Long Roads

Back when my kids were born, and when Hank was born too,  our friend Janine gave both Erin and I a card and I’ll always remember what it said inside.

Sleep is for pussies.

I’m thinking that today, as Joe and I hurtle along Hwy 400, headed in the general direction of North Bay and our youngest.  We’re used to this trip now, and though it’s about 10 hours on the road, we’ve almost grown accustomed to leaving in the morning- driving, having a visit and then heading back home. We share the driving, so there’s usually a little knitting time in it for me, and that makes it easy to take.

This time though, this time it’s going to be a total pig.  We got up this morning, I considered by to-do list, and then tossed back three cups of coffee just to make it feel like any of it was even approachable.  I did my email, worked on Sock Summit email, did a few more Sock Summit things, Joe and I installed a hose, bought toilet paper… and then I packed and put my suitcase by the door, and then we got in the car and started driving. I did the first leg so he could do enough work that he doesn’t have to fire himself, and now we’ve switched so I can do the same.

(Note: For all Torontonians who make the drive to the Muskokas regularly, you will  be delighted to know that some time ago Joe and I passed "Dock in a Box" and yes.  We made the joke and sang the song. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not going to spell it out for you.  Do yoursef a favour and google "box and Justin Timberlake" and then passing this joint will crack you up too.)

We’ll see our girl, we’ll have dinner, and then we’ll turn around and come back, arriving home at about 1:00am – and then I will… and I can’t even tell you how worried I am about this as a plan… I will, at least theoretically, get up at 4:30 to be at the airport by 5:30 so that I can catch a flight to Portland that seemed like it was at a totally reasonable time until Air Canada went on strike and sent me an email saying I should go to the Airport early because there might be "delays."
(Also, I’m flying carry-on, because of a shortage of people to tag my bag.)

Why, you may ask, would I still drive up north today if I knew I had to get up pre-dawn?  Well – because a mother has needs, and I can deal with my kids growing up and being away from me some of the time, but not without a minimum amount of contact.  It turns out that if I go too long without seeing my girls I become pretty much a Destroyer of Worlds, and if I don’t see Sam now I won’t see her for at least a week and it’s already been a while and.  Well.  We are in the car, and tonight I’ll get just enough sleep to make it possible to stand up at 4:30 and power through, and it’s a good thing that I’ve always sort of thought that Janine was right and that sleep is for pussies.  I can handle it.  Me and my best friend Mr. Coffee are going to nail it.

In the meantime, I managed to get myself feeling a little guilty about my June socks, so I’m going to give them two days of my time and see what happens.  The car ride today, the flight tomorrow, we’ll see what becomes of them.
Assuming I survive, I might even have a finished sock tomorrow.  

173 thoughts on “Long Roads

  1. I love the color of the socks and they do deserve some of your time! What’s the pattern?

  2. Coming from someone who doesn’t sleep much for various reasons … You are a ROCKSTAR! Most moms out there would get why you’re making such a trek at such a time. I’d do it. Drive safely and good luck with your air travel tomorrow. Hopefully the hassles are minimal.

  3. I never took a logic class, but why do they always tell you to get to the airport *early* in case of delays? So you have to wait longer???

  4. Dang. Okay, someone needs to come up with a teleportation device. Imagine how wonderful it would be to step into the transporter pad at your house, walk out at your daughter’s place, then go home when you need to for a good night’s sleep. A quick zap in the morning, and hey presto! you’re in Portland. The world is depressingly transporter-free.

  5. I am only marginally older than you but I am Too Old for a day like that. After you’ve come out the other side of it you might be thinking the same thing.

  6. Go Team:
    I so glad your daughter did the ride again this year. I also love that your sock coordinates with the open road you are all traveling.
    Good luck and God bless coffee. ~ksp

  7. Praise be you’re travelling in the relatively interesting direction and not towards Windsor. Your route prompted my husband’s childhood comment: “Why do the rocks stop growing at the side of the road?” Good luck with the drive!

  8. That exit on the 400 with the Dock in a Box store is where I live so imagine seeing it everyday and singing the song to yourself. It never gets old. LOL.
    Love the baby blanket from yesterday.

  9. The older I get, the less “optional” I find sleep to be. If I don’t get enough sleep NO ONE wants to be on the same continent with me. I love my family, so I figure half my sleep time is for them. I envy your stamina!

