Quickly and Randomly

1. I’m leaving in about a half an hour to drive to Michigan with Denny.

2. God I hate driving.  It’s all too life threatening.  One mistake – mine, someone else’s and there could be a fiery crash. It makes me extremely nervous.

3. Isn’t it bizarre that when fire becomes fiery, the i and the e swap places? Wouldn’t you think that fiery would really be firey? 

4. Denny and I take a lot of roadtrips.  We’re good at it, but usually That Rachel H comes too.  Rachel and I split the driving, and Denny sits in the back seat and establishes a "craft zone".  

5. That Rachel H can’t come this time because she has a stupid job. (I mean, the job’s not stupid – but not being able to come is.)

6. Denny doesn’t drive.

7. I have a sneaking suspicion that Denny is still planning on sitting in the back seat in her craft zone while I sit up front alone. 

8. I’d be willing to bet you that at some point, she’s going to call this "Driving Miss Denny."

117 thoughts on “Quickly and Randomly

  1. My biggest problem is not my driving, but everyone else’s.
    See you two tomorrow! Maybe we can keep a cellphone on the line with RachelH all day or something.

  2. I hope you have a fabulous trip, and I’m sure there will be no crashes, fiery or otherwise. My best friend just got a “stupid job” – they do get in the way, don’t they?

  3. Next time just hitch a ride with a trucker! He or she will get you there and then you can appreciate what a hard job they truly have! Plus it’s like being chauffer driven!

  4. I think it’s more weird that fire is spelled f-i-r-e when really it sounds like f-i-e-r.
    Driving Miss Denny – I love it!
    Safe travels!

  5. hi! Sounds like fun to me – I have lots of epic drives in my life (relatives 11 hours away, son in college another 5 hours further) and love the knitting time. My husband would rather drive than knit (he doesn’t know what he is missing). I don’t worry too much about the fiery crashes (must be the spelling exception that proves the rule) but I can see where you would feel a little put upon doing all the driving. Sounds like an opportunity to barter for something…

  6. The whole fire vs. fiery thing always trips me up! It’s just weird…
    The “Driving Miss Denny” line totally made me laugh!
    Have a safe drive. (I’m with you on the driving thing, by the way…)

  7. I don’t drive either, which makes me feel a oneship with Denny. Drive safe and hopefully your safety will make up for the stupidity of other drivers on the road.

  8. I don’t drive. I say it’s because I’m being eco-friendly, but really I just love all the free time to do my own thing!

  9. I’m so sad that I learned about this class only this past Tuesday when it was too late. I’ve been to that yarn shop a couple times and it’s a great one with very nice ladies who run it. I’m not familiar with anything else in Whitmore Lake, but I do know that Ann Arbor has some amazing restaurants. I recommend Blue Tractor Brewing Company downtown (their vegetarian selection is limited, but the sweet potato fries are the best I’ve ever had anywhere and beer is very good too). And of course there is Seva which is all vegetarian and very good.
    Enjoy your time in MI, I think the weather is going to be relatively just ok. 😉

  10. I agree about Blue Tractor (and the awesomeness of downtown Ann Arbor in general)! They have these yummy pickle chips–not the Canadian kind though, they’re deep-fried pickles. Sounds gross but you never know until you try.
    Enjoy your time in Michigan! Wish I could make it out to Howell…

  11. Michigan, you are making me jealous! I lived there for 9 years, in the Upper Peninsula…. what part are you headed to? Drive safely.

  12. As well she should! How could she be one of your best friends and not gloat about how you had to drive her all the way to Michigan while she sat in the back seat and finished her project! lol

  13. “Driving Miss Denny” – Y’all could make a short.
    Drive safe and have fun! Enjoy the weekend.

  14. I love to drive. Just finished an 1100 mile trip to West Virginia for a 45 minute (work-related) meeting. Of course, meeting all the beautiful fibery people of Charleston and getting to stop off at the Woolery on the way home helped in that process.
    Call me next time. I’ll drive up and then drive you down (and the reverse).

  15. I used to love driving. Actually, I still do enjoy it, but it seriously hampers the in-transit knitting time. I took a bus for my last solo trip thinking I would be able to knit all the way. Um…no. 🙁

  16. If only we could convince you to come to the beautiful part of MI–the U.P.! Don’t come right now, though, wait until the muddy snowbanks are gone ;-). Our family favorite in Ann Arbor is BD’s Mongolian BBQ, you make your stirfry however you like it. There are also some great shops near it.

