More Than The Answer

Today is my Birthday.  I thought about not posting, even thought I wanted to, because my rule has always been that I don’t work on my Birthday.  This year (because I sort of have to work on my Birthday) I decided the rule was really more "I don’t do anything I don’t want to on my Birthday" and that opened the world of possibility before me.. so you’re getting a Birthday Random Post.

1. I’m 43 today. Oddly, even thought I thought this was really old when I was in my twenties, it seems pretty freaking reasonable now that I’m here.

2. I think I look pretty good for 43. I have decided not to make much of this, since it will all likely catch up with me soon.

3. On my 43rd birthday, I can do 16 pushups and run 5k — if I have to, which I don’t, so I’m not… but I could if I wanted to, and that’s more than I can say about my 40th Birthday, so I think I’m just improving all the time.

4. I had a glass of wine in the afternoon and planted a new hosta.  I feel celebratory.

5. All three of my daughters wished me Happy Birthday before noon and my husband remembered.  I’m counting that as a win too.

6. For the record, my husband has admitted that the way he remembers my birthday is that he knows it happens when it’s warm – so one night when it’s warm, he waits for me to go to sleep, then checks my drivers licence.

7. Is that charming? I think so.

8. I am knitting- and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

9. For now.

10. Thanks for being here on my Birthday. Whether all of you know it or not, I feel involved with the lot of you.  The tweets and emails have been absolutely awesome, and I’m grateful. This is a pretty good place to be on your birthday.

668 thoughts on “More Than The Answer

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! Here in the US it’s also flag day. My step-father shares your birthday and he was a very disappointed child when he finally realized that all the US flags on display were not strictly for his birthday.
    Hope it’s a wonderful day full of wooly goodness!

  2. What a wonderful day to have a birthday. Special birthday wishes to you from someone who thinks you are the greatest!

  3. Happy Birthday! And good wishes for many more. Thanks for including us in your celebration.

  4. Happy birthday, you lovely woman! Your books and blog have gotten me through some hard times and you are a role model to me (except for the sticky floors; don’t like sticky floors). Do nothing you don’t want to and everything you do want to. Kiss somebody today and tell them it’s from your ghost-in-the-machine friend.

  5. HBD! I hope we get to enjoy many more years of birthday posts promising new and interesting projects. High five to your husband for his forethought in checking your DL!

  6. Happy Birthday! As someone with a totally crappy memory, I have to admire Joe’s system.

  7. Happy birthday! You know, I wonder what Joe’s going to do with the whole global warming and all. Granted, I’m not certain if that makes Canada’s winters longer or shorter, but I feel like that would mess with his system, somewhat. But that being said, I hope that it NEVER snows/sleets on your birthday. ^_^

  8. A very Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your day and do whatever you want! Knitting & wine sounds perfect and relaxing – Cheers!

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope your day continues to be good and only improves with love, family, friends and good surprises. I think you should celebrate the rest of the month.

  10. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birtday dear Stephanie, Happy Birthday to you.

  11. Happy Birthday Steph! It’s my 20th anniversary, and now I will always know when your birthday is.

  12. Happy birthday! Your husband sounds quite charming, in that offhand charming way that husbands sometimes have, if you are lucky. It is wonderful that you are spending your birthday exactly how you want to. I too have a rule of never working on my birthday. So glad you suspended your rule to post today! You have to know how important you are to us, your sisters in knitting! and that we would want to send you felicitations!

  13. Wishing you many more years of happy birthdays that come along when it gets warm. (I think that’s charming too!)

  14. Happy Birthday Steph! We share the same birthday, which I think rocks 🙂 You don’t know me from a fly on the wall, but I’ve enjoyed reading and following you for years 🙂 Enjoy your knitting time today, you deserve it!

  15. I hope your birthday is filled with new yarn, love, good food and much knitting!

  16. Happy Happy. The rain has ended and the day has turned glorious in central NY in your honor, so thank you for that!

  17. It is Flag Day here in America. So….the flag is flying in front of our home for you (and flag day)

  18. Happy birthday! Remember, you’re never too old to act immature (that’s the motto I live by!) Knit lots, eat lots of cake. The pushups and 5k can wait. Enjoy the day!

  19. Birthday wishes…… here’s to long life, wine, yarn. and the intelligence to enjoy them all.

  20. Happy, Happy Birthday! And thank you for the example you set for so many of graciousness under pressure, kindness, and creativity.

  21. Wishing you a VERY happy birthday! As a January girl, I’m envious that you a have a birthday when it’s warm. I would have hated you as a kid. 😉

  22. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
    43 isn’t old… it just keeps getting better! Have a great one!

  23. Love it. Happy Birthday. You feel like a friend. Too bad we most likely will never meet.

  24. Happy birthday! Calories don’t count today, so enjoy plenty of whatever calories you enjoy most.

  25. If Franklin publishes another calendar next year, you’ll need to buy one for Joe – your birthday is listed for today. Happy Birthday from someone who decided last year that 50 isn’t so bad, either!

  26. Happy Birthday … 43 isn’t old at all.. you still have lots of time to learn all sort of nifty things..

  27. 43 already?!? Seems like just last year when your 40th was at Lettuce Knit for WWKIP day with the photography & all. Here’s wishing you a block of dry ice to play with. Have a great day & knit on something for yourself.

  28. Happy birthday, Harlot! Thinking of you as you get better and better. As we say in Jewish, May you go from strength to strength!

  29. What a happy coincidence that your birthday happens when it’s warm – otherwise planting a new hosta could have been difficult. Happy Birthday, Stephanie, allthough I don’t know you.

  30. Hope your day rocks, Stephanie…sounds like its off to a great start. About getting older…I just tell everyone I’m like an M&M candy in that I may be a little crusty on the outside, but I’m sweet & gooshy on the inside.

  31. Glad you decided not to be doctrinaire about it. As a small token of my esteem I’m letting go of the impulse to come up with a hosta/hostile pun. Considering your recurring “bacopa cabana” this is a true indication of affection. Hope the next year shocks your handknit socks off by containing nothing but variegated win on all fronts.

  32. hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie deer STEPHANIE!!!!
    hippo birdie two ewes

  33. Happiest of Birthdays dear Stephanie! God bless you with wine, wool and song!

  34. Happy Birthday! We’re birthday twins – here’s to several more years of “improvement”! Thanks for the continued yarnspiration and hilarity!
    I actually tried some pushups this morning – just to make sure – it wasn’t too bad.
    “I’m 37. I’m not old.”