  10. Goes right along with my old stand-by… I’ll rest when I’m dead!
    You are a very good mommy!

  11. Have fun with the girl, and good luck tomorrow morning. I hope you don’t have another experience like your coffee story of October 2008, but then again, it would mean another funny blog post from you. 🙂

  12. 10hrs is a lot of driving for dinner! I’ll sleep an extra hour and drink a cup of coffee for you…it’s the thought that counts, right?

  13. Sleep is for wimps. Healthy, well-rested wimps, but wimps none the less.
    I’m a wimp. I admire people who can function on very little sleep, because if I don’t get enough, I’ll just fall asleep where ever I sit down…

  14. “then passing this joint will crack you up too.”
    Freudian phrasing? I think we all associate Lonely Island videos with pot.

  15. I love that you mentioned the JT song – so inappropriate, but so funny! When you said “Dock in a Box” it is absolutely what sprang to mind for me.
    Here’s to going the extra mile for our kiddos…they are definitely worth it!

  16. Thanks Steph. Now I have the song stuck in my head, lol. If you haven’t seen the two spin-off videos to that one, take a minute and check them out too. Hilarious!

  17. I have to say I’m a little surprised to see “pussies” used as a negative here at Yarn Harlot. I’ve always really hated that use of the word and the way it associates something womanly with weakness. Just my two cents!

  18. I just saw that “box” video for the first time about a week ago! Hilariousness! I hope you have a nice visit with your daughter. I am visiting with my mom right now and while she can’t seem to get out of her Destroyer of Worlds state on account of not having seen me in a while (even though I am here!), it somehow comforts me to hear that you (someone whom I consider to be the image of sanity and all good things) has those feelings too…

  19. It could just be a rumor, but I have heard it suggested that it is possible to sleep in the car. Again, this could be a myth. There could be some other, perfectly reasonable, explanation for the ‘rhythmic breathing’ and small amounts of drool that seem to show up when I’m in the passenger seat of a car for more than an hour.
    But given the travails of travel and the frequency with which the airline gods decide to smite you, maybe you could put the sleeping-in-the-car myth to the test. I recommend a wee blanket to snuggle under.

  20. By the way, my brother decided he should have the JT song played at his wedding, lip sync to it and act it out, with props, much to the dismay of our mother. She was standing next to me, watching, and saying “why? why?” 🙂 Made for great pictures!

  21. Isn’t getting there early because there might be delays some type of oxymoron?

  22. Stephanie! Make just one heel per sock. . . funny things happen when you knit in your sleep.

  23. Can someone explain the airline logic of ‘go[ing] to the Airport early because there might be “delays.”‘? Or is “airline logic” an oxymoron? In any case, here’s wishing you a wonderful visit with your daughter and an uneventful flight.

  24. Arrive early because there will be delays. Only airlines use such logic. Oh, the power of running on fumes!

  25. I was a bit nervous there when you said you put your bag “by the door”. I just had the feeling you would remember it, still by the door, 300 miles down the road. PHEW! I guess it made it to the car. Have a wonderful trip. And take a nap or two when you can.

  26. I always say that sleep is a crutch for the weak. It isn’t necessarily true, but it goes quite a long ways to making me feel better about not getting it.

  27. You can do this because it is for the right reason. One of my craziest adventures was helping a friend move her son to college. In one day we drove 450 miles to the college and then back and I am 20 years older than you!! It can be done!
    Be safe!!

  28. And I thought I was being too much of a weird, can’t-let-her-go type mom for driving two hours each way to visit my daughter at college and take her out to dinner. Sometimes just a short visit is enough, and best, for all mothers and daughters. Enjoy your ride!

  29. I just happen to have my map of Ontario with me today (doing a little trip planning) and I am in awe of your generous parenting. My parents used to drive about the same distance to come to my choral concerts when I was in college; even then I knew it was a special gift.

  30. OK, so I was pretty sure that at some point whilst reading this that as you and Joe were hurtling up the highway, you would suddenly realize that you had, in fact, NOT actually also gotten into the car that suitcase that you so carefully put next to the door…..
    Whew. So relieved you won’t be wearing dirty underwear….. ;-D

  31. You mean that even when all four of mine are grown up I still won’t be getting a good night’s sleep? Dang.

  32. Maybe Joe will drive the late shift tonight and you can get a nap. And I always fall asleep on the plane. Good luck in the morning. We will all be sending you good thoughts of smooth travels.

