Post Squam Random

1. Back from SAW. As always, hard work that it’s hard to complain about. The setting is so beautiful, the people so kind and the vibe so awesome that it feels like a privilege to be able to work there.  How can I not feel so, when this was  my classroom.

2. Yes. If you were at squam, the series of mad leaps into the lake you heard at 10:30pm one night were the Canadians. We were briefly overwhelmed by the sight of unfrozen water and couldn’t restrain ourselves. 

3.  No.  It wasn’t really that cold. Pretty cold, but not terrible. Maybe that was by our own standards, because we did notice that we were alone.

4. Yes. Dead sober.

5. I have pretty pictures.

6.  For the first time ever, a student tried to learn the hand position for lever knitting in a whole new way.

She tied up her own pinky to get it to behave.  Clever knitter.

8. We were not underyarned.