And she is knitting fast

Somewhere in Toronto, this woman is knitting a sweater – or at least I have my suspicions. We’re not talking about it.

A while back, Andrea and I decided to have a little knit-along on a sweater.  We have been in perfect sync since then. We bought the same yarn (different colours.) We both hated our first choice and frogged it. We both agreed that Acer would be our next choice, we both started with the sleeves. We both put it down for other knitting. We both started again. We both abandoned it again, and now I think we’re both knitting it again.  At least I know that I’m knitting it again, and I suspect she is too, because she texted me the other day that she dreamed I just had to sew the buttons on. 

I have more than that to go, and I don’t know how much she has to go, but I have a feeling that something’s going on.   I’m not saying that Andrea’s competitive, but I am saying that if I had a dream that she was almost finished, I’d be knitting like the wind. I know that says more about my competitive nature than hers, but I still think that she’s probably churning out the yardage pretty quick over there.

I believe now, rather secretly (until now, when I blogged it) that she’s trying for a sneak attack, where we don’t talk about the sweater, or the fact that she’s knitting it all the time… and then whammo… she’s wearing the thing to knit night and mine is still on the needles, so I’m knitting. 

I’m not telling her how much though. No need.
It’s just a friendly little knit-a-long.

(PS.  Yesterday I gave everybody the wrong link for Lucy Neatby’s DVDs.  It’s been that sort of week.  The double knitting DVD – and her others, are all found at Lucy Neatby Designs– or maybe even at your local knit shop. Sorry Lucy!)

52 thoughts on “And she is knitting fast

  1. I just love your blog. I love the subject (I’m new to knitting) and I love the way you write about the knitting experience. You have a great sense of humor.
    As for the sweater…. get it done…. quickly.

  2. Such virtue that you are picking something up that needs to be finished. It has nothing at all to do with competition, but just your virtuous desire to deal with all WIP right now, right? (Just like the Dale cardigan from last fall I finally swed and cut yesterday, since my friend Micheal is going to get to finishing her sleeves soon, and…)

  3. Love the color. I don’t have to compete with anyone, I do that with myself. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

  4. If, by some unlikely chance, she did happen to finish the KAL first, you could always blame it on the burning desire to reward Joe with the gansey.
    Oh, wait… 🙂

  5. Are you using needles from Signature Needle Arts? Those look so cool. I am trying to justify the price, and I’m almost there…

  6. I am no good at KAL’s–I am always too fast, or too slow–and while i’ve learned to play well with others–I knit to my own pace.
    It’s OK–You do a lot of things besides knit. and no one is expecting you (or anyone) to knit to the beat of an other knitter’s drummer!

  7. You need a knitting cloak of invisibility so you can work on this stealthily. It would also be very useful for gift knitting, particularly at Christmas time.

  8. I see you’re armed with Signature wands there for the best magic performance. The force is with you. Or something. ^_~

  9. Is that Debbie Bliss’s Luxury Tweed Aran? I think I have the same colour at home awaiting inspiration. Maybe you’ve just given it to me…

  10. The JoAnne’s store near us carries some of Lucy Neatby’s DVDs. AND you can use your 40% discount coupon from the Sunday newspaper or their mailing list.
    I’ve also requested some from interlibrary loan. The librarian was always very helpful.
    The DVDs are wonderful!

  11. OOOOOh, I had forgotten how much I love that yarn!!! But it’s 80 degrees F here 🙁 🙁 And yet, I still lust after it like a teen-aged boy for his first love.
    Can’t wait to see finished shots with you in it!

  12. I clicked on your friend’s blog. I wanted to see who she is. She is a potty mouth. I read a few sentences and after the first F word came back to yours. awww, so refreshing after the dip in filth.

  13. The pictures of your knitting always look so sexy. Especially with your red signature needles with the stiletto tips. Are they the US 7 (4.5mm)?

  14. Acer has been in my queue for over a year, along with the yarn to knit it. I have yet to cast on. Maybe you should have had me as the competition. You would have been guaranteed a win!

