And so it goes

I’m packing today. I leave at un ungodly time in the morning to drive to SAW, with Megan and Denny and Natalie.  The rest of the Canadian Contingent will meet us there, having had the good sense to get plane tickets.  Us, we’ll road trip it, with a car full of yarn and silk and knitting… ending up in New Hampshire sometime around suppertime, ready to begin something that’s always wonderful and magic and the best time ever. I’m looking forward to teaching, and speaking, and the Art Fair (free beer!) on the last night.  (All the classes and speaking stuff are booked up, but I’ll be signing books and looking forward to meeting and greeting at the Lettuce Knit booth that evening. Come if you like, I’d love to see you. It’s open to all, if you can get there.)

I mentioned last post that Andrea and I (she’s part of the  Canadian Contingent, making her way there tomorrow) were in a bit of a dead heat to finish matching sweaters by Squam – and today she dropped off her sewing machine, hoping I’d drive it to NH (sewing machines are really hard to pack) and we came clean with each other. Both of us have been busting an epic move to get all these sweaters done, but because she has little kids and I have Sock Summit, both of us failed to compete at the Olympic level.   This morning over coffee we told all.

(Sweater photographed amongst the annuals that I have to plant before I leave tomorrow. I’m so screwed.)
Incredibly, we’re at about the same spot.  We’ve knit the arms of Acer, both of us, and are now plowing through the body. Mostly through the fronts and back (knit as one piece) and almost ready to divide.  (Actually, she was a little farther than me this morning, but I knit while I had my hair cut at lunchtime, and I think I’m caught up.)

Andrea has the privilege of a flight tomorrow, where presumably someone else will be driving, and I have the car (where I will be driving) but both of us still have high hopes of new sweaters at SAW.

We know that’s delusional, and I think we’re both still bringing buttons.

Too be continued…