  35. Happy birthday! And I was quite entertained at how Joe “remembers” your birthday. So much so that I read it aloud to my husband, who also laughed (and may have made a mental note).

  36. Happy birthday! 43 is SO young! Enjoy all those things you like (and can) do. I always thought 63 was OLD but now that I’m here, it, too seems reasonable. The outside is deteriorating but the inside seems to pretty much stay the same. I suspect this continues if we’re lucky. Party away!

  37. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Wine & hostas in the afternoon… Sounds like a really nice day. I hope your evening is even better 🙂

  38. Happy birthday! I think your husband’s method of remembering your birthday is slightly risky. After all, “when it’s warm” in Canada is slightly elastic, no? Anyway, glad he remembered and wish you a wonderful day.

  39. Hey you think 43 is good, wait’ll you hit 53! Like fine wine, it just gets better as you (and the wine) get older!
    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing it with us!
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  40. Happy birthday! I hope that your day is everything wonderful and fabulous…:)

  41. Happy, happy birthday. Remember…43 is the new 33! Which is better than the old 43….I’m sure that was, like, 63 or something……

  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH. Hope you have a super birthday. You are doing great! I wish I could be 43 again LOL

  43. Happy birthday! Sounds like you are having the perfect day! Love #6 the best. I’m a bit older than you (+11) and get healthier and a bit more physically fit each year. So it does get better!! Thanks for doing what you do – you make a difference in my world. Many happy returns from California!

  44. Happy Birthday , hon!!!! You make this world a brighter place….and make us fiber crazed people feel normal!!!! I hope today is magical.

  45. Happy, happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed that wine and have plenty of yarn bonding time!

  46. Happy Birthday Stephanie and welcome to 43! Just got here myself last month and i agree it is not at all bad even though my new coworker is 22 and calls me her boss. how did that happen?

  47. Happy Happy Birthday Stephanie!! You are such an awesome person and an inspiration to many. Hope your day is filled with all the you want to do.

  48. To celebrate your birthday, I ran a 5K this morning, lifted a few weights, came in to work, and will knit in public on a sock during my daughter’s swim team practice tonight. (In full disclosure, I have to admit that’s how I celebrated yesterday also.)
    Have a great day!

  49. Happy Happy Birthday Stephanie!! You are such an awesome person and an inspiration to many. Hope your day is filled with all the you want to do.

  50. All the best in your new year! Your postings, your books are gifts to us all on birthdays and unbirthdays alike. Thanks and many happy returns.

  51. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Remember–we don’t stop playing (with sticks and string, natch!) because we get old…we get old because we stop playing!! Have the awesome-est of days! 😀

  52. Happy birthday Steph.
    All the best people have a birthday on June 14th – I say that with authority cos its my birthday too

  53. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    May all your wishes come true and all your projects come out on gauge. =)

  54. Hope your birthday is as special as you make each day for us crazy knitters! Thanks for helping us spread the knitter weirdness.

  55. Happy Birthday and many more to come. You helped me get through some awful times a few years back, so I send you special thoughts on your day.
    From someone who decided this year that 60 isn’t so bad, either. Deb

  56. Oh, happy, happy birthday! Joe is indeed very charming – now go cast on for something extravagant for yourself!

  57. Happy Birthday, not bad, to be the most famous knitter on the planet. (From where I sit I think that’s true. ) Have a beautiful day.

  58. May your Birkenstocks never wear out! Happiest of birthdays. I celebrated your birthday by sitting in the farm air and sunshine, and eating purple bread with a good friend. A perfect day.

  59. Happy Birthday! I love your husband’s method for remembering your birthday. Enjoy (what’s left of) your day!

  60. Happy birthday, Steph, and many happy returns of the day.
    (43? It was like a couple of months ago you were turning 37..38? I’ve been here a looonng time.)

  61. Happy Birthday! I always work on my birthday because I get the next day off paid for the 4th of July holiday anyway. I used to tell my sister that the fireworks started on the 4th because everyone was celebrating my birth. And she believed me. That’s one advantage of having a sister 12 years younger than you, you can make her believe anything.

  62. Happy Birthday Steph! Enjoy your day.
    I was going to say I’m also turning 43 this year, but according to the calculator I had to use to figure it out, I turned 43 LAST year. I think I may have told someone recently that I was 42. Oops.

  63. Happy Birthday!! And I think Joe’s birthday remembering strategy is adorable!

  64. Happy birthday, and thanks for all the joy and insight you share. You are so accomplished for one so young!

  65. Happy Birthday, Steph! In my world you are a toddler. Have a wonderful day! Lily

  66. Happy Birthday (again)!
    The part about Joe’s method of remembering your birthday made me guffaw into my computer screen . . that is just priceless.

  67. Happy birthday, Stephanie! Today is my anniversary and we’ve been married almost as long as you have been on the planet. So thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  68. Happy happy birthday Stephanie! That’s hilarious re Joe. And that you find it endearing 🙂 You’re perfect together, but you already knew that.

  69. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Yes, birthdays tell us we’re getting older, but it also means we’re getting so much wiser. Wisdom is a good thing.

  70. Don’t tell my boyfriend, but I remember that his birthday is in a warm J month. So come close to June 1st, I also pull the “check drivers license when sleeping” trick.
    Happy Birthday Stephanie! You’re inspiring and I hope I can do 5K for my next birthday too (note, I’m one of those 20 somethings who worries about feeling old at 43. I hope I feel as young as you sound when I’m 43.)

  71. When we got the internet many years ago…I found your blog and saw all the socks you were making…I commented and ask if it was possiable to make crochet socks that looked like yours….and your answer was no you have to learn to knit to make socks like mine ~smile~….so after many years reading books and learn on u tube I have finally learned to knit and someday I hope to make beautiful socks like you make!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  72. When we got the internet many years ago…I found your blog and saw all the socks you were making…I commented and ask if it was possiable to make crochet socks that looked like yours….and your answer was no you have to learn to knit to make socks like mine ~smile~….so after many years reading books and learn on u tube I have finally learned to knit and someday I hope to make beautiful socks like you make!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  73. As a fellow June baby, I wish you a lovely day full of sunshine and good wishes. I happen to think it’s the best month in which to be born.

  74. Stephanie, I have been reading your blog for years, and never commented before, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for all the wonderful books, blog posts, interviews and tweets over the years. You rock! Have a wonderful birthday!