  17. I also have an issue with weird – WTH happened to “I before E except after C” isn’t that a law?
    Where in Michigan? I’m in Michigan!

  18. I’m in Michigan too!! WELCOME!… as if you’ve never been here before.. 🙂 Speaking of… Do you know of any really good Yarn/Knitting shops around the state? I’d be willing to take a road trip!

  19. My husband refers to any trip that involves a fervid knitter in the back seat as “Driving Miss Crazy.” Just sayin’. Happy trails!

  20. Don’t you mean the “r” and the “e” switch places? Then again I read that entry aproximately 15 times before I just gave up and thought “yeah fiery is weird”
    You should jot down into Indiana. I have a guest room, a REALLY comfy couch and a huge desire to see the yarn harlot in person so I’ll know how tall you are in real life and how many handknits you wear on a daily basis

  21. Oh please snap a picture of the craft zone. My family always takes long car drives and I would love to learn the logistics of creating a craft zone for the back of our 2000 Honda Odessey. The whole middle row of seats comes out and I have always thought I could do wonders with a spinning wheel back there!

  22. Almost the only regret about my divorce (when child was 5) was that I was then the “designated driver”! Seriously cut into my knitting and quilting time.
    Now said child has a permit, and we’re going to Michigan over (U.S.) Memorial Day weekend. Believe me, the ONLY thing that will persuade me to relinquish the wheel on Route 80 is getting back the knitting/quilting time.

  23. Craft zone is my favorite part of a road trip…in which I am not driving! Enormous source of jealousy when I am driving! Happy crafting/driving.

  24. Have fun in Howell! I tried to sign up ages ago for your class but I was too late. Alas!

  25. Stupid desk-job ruins a lot of great yarn time for me! And corporate America really frowns on knitting in meetings. I’ve tried to convince my boss that knitting really does make me pay attention better but so far he’s not buying it.
    I am frequently jealous of those with jobs that allow them to craft during meetings. I think it would make meetings more effecient and just an over all more pleasant place to be!

  26. Sounds like my knitting zone in the front passenger seat, because my husband always drives! I always offer and he says No, honey, you like to knit and I’d rather drive!

  27. I have always liked the picture of Denny in the craft zone. Safe roads and easy driving…

  28. I have the same question and comment as Molli! Where in Michigan? I’m in Michigan! =D

  29. I feel that way about Fiery all the time. I think it might have been one of the first spelling words I missed in elementary school and it made me angry.

  30. Ugh! I tried to get in the class this weekend and am bummed it was too late by the time I saw it (already a waiting list of 18). You will be only 10 minutes from my house- maybe I’ll see you around town.

  31. Now I’m the one with the wobbly lower lip. But if I’d understood the ramifications in time I might have sent you a Greek fisherman’s hat to wear while driving. Just you be sure to get out and hold the door for her.

  32. See, the way you feel about driving is the way I feel about flying…it’s really a control thing, I think, but I’d rather drive than fly…

  33. regarding #2) I pronounced it ‘feery’ for years until my husband corrected me. Seems to me that firey = ‘fire – y’ and feiry = ‘feery’ only makes sense.
    Or is it just me?

  34. My hubby doesn’t drive but I am grateful he doesn’t sit in the back in a ‘reading zone’!
    Have a great trip and which part of MI are you going to?

  35. My hubby thinks trips are much more relaxed when I’m knitting – because then I pay attention to my project, instead of his driving. LOL
    “Driving Miss Denny” – too funny!

  36. In 5 years (gulp) the kid will be grown, and I will happily share driving time with you, to almost anywhere. . .

  37. If the i and the e swapped places it would be fire => feri not fire becomes fiery. The e and r swap which is just as weird.
    Safe and happy travels!

  38. I like driving. I just don’t like anyone else driving. I avoid cities like the plague. Being on the east coast that means I avoid D.C. and Baltimore for example. I would rather add extra miles than deal with the panick attack i would have driving thru them.

  39. Not driving in this day and age – OMG – how does one manage? Living 40 miles west of Washington DC driving is a necessity. I’d much rather drive than fly!

  40. Welcome to Michigan! If you are near Ypsilanti, Michigan on a Saturday morning, Beezy’s Cafe has mind boggling French Toast specials. (I’d treat even if I wasn’t there). There’s great soups and sandwiches as well.
    Enjoy whatever brings you here.
    The juncos (birds from Canada that winter here in Michigan) haven’t left yet so I guess the weather is still milder here than in your zone.

