What I wish I was doing:


What I am doing:

Packing, cleaning, emailing, sorting, organizing and cutting thrift store sweaters into small squares.  Yup. Sock Camp week. I leave tomorrow, and once again, I’m cramming 29 hours of work into about 14. I’m actually getting good at it.

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  1. Stop looking for the sleeves and your subconsious will lead you to them, if you chill out enough to let it work….breathe……
    Hope sock camp is awesome, fun is what it’s all about.

  2. Bless your heart and your little pink toes! I wish you a terrific good time and rest when ever you get the chance. Hugs to you and yours. Paula

  3. What I am doing: cleaning, washing, packing to move. What I wish I was doing: going to sock camp for the first time. SIGH…maybe next year…

  4. Have a great time at sock camp. I am intrigued by the dismantling of the thrift store sweaters. Hopefully you will post details when you return.

  5. Darn – I do so wish I hadn’t moved from near Port Ludlow just after I fell in love with knitting. *Sigh* would love to get to go to sock camp . . . .

  6. I wish that I were packing for sock camp but instead I choose a yoga retreat. There’s always the hope of next year.
    Oh, please provide details of the thrift store sweater project. It seems that I’m not the only curious one.
    Have fun at sock camp!

  7. And while you are doing so much in so little time, know that I am grateful.
    See you at Camp in a couple of days!!
    Knitterly blessings,
    Naomi aka Crystalbelle

  8. Have you thought about preparing coffee at night, and then in the morning all you do is switch it on, and like magic, within seconds, it’s brewing and smelling so wonderful. We got that idea from a Seinfeld episode where his night guy was doing things for his morning guy. Forget it if you’re not a Seinfeld fan! I need to find out what sock camp is…..sounds GREAT!

  9. Why are you cutting thrift store sweaters into small squares? Are they souvenirs for those attending sock camp??

  10. Myself, I always wanted Hermione’s time-turner…
    Yes, you must tell us soon what on earth little sweater squares have to do with sock camp…sounds fun!

  11. I spent the day making mushroom gravy and sorting my needles, yarn, crochet hooks, fiber (poodle, alpaca, llama, merino, mohair…), patterns, all because I couldn’t find my favorite sock needles… My rule is “when you can’t find something, clean house.” Finally found them in the bottom of a bag of church teaching supplies. The food was because, for some odd reason, the men in this house think they need to eat daily. Sheesh!

  12. Hummmmm, cutting thrift store sweaters into small squares you say? What sort of crazy craftiness awaits us? I leave on Wednesday!

  13. I have a batch of felted thrift store sweaters in the closet just waiting for metamorphosis. What are you doing with your squares?

  14. Have fun at camp! Looking forward to all the ways I will be jealous of the participants.

  15. Just a little idea that might help with the cutting of sweaters. I borrowed a rotary cutter from a quilter and it made short work of some tedious cutting.

  16. Just wanted to let you know that the sometimes I make my husband sit still and listen to something especially funny that you have written. I did that the other day with your coffee pot/Joe saga. The very next morning he presented me with a cup of my favorite tea in bed! This is NOT customary and when I thanked him and asked what inspired this especially kind treatment he said “I want to be just like Joe” (!) We had a good laugh, thanks to you both! Please let Joe know that he is an inspiration to husbands worldwide if not by his coffee-making skills, then at least by his good intentions!

  17. I soooooo wish I was going to sock camp! But what’s up with the thrift store sweaters? Inquiring minds want to know!

  18. Good luck with the packing. And remember, things only come out of hiding once you stop looking for them.
    Side note: Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that the Harper campaign seems to have started about a month ago?. First the commercials and now Local PC MP had signs up on the corners by Sun.

  19. What I wish I was doing: knitting
    What I am currently doing: teaching five grades and taking three certification classes with three more left to take afterward.
    I’m feeling your pain.

  20. Sigh. Wish I was going to Sock Camp. So close, yet so far. You could stop at my house for the best cup of coffee–roasted by my friend from Cortes Island, BC.

  21. I dream of one day going to Sock Camp, when my kids are older! I can’t wait to see what you do with the cut-up thrift store sweaters! If you come to Seattle again before June, you should really check out the Nick Cave exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. He’s an artist who makes wearable sculptures using cut-up thrift store sweaters and lots of hand-crocheted afghans from thrift stores. It is an AMAZING experience for any knitter!

  22. Hmmm, small squares????
    Reading you tweets…at least your Canadian campaigns are blissfully short. Unlike the endless pre and for real campaigns down south here in the States. Have been enjoying watching CBC news on the tube. I think I like Elizabeth May best, not that she stands a chance.

  23. Have a wonderful Sock Camp — and please don’t embrace the “sleep is for sissies” lifestyle any longer than you absolutely must. That way lies staring at one’s car keys and wondering why they don’t open the front door…just sayin’.

  24. Sock camp sounds like so much fun. But, the cutting of sweaters into small squares? Are the sweater bits going to somehow turn into more sweaters, a la steeking, or into some tiny socks? It has to have something to do with socks! Can’t wait to find out!

  25. You are like the Energizer Bunny! Just keep going and going and going….Did you ever consider my request to come and teach or talk in Sechelt, after you debrief after SS 11?

  26. Sock camp… ah, I wish. I feel like Lydia Bennet in the A&E Pride and Prejudice, but instead of sighing, “A whole camp full of soldiers…” I’m sighing, “A whole camp full of sock knitting…” At least I’ll make it to Sock Summit.

  27. If you had good coffee, you’d have energy to knit – I’m just saying . . . 🙂 Have a good one!

  28. aha! so you are the one buying up all the sweaters from the thrift store!… in pennsylvania….

  29. Just because you CAN cram 29 hours’ worth of work into 14 hours (and we all know that you are capable of accomplishing more by yourself than your average three mere mortals) does not mean that it is always a good idea, no matter how necessary.
    As for Sock Camp, the fact that I went for the first time last year only makes it that much more difficult to miss it this year. Phooey on having a job from which I cannot play hooky. In fact, double phooey.

  30. Wish that I were going to Sock Camp, I need some fiber simulation I do.

  31. BTW – My children noticed a learn to knit kit in an airport bookshop a few months back. We’re making progress. (I almost bought it, just to prove there was a market for such things, but then my good sense took hold and I left it for someone else.)

  32. Cutting thrift store sweaters into little squares? Are you the one who’s been buying up all the 100% wool ones? Because I’ve been hunting high and low, and can only find crap acrylic blends…[sigh]

  33. Your next book title? – How to Cram 29 Hours of Work into 14. You would move from a knitting god(dess) to world domination!!! I want a copy – in 14 hours! haha

  34. I’m going crazy here… I read all of the posts but I am not finding the answer to all of the little squares of previous sweaters! Please share!

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