  15. THANKS!!! to those identifying the needles. If that vender is going to be at the Summit I know where my money is going. *grin*

  16. That’s really lovely yarn. It looks so soft and warm.
    I have a question about your shawls… what do you do with them when you’re done? I find myself knitting one mainly for the challenge of creating something out of lace weight yarn, but I don’t know what I’ll do with it when I’m done. I’m not sure I’m a shawl kinda person.

  17. I’ve been looking at this pattern for a while. I know how to do cables. Would it be a good pattern for someone like me who hasn’t a great deal of experience with keeping track of cable rows and who has a wandering sense of concentration at times? 🙂

  18. Nothing like a good little competition to spice things up. Had to click on Andrea’s blog link and check it out. After reading the two most recent entries a) I see why you’re friends and b) I was laughing so hard my co-workers had to come check on me. (“No, YOU push the button”) Thanks for the link!

  19. Glory, I wish I were close enough to monitor the double-dealing on both sides. In any case, I KNOW that Competitive Andrea (wisely) panicked two weeks or so ago because you said “It’s not a race or anything.” Either way I, too, revel in the pristine nature of both your language and your snow-white soul and delight that salty language is a stranger to those rosebud lips. Now let me run check out Andrea…

  20. Your knitting is lovely as ever, but those needles you are using intrigue me. What kind are they and can I get them somewhere?
    Nothing like a little competition to speed things up!

  21. Glad you’re back, feeling better, and (seemingly) have the family issue under control — or under the patio, as the case may be.
    I, too, wonder what that yarn is. It so resembles the fabric of my favorite jeans that I’m sure that’s an indigo dye, but still. . .I’ve rarely seen a yarn that looks so much like blue denim.

  22. The knitting connects us in ways we have yet to discover. Isn’t it lovely to clothe yourself in a fun experience that you shared with a friend? How could you ever wear anything less than a manifestation of combined positive energy? Knitting is the best! Especially with friends!

  23. Well, of course, you’re in sync. Too much fun. You’ll have to wear them to the same event and see who notices.

  24. What are those lovely looking needles you’re using.
    Can you do a needle post so we can all geek out about which you think are best for which job.

  25. Remind me not to get in a sweater knitting competition – I mean, KAL with you (unless I already have the sweater half-knitted!) 🙂

  26. Lov, lov this pattern..your blue is my fav, too
    so knit, knit, want to see it finished!

  27. What are the slick lookin’ needles you’re using here? I’m kinda dumb when it comes to knitting needles. I know what I like, but am kinda limited to Clover Bamboo or Boye Aluminum (which I don’t really care for…tooooooo slippery…the Boyes’ that is). But it sure does look like I would reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllly like the ones you’re using!

  28. I agree with Carlie, I love the yarn from the picture. Would love to know what it is.
    Glad you’re feeling better and hope the family thing is better, too. Thanks as always for the wonderful posts and books.

  29. I’m not competitive really….primarily few others I know make the kind of knitted hats I do with a wired brim. (#modeknit is an exception). Instead, I revel in my uniqueness. Especially my one-of-a-kind ability to not knit. Yes, I can write and talk about it more than I actually knit. Hah!

  30. Pretty yarn! Cute sweater! Have I told you I like blue? LOL! It would never fit me, though. Sounds like a fun little competition! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  31. Those needles are making me drool. I’m sure you’ve told us but could you remind me who makes them?

  32. For all who’ve asked, the needles are Signatures.
    And from your tweet, Steph, does SAW = Silly Arse Weaving??

  33. The competition is sometimes the only way I get things done.
    I set up a blog contest a couple of weeks back, looking for guesses on how soon I would finish a knit blanket (currently on the needles). The outliers (both the really soon dates and the super far dates) have made me very intensely interested in finishing as fast as possible. Insane!

  34. The place looks beautiful. I had a dream once of creating such a place having these types of classes. It’s wonderful to find that it exists!

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