  41. I usually ride by bicycle to school because I’m so close. A truck swerved into the bike lane and nearly hit. It was terrifying.

  42. Trust me, when you live in the Southern US, “fiery” becomes “firee” right quick.
    Safe travels, and be sure to make Denny feel guilty about all that crafting time. And remind her it means she buys the snacks on the road and the wine when you get there!

  43. Ok, Ms. Know-It-All is here. It’s “I before E except after C or when soulnded like A as in neighbor or weigh”. The exceptions are “Neither the weird financier nor the foreigner seizes leisure at its height”.
    Damn, my brain is full of useless stuff like that, but I can’t knit cables without frogging back multiple times.

  44. Welcome again to our humble state. You’re in luck as the weather is quite mild at the moment (drive quickly). I shall wave at you as you drive past metro Detroit.

  45. There are so many places for delicious beer in Ann Arbor! In addition to the Blue Tractor (not my favorite, but fine), I’d recommend Arbor Brewing Company, Grizzly Peak, and Jolly Pumpkin, all within a (dangerously close) walk of one another…

  46. You seem to be driving Miss Crafty. Ms. Crafty driving Miss Crafty. Crazy? Hopefully not. And definitely not into a fiery fire crash. 🙂
    Stay safe out there.

  47. I have a stupid job too, and it interferes will all manner of fun fiber related things, but it also supports my fiber habit. it’s still stupid, though.

  48. When my boss (jazz musician Yve Evans) and I head out for a gig I always drive since I wouldn’t let anyone drive my car or truck but me… we call it Driving Miss Lazy.

  49. Re the comment about how fire is pronounced fier…not here in the South, it’s “fahr”! LOL
    Have a safe trip, don’t worry, just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll be fine.

  50. Oh, I love to drive, and I have a great sense of direction, so I don’t get lost. I don’t need no stinkin’ GPS–I’ve got one in my brain! I would happily drive you and Denny wherever you wanted to go (with rest stops at interesting yarn shops along the way, of course.) Too bad you live in Canada, and I live in Texas…..

  51. Japan, anyone?
    I thought countless destroyed homes and an atomic catastrophe would give at least two good reasons to launch a fundraiser.

  52. I have always thought that if I ever saw a hitchhiker knitting that I would pick him/her up regardless of how far they were going, but then again they would probably want to knit and not drive. I definitely would pull over and ask what they were knitting. I have been that hitchhiker, in the day… but I have never seen another.

  53. Be careful, I am really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Just finished winding my yarn for class.

  54. To Stellaspotlight at 5:15pm, some folks have gone ahead and made donations to MSF/KWB, even without specific reminders. For those who need a boost, consider yourselves boosted.
    Now, back to knitting a sweater for my grandson.

  55. Stellaspotlight @5:15 – I’m not presuming to speak for Stephanie, but from what I understand, her big charity is Doctors Without Borders. They have stated (in a newsletter email) that they have a fairly limited role in Japan right now, and “are not requesting or accepting donations specifically earmarked for relief efforts in Japan.”
    So that may be why there hasn’t been anything here about it. There’s nothing stopping any of us from donating whatever we feel is needed to DWB, Red Cross or anywhere else to help out with the crisis over there, however.
    Again, this is only my interpretation.
    I do apologize if I’ve stepped out of line here, Stephanie.

  56. Any chance you’ll ever come to Northeast Ohio? I am the proud new owner of “Knitting Rules!” which I bought myself for my birthday. It is the perfect blend of humor and useful information. I love it! I give it 10 out of 5 stars.

  57. Hopefully driving didn’t involve getting up way too early, like flying. For Jessica @ 10:28: My LYS is fabulous: NAUTICAL YARN IN LUDINGTON, MI!!!

  58. Just remember, the person in the front seat controls the music, heat, and ventilation! 😉
    For such comfort as it is, “fiery” crashes are only common on the screen; in RL they’re rare. Even firing a rocket through a car’s full gas tank won’t make it explode or burst into flames.

  59. I’m glad I’m not alone in hating driving. Whenever possible, I make my husband drive and I sit in the passenger seat and knit, which keeps my mind off of how much I hate driving/being in traffic! I hope to one day move to a city where driving is not necessary or rarely necessary!

  60. I share your feelings about driving. I avoid it when possible and take public transporation. I really had to psych myself up to drive from Seattle to Tacoma for Madrona this year, but wonderful things and fabulous people like you awaited me. I hope your drive was safe and not too hard.

