Cranky is as Cranky does

 The following is a brief list of stupid stuff that pissed me off this weekend. I’m listing it here, then putting it all down (spiritually speaking) and going for a walk. Tomorrow I’m going to be chipper, damn it.

1. Salad. I had 15 minutes to grab something to eat in the airport on Friday. Does someone want to explain to me why all of a sudden, it’s impossible to get a vegetarian salad? They’ve all got chicken or ham or some other thing whacked on the top of them, and in airports they’re all pre-made so you can’t have one without it. I totally get that I can’t expect there to be veggie options for everything – but salad? Not being able to get a SALAD? I’m going out on a limb here and saying that there should be vegetarian salads. All the time. Everywhere. Seriously.

2. People who can’t figure out personal space issues.  I had had an argument without words with the guy in the seat next to me all the way home from Vancouver.  He had issues with using only his allotted seat range of space. He was spread eagled into my ribcage with his elbows, and rested one foot on my knitting bag under the seat in front of me.  Totally unacceptable, but I couldn’t find the words to say anything so instead I just quietly hated his guts all the way. It was as effective as it usually is.

3. Me. Why didn’t I say something? Why am I so timid when someone’s jerking me around?  I could have politely asked him to move. 

4. My sock. I started the April socks on the plane ride home.  It’s Show-off Stranded socks and STR lightweight in Valenscummy.

Ironically, I thought this pattern would help prevent pooling. It’s not. Turns out that this pattern/yarn combo is an expert pooler. It has been ripped back into non-existence and I’m supremely pissed off that I knit that much of it when I knew I was not liking it. Stupid knitting indecision. Hate. It.

4. Someone vandalized our car in a classic smash and grab. (They did ten cars in a row.)  For those of you who know me, you’ll be sad to hear that other than the damage to the car, the only thing the person took was Daniel – my beloved GPS.  He was old, but faithful and I’ll miss him badly. 

5. Whoever it was that smashed the car – thanks for the bonus damage to the car that you inflicted just for giggles. You know, I get that people steal stuff like that because they’re trying to solve a personal problem, and I while I don’t like it, I bet running out of crack money if you’re hooked on the stuff is really awful. I understand why you stole from us.  Don’t like it, but get it. I’m having a hard time understanding why they had to do more damage than necessary. It makes me think maybe they’re just a jerk – and not a person struggling, which is where I was willing to go with it until they were that crappy. 

6. Cookies. For not being here.