lots of fluids. I have found that making fresh ginger tea and adding lemon and honey to taste helps me get over flu and colds… you might give it a try 😀
    Here is a recipe I use:
    Hope you feel better soon!!!
    P.S. love the socks and off to look at the book you mentioned in this post 😀

  34. Ok, I feel sorry for your cold BUT you can still knit! I am wearing a huge splint and can’t knit for
    a month due to Dequervan’s (sp?) tendonitis which makes my thumb hurt mightily! However, you and I will both get better. Marlyce in Windsor

  35. I agree that the right virus may make you wish you were dead. I think your doing quite well (i would have a tantrum and *****fest as well about it). Lovely sock!

  36. Ms. Harlot, you may be the first person in history to have written of Tacoma thusly, “Everything will be better once I get there,” without being ironic.
    Hit a Bartell’s (our local pharmacy chain) on your way from SeaTac, grab one of everything recommended here for treating colds, and hole yourself up in T-town for the evening trying them all. You’ll either actually feel better, or be so distracted by trying to Neti pot ginger lemon tea while drinking a toddy made with Emergen-C to swallow a handful of random homeopathic and drug-laden cold pills that you can’t focus on feeling crappy anymore.
    Seriously though, try to rest and feel better, and see you around Madrona!

  37. With all the air travel you do, I’m amazed that you don’t permanently have a cold. I get “airplane flu/cold/schmutz” every time I fly, which blessedly isn’t that often.
    I wish you immediately done with it, or at least some good wine.

  38. I understand the confusion around afterthought heels. I tried to make an afterthought thumb on a mitten using the same principle… (“EZ and Steph do it on pockets and socks, this should work!”)
    …and discovered how hard it is to secure the yarn from only 4 or 6 stitches, once it’s cut.
    Tra la la, live and learn!
    Hope your flights are safe and that you have plenty of decongestants. Enjoy Madrona! You’ve earned it.

  39. Having a cold is awful, especially when you have to teach or travel or both, and I find my annoyance increases because I always feel I should be able to avoid colds entirely by getting enough sleep (so if I have a cold, it’s *my fault*…). But I hope you find, as I sometimes do, that the hot flame of energy from attending a conference or teaching or being around vibrant wonderful people sometimes seems to burn up the cold (if it doesn’t just wipe you out) so that you feel better and you get better. Good cold karma is being sent your way!!!

  40. Get well soon Stephanie. There’s nothing more miserable than being away from home and ailing.
    P.S. Afterthought heels are easy peasy.

  41. Hope one of the suggested cures works for you; I vote for anything resembling a hot toddy or Screech.
    On a better note, I’m really having fun knitting a pair of silk mittens.

  42. Get well on the way so you can enjoy! Booze can make anyone feel well enough to forget a cold. Of course the morning might suck really really badly, but the night rocks!

  43. I use afterthought heels every once in a while, but I normally use the waste yarn method. It’s for people who have conniptions when they hear the word snip or cut in relation to their yarn.
    I don’t personally feel that way about my yarn, but I’ve never not had some random (other sock usually) yarn on hand for waste yarn. Hope you feel better soon!

  44. I know where you are in the Vancouver airport! I sat in those same chairs last February knitting my Flabella socks while my husband and I waited for a flight to Toronto. It was a great spot: comfy and you can watch planes while you’re knitting.

  45. Another vote here for the hot toddy. They don’t cure anything, but in my experience, they do make everything feel just a wee bit better.
    Thanks for the reminder about the afterthought heels, by the way. I’ve been meaning to try those, and the next pair of socks might just be the one.

  46. Great socks! Sorry you feel like crap, but at least you get to go to Madrona… year I’ll get there!
    I’ve used the afterthought heel several times since you explained it a few years ago – your’s is a great tutorial! To “stretch” my sock yarn (big feet), I frequently knit toes, heals, and ribbing out of contrasting yarn. Using the afterthought heal makes this really easy.
    Have a great trip – feel better!

  47. Nothing can be worse than flying with a cold, hopefully you have all the meds you need. there is this new thing about zinc.
    And to add to the misery they are suppose to have snow, which I think you were trying to get away from. God, what a wet blanket I am.