  33. Gee and a friend of mine says “getting old isn’t for sissies”
    Belated birthday wishes too. I always used to post my birthday on the fridge for my late husband and the offspring along with my wish list, then the rest of the month I’d remind them it was my “birthday MONTH “.

  34. And it will ALWAYS have been worthwhile to have made the trip, she’ll remember and you’ll remember ..
    it will be more worthwhile than one night of sleep by a gadzillion
    And a sock is a sock is a sock: you are YH! and you can kick the butt of any knitting whenever you choose to wrestle with it.
    And perhaps this June will have 31 days …

  35. Good luck with your plan.
    Janine was right.(says the woman suffering from menopausal insomnia).

  36. I totally get it about needing to see your kid(s), no matter what roads you have to drive, hoops you have to jump through, or sleep you have to give up in order for it to happen. Stay safe on the road and sneak in an extra hug from her before you leave.

  37. I’ve become so accustomed to being sleep deprived that I’m not even sure what state I’m in anymore. My son is responsible for most of it. I haven’t filled in “sleeps through the night” in his baby book yet….he’s 17! 🙂
    But I too, would drive 10 hours to see him. I figure someday I’ll rest when he’s spending his time chasing after an active child.

  38. Somehow I don’t see you getting much knitting done on the plane, in the condition you’re likely to find yourself. In any case, safe travels and enjoy your visit!

  39. A few tips from someone who used to be a road warrior for work (crazy schedules, too much flight time, too little sleep):
    * Drink lots of water. I know coffee has water, but try plain decaf water too. 🙂
    * Eat fruit and protein. I used to bring fresh fruit, nuts, and cheeses onto every flight and it made me feel a lot better physically and more refreshed (the envious stares of my seat mates were kind of a bummer).
    * Take something light to help you sleep (I’m thinking sleepy tea here or melatonin, nothing too heavy). There’s nothing worse than being so exhausted that you can’t go to sleep when you have the chance.
    * Rest your eyes on nature. I know it sounds weird, but 10 quiet minutes staring at some green grass or a tree or flowers can work wonders for your energy levels when you’re really tired.
    Hang in there!

  40. Hoooo, boy howdy. That kinda sums it up for me! I vote for sleep in the car (preferably when Joe’s driving) and then again on the plane. Happy travels!

  41. I never sleep on planes, but one day, after a very late, I fell asleep on my flight from Seattle to Toronto, on Air Canada. If you can have enough steam to knit on the plane, I will be very impressed. Travel safe!

  42. I love the “d*ck in a box” skit. lol. have you seen the “F— your mom” skit with the same characters? “It’s the second best idea we’ve ever had.” Awesome.

  43. Happy trails. (we are currently over our monthly average limit with downloading, so I will need to save JT for another time).
    Falling asleep while being the passenger in the car is not such a good idea, it is a leading cause of the driver also falling asleep, better to keep pepping each other along. Happy adventuring. With all the travelling and waits you may be able to get a lot more knitted on the sock, and maybe even into the second sock, it may surprise you.
    Thank heaven the Northern Hemisphere air travel isn’t out with volcanic ash from Chilean mountains like the Southern Hemisphere.

  44. As a mom, I totally understand what you mean about needing to see your daughters and it is worth the drive despite the sleep deprivation and short amount of time wit them. I have done it many times myself.

  45. Normally I would say that amount of knitting time should have you through both of the June socks, but given the little sleep scheduled in I think you might end up accidentally knitting a mitten instead of a sock when you cast on for the second one.

  46. Doc-in-a-box is what they call little work-site clinics or drug store clinics around here. I’ll never be able to think of one with a straight face again.

  47. I’m not sure about this, Stephanie. But I’m a mother, too, so all I can do is wish you luck.

  48. Go for it, Steph! At my age (74 last Saturday) it takes a lot more planning (and $$$!)and energy!! to see my ONLY girl, who has lived in Paris and country France for many years. White roses and a lovely BD book plus a 2+hour telephone conversation helped!