  75. When we got the internet many years ago…I found your blog and saw all the socks you were making…I commented and ask if it was possiable to make crochet socks that looked like yours….and your answer was no you have to learn to knit to make socks like mine ~smile~….so after many years reading books on knitting… I finally learned on u- tube to knit and someday I hope to make beautiful Yours!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  76. My birthday is one day after yours yet every year I forget that and am surprised all over again. Hope you have lots of knitting time today.

  77. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you had that glass of wine to celebrate. I wish you many more glasses of wine & even more bottles of good beer. May your stash never expand past your ability to enjoy it. And may you never lose the ability to run that 5K. Most of all, may you have a lifetime of more Happy Birthdays!

  78. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    You are blessed and I hope this next year brings you all the best!
    Fellow June Baby,

  79. Happy happy birthday to you today(sung to a Polka beat)!! May you have a healthy, joyful, and successful year.

  80. You could always start counting backwards if it bugs you. That’s what my dad did when he hit 80. Now he’s only 78.

  81. Heeyyyaaa! Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the fun, laughter, and inspiration! Here’s to another year!

  82. Wine, wool and great family and friends. Absolutely Perfect! Have a wonderful Birthday.
    PS…I get the birds, and especially the 2 ewes, but hippos?! They don’t have fiber that you can spin…

  83. Happy Birthday!
    From someone who is older than 43, you are at a good age and you really do just get better and better as you age.
    Have a good day!

  84. Happy Birthday from another forty-something (although I did tell my son I was 28 this year).
    My husband was ogling your lemon meringue pie the other day, I have no idea how it is that he follows you on Twitter but I think it’s a good thing as he sees that I’m not the only person who is made about wool.

  85. I am fully obligated to wish you a happy birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! – as you wished me a happy birthday on my big day just before the fashion show at SOAR and then three hundred people sang to me (I totally blame you for that, by the way)…
    In truth, it was wonderful, really. I hope yours is even better ;)!

  86. In my Choral group we sing a different kind of birthday song – one that can be sung in rounds. The final round ends with everyone going into multi-part harmony. It’s beautiful and joyous!
    The lyrics are:
    We wish you a happy birthday –
    A joyful and celebrated birthday,
    Our friend Stephanie;
    We wish you a long, long life!

  87. I can add to Cheryl and you being birthday twins. It’s my birthday today too, so I guess we’re triplets. Except that I’m way older than you! 66. And I can remember as a small child thinking that when you reached twenty you were old and finished. 🙂 Glad that turned out to be untrue! enjoy your day, Stephanie. 🙂

  88. Happy Birthday to you! It makes me feel a little unpatriotic that I now think of June 14 as Stephanie’s birthday instead of Flag Day. But that I remembered both is a good sign, right?

  89. Happiest of birthdays to you! Enjoy your wine & wool! You’re right, you look spectacular at 43, which isn’t old at all (says she who will be 43 at the next birthday).

  90. Happy Birthday to you. 43 is young. My youngest daughter is 44. Keep on having a wonderful day.

  91. This is my birthday too, and this year I am The Answer! Which is one of the first things I said to David/uzziel after my tea this morning. Nothing said before caffeine counts… right?

  92. I’m 58. I can’t do push ups, can’t run 5 steps. But I can knit socks–thanks to you. I wish you a very happy birthday.

  93. Happy birthday! I enjoy your blog and feel you are a part of my family and my best knitting pal:)

  94. Felicitations!
    I’m right behind you — I’ll be 43 next week, and I’m more freaked out about that than I was about hitting 40, because my mother never saw 43.
    But, hey, now you’re “the Answer, plus One!”

  95. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I’ve recently discovered your books and your blog and am loving them all. Knitting WITH you now is definitely way more fun than knitting without you, which was the case when I was last knitting over a decade ago. 🙂
    Thank you for your wonderful insights and funny stories and for sharing your yarn adventures with the world. I wish you all the very best for 43!!!

  96. No way I can forget it now. You share birthday with my paternal grandmother. She’s 85 today.
    Happy birthday, Stephanie.

  97. Hope your birthday is spectacular!! And I won’t forget your birthday — it’s Flag Day in the US!

  98. Oh, happy birthday, bonne fête Stephanie. Heh:: ‘when it’s warm’ – that’s fairly subjective, this year at least (8 Celcius just yesterday morning and a fire going in the basement today, to chase the humidity.)
    I am stuck with a birth date that no-one can forget: Dec. 31: which can be a blessing or a curse…

  99. Peace & blessings on your birthday and everyday. Enjoy!! I am thinking of moving my birthday from November (gray, cold, and I teach ) to August (hot, sunny, no classes) just so that I can enjoy it more. Have wonderful moments throughout the day and upcoming days.

  100. all the best as you celebrate your existence! 🙂 i consider your blog to be one of the gifts in my life. i love how it permits me to connect with the knit world in a way so much larger than i ever really could within the realm of my daily life. it (ergo, you?) is always funny, inspiring, thought-provoking, touching, enjoyable and…. well, i could go on, but i think everyone gets the idea… 🙂 bonne fête, joyeuse anniversaire. x o

  101. Happy birthday – and I think Joe’s method is awesome – so long as you don’t move to a different climate 🙂

  102. Happy Birthday! In the US its Flag Day. It’s how my DH remembers my birthday, the day after. 😉
    Its spinning night, so we’ll raise a cupcake for your birthday.

  103. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!! Thanks for opening the window on your world just a little for us. And remember….birthdays can last a week if you want. 🙂

  104. I agree that you look awesome for your age!! (I can say that because we’re almost the same age…)
    Happy Birthday Stephanie!! I hope it continues to be wonderful to you 🙂

  105. Happy to be here on your birthday. What a coincidence – you were here on mine, too. Have a happy day!

  106. Happy birthday, and yes you do look pretty darned good. Today is also my husband’s birthday, so maybe there’s something to being born in June–he looks pretty damn good and he’s waaaaay older than you are.

  107. Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 2 You ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 2 You¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*Dearrrr Stephanie, ¨Happy Birthday to you!*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy …Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

  108. Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 2 You ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 2 You¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨Happy Birthday to you!*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy …Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

  109. Happy Birthday! I know that at 41, I am a lot stronger than I was at 31. I hope to be able to say that at 43!

  110. Happy birthday – I knew it was someone’s birthday! I just couldn’t check your driver’s license! It is the 15th here in NZ, and all yesterday I kept wondering whose birthday it was, now I know.
    From a 52 year old who can’t run 5K, or do press-ups, but thanks to you I can now knit socks, and I love it, (and love the fibre-ry goodness that comes my way because of it.

