Although I have been busy

It is not going to look like I’ve been busy when I show you this.  I can tell.  I know I checked in last with you Monday, and I had big plans, but fibre-wise, it seems like I don’t have a lot to show for myself.  I solved the pooling problem with my April socks by changing the pattern, but I don’t have a picture or the details handy and I’m sort of too tired to look for them, and I’m making pathetic progress anyway.  They’re nice though.   What I did get done was to drag the drum carder out of the fibre closet and set it up, and I managed to get the darkest grey of the fleece carded.

Then I sat down to spin and um – I sort of didn’t have a lot of time, so this is all I have.

I think it’s going well, if rather slowly.  What did happen, what’s taken all my time and has cost Tina and I more sleep for the last several days than we would like to talk about, is that we finished a big chunk of the Sock Summit website update.

If you go there now, you can see what Sponsors we are thrilled to have working with us, what Vendors are going to be with us in our even-more-fabulous-than-last-time-if-it’s-even-possible Marketplace, and… brace yourselves… The Teacher list and the classes that are going to be in the offing.

Yup. You saw it right. That’s 60 teachers.  Six – oh, not a typo.  Last time knitters said they wanted more, and we’ve busted ourselves and there they are. Sixty teachers with more than 130 classes, and the whole thing is big. Really big. Huge, in fact. Four days of sock study, so huge that when Tina and I were done compiling the list and looked at it, we both had the same thought, which I won’t repeat here because I try to keep the language clean. 

We’re completely honoured by that Teacher list, and humbled, and more than a little scared.  There’s more sock knitting knowledge there than I think has ever assembled in one spot – and did you see the classes?  If you can think of a way to make socks.. it’s on that list, and, as I pointed out to someone the other day (when they asked how anyone could possibly give this much of a crap about socks)  all this knowledge is useful for knitting other things too. 

We’re very proud, and we hope you’re excited. We’ve worked really, really hard on creating something that should be fabulous.  News about registration to come along (very) shortly.

I’m going to lie down.