  61. Being on the road is my favorite place, as long as it isn’t in heavy traffic. Think of it as a big adventure, which it certainly is.

  62. Not to scare anybody or anything, but keeping the craft zone in the back seat makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve read that airbags hit the passengers at 25 mph and the potential combination with knitting needles is not a happy thought.

  63. You’re going to ANN ARBOR?? I am trying so hard not to be jealous! If you see a tall thin blonde in the chocolate shop asking for a glass of the vegan hot cocoa, tell my younger daughter hi. Although most likely she’ll be in her grad classes or hitting the books.
    And I laughed out loud at #8.

  64. This is where a “Like” button would come in handy. So…
    and I have nothing else significant to add. (and please don’t add a like button. It would be like new Coke. I spend too much time on Facebook.)

  65. You make me feel so much better about my own attitude to driving which is…
    1. Wasted knitting time and
    2. Potential death for me & others due to a momentary lapse in concentration.
    Given the number of lapses of concentration I daily see in myself & others I can’t understand why anyone would want to drive ever. Thank you for making me not feel quite as weird about myself as I did before!

  66. LOL! I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. If I were with you, i would sit in the front with you and keep you company.

  67. I don’t mind driving, actually. Just I hate driving in the snow/heavy rain. I am from southern California where we don’t have this… weather problem I hear other people have. The one time I had to drive in the snow was probably the time I hated driving the most. Actually… really heavy rain is pretty bad too.
    I think the worst/weirdest word is “Economy” and all it’s permutations. Economy, Econ, and a couple other forms have the long “e” at the beginning. Economist, econometrics, economics have the short “e” at the beginning. So when talking quickly…. >.<

  68. I want a craft zone. My husband would say “isn’t our whole house enough?”
    Are you really headed to A-squared, my husband’s US hometown? Have a sandwich at Zingerman’s for us.

  69. … Why can’t you have a nice quick blog like Kay and Ann? Instead I’ve had days of reading and I’m only up to year 2008 in the archives.
    This is putting a serious dent in my research time. However, I have cast on no less than 6 new projects, and finished one of them. Yay for inspiration.

  70. Have fun in Michigan. Next time, come to Niles! We have a wonderful yarn shop in Nile: The Red Purl.

  71. I’ve often thought of the correlation between knitters and non-drivers. I don’t drive, and a lot of my knitting friends don’t either. Someone should do a study on this.

  72. I’m sure I found out about “Origins of the Specious” here on this blog. She says that ‘fiery’ is spelled that way because ‘fire’ used to be spelled ‘fier’. Cool. I love the way I find out all sorts of good stuff while reading the comments on here.

  73. I’m a knitter and a driver. So, one for the other side then. I bring yarn in the car. The ‘lights in town are rather stupidly timed, so I can get a couple of rows done in a trip. (small projects only)

  74. lol. When I was a kid I was so used to other people sitting in the front seat that when it was just my mother & I she would say “you’re going to make me feel like the chauffeur?” even though it occurred to me at the time that she probably felt like one no matter what.

  75. 1. discovered your books/blog for first time this morning. heavenly!
    2. i, too, have that same thought about the perils of driving. still learning to drive at 25.

  76. Oh great….you’re in MI, and what do I do but haul off and move to South Carolina! Doggone it! Oh well, have fun up there! 🙂

  77. yes, I too have always had the same thoughts as #2, ….but now I have the added thought of being my kids ONLY. it is scary and it stinks!

  78. I also hate driving, although I have a driving license, I’m to scared, because you never what could happen and not only because of you but other drivers. Some of them are driving like crazy and this makes me be afraid.

  79. We differ there, I like to drive, I have control issues. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be opposed to riding in the craft zone either, so…

  80. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you can do it ! stay safe & have fun !!!
    I used to do way worse than that years ago …. and I’m still here…..
    Have fun!

  81. Will you be coming to Madison WI on your new book tour?
    We have a group called Knitting for Negotiation
    (excuse my lack of talent in spelling)
    that has been part of our Citizen Protest, Struggle
    and Movement to take Our House and State back.
    More peaceful Protests have never been seen before,must be those knitters sending out good vibes!
    Would love one of your sock pictures in front of the Dome.
    I found you and your books not long after your last visit here and was so bummed to have missed attending your book signing.
    We have Value Village here too, it is called Savers and is owned by the same people.
    Have a safe trip in both directions.

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