  48. If I see you walk by at Madrona I’ll pretend not to notice your red nose and tired look.
    You are getting here just in time for colder weather and maybe even snow.

  49. Stephanie, so sorry you are suffering from a bloody cold but tonight on our news , the “”powers”” that investigate drugs etc told us that taking zink helps shorten the duration and severity of a cold.I have always sucked on zink lozengers and taken zink tabs and they helped a lot so this was not news for me but it was good to hear it on the news. Of course you should be getting lots of rest and drinking hot drinks but this doesn’t look feasble for you right now . Good Luck. The socks are going to great.

  50. I couldn’t figure out why the temperature has suddenly dropped and it’s supposed to snow. In Seattle. At the END of FEBRUARY.
    You’re bringing it WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From now on, all knitting instructors visiting the Seattle area must be from somewhere that has an average ambient temperature of 70 degrees or more.

  51. Now that I’ve made a few pairs of the Cat Bordhi socks that are the tubes with the 6 point stars on either end for toes and heels, and then picking up the stitches for the leg, these afterthought heels make perfect sense to me.
    Do you leave the tails from the clipped yarn inside, or work them in?
    Good Goddess, I hate colds and flying. Right up there with some of the worst things I can do. Hope you felt better when you landed!

  52. Surely somewhere, someone out here can make or bring you a hot toddy? Sending great healing vibes your way!

  53. A nurse/practioner recommended a preparation with Pelargonium, and Umcka brand cold or cold/flu from the health food store was one of the suggested remedies.
    It sure worked for me.
    Just hope you feel better soon and have a fun weekend.

  54. Tonight’s CBS News reported that taking zinc has been proven to shorten a cold and make it ‘lighter.’
    Zinc comes in lozenges. You don’t have to lick odd objects trying to find some.
    Have a good time in spite of…..

  55. Theraflu. Tastes horrible, but works wonders. I resisted it because it was disgusting. Then I succumbed to the awesomeness that it is. Do the tea one. It is great.

  56. How cool! You linked to the post that links to my post on afterthought pockets! How cool is that, I ask you? I do afterthought heels all the time. They are far faster to knit, and fit just the same. And they make way cool color pattern with self-patterning yarns. What’s not to love? Best thing since sliced bread.
    But I am terribly sorry about the cold thing.

  57. Clearly people who ask questions like that also haven’t read Knitters Almanac, which is also a very good book. I keep thinking EZ would have been a fantastic blogger.

  58. Nothing can be worse than flying with a cold? I can think of one thing: being on that closed-circuit-air plane with you for a cross-continental flight. Love you but not to the point of sharing your miserable cold.

  59. Whitney Franklin’s comment made me laugh AND nod my head in agreement…and, at the risk of sounding like those guys in that commercial…”Feel better.”

  60. I read the original post twice, and this one over again and I’m wondering how you know where you want to put the heals… is there a ballpark average for a heel? I’ve knit about 5 pair of socks for myself and the first pair were too large when it was all said and done. So, even without trying ‘after thought heels’ I had the heels in the wrong spot. I guess I’m a bit paranoid about getting all but done and then messing up.
    And Neti pots? a colleage uses one, and the whole idea reminds me of purposeful drowning (I came close as a small child so I’m sure that plays into it) but she swears by it.

  61. Hot tea–decaf Earl Grey would be my choice. Add honey and lemon and a good slug of Jack Daniels. I hope the Madrona vibe helps you heal quickly.

  62. Hope you’re feeling better after getting tucked into the hotel. While I didn’t get into any of your classes I’m hoping I run into you there.
    At the last retreat someone SWORE by a shot of Tequila with tea (and a little dyeing and dancing thrown in for good meansure)

  63. Sorry about the cold. Hopefully you’ll have enough of a fabulous time that you can forget you have one for awhile 🙂 Here’s hoping anyway. Find something “medicinal” to put in your coffee.

  64. I have just spent the past week recovering from a vicious little head cold, two days of which were spent on the sofa feeling useless and watching the LOTR trilogy back to back.
    I feel your woe, get well soon!