  111. Happy, Happy Birthday! You can do all that you do and still look fantastic! It’s a great day, your birthday, because we all get to share in your wit and wisdom! Love you “Yarn Harlot” love you!

  112. Roses are red,
    violets are blue…
    I wish I was there
    to celebrate with you!!!
    (Apologies for the birthday doggerel)
    Happy Birthday Stephanie! All the best Hon!

  113. Happiest Birthday! Bravo on the push ups and running. I can’t do that at 28, but it’s certainly something to work towards.

  114. Happy birthday! Thanks for another year of entertainment and enjoyment. And I love Joe’s trick for “remembering” your birthday (at least he remembers to look, right?).

  115. Happy birthday! I am somewhat shocked that you are only 43! Which is not to say you look older (clearly you don’t), but you have fitted so much in! 3 adult daughters and a writing career, plus a sideline as knitting guru. I’m in awe.
    Here’s to many more!

  116. Happy Birthday, dear Steph! I hope you have a very peaceful, knit-filled day…and many more to come!

  117. Happy birthday! One of my cousins’ birthday is today too, and my birthday is next week, so I’d say it’s an excellent month for birthdays! I also like the rule of not working on your birthday. I don’t know if that will happen for me this year or not. We’ll see…

  118. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a glorious day and that there’s more wine and yarn than you can enjoy in a single day…so make it a birthday WEEK instead. 🙂

  119. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day! It’s a good rule to have, “you do not have to do anything you don’t want to on your birthday”

  120. С днём рождения! Желаю всего хорошего в жизни – счастья и успеха, особенно по вязанию!
    (Now you’ve been wished a happy birthday in Russian. It says, “Happy Birthday! I wish you everything good in life – happy and luck/success, especially in knitting!”)

  121. I think that is what birthdays are about. Where are we? If we are happy then keep on truck’in. If not it is an opportunity to course correct.
    Happy Birthday! I wish you continued joy in *your* good place!

  122. Happy happy special day Stephanie! Looking forward to many more years of blog posting in the way that only you can. Your creative adventures keep me going with humor and grace. Hugs…

  123. I hope you continue to have a really good day. You make me smile everyday and I think you are fabulous!

  124. Happy Birthday!! I hope that your day will involve more knitting and also some cake.

  125. Happy birthday, Steph! I hope you have a wonderful day and that it’s the start of a magnificent year of knitting, good friends, happy family, and wonder-filled experiences!

  126. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I like your theme of doing whatever you want to on your birthday. Enjoy it, you deserve it! 🙂

  127. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I,too, have a birthday this month – June 19 when I will be 63. When I wsa 23, I thought 43 was ancient; when I was 43, 63 was so-o-o-o old and so far away. Now 63 is almost here and it doesn’t seem that old after all. Have a great knitting birthday.

  128. I use that rule for my birthday all the time. It is why despite the looks I get from friends and family I make my own birthday cake. It is fun! And if it doesn’t come out perfect, I at least got to make a mess.
    (I’ve also been told that calories consumed for the week on both sides of your birthday don’t count. I’m using that to my advantage.)

  129. Number 5 is so true in home. Seriously, do I the Mom and wife person ever forget anyone’s birthday? Happy Birthday and drink on, er knit on!

  130. Well. I was out in the garden a bit ago and what I assumed was a random thought popped in my head… It was you sitting in a pub with a pint and some knitting, celebratory-style and I thought ‘Hmmm… she’s been super busy lately, she prolly deserves that.’ and then I wondered when your Bday was. Weird!! I don’t often have visions of knit-bloggers dancing in my head… ;^) Just the same, I hope you have a fantastic day (already seems like a ‘WIN’) and get that pint, will ya?!

  131. Wishing you the best on your birthday and everyday. Good for you for doing what you want and not doing what you don’t want to do. ENJOY!

  132. Happy birtday Stephanie! obviously, great people are born on this day…it’s my husband’s birthday too. He is 65 and can’t believe how he used to think 40 was old.

  133. Speaking of ways to remember things, I bet I will remember your birthday from now on:
    it is 6 days after my husband’s;
    it is the same number day as my oldest son (next month on Bastille Day)
    and me (December, when it is decidedly not warm!).
    Add Flag Day to that, and how could I forget?
    I wonder what other piece of information has just been displaced? I operate on the theory that my brain is full, so if something new comes in, something else has to go. Can you tell I am a few years older than you are? I would take 43 again in a heartbeat – but that only happens in science fiction…
    Have a great day and knit on!

  134. Let me add another wish for a happy birthday. Knit away and don’t worry. Enjoy!!!

  135. Just adding my birthday greetings to many others!
    Hope the rest of your day is blessed. Reading your blog is always a bright spot in my day. Have a great day/year.

  136. Happy Birthday! Your blog and knitting adventures are a highlight when I’m online, checking on all the other crazy obsessed knitter-fibery-type people. all the best!

  137. Happy 43rd. I thought of you on WWKIP Day (even though it doesn’t coincide with your birthday this year), while I was KIP-ing all over Yosemite National Park. A young boy of about 10 even noticed and said, Are you knitting a sock? Turns out his mother is a knitter but doesn’t knit socks.
    He smiled at my sock and said “Nice”!
    What a compliment.
    Have a great year – can’t wait for SS11.

  138. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is full of as many blessings as you bless us with your knitting and musings!

  139. Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!! I miss you whenever you’re not around.

  140. When I hit 48 this year, I thought it was much more reasonable than what I had thought it would be when I was in my 20s as well. Just finished a 200 mile relay with 10 friends (one of the 12 had a flight cancellation) and we finished 2nd in the Women’s Open Division — so, as you can see, it gets better!
    Happy Birthday!
    PS When I figure out how to run and knit, I will let you know!

  141. Many happy returns! The weather is beautiful in Toronto today. I hope a patio is in the forecast.
    Thanks for the hard work on your fabulous blog over the past year.

  142. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wine, yarn, loved ones….what else do you need? Sounds absolutly perfect to me! P.S. My sister is 43 and you look way better than her!

  143. Thank you to your mother for bearing and raising you! What a blessing your birth day was for so many lucky folks. Very best wishes.

