I know what girls like

This week is the March Break, and so I have a teen around, in as much as teens are around – and if you have one, you’ll know just what I mean.

Since I don’t have a lot of time with mine, I decided that this week we would do things that she liked, and I would like them too, just so that we could spend time together.  Trouble is, what do teenaged girls like?  After a great deal of research (not only was I a teen girl myself – I have had three) I can tell you that this is the stuff that goes over really well.

1. Expensive things. The more money it costs, the better they like it.  I use this to my advantage by making sure I complain bitterly about the expense.  Makes them feel special when I fold and buy whatever it is, even though I was always going to buy whatever it was. and even though it isn’t very expensive.

2. They like stuff that has to do with their physical selves.  Manicures. Waxing things.  Stuff you paint on yourself.  Cream that allegedly does things to your skin.  (Hint: The more "action" a product has, the more they like it. Aim for products that have verbs in their marketing. Lengthening, lifting, correcting, shining, enhancing, bronzing, boosting… anything like that.)

3. They will love it if you hate it.  This goes for everything, especially boys and skirt lengths.

4. If you love it, they will hate it. See above.

5. They will love it if you look really stupid in it, near it, by it, around it or can’t do it.  (This, I believe, is the primary draw of skateboards.)

That’s all I’ve got.  Good luck, and stay strong.