  65. How did you get your needles on the plane? I was never allowed since they are sharp and dangerous and like knives, swords, machetas, guns etc need to be checked-in

  66. i wish our airport had big comfy chairs like that-even a whole row of them. I had to read twice to make sure it *was* an airport.
    Ditto on the neti pots.

  67. You probably won’t see this but zinc lozenges and elderberry syrup will help you feel better.

  68. Oh, you poor thing, traveling with a cold is indeed miserable. You’re unlikely to find something to get rid of it, although zinc reportedly will cut one day. I hope you find something that keeps you comfortable enough to “keep calm and carry on”

  69. For all that you’re feeling like day old leaf mold, your knitting is looking pretty darn awesome. I hope the cold abates and you feel better soon.

  70. Actually, there is quilting fiction and woodworking fiction. However, in my opinion, such niche fiction tends to be pretty crappy. Yes, that includes knitting fiction. However, if you’re interested in any of it, do a subject search in your library catalog on YOURHOBBYHERE–Fiction. Examples: Knitting–Fiction. Contract bridge–fiction (yes, really). Quilting–fiction.
    Actually, I suspect that short stories on the hobby or subject might have a better chance of being pretty good.

  71. Afterthought heels were a favorite of EZ; try this link:
    or this one
    I just googled these, and there are a lot more out there! I love your February socks; I guess I’ll have to check the library for that book. I’ve had lots of sinus problems, which used to make every head cold turn into bronchitis within days, and one of the ear-nose-throat doctors I saw told me that the saline (salt water) solution is the best thing for keeping the cold at bay. His advice was to make it as hot as you can tolerate it, but use only enough salt that you can barely taste it (yes, you must taste-test!). If it’s only that salty, you can use it as often as you’d like, all day long. I went to the pharmacy & got a dropper bottle for the solution, so I can carry it, but now you can buy saline solutions ready made. Just watch out for the preservative — and why in the world would salt water need preservative? Folks used to use salt water aka brine to preserve foods!

  72. Geez, hope you’re feeling better soon. Love the sock. It’s good to hear about that book, I’ve been eyeing it for sometime now.

  73. I sympathise, furiously so, I have a cold too (although yours sounds worse). Hope Madrona is an instant cure or at least a pretty forceful placebo.
    Love the socks.

  74. So sorry you have that dang stuff that’s going around–everywhere!! We’re in Dallas and we’ve all had it here, too. I flew to Europe a few years ago and was sooo sick with a cold, but the day before I left, went to the dr. who said to spray a shot of Afrin in each nostril right before takeoff and again right before landing–it’ll keep your ears from EXPLODING with pain!!! It works. So I do it all the time now–cold or no cold!

  75. Tsk, tsk, tsk……
    Stephanie Pearl McPhee, you put that glass of wine down this instant, put away that silly knitting, and get yourself back into bed this INSTANT, young lady.
    Don’t make me come over there…..

  76. You guys still have cold weather? SERIOUSLY? Man…you’re lucky. We’re wearing shorts and tank tops down in Oklahoma, and my sister has a sunburn.
    Love the socks!
    Sister: I understand why you hate the cold. Seriously.

  77. So sorry you’re feeling so crumby…hope you’re better by now! I went to your afterthought heel explanation & am completely in awe! Wow, that is so brilliant and the end result so beautiful! Thanks for sharing…

  78. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Colds suck.
    Thanks for the link to your afterthought heel blog post.
    One of these days, I’m going to make my way through all of your earlier posts — I’ve already done a number of the earlier ones, and I’m enjoying it.

  79. Hey! I received “Around the World in Knitted Socks” for Christmas. I used the cables from “Tea Time” on a recent improvised pattern.
    I hope you feel better very soon.

  80. Monday, I came down with fever cold – Tuesday school called daughter fever – Wednesday other child fever. I think it’s Thursday and I need more thermometer covers and soup – must crawl to store. On the bright side – I’ve gotten a bit of knitting done and the husband doesn’t have the fever…yet. Love the added sock heel, but can’t think too much because I still have the fever.