  144. Wine and knitting sound like a pretty awesome recipe for a great birthday! Many happy returns of the day to you!

  145. Happy, happy birthday! I love what you wrote and love Joe for his honesty — made me chuckle aloud.

  146. I’m so happy to be joining the throngs of people wishing you the happiest of happiness on your special day, and I’m so happy that it IS throngs of people sending these good wishes your way. You’re a bigger part of so many lives than you know.
    (I used to have to say “Yarn Harlot says”, then “Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says”… But now it’s just, “You know, Stephanie said,” and everyone knows what I’m talking about. ^_~)

  147. Happiest of days to you, my knittng hero!
    Sittng far frm hme typng this on my Nook catchng up on my reading
    Have another glass of wne and clebate!!!

  148. Happy Birthday! I’m a long time lurker first time poster, but birthdays are special and I wish the happiest day to you. Of course, you’re already knitting and drinking so can it get better than that? Well ok, maybe include dinner that was made by someone else and a foot rub…. Or, just order pizza and stick with the knitting and drinking..LOL.

  149. I wish you all of the yarn and wine that your heart desires in the upcoming year. Bon Anniversre!

  150. Happy Birthday! It’s my sister’s birthday today….I shall be informing her she shares it with the great yarn harlot! I think that fact impresses me a lot more than it will her. Keep having a great day!

  151. Happiest of Happy Birthdays!!! May the Fiber Goddess bless our Harlot all year long!

  152. Happy Birthday kiddo! I feel honored to share the month of June with you for our birthdays. Mine is next Thursday and I’m looking forward to it with much excitement. Every day is a gift and I open it with gusto each and every morning!

  153. A very happy birthday to you, Stephanie! I rarely comment, but I’ve been enjoying your blog so much for years now, that I couldn’t think of not adding my best wishes. I’m in my 50s, and so far, the 40s were my best decade ever. (The rest had their moments, too.) Hope yours just keep getting better!
    Joe’s system made me laugh – if you’ll forgive me for saying so, it’s so cute. 🙂 (And quite ingenious.)

  154. Happy Birthday! Hope you continue to have a wonderful day and a fabulous year. Enjoy!!

  155. Happiest of Birthdays! Are we counting the regular way or the “Stephanie way”?

  156. Happy Birthday!
    When Mother was still with us I would call her up and wish her a Happy Birthday because it dawned on me without her I wouldn’t be here. Note: this didn’t hit me until after my father was gone or I would have wished him a Happy Birthday too.

  157. 999th post – but still worth saying
    Happy Birthday.
    I think your tweets and your blog are pretty awesome, so thanks for being a distant friend not yet me.
    Enjoy the rest of your day

  158. Happy Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I hope you get to do everything you want! Thanks for so many wonderful posts that keep me laughing, crying and feeling like I can do anything. Love You!

  159. Happy birthday, Stephanie! It is my mom’s wedding anniversary today also. Good day to celebrate!

  160. Happy Birthday! You are off to a wonderful start. Wishes from family, wine and knitting. Couldn’t be more perfect. This blog/computer/email phenomenon is something else. I watch for your posts and feel connected to you each time I read and laugh or feel the love, pain, etc……but you already know that! That’s why you do what you do!

  161. Happy birthday. I have to admit I’m a latecomer to this blog but now look forward to each post, feel dejected (a little) over the weekend, and think that 43 is an absolute child!! Have a ton of fun, do something to make it memorable (although a new hosta might just do the trick!)

  162. I think it is amazing what you figure out about yourself when you are 43. it didnt happen for me until i turned 43 but now i seem to understand a lot more of life – not all of course, but i feel like i am getting better at the game!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  163. Happy birthday!! I’ve been reading your blog ever since I started knitting, and I think it’s made me a better knitter. Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  164. Happy Birthday Stephanie. Thanks for letting us all feel so involved with you!

  165. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Hope you have a great day. And a truth-telling swatch.

  166. Happy Birthday! Do you get yarn for your birthday? I think you should. Have a good one (although with the time difference etc I expect you’ve gone to bed by now)!

  167. Have a very happy birthday and thanks for giving us so much pleasure today and everyday. Yours was one of the first, if not the first blog I read and I have been a loyal follower since then.

  168. Happy Birthday! I love your blog more than I can tell you – you have really pulled me thru some tough times – so thank you! Have a stupendous day because you deserve it! And have a glass of wine for me – since I can’t and kind of miss it!

  169. Happy Happy Birthday- June birthdays are the best-I will find out in 5 more days!

  170. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Somehow it makes sense that you are a Gemini. I had my birthday last week, but I am a lot older than you are.

  171. well happy birthday! i can say i think most of us are happy you’re here too : )

  172. Happy happy birthday to you! You are most definitely improving with age (and 43 is the new 23, isn’t it?). And thank you for blogging on your b-day … it’s always such a treat to read a new post from you!

  173. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I’ve always thought this was a lovely time for a birthday – mine is on the 20th. I’m going to be 55, and that feeling of it being “reasonable,” seems to last quite a while. I’m beginning to think it never ends. Our physical exterior may look older, but on the inside, it’s just the same me, though improving with age! I’ve run a lot of marathons (all 50 states) and a week ago managed a 50K (slowly, in the heat), but I can’t do 16 push-ups! That’s amazing! You go girl! Knit all you want and have a wonderful rest of the day… week… year… LIFE!
    hugs across the miles –

  174. Why am I ten years older than you but I feel that you are decades smarter than me?

  175. Why am I ten years older than you but I feel that you are decades smarter than me? Many happy returns of the day.

  176. Happy Birthday to the person who most influences me! I hope you have a wonderful day of knitting and then i hope you are off to a pub for a pint or two…i will have one for you tonight, texas has some of the greatest beers, and i will toast you and your amazing self. Happy Birthday!!!

  177. Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you gave us the gift of your wise words for the day.

  178. Take it from a 70 year old. It gets better and better every year. Happy Birthday to you.

  179. Happy birthday. I was 76 on the 13th. I think I look pretty good for that age. I can’t run. I can walk, swim, garden and craft. Four of my five children contacted me and my husband never forgets. (His birthday is the 15th.) Sometimes I feel old but that is usually when someone looks at or treats me as they do old people. The rest of the time I don’t think about it. Here’s to life at any age!

  180. Greetings, salutations and celebrations…thank you for sharing your special day with all of us. For me, every post from you is a personal birthday card, letter from a dear friend and gift most happily received. Glad we can provide you a little of that as well!

