And she is knitting fast

Somewhere in Toronto, this woman is knitting a sweater – or at least I have my suspicions. We’re not talking about it.

A while back, Andrea and I decided to have a little knit-along on a sweater.  We have been in perfect sync since then. We bought the same yarn (different colours.) We both hated our first choice and frogged it. We both agreed that Acer would be our next choice, we both started with the sleeves. We both put it down for other knitting. We both started again. We both abandoned it again, and now I think we’re both knitting it again.  At least I know that I’m knitting it again, and I suspect she is too, because she texted me the other day that she dreamed I just had to sew the buttons on. 

I have more than that to go, and I don’t know how much she has to go, but I have a feeling that something’s going on.   I’m not saying that Andrea’s competitive, but I am saying that if I had a dream that she was almost finished, I’d be knitting like the wind. I know that says more about my competitive nature than hers, but I still think that she’s probably churning out the yardage pretty quick over there.

I believe now, rather secretly (until now, when I blogged it) that she’s trying for a sneak attack, where we don’t talk about the sweater, or the fact that she’s knitting it all the time… and then whammo… she’s wearing the thing to knit night and mine is still on the needles, so I’m knitting. 

I’m not telling her how much though. No need.
It’s just a friendly little knit-a-long.

(PS.  Yesterday I gave everybody the wrong link for Lucy Neatby’s DVDs.  It’s been that sort of week.  The double knitting DVD – and her others, are all found at Lucy Neatby Designs– or maybe even at your local knit shop. Sorry Lucy!)