Quickly and Randomly

1. I’m leaving in about a half an hour to drive to Michigan with Denny.

2. God I hate driving.  It’s all too life threatening.  One mistake – mine, someone else’s and there could be a fiery crash. It makes me extremely nervous.

3. Isn’t it bizarre that when fire becomes fiery, the i and the e swap places? Wouldn’t you think that fiery would really be firey? 

4. Denny and I take a lot of roadtrips.  We’re good at it, but usually That Rachel H comes too.  Rachel and I split the driving, and Denny sits in the back seat and establishes a "craft zone".  

5. That Rachel H can’t come this time because she has a stupid job. (I mean, the job’s not stupid – but not being able to come is.)

6. Denny doesn’t drive.

7. I have a sneaking suspicion that Denny is still planning on sitting in the back seat in her craft zone while I sit up front alone. 

8. I’d be willing to bet you that at some point, she’s going to call this "Driving Miss Denny."