  49. Stephanie:
    I live right by Dock in a Box……… my ride home will never be the same again!
    Enjoy the North!

  50. thanks for the dock in the box “connection” Oh My LMAO!
    At least have a wonderful dinner… and I’m so glad that I’m not the only knitter motivated by guilt.
    Travel safely!

  51. I have 2 sons, one lives near, one in Jacksonville, FL. We all speak MINIMUM every other day and I have flown to Jax for a 1 day visit, turned around and flown back. I get it

  52. I do the same for my kids. They and the trip are very worth it. Safe travels!

  53. Let’s sing it again, one more time: it’s “our friend Janine gave both Erin and me a card”, not “our friend Janine gave both Erin and I a card”, just as it’s “our friend Janine gave me a card”. Love ya, honey.

  54. Is funny, my mom says the same thing about going for only so long before she has to see her girls. I live in the same city, so I get a two week rotation. My sister lives one state over, so she gets about three to our months, tops.

  55. I am a weak, weak woman. I hate sleeping but I recognize that I need a fair amount of it or else I go rampaging about like a hibernation-deprived bear. I might even need a public service announcement-type t-shirt for those days when I don’t get enough…it’s that bad. I consider a reasonable amount of sleep to be my favour to mankind. Kudos to you for being stronger than I am (I’d end up harrumphing and tsk-ing at my seatmate before falling into a fitful slumber with my mouth dangling open).

  56. LOL – only you Torontonians call it ‘The Muskokas’. Those of us who live here just call it ‘Muskoka’. And how slow are you driving that it takes you 10 hours to get to North Bay? It’s just over an hour from me, and I’m about 2 1/2 from Toronto.
    Oh, wait – I bet half of that time is getting past Vaughan!!

  57. My maximum is 42 days. After serious training. Now youngest (23) is off to do a Masters in marine biology in Nfld and thought she could put this by me because she’ll now have direct daily flights from St. John’s to Fort McMurray Alberta where our 28 year old has taught for 5 years. Middle is face down in pharmacy school and, though only 4 hours away, we see the least of her. I’m choking up here. If you could just run over to Yonge and Lawrence and give her a hug I’ll be all right.

  58. Hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter! And yes, those socks need some well knitterly TLC.
    What is the pattern, inquiring minds still want to know.

  59. Just so you know…someday I’m going to invent a way to craft and sleep at the same time. I used to want to invent a way to do without sleep, but I decided I like sleep WAY too much to give it up. When my invention comes to pass, I think it will be free because fellow crafters are the best.

  60. Totally off the wall response to your self-description as a Destroyer of Worlds – it reminded me of the Tom Smith song, My Baby Is
    The Destroyer Of Worlds. It’s on his blog and
    it’s a hoot.
    Re sleep – you need it. Sleep deficit is
    not a joke.

  61. Just a week ago I decided sleep was for pussies and ended up totaling my car.

  62. Happy Belated!
    Also, you might as well just not sleep. If I’m facing that much sleep before having to wake, I just say eff it and don’t sleep at all.

  63. I don’t do sleep deprivation any more. It has wreaked my health both mental and physical. I love my family enough to go to bed when I am tired cause this old world isn’t going any where while I’m asleep. And if whatever doesn’t get done then it wasn’t meant to be. It took a long time to make that peace.

  64. I am in awe of how folks are always looking to be offended by something. Sleep is for pussies. I understand felines sleep about 22 hours a day or something crazy like that. 😉

  65. I just read your post from 2009 regarding the hateful emails and posts you were receiving about your ‘anti Americanism’ and let me just say that jealousy is a terrible curse, and this was a fine example of someone trying to rip someone else down who is far more successful than them. I’m sad to think you had to put up with this rubbish. You are fabulous and don’t you forget it.

  66. We do crazy things for our kids. One of their fist jobs is robbing us of sleep for nights feeds and teething and stuff and it’s a job that they never really stop being good at, though they don’t mean to.
    I totally get where you’re coming from though. After waiting up 3 hours past being ready for bed for a 60 second encounter with my daughter who has just come home from her second job (because I know I’ll sleep better when I know she’s home), if it was possible to just up sticks and go to see my son who is living in Amsterdam (about 300 miles away and across the English Channel) and has been for the last 2 and a half months and I miss him like mad right now I’d not even think twice, I’d be gone already.
    I’m not sure the kids appreciate it as much as we do though!