  81. Oh dear, poor you. I hope you have a set of ‘Ear Planes’ little earplugs with ceramic inserts that moderate the effect of altitude change. They are a life saver when traveling with a plugged-up head. Available at airports everywhere. Probably too late now, but next time….. I always keep a pair in my carryon.

  82. Colds are most miserable when they are unplanned. Hopefully, miserable is only one day and tolerable is the rest of it.
    I try to think about how colds are a body’s opportunity to detox from all the crap we eat and breathe. Since we cannot live without food or air, then they are a necessary evil. I try to think this, but when I have a cold it’s impossible to be so philosophical. When I don’t have a cold, I try not to think about this at all.
    I hope the worst of it is long gone at Madrona. Have a wonderful time.

  83. Steph: My heart goes out to you. There is a wicked cold virus circulating this winter; I had it around Christmas and honestly thought I had flu. Not so. I did recover, but gradually. Beautiful socks BTW. Question: have you experienced, or heard of, merino socks wearing out way too quickly? I have had this experience and have decided to eschew merino for socks from now on. I prefer more robust wools; I find they wear like iron, so to speak.

  84. What horrid timing, although you do seem to fly a lot, so I guess it was inevitable that a cold would match up with travel plans.
    I can’t believe you’re not doing a plain vanilla sock when you have a cold, but rather something that needs counting! When I have a cold my head is absolute sludge which blocks any intelligence I might have had previously, so I feel lousy twice – physically and mentally.
    After lace, those are my absolute favorite kind of socks. So beautiful.
    Take care.

  85. My non-knitting sis-in-law always tries her very best to get me some knitting-related gift I don’t already have … The “Around the World in Knitted Socks” was this year’s Christmas gift. It IS a grand book.
    Hope you feel better & are able to really enjoy Madrona.

  86. Sorry your sick, and flying. Just finished my own tutorial for the knitting group for afterthought heel, wish I had yours before I taught it. Same results, just not as clear for them…
    I know your busy, but I was hoping you would post a pattern for the baby sweater, garter stitch, grey and white stripes…I am surely not the only person who wanted it…It resembles one of zimmerman’s only with garter stitch and stripes instead of garter and lace…I need two, yesterday for twins I just found out about…perhaps I should do hats! Oh wait I don’t have a cold.

  87. colds suck…i will definately try salt water method…started my first afterthough heel sock immediately after your blog post…feel better..

  88. Zicam. Get your hands on some Zicam. I used it last year despite my doubts and now think it’s as close to a cure as I can get to a cold. Feel better and try to have a good time.

  89. It is driving me crazy that I can’t get to Madrona, as all my family is over there in addition to it sounding like a lot of fun. The area is absolutely beautiful and it will be a great place to knit!
    I find that a whisky hot toddy works wonders for clearing the snot out and, well, making me care a bit less about the cold I have.

  90. Although things are rarely better upon arrival in Tacoma, I wish you the best! The weather here is matching your state of being, at least, which is always comforting….

  91. Hey, just read somewhere that today (Feb 17) is National Sweater Day in Canada. Found out about it from a Pug wearing a sweater, of all people. Here in not so sunny California, been wearing one for a while!

  92. “You know, I just don’t know if I will want a heel on this sock or not. Maybe I’ll just knit a tube and then see if I still have heels on my body when I’m done.”
    This remains one of the best sentences I have ever read, hands-down. I think of it sometimes and crack up, apropros of nothing.

  93. Longtime lurker sez: COLD-EEZE!!! Or Zicam, but Cold-Eeze is a bit cheaper (both contain the homeopathic Zincum Gluconicum). DH has had a cold this week, started Cold-Eeze at first symptoms, and only had 2 days of mild funkiness, very few drips, and (best of all) NO stuffiness, period. It may be too late for this cold of yours, since you’re supposed to start taking it at the onset of symptoms, but it wouldn’t hurt to try, and then you’d at least be fortified for the next time…
    I know people who swear by their neti pots as well, though the “waterboarding” aspect of it has always kept me from trying it. Good luck to you at feeling better, whatever you take, and I hope Madrona will make you forget your misery.
    P.S.: Lovely sock.

