My Sock

Me and my sock are hanging around together.  Its been with me constantly for the last little bit, and I have to tell you, it’s not really working out.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love that little whippersnapper of a sock.  I love the yarn, I love the pattern, I love everything about it, I’m not suggesting a breakup or anything – but I am noticing a problem. Usually all I have to do to finish a pair of socks that I love is drag them around with me for a few days, and boom.  Done.  I put them by my desk, I put them in my bag, and they just sort of grow while I’m on the phone, while I’m on the bus, while I’m in lines… This time, I’ll be darned if I haven’t had them with me all the time, but they don’t get any bigger.
I was puzzled by it until I took this picture and it all came clear.

Yeah.  This is the only place I’m at with my sock right now.  Me and the sock. At the computer, and I may be all kinds of awesome when it comes to knitting, but even I haven’t figured out how to type and knit at the same time.  Right now, I think it’s possible that the sock has a closer relationship with my post-its than me. 

It’s paying off though.  All sorts of things are organized and sorted and pulled together.  Like this, and this and oh wow.  Like this! (I’m crazy about all of those ideas, but the last one really flips me.) There’s only a few days till the Summit.  (Please don’t tell me exactly how many.  I’m fragile.) I swear to you, I’m going to knit the complete snot out of August. I’m going to read and sleep too.  It’s going to be fantastic.
Hang on little socks.  I love you.  Don’t let the fact that you’re June socks get you down in July.

(PS.  Amanda, Megan, Ken and Erin (previous post) are still hoping to raise enough to take part in this years ride.  They need $2200 each – before June 30th to participate, and none have yet met that goals.  I know things are tough all over, but if you’re so inclined, they would all appreciate it.)