  67. You are nuts girl. And you are so lucky to have a husband who participates. Give your baby a hug, enjoy and have a good trip. SLEEP IS FOR PUSSIES!!!

  68. I always knew deep down I was a total pussy.
    You are a brave soul, and you’ll get through this just fine. Have fun with your daughter!

  69. Sometimes don’t you wish you could have at least 10 minutes of unfettered inspection and touch time with your kids? Like when they were babies and you could stroke their heads, nibble their fingers and peek behind their ears!

  70. I completely understand the need for your trip. I haven’t seen my oldest since January, and I keep thinking it would be totally sensible to get in the car and drive 8 hours each way by myself just to spend some time with her — maybe next month?

  71. I totally misread and understood you to say that “passing a joint will crack you up, too”.

  72. I’ve been doing the opposite from North Bay down to Southern Ontario to help with my Mom who needs me right now. My parents would drop everything a rescue me when I needed it when I was Sam’s age even if it was just for the hugs. I can tell you that your investment is growing children to whom family is #1 and someday they will gladly make the trip(s) for you. As I rolled home at 1 am myself last night I was listening to loud (bad) North Bay radio with the windows wide open to stay awake and I knew I could not do it any other way. Godspeed.

  73. Wow now the Saturdays that we drive from Napanee to Toronto to have lunch and a visit and drive back seem pretty short. You are a mother GOD. Safe travels.

  74. For those of us in time warp (which I first typed as ‘wrap’ which kinda shows you where I am…).
    Otherwise Saturday.
    Maybe in a time zone if you are flying.

  75. What a mom and dad!! I will send best juju the person next to you on the plane is quiet, well-behaved type person…maybe you can snooze?

  76. You know we do have beds in North Bay and I would gladly put you and Joe up for the night and you could even possibly take a flight out of the North Bay airport that has the second largest strip in North America. Just sayin!

  77. To paraphrase Gloria Gaynor’s greatest hit: “You will survive! You will survive! As long as you know how to knit, you know you’ll stay alive. You’ve got all your life to live, and you’ve got all those socks to give, you will survive, you will (etc.)”.
    P.S.: I’m sure Joe just went out to the garden to feed the birds. . .and the squirrels. . .and wonder again why he married a madwoman. . .and take notes on what has changed out there so he can brief Sam!

  78. I’m a mother of two sons and both of them live 10 hours away in opposite directions – I totally get what you are doing! Have fun visiting with your daughter and have a safe trip!

  79. Sounds like my weekend – Boston to Chicago and back, starting Saturday at 2 am and arriving home again Monday around 5 pm. Just to retrieve oldest DS from college. Then he stays here for 11 days, then goes to Germany for 8 weeks on a foreign language grant.
    I usually get to knit rather than drive, so there are advantages.
    Good luck and have a good visit!

  80. Hi Stephanie,
    Glad you could get your “mom fix”. Hope you had a great visit. It is always important to see our
    darlings in person to be certain the really are ok.
    I have been in the hospital since Feb., so may have missed something, but used to hear from you in my in box daily and I don’t find a single one of your blogs as I go through my hundreds of e-mails. How can I resubscribe?
    A belated Very Happy Birthday!

  81. Yeah, yeah, ‘sleep is for pussies’.. Learnt that with colicky son and then his preemie little twin sisters but HAVE LEARNED that sleep is GOOD! (The joys of parenting teens.)
    But good on you for getting a kid fix when you can 🙂 Hoping you get where you are going uneventfully with no delay!

  82. Wow. Colour me impressed. Ever since my son (incidentally my only child, for obvious reasons) refused to sleep through the night until he was four, any sort of sleep deprivation has me weepy and irrational and unable to figure out how to boil water.
    Keep going with your mad functioning skillz, and know that if it were me, I would be having a massive fit of the vapours.

  83. I really hope one day we’re going to find out what Sam is doing up north. Because every time you mention it, I die a little from all the curiosity 🙂 It does already sound like something entirely too fabulous, so I do hope you’ll share once she’s no longer there.

  84. I live an hour further north west from North Bay and have made the trip there and back in one day many times to see my kids in Toronto. It’s not a great thing but when you have to have a kid fix it’s necessary!!!!