  94. So I hear you about the afterthought heels, and have planned for them as “forethought” heels in some socks, but I struggle with figuring out where to plan for the heel to be included. What is the trick? How do you determine where on the food the heel should go? Since I don’t do toe up socks, I don’t know the trick, and haven’t found any type of reference to guide me!
    In advance, thanks for your input!

  95. Bless your heart! I know how disappointing it is to be sick on a day that you have so looked forward to. Rather like when you were here in Anchorage and I was felled by a nasty virus a few days prior. I was too dizzy to drive and my husband just did not understand why I could even think I could make it to town even if he would drive me. The virus won. Hope you are soon feeling much better.

  96. I hate colds too! I’m so sorry you have one now. When I feel a cold just starting, I take Zicam. That really works for me – at least 9 times out of 10, if is catch it at it’s earliest. Zicam just knocks the top of the cold right off!

  97. Hi Stephanie…I really love your blog. Do you think there’s any chance you could tell us the monthly sock pattern early in the month so some of us could knit along with you??? 🙂

  98. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Thanks for including the heel link. I too have been having a not-so-great day (fortunately not cold related). Learning about the afterthought heel was so neat and put a smile on my face. Now I too can knit a tube and make a heel. Hope you feel better soon.

  99. Well the spring allergy season seems to be starting now here in Atlanta, so I understand nasal misery. I know that I’ll be battling nasal stuff for the next couple of months. I’m hoping that your cold is much shorter!

  100. Feel better soon. Just wanted to tell you I don’t really follow blogs, but I enjoy yours very much. Thanks for taking the time and sharing with me.

  101. It can’t be just a quick three-hour flight; it has to be all the way to Washington. Blech. Hope you can pass out on the plane.
    Liking the sock, love Cherry Tree Hill.

  102. Hot lemonade works WONDERS for a cold. The good pulpy stuff, dries you right up.
    Have a fabulous time at Madrona!

  103. Love they sock, love the yarn. Granted, even thought I don’t knit socks, I adore Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It’s a disease.
    I truly hope you feel better soon and remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your current project. ♥

  104. At the risk of offending you, and I’m sure you desperately needed to get on that flight, but it really is not fair to spread your cold germs to everyone else on the flight.

  105. Get well soon. I too am nursing a nasty cold, but was cheered up today by the arrival of ‘tiger’ opal sock yarn. Happiness – achoooo!!!

  106. Really hope it’s not the flu that we just got over. If you start getting achy, watch out! (Is that how you spell achy? Looks weird)

  107. I looked up the word “kinneared” from the afterthought heel post. From the Urban Dictionary, defin 3 “A method of photography developed by the Yarn Harlot
    I saw this woman wearing the worlds worst sweater, so I decided to kinnear her to show my friends.” Investigating further I find you invented the word. So totally cool how knitters are creative in so many ways.

  108. For the next cold, try Yin Chiao. You take it at the first sign of illness, and then two to three times a day until the acute symptoms fade. It usually cuts the time I’m sick in half, and makes the worst of it less crappy. You can find it at most Asian grocery stores and online. Be careful, though, a do a little research before you buy – some pharmaceuticals from China can be contaminated with heavy metals. I have good luck with Great Wall Brand. Feel better!

  109. Anyone in your blog world remember Tom Bihn’s original “claim to fame”, before creating knitting stuff sacks? I mostly only knew of laptop bags, then, but they had this absolutely unforgettable, French-language label that just cracked us all up!!! For fear of being tarred and feathered, I won’t divulge more details, but I’ll bet I could bring it right up on Google! It made me an immediate Tom Bihn fan!!!! (Hint: it was during the Bush Years.)

  110. I just noticed – you pattern-coordinated the bag to the sock pattern being carried in it. Checkerboard lines on both.

  111. I’ve just recently found this blog and saw the silk mittens. Had to have them, but didn’t want to pay a ton… Found a site to buy white ones and I’ll dye myself. I’m a rug hooker so dyes are available. Just wanted to send out information on where to get plain white silk mawatas at a great price. Found Legacy Studio in Alberta Canada 100 gram for a little over $20 each. Sent out quickly and they are wonderful. I’m getting ready to dye these and make some mittens.

