Thursday Rather Randomly

1. I made my way back home again yesterday, walking out the door of Sock Summit World Headquarters (Tina’s house) at 7:30am, and walking in the door here at 9:30pm.  I cannot stress enough how much teleportation would be helpful to me.

2. I’ve always had a rule that plane time is down time. I knit. I think. I read. I don’t work.  Yesterday I broke that rule.

3. I still got a fair bit of knitting done – making slow progress on the June socks, which are lovely, but slow.

Pattern: Revival, by Glenna C.  Yarn: DiC Everlasting, in Black and White. (Or at least that’s what I think it is. I have suffered a ballband loss.)

4. When I came home last night, I noticed that someone has stolen our green bin.
5. This is a really odd thing to steal. It’s not like they’re expensive, rare or have a high resale value.

6. Joe believes (and I think he is serious) that the local raccoon gang has absconded with it, partly for the stuff that was in it, and partly because he thinks that raccoons would hope that without a green bin, we would just start putting our food waste out buffet style for them.

7. I think that Joe has a lot of  faith in the clementine sized brains of raccoons.

8. On the other hand, they do seem to be remarkably well organized and efficient. I also have a suspicion that they are telepathic, but that’s a story for another day.

9. The baby blanket is bigger too, but it’s still the same field of little flowers, just more of it, so I can’t imagine that you’d be interested in the picture.  Think same as last time, just more.

10. It’s not as big as I’d hoped, and neither is the sock.  Frankly, I sort of thought that the socks would be done.  I’m not sure how I thought that would happen with only a little knitting time, but I’m still burning with the irony of how much planning a knitting event reduces knitting time. 

11. I am hoping a lot of coffee helps with that.