  85. You are by no means a puss-cake. You seem to get more done in one day than I manage in a week. I sit on my quickly spreading arse 9.5 to 10 hours, 5 days a week, not knitting. When I get home and change my clothes, sometimes the only thing that makes the day okay is my knitting and me curled together on the love-seat.

  86. I am surprised that you have not graduated to straight shots of expresso. Power on girl!!!!!

  87. Am I the only one wondering this?
    Just wondering what man decided more people waiting around longer would be a better idea. Really? How about “Look, the flight is going to be delayed. Grab an extra cup of coffee, pack an extra project, then come on down. We’re not going anywhere”

  88. I shared this post with my eldest DD. She just chuckled because she knows a mom just like you! Her mom! Even when she lived on the ‘other’ coast I needed to see her or things got nasty. Thanks for sharing.

  89. Have you got the coffee yet? Dude, I so hope you do. Sending loads of mental coffee right now. Not too sure that will help much though.

  90. I first read this as you’re going to North Bay and it’s a 10 hour round trip and thought that’s odd cause I used to live in North Bay and it was only 3 1/2 hours one way from Whitby…then I re-read it and see you write “general direction of North Bay”….gee, that really expands the possible area range, LOL. I’m with the other commenter(s) and dieing to know what she’s doing up in the great white north!

  91. I used to think that way about sleep. Then I fell asleep at the wheel of my car, and woke up going over the rumble strip at the side of the highway. I was incredibly fortunate- stopped without crashing- but it scared the living crap out of me. Now I’m a dedicated wuss- nobody could be that lucky twice. Take care, and try to nap if you can!

  92. Pictures of beautiful Canada are needed!
    Today, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog for almost 3 and a half years-doesn’t seem that long in real life but I’m a fickle blog reader and I am so happy that you keep writing in your busy schedule. You’re still the first non-work website I turn to! Thank you!

  93. Did you ever read the scifi book Beggers in Spain? It’s a future in which science has created a vaccine to give pregnant women. When the children are born THEY DON’T NEED SLEEP!!! I want the vaccine for me!

  94. I think I’m too old for that sort of road trip, but I just want to say how cool it is that you do that to go see your kids. My in-laws always had to drive to see their parents, and we have always had to drive to see my parents, even though the roads go both ways. We plan to share the visiting with our kids, too.
    Can’t wait to see the sock!

  95. Dearest Stephanie, I must say this: you are getting your body into something that is very hard to get out of if you continue with the sleep deprivation. Adrenal Fatigue. Then the other crucial energy related hormones start to falter as well and the whole thing can come down like a house of cards. (Thyroid, Leptin, dozens of others.) Its like a debt with super high interest rates — very difficult to dig your way out. Please take care of yourself! We love you.

  96. What an amazing drive…and you stopped long enough to get a non-blurry shot of your yarn in the back window of your car. Yowza! This yarn and the set of DPNs really do travel well….

  97. As a recent college grad, thank you. Thank you for being THAT kind of mom. Your girls are lucky to have you, I hope they realize that.

  98. Wow, Stephanie, I was afraid you were going to say the trip was going to be a pig (?) because you were short the requisite number of sock needles to work on your sock! By now, you’ve made it through and are on your way to Sock Summit, and the important thing, you had a visit with your daughter. Be well.

  99. I didn’t read above so maybe someone already said this, but:
    That much knitting time for Stephanie and I’m betting on a PAIR of socks by tomorrow night. 🙂

  100. Now we are all dying to know if you made the plane?
    Especially as we did not get a “while at the airport” post…

  101. Have a good safe trip and here’s hoping you will sleep a good part of it! Understand where you’re coming from. I think we’re all Mother first, then everything else. Vaya con Dios!

  102. If you haven’t seen the video of Samuel L. Jackson reading the “children’s book for adults” Go The F*ck to Sleep, I highly recommend it, even though the language is pretty objectionable. Anyone with small children (or anyone who has had small children) that didn’t sleep will, I think, be able to relate. It is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

  103. Glad to hear you had a good birthday (despite work)! You definitely don’t look 43, every time anyone mentions your age I’m surprised.
    Have a safe journey and good luck with the socks.
    (to clarify you look younger than 43!)

  104. Those ARE June socks after all: they match the road you’re on with the reflections of light from the clouds above.
    I would rush to my Sam in a second if I could do it in a ten-hour drive; I’m so glad you can.
    I remember the still-devastating post when you knew Janine was gone. It’s comforting to me today that she’s still bringing you comfort today.