  181. Happy birthday! Thanks for continuing to share your awesome world with us! I hope you get a whole whack of knitting time, and a truly excellent cup of coffee soon!

  182. Don’t know if anyone mentioned that June 14 is Flag Day in the U.S. May your flag billow happily for years to come. All best wishes.

  183. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like a really good day. Your smiles are making us smile too.

  184. Though it is evening now, I hope you continue to have a Happy Birthday and have MANY happy returns of the day. I leave you with this thought…if you didn’t know how old you are…how old would you be? 😉

  185. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie, Happy Birthday to You!
    Oh, you’re so lucky that you didn’t have to hear me sing that! Have a wonderful day!

  186. Happy birthday Stephanie. Thank you for the happiness you bring to my life through this blog. Have a great day.

  187. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I graduated from high school 39 years ago today – when you were 4. I am so old!

  188. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for sharing how your husband remembers your birthday, that was very funny!

  189. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Last year you said that being 42 made you the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything which really cracked me up. So unfortunately, you’re no longer the answer. But in October, I get to be 🙂 I think I’ll go dig up my Hitchhiker’s Guide and reread it so I’ll be prepared …

  190. Happy Birthday fro the west coast!
    Sounds like your birthday is exactly the way many of us would wish it to be, doing things we like and feel like doing. Hope the rest of the year is just as awesome. It’s the start of a new year in your life, make it be what and how you want it to be.
    All the best,

  191. Happy, happy day. I knew this morning (from another knitter’s tweet) but was sure you’d be inundated with good wishes and wasn’t sure of the twitter-etiquette of the thing.
    I realized the other day I’ve been reading you for quite a while; I think I was starting the prereqs for nursing school when I found your blog and now I’m nearly through the first year and will move into the midwifery program in September. (And I quoted you to my daughter not long ago, “Strong women don’t happen by accident,” on why we wouldn’t let her quit swim team before the end of the session. So thank you for that, and for everything.)

  192. Hippy Pappy B’Thuthday!!! as we used to say in the way back when (which you were born long after). Totally agree on the wine-sipping and hosta-planting. And, thanks for including us!

  193. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you had a great Birthday! I would have wished you happy b-day yesterday but my computer wasn’t letting me get to your blog 🙁
    It wasn’t letting me get to realy any interesting knitting sites. (maybe my computer is a Knitting Hater? Please, anything but that!)
    Happy 43rd anyway! I love your blog, it lights up my day

  194. Congrats! I couldn’t run a 5K if I had a steak hanging around my neck and was being chased by a hungry lion. Happy birthday, Steph

  195. I’ll hoist a glass of wine to celebrate your birthday with you. Hope to join you for many more (birthdays, but wine too).

  196. Happy Birthday! In America, it’s Flag Day, but I’m not sure anyone knows or cares any more. But more importantly to me it’s also my mother’s birthday. She would have been 83 today. When I was a little girl she had me convinced she was 24 when she was really 42 – I was horrified when I found out the truth. But as you and I have both discovered, me a little moreso, early 40’s ain’t no thang! Cheers!

  197. Happy, Happy Birthday, Stephanie! 43 is young and the 5K is a good thing to be able to do. Enjoy doing whatever it is you want to do today. I hope there’s lots of knitting.

  198. Wishing you a year of good health and happiness! Oh, and lots of wool and no moths. Which should help with the happiness. 🙂

  199. Happy Birthday, Steph!!
    As one of my good friends always says on our birthdays, may your day be full of all the things you love and none of the things you don’t. 😀 (or something to that effect… she does it way better. hehe)

  200. Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini twin – my 56th birthday was on May 25. When I was your age, my three children had left home for post-secondary education and I had begun my third career as an elementary school French teacher. Hard to believe the time flies so quickly!
    I’ll pour a glass of white wine and toast you on your birthday – and give thanks for all you have done for me, even if you don’t know it. Cheers!!!!

  201. Happy Birthday! For me, I remember because….I knit in public to celbrate you birthday, happy knitting and thanks for all you do for us all 🙂

  202. Add me to the list of well-wishers. 43…I remember that! You are so young 🙂

  203. Steph.
    I am 27. I cannot do 16 push-ups or run 5k. You are way better than “holding up” at 43. You are kicking ass.
    And also: I love your Joe for that. That is possibly the cutest way to remember a birthday I have EVER heard. 😀

  204. Happy Birthday!
    We will drink in your name tonight at my knit group in Santa Cruz, CA! We will be drinking coffee!

  205. Sounds like an all-around great bithday to me. What more could you want?
    Many many more – keep writing to us!

  206. Happy, Happy! I celebrated my 41st on Sunday. I had the most wonderful day and I hope you do too. One thing that made it so fantastic was all of the birthday messages posted on my wall. I hope you feel inundated with blog and tweet love.

  207. Happy Birthday! I like your birthday rule. Hopefully I will remember it come September. 🙂

  208. My random comment on your blog :0)
    We share the same birthday.
    It has just stopped being my birthday in my time zone but happy birthday to you as you still have a few hours left.

  209. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
    May you have a great year. Enjoy the warmth!
    Thanks for being a major force in introducing me, and so many others, to the joys of the knitter’s culture.
    m in m

  210. (Sung in my best slutty Marilyn Monroe voice:)
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie
    Happy Birthday to You!
    I hope your day continues to be wonderfully random and full of additional wins.

  211. Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini! Best darn month of the year! And might I say that you do look great for 43- the knitting is obviously keeping you young. 🙂

  212. Happy Birthday from Southern California! I hope you have a lovely day and a fantastic year!

  213. Happy Birthday! I turned 43 on June 4th – and I can’t do 16 push-ups or run a 5k….even if I waned to. I think I better start working on that.

  214. Happy 43rd Birthday Stephanie. Last month when I turned 44, I called Doctor’s Without Borders and gave them $44 (in US$). That was a very nice feeling.

  215. Happy Birthday – as a 61-year-old – it really does get better ! I feel younger, look younger, and can actually do more now than I did in my 50s.
    Who knew that would happen? It’ll happen to you too.

  216. A very Happy Birthday to you! And thank you for keeping me in stitches (pun intended) with your humor and inspiration. Many more birthdays of knitting is my wish for you!

  217. Happy birthday! You are an incredible role model and you bring me and many, many others a lot of joy through your writing. I am not that far from 43… but when I am 43, I hope I’m as fabulous as you are at 43!

