Tuesdays are for Random

1. Tuesdays are really for spinning. I thought about weaving too, but I didn’t.

2. The February Socks aren’t finished.

3. I was really super anxious about that, and busted a move trying to finish, but it turns out that red-eye flights destroy whatever day follows them.  Saturday wasn’t even like an actual day,  more like a period of gentle weeping and cracker eating.

4. It turns out that nothing really bad happens if you don’t finish your socks on time, and that the deadline may have been actually just important to me.

5. I was trying really hard to finish the socks on Sunday, but me, my mum, Amanda and my sister had a tiny Oscar party.

6. My mother refuses to believe Keanu  Reeves is alive.

7. She believes he collapsed and died outside of a club years ago.

8. We have told her that was River Phoenix, but she doesn’t believe us. There is absolutely no amount of evidence you can give her that will dissuade her from this belief.

9. We have tried.

10. I can’t tell you how much this summarizes what it’s like to watch the Oscars with her. Well.  That and the fact she and my sister wanted to bet my couch on whether or not Steven Spielberg is Canadian (he’s not) and that she kept referring to "Tuscan Lumberjack".

11. Turns out that’s Justin Timberlake.

12.  Sock Club is open to the general population. You can find info about it here.  It’s always awesome, and wacky(You can see posts about it here, here, here and here.) – but this year there’s me, Tina, and the wonderful JC Briar, the incredible Anne Hanson and ANNA ZILBOORG.

13. Sorry.  I kind of have a thing for Anna. She’s an icon and a wicked role model. Love her. Just the thought of eating breakfast with her makes me a little woozy.  Not that I’m not all over JC and Anne.  They’re made of awesome.

14. My feelings about Anna are better since I actually met her. Now I can speak in her presence.  Mostly.

15. Something else about my Mum. In addition to her conviction that Keanu Reeves has shuffled off his mortal coil, my mother also doesn’t believe in "best before" dates on food. 

16. Once she ate a really old yogourt and didn’t even get a little sick, and it reinforced her theory that the dates were open to interpretation.  I’d mock her, but if there wasn’t something to her premise she’d be dead by now.

17. Like Keanu Reeves.