  105. we received a BIG coffee mug before our daughter was born that says:
    “sleep is for sissies…CAFFEINE is for parents!”
    your card + my mug = get ‘er done 🙂

  106. south of the border the cards say “Sleep is for sissies”, but I learned the fine art of catnapping from my assorted felines early in life, so I like your version SO much better!
    The local Small World coffee shop even has little baby onesies with it on – would definitely get anyone thru that much knitting and driving!

  107. I always thought you can sleep when you’re dead…
    Good luck, safe travels and happy knitting!

  108. I know you will survive, as knitters and mom’s are tough. Just thought I would share an example of how knitters are takeing over the world. Everyday I receive an economic brief about the current economy in the US and the world from the lead economist for NACM. At the end he always has a brief note about something that has nothing to do about the serious matters that had been discussed. Today he wrote about travel and conversations one has or does not have with fellow airplane travelers. This is a part of what he wrote about. The second interesting exchange was with a tiny little woman who was knitting away like mad. What struck me was that she was
    making something in a camouflage pattern. Booties for the hunter in the family perhaps? Turns out that she has no less than seven
    grandchildren in the military and four in Afghanistan. Her husband was a Marine and all of her five children were military as well. Of her
    ten grandkids all are in the military except the three that became police officers. That is a family with a tradition. She has always given then
    knitted sweaters in the camo pattern of their chosen branch of the service. “It really does get cold in Kandahar I’m told”. See, we really are every where.

  109. Stephanie, you manage to make the 4 – 6 hours of interrupted sleep I get on average, what with having 2 boys aged 2 and under, and working from home without childcare, seem totally reasonable.
    Sleep is for pussies, indeed.

  110. I totally get the “drive to see a kid” thing. When my daughter was a freshman in college, we hadn’t seen her in a month. She was playing in a basketball tournament 4+ hours (through snow from our Ca. home, At the mountains, the freeway was closed, forcing 4 of us into a bar to wait out the snow plows. As my friend and I were being chatted up by some drunk, toothless wonders, I was encouraged to return home and visit another time… We arrived MANY hours late but I was GOING to see my girl! Enjoy your visit. So worth the effort. We laugh about that trip to this day.

  111. You are a good mom! Just a hug and a sweet I love you will last for awhile until you get to see her next time. Have a safe trip!

  112. Safe Travels Steph. The thing about the girls really rang true. I have three girls myself, and if I don’t see them periodically, I am also a basket/nut case and it’s not a good day/week/month. If they are happy, I can convince myself I am also happy for them, which of course I am. I need to know though, so I will check on them and visit them all the time that I can, and we love them to absolute distraction. Have a wonderful trip, and a safe one. Sleep a little on the plane, dear. Love, Kathleen from Vermont PS SLeep IS for pussies. (I envision a little Siamese cat here)

  113. Can’t support you on this one at all. So sorry to see you use the word “pussy” to describe weakness. You usually are so pro women. As for sleep- getting enough of it is basic good health 101. I feel sorry for you on this one. 🙁

  114. I respect myself enough to get enough sleep. It’s good health 101. And it’s hard to believe you used the word “pussies” to describe weakness. You usually are so pro women.

  115. I’m sure you’ll never regret losing sleep in order to have that special visit with your daughter. Bravo for having your priorities straight! What a terrific mom!
    By the way, I’ve noticed that you have some “grammar police” who comment occasionally on your blog. As a teacher, I am used to correcting the grammar of my students, but I’ve always felt it is the height of rudeness to correct an adult’s use of language either in person or in writing. EVERYONE makes mistakes at times, and no one is perfect in their speech (not even the Queen of England). Also, the format here is a blog in which you are frequently (thank you!) posting, and you are often lacking the time for careful editing.
    So, to all the self-appointed grammarians out there, would you all please give Stephanie a break? Thank you!

  116. Our college daughter’s flight back to school was cancelled and she was going to miss a day of classes. Her daddy and I were at a sporting event and instead of going home, drove about 20 hours straight to get her and get her back to school. Fun? Actually it was! She met us in a parking lot just off the interstate. My husband didn’t even get out of the car. I put her suitcase in the trunk and off we went.
    Yes, I will do a lot to see my little girl. And to take care of her. How can you not drop everything for someone who cries, “I can’t miss calculus!”