  218. Happy birthday from a 57 year old :*) It’s all good. I look forward to your blog posts and I love your books. Age is all in your head, anyway…

  219. Happy Birthday. I turned 45 yesterday and have been playing the Elvis Costello song—45—as this year’s theme tune. Just saying, in two years, you might want to give it a listen.

  220. I’m glad to read it’s been a good day & that your lovely family came through for you. You so deserve a day to knit. Happy day & many more to come!

  221. I’m glad to read it’s been a good day. You so deserve a day to knit. Happy happy day & many more to come

  222. Happy birthday my beloved yarn harlot. Have a fabulous rest of the day, doing what YOU want to do.

  223. Happy birthday Harlot! Ditto to the comment made above about being unable to run 5K even while being chased by a lion – you are a mightily impressive woman. I hope that you know how much laughter and joy you bring to alot of people with your blog and books, and I wish you a year of happiness and love (and wool, lots and lots of wool, of course).

  224. Happy Birthday! And Joe is a wise man to have a system. Wish I could do push-ups

  225. Happy birthday, oh knitting inspiration! Or perhaps that should be Hosta Birthday?
    I think Joe’s a pretty smart guy to have such a system in place.

  226. Happy Birthday, and many, many, many happy healthy returns of the day, as my sweet special Aunt Miriam used to say – happy birthday to our sweet (yes – perhaps a new definition of the word, but that’s OK)and wonderful harlotte.

  227. That’s the way I do my birthday: it’s about what I want to do, so that “work” can be fun, one out of 365 days. Good birthday choices.

  228. from someone who is turning 46 in a week, no, 43 is not old. funny how i used to think everyone over 30 was ancient, and now that i’m creeping up on 50 it’s not so bad at all!
    i love how your husband remembers your birthday – i think my guy gets it from facebook ha ha.
    sounds like you’re having an awesome day. i’m glad you decided to share.

  229. Dear Yarn Harlot,
    I look forward to your posts each and every day. I am so glad you write so often. I turned 43 on April 11th, so I feel extra bff with you now. Hope you have a fabulous birthday. Also hope I get to meet you again one day (met you once years ago in Victoria when you spoke there). You have inspired me and you are wonderful.
    Happy Birthday – Lorraine xo

  230. Happy Birthday!
    If you are more physically active than you were 3 years ago, you haven’t gotten older.
    Age is just a state of mind. May you never think you are old.

  231. Happy Birthday – i think i can say that you make the internet (and the world) a better place by being in it!

  232. Happy Birthday! I hope you continue to have a great day. The story about your husband looking at your license made me laugh out loud. I love your blog!

  233. A very happy birthday, Stephanie!
    Joe’s method of finding out your birthday is adorable. Tim’s method of finding out mine is much less romantic – he just flat out asks me.

  234. What a great birthday–congratulations on such a successful life thus far! You’ve accomplished so much–and you’re only 2 years older than I am! Happy day!!!

  235. Happy Birthday. I plan on following your philosophy this August and only do what I want on my birthday.
    You are only 2 years older than my husband so you are not old at all.

  236. Happy birthday! Here’s to many many more years of blogs for us to enjoy!!! (I admit I’m being a little selfish here).

  237. What a beautiful day for a birthday! Hope that you’ve continued to have a great one!

  238. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for including the blog in your birthday. I’m sending warm fuzzies your way. Hope it was a great day.

  239. Happy Birthday! Let me tell you – don’t worry about getting older. It really does just get better.

  240. Happy Birthday! I love it that you share a bit of yourself through the miracle of the www. You have a sensible patriotism that has made me want to visit Canada. The way your describe your family dynamics has encouraged me to take a step back to appreciate those around me! And the knitting. I love the knitting. I am a very s.l.o.w. knitter, so I have to be careful about what I start. I know that I will be looking at it for quite some time. I live knitting vicariously through you! It’s fun.
    It sounds like you had a peaceful day filled with the care of your loved ones. What more could we want!

  241. Happy Birthday! You are 10 years younger than me. I am so impressed with all you have accomplished, not the least of which is your 3 lovely daughters. Enjoy yourself, and cheers to wine and gardening in the afternoon. It is a special day indeed!

  242. Congrats Stephanie! Let me add my voice to all the others: Thanks for letting us in on the party. You’ve made a huge difference in my life, even though we’ve never met, and I’m a huge fan. Rock on, dahling!
    “And many more…!!!”

  243. Happiest of birthdays to YOU! hope your day has been filled with your favorite things!!

  244. Happy Birthday. Tomorrow’s my B-day and I’ll be 63. I’ve been told I don’t look my age (younger) and I had my second hip replacement in April, but am doing my 3 mile walk every morning again (40 minutes) – so, see what you might have to look forward to. I hope my children remember my b-day, but they may not. (Does that make it OK if I forget theirs – I think not.) Anyway, wishing you many more healthy and happy birthdays.

  245. Happy birthday – thank you for sharing at least part of your life with us! Wishing you blessings!

  246. Happy Birthday Stephanie! You are so right about being in your 40’s, and how it doesn’t feel old now that we are here. I teach middle school, and always laugh to myself when they talk about 30’s and 40’s being old. They don’t know what they are missing. Enjoy the knitting!

  247. I am wishing you the happiest day for your birthday! The world is blessed with you in it!

  248. Happy Birthday Ms. Harlot..I hope you get jolly knowing your books make me laugh out loud..about knitting!?

  249. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a good one. I think it’s funny how Joe remembers your birthday.

  250. Here on this side of the lake, it’s also my birthday…so Happy Birthday to you, me and Kristen! I celebrated by not doing any yard work and will commence knitting shortly.

  251. Thank you for writing my favorite blog, and happy birthday! You got to knit – it’s a good day.

  252. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing with us. Love the husbandly behavior.

  253. awww, happy birthday!!! glad you got good wishes from all the kids and hubby – what a sweet story as to how he remembers 🙂

  254. Many, many joyous wishes for you on your birthday!I look forward to every post and knitting adventure that you share with us.

  255. Happy Birthday. Today is my son’s birthday – he is 29 – that is making me feel old – as you know, they grow up quickly.

  256. Stephanie,
    I look forward to your blog and it makes me smile every time. I hope that all these birthday wishes from many of the people that you’ve connected with makes you smile too.

  257. Happy Birthday to you Yarn Harlot! Sounds like you’re having a great day! Love the knitting, glass of wine, hosta and husband parts! Cheers!

