Well knock me down and take my sock, thanks so much for the wonderful Birthday wishes yesterday and for the beautiful surprise of so many donations to MSF.  Great gift, you’re all lovely, gracious and undoubtedly good looking.

I spent the day working a little more than I wanted to, and then trying to convince myself (with coffee and a little knitting)  to go out into the garden and cut it down to size. In the end I took a glass of wine to the backyard and tried to garden with my mind while I knit.

The garden remains enormously overgrown today, and the baby blanket is a little bit bigger.

For how big a project it is, and how little time I have, it’s growing so fast. I’m loving working on it.  I’ve chosen a simple little cluster of yarn overs, and they’re alternated across the whole field – this panel will be the centre of the blanket, and I’m planning a big honking border all around it. I was right I think… the scope of the blanket is definitely better suited to my work right now, it’s way more enchanting to work on this than my poor little June socks.

(You will note that it would appear that not a single stitch has been knit on those socks since you saw them last, and you would be right. I’m starting to think the June socks might be November socks.)