  112. Yes, colds beget tantrums in me too! I get really bitter and twisted, and brood darkly on the possible source of infection.

  113. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I’ve been sick with a tummy bug off and on for 2 weeks now, but we have a huge deadline coming up and I’m not allowed to be sick until AFTER April 2, no time.
    I need more experience picking socks for my self-imposed sock club I think. Thus far I’ve frogged both pairs I’d put together for this year… first one was a pattern I found I didn’t like as much as I liked the picture of the pattern, second one the yarn doesn’t go with the sock… sigh… I guess it takes experience. On the bright side, I have two pairs of plain socks I like very much 🙂

  114. Those homeopathic things you put under your tongue. Rest. Open the windows, you’re not in Toronto anymore. Fluids. You know the drill, but I agree it sucks bigtime. Maybe Tacoma will cure you. Are the socks for Joe?

  115. Stephanie,
    It’s too late for this cold, but in future, please purchase some Zicam cold remedy for yourself. I recommend (I’m an RN and this stuff really works) that you buy both the nasal swabs and the melt away tabs. And no, the nasal swabs will not cause a loss of smell if used properly.
    You only swab the near inside of your nose. If you use this the moment you feel it coming on, you will wake up with narey a symptom. Keep using every 3-4 hours to make sure it’s going on it’s merry way.
    I’ve used this successfully so many times and converted most of my friends to use it as well.
    You do have to begin using it at the first sign of symptoms.
    I hope this helps you in future. Get some and keep it in your bag when traveling.

  116. Sorry you don’t feel well! I agree with Tracy (above). Zicam really does work, I was amazed.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  117. Hey, the Valentine socks should count as the sock club obligation for February. Just sayin’…

  118. Flying with sinus anything feels awful, so put your feet up for five minutes when you land and *then* you will feel better. (Meds may work better, too.)

  119. In the sixties, my college years, I dosed a cold with Vick’s Formula 44 a little too much and didn’t care that I had a cold.

  120. I feel your pain. I recently spent my mmmmmth birthday sick as a dog & that’s just unfair. Hope you’re better soon.
    Wish I could be at Madrona but I have l4 (beautiful) new lambs & need to be home bottle feed two of them. Happy knitting!

  121. TanyaTho at 3:15 pm – Here’s an idea for placement of an afterthought heel. Put on a store-bought sock. Find the line where the stitching in two directions meets on the heel, and find the point where the angled line of stitching on the heel ends; draw a line down from there to your foot sole. That is where the waste yarn for the forethought heel needs to be put in, but remember, that’s the stretched out location. Mark it on the store sock, take the sock off and let it relax from the stretch. Then measure from the toe to the line. That’s how long the foot needs to be when you knit in the waste yarn.

  122. Oh Stephanie! When I’ve flown with a cold, the symptoms are always massively worse. I hope you’re okay!

  123. I am so impressed with your afterthought heels! Well done… just remember how clever you are and know that you will outlast this cold in spite of its threats! Enjoy your time with whatever part of you can…. So grateful for pounds of cold meds when we need them….

  124. Knitting o a plane!!!!! Please tell me the name of the airline. We travel to theUK every year and I would love to knit away some of the waiting and flying time.

  125. As a flight attendant and a knitter I just love seeing my passengers projects. Sometimes I sit down with them and knit for a bit.
    I also HATE colds too!

  126. I don’t know how it happened since I’m in Ohio but I caught your cold.
    No offense intended but I think that’s too much sharing.
    Hope your well soon. I feel your pain.

  127. Having just spent two weeks traveling around Tacoma, Spokane, Richland, Portland, back again and down to Bend and back again and doing it all over again–doing all this on a truck run and not being able to knit or go to Madrona, I am feeling a bit unsympathetic–look at all the fun you got to have that I did NOT.

  128. Please don’t expose others to your virus for your selfish reasons. Stay home when you’re sick.

  129. Oh my God! That post was in 2007?!! I laughed my a$$ off when you said after thought heels were dumb ass. It doesn’t seem like it could have been over 3 years ago. I’ve been enjoying your blog (and books) for a long time. Keep them coming.

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