  117. Janine gave ME not gave I. Sorry Steph, you are such a beautiful writer I thought you needed to know. Lily

  118. Do me a favor and get some sleep on the plane, will ya? You won’t be any use to anybody if you don’t get some rest sometime…

  119. I had a small heart attack when I got your tweet saying you were safely ensconced at Sock Summit headquarters. I thought I’d misread the dates for the summit, and had bought tickets to go to Portland for 4 days to knit my socks all by myself (I have a long history of getting dates wrong). Thank you for being there early, and for not making me wrong.

  120. Hoping to meet you at some point at Sock Summit. I now live in a very small community (can’t really call it a city or town) 40km north of Nelson, BC. It’s easy to find Nelson on a map – not so easy to find Vallican.
    Anyway, 1/2 hour north of us is an organic restaurant called Sleep is for Sissies. Thought you should know that in case you need to take a pilgrimage LOL

  121. I live in North Bay and you should come by and stay awhile in our little city. Its great with two lakes which are both wonderful in the summer and a great waterfront boardwalk etc. I’ve been visiting and laughing at your blog for 2 years now and I don’t even knit, I crochet, but you are just so funny. Carry on and knit as you can.

  122. Just one little thing: you say”… friend Janine gave Erin and I a card…”
    If Janine didn’t give Erin a card, would you say “…friend Janine gave I a card” or “friend Janine gave me a card”?
    “I” can never receive; only “me” can receive; “I” can only act.

  123. One travels up the 400. Along the 401. North = up. South = down. Along = east/west.
    Sorry. I’m anal. My husband is Dutch. Read your blog all the time and love it. Have your books and love them too. Thanks for writing them. (The blog and the books.)

  124. Recognized the scenery immediately! But please… like Heather said earlier, it’s not “Muskokas”! There’s only one! And if you ever need a break, let me know… I know a great place to sit and knit by the water in Huntsville! Hope your travels were safe…

  125. Oh, I just love that part of the drive north, when you start to see where they blasted through the rock to build the highway. My whole being seems to relax at the sight. Born and raised in southern Ontario, travelling north means rest and relaxation.

  126. I don’t know how you do it. If I don’t get enough sleep I feel physically ill, and my IQ drops to the dangerously stupid zone.

  127. “Sleep is for pussies.”
    after several nights of truly crappy sleep with a 17-month-old in the misdt of cutting molars, this made me day so much, i cannot even tell you how. 😀

  128. I think your trip is awesome, but sympathize with the lack of sleep!
    Back when I was in college, in second semester, I locked my keys in the car. I didn’t live on campus and called home, not knowing what to do. I thought surely my parents would be annoyed, but maybe they could look up a locksmith or something. But what did they do? Mom and Dad packed up my little brother on a weeknight and drove 2 hours to unlock my car and take me out to dinner! We had a wonderful time, and their generosity with their time and energy is something I will always remember.

  129. One word: VIDEO! I love all the pretty photos of everything, but seriously… the distant knitters want video of said sheep in a concert hall.
    If you do nothing else this year for Sock Summit in the tech department: please hire a videographer! Just to show highlights? Lowlights? A best of hit list?
    I’ll even volunteer. I mean if you really need someone, I”ll go and videotape. I even kick some serious iMovie butt and edit. ;0)

  130. My husgand dressed up one Halloween as that “d*ck in a box”. He wore a dark suit, white tennis shoes, a porkpie hat, sunglasses and a box with a big red bow. People still talk about it.

  131. My husband dressed up one Halloween as that “d*ck in a box”. He wore a dark suit, white tennis shoes, a porkpie hat, sunglasses and a box with a big red bow. People still talk about it.

  132. Just so you know, I tried the old “tit for tat’ trick with my grandson. He started fussing, not really crying, just grumbling. He ramped it up a notch and Nana started rocking faster. He got louder, I got faster, too. Finally, he just snuggled in and fell asleep. thanks

  133. I was kind of in a hurry when I was reading this blog post, but I stopped and did a double-take when I saw the line, “and then passing this joint will crack you up too!”

  134. it’s so funny. every year my gf and i go visit her parents who live near the dock in a box store. too funny. we too sing the same song.

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