  258. Happy Birthday! Today is my daughter’s 14th birthday and we had a lovely day. I hope your day was as full of fun, laughter and love as my daughter’s was. Many, many happy returns.

  259. Happy Birthday Harlot!!
    You share your birthday with my lovely grandmother. She (and her twin brother) turns 81 today. I always remember her birthday because it is on Flag Day.

  260. For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

  261. A most Happy Birthday to you! I’m sorry, though, that blogging is considered “work.” To us, it’s pleasure.

  262. You are really only 34 you know…just as I am only 45…hehehehehehe!!! Stay young dear. When you are advanced in years by 10, it you will only be 35 :-).
    Now that is something to look forward to!

  263. Happy birthday!!! I hope it contained lots of knitting, not a lot of work, and everything else you wished for! 🙂

  264. Y-O-U are awesome…I LUV-LUV-LUV your blog & wish you MANY more “happy” birthdays…cheers!!(:

  265. Happy birthday from a knitter almost twice your age (at 85, probably your oldest follower) I love your blog, but can’t understand how you get so much done. You’re amazing!

  266. Happy Birthday. I love stopping by here everyday, and I wish I could write you a comment you would enjoy as much as I enjoy your posts.

  267. Damn! I almost missed it! If I had known in time, I might have sent a singing Squirrel-O-Gram!
    I wish you a very, very happy anniversary of your 25th (or whichever you thought best) birthday. May there be many, many more such anniveraries.
    (Yes, Joe, it’s very sweet and thoughtful how you double-check This Big Day. My Dad could never remember his wedding anniversary was 13 days after my birthday — or that he should have been getting a card and gift as soon as my Mom mentioned shopping for my birthday gift! Please keep doing whatever is needed to remember your sweetie’s birthday, and I’m sure she’ll reward you with knitted socks for as long as she can knit.)

  268. Happy Birthday! Wine, gardening, knitting, and a family that remembers your special day . . . what could be better? 🙂

  269. Happy birthday! I hope you had a yarn filled day. I turn 43 tomorrow and am hoping for the same!

  270. Just caught your post at 11:30 p.m. so not too late to wish you a very happy birthday and many more.

  271. Tell Joe that the way to remember your birthday is either it’s Flag Day in the US or it’s eight days after D-Day. Good luck with the second one as my brother is convinced my birthday is on D-Day in spite of my repeatedly telling him it’s three days earlier.
    Perhaps the solution for both of us is that Joe and my brother will remind each other—and then both of us would celebrate birthdays in December.

  272. It’s a good day for a birthday, it’s my youngest son’s birthday today too; 7 years old! He doesn’t want to knit though, instead he’s getting some Xbox time as a special treat.

  273. Happiest of Birthdays to you Stephanie and many, many more! Remember, “you have to get older, but you don’t have to get old”. Sounds like you’re actually getting younger all the time!

  274. Happy Birthday from another Gemini. Mine was the 11th and I have lovely flowers, too. Enjoy!!

  275. 6. Is actually freaking adorable!!! I mean, it’s too bad that he can’t remember your birthday, but he at least makes an effort to figure it out, and sneakily so it isn’t lame.
    Fortunately, my husband and I have the same birthday, so if either of us forgets, it’s the sign something is really wrong.
    May Happy Returns!!

  276. Happy Birthday Stephanie! It is a good day to be 43 and to knit. I’m glad I read the blog today and got to celebrate with you.

  277. Maybe you are sleeping and done celebrating by now, but I hope the whole day was a wonderful celebration of you. And, thanks for posting on your birthday. As another Gemini who recently celebrated one of those late 50’s birthdays, I think it only gets better. Birthday blessings…

  278. Stephanie: let me be the 508th person to wish you a wonderfully happy birthday. (503 other commenters + 3 daughters + 1 husband = 507)

  279. Happy birthday, Stephanie! Here’s to many more fiber-filled trips round the sun!

  280. Happy, happy birthday and many more! Here’s to wine, chocolate, and love on your special day!

  281. Happy Birthday! My sister-in-law shares your birthday and I have to say it was a good day for the world. Added at least two great people.

  282. Happiest of birthdays to a very special person. You inspire me, and clearly I am not alone. Thank you for doing all the things you do. — MAO

  283. I am 20 years older than you but you speak for me in a big way. Your blog is an inspiration for me; you make me laugh a lot ( but your productivity scares me. How do you do so much?)
    I just knit and spin along; you have made me less anxious about my stash. Happy Birthday!

  284. Happy Birthday!
    Live long and knit…
    as Spock’s knitterly grandmother surely said.
    Hooray for you. : ) I am glad to know you are on the same planet I am.
    ~Jenn in Forest Grove

  285. Happy Birthday!!
    Hope the rest of your day was fabulous, and thanks for sharing it with us!

  286. Happy Birthday. I hope it was all very enjoyable. I’m very grateful our spins around this waterball coincided a bit, your writing, world view, books, blog, artistry inspire me.

  287. *sings* Happy birthday to youuuuuu! I only just saw this, but it’s probably still the 14th in Canada (6am on the 15th here in Scotland), so I just about got in there… Hope you had a wonderful day, it sounds great!

  288. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Even when I’m not knitting, I still read this blog and your books. Hope you had a great day.

  289. happy birthday! my gift for you is this secret. you are now entitled to one personal day for every year you celebrate on your driving licence. you don’t have to tell anyone you’re taking a ‘me’ day, and you can’t take them all at once (you could hurt yourself), but they’re all yours. take yourself to a movie, your husband to lunch, use your imagination. have a happy.

  290. Happy birthday! My blog shares a birthday with you (blogs have birthdays right?), so we were in mini-celebrating mood yesterday too. Hope you had a lovely day and kept knitting.

  291. Happy Birthday! Glad you had some wins, got some time to knit, and I’m very pleased for you about the push ups. I can’t do those and I’m a year younger than you!

  292. Happy Birthday!!! Hope u had a great day and enjoyed doing only things u wanted to do….def the only way to spend a birthday. Will be passing on ur husbands method of remembering birthdays to mine…here’s hoping it works!!

  293. Best belated wishes on your birthday! May you do more and more of the things you want to do this year 😉

  294. Happy Birthday to you!! Glad your day was just the way you wanted it to be. 🙂

  295. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Thanks for all the fun, and wisdom, in your blog. And, no, 43 isn’t old – believe me!

  296. