While Shopping

I was out shopping today with one of the girls and my Sister-in-Law Kelly, in what Sam calls "VV Boutique" (Value Village – it’s a chain of  secondhand thrift shops) and not only did I get a brown skirt for about $5, but as Kelly was cruising the book aisles, she saw this.

That’s right.  It’s the big time. One of my books in a thrift shop. That’s a first for me. 

Also interesting? Shelved next to a book called "A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers."  Think on that for a while. I wasn’t bothered (at least, not by the book going to the VV, the dictionary for lovers thing still has me a little bothered) my book was discarded along with Barbara Kingsolver , Margaret Atwood , Alice Walker , Mary Lawson and a copy of The Thorn Birds , and I love all those books.  Probably, as Kelly cheerfully pointed out, someone with great taste in books died and all their stuff went to the VV. Yeah.  That’s it.)

Besides, I didn’t think about it much, because something more shocking was happening on another shelf. 

Three seasons of Stargate SG-1

and the whole first season of MacGyver .

Obviously, someone has a way bigger problem with Richard Dean Anderson.