The last two weeks have been really bizarre, and I mean that in the most neutral way possible.  Not bad, not good, just absolutely maniacally bizarre. I’ve been up against a crazy deadline or two (one is registration, the other book related) and Joe’s been up against a deadline that makes my deadline look like a cozy little kitten. The two of us have been going to bed late, getting up early, declining invitations, ignoring texts from people (even the ones that say "why are you ignoring me?") eating strange leftovers and oddments, and all the while thinking that next week will be better and we just have to hold on and by the way Honey, did you know we have no toilet paper,  today is recycling pick up and we’re out of clean clothes?

Last night I burst out laughing because we were both going to get about four hours of sleep (each, and not at the same time) and we both thought that was AWESOME. Still, we’re lucky to have the work, especially since it’s work that we love, and so we’re trying not to complain, but we are living a strange  existence. The day before yesterday all I got to eat was three hard boiled eggs, a half bag of jelly beans, and a bowl of edamame I made at 11:30pm because I was starved and out of eggs and jelly beans. I feel like if it hadn’t been the week after Easter, I might have starved.  Add to the whole shebang that today I’m flying to Sock Summit International World Headquarters for Registration launch on Wednesday, and I’m one weird lady. 

I sat at my desk yesterday from 7am until about 12:30 this morning, then ran around packing, tossing things in my bag and checking email and finding my camera and finally fell into my bed- then got up four hours later and tossed the last few things in my suitcase – and guzzled coffee, and then the cab came, and I zipped my bag up and wished I had more sleep or more coffee and opened the front door and realized….

I did not have any knitting.  None. That’s how messed up I was people. No knitting.  Do you know what that’s like?  It’s like Cher going on stage without sequins.  It’s like a teenager who says "You know what, you know more than I do. You decide" It’s like a dog not getting on your furniture while you’re out. It’s like… It’s like a thousand things that are not like me.  I ran back into the living room grabbed the two closest projects, rammed them in my purse and split. 
It was there nearest miss I’ve ever had.

Now I’m at the airport, I’ve drunk three cups of coffee to try and be more like myself, my flight’s delayed and here’s what I’ve got.

My April socks. 

That’s probably good, because.. er.  It’s May. Other than the fact that they’re not done, these socks are totally working out.  It’s the same yarn that was pooling so badly last time, and I changed the pattern to the Edwardian Boating Socks, and now it’s playing nice.  I’m done the first, have a good start on the second and if I were a good little knitter, I would just work on these. However…

The other project I grabbed was the Jacob Damask- and I’m so in love with it.

I cast on with the darkest colour just like I planned, and I’m making my way though the colours. I’m only about 30 rows in, and I’m in love with it. The other colours are still in the skein though, so I don’t know if I’ll be working on it on the plane, because I’m not sure how easy ball winding would be, and I’m not quite far enough gone to ask a stranger to "hold my skein."   Or maybe I am. It might be worth it. 

Mostly I’m just so excited about the knitting time on the plane, and I’ve been excited about it for days.  I keep sitting at my desk thinking about how the plane is soon and I can knit on the plane. Can you imagine what would have happened if I’d have left with no knitting?

I can, and it involves seven phone calls, a security breach, an accomplice, ten expensive airport drinks and a merino handoff by a chain link fence. Nobody wants that scene.

Before I go, Happy Election Day Canada!  I voted in the advance polls so I wouldn’t miss my chance while I was travelling, don’t miss yours. Voting gives you the right to complain about politicians, and makes us look a little less stupid to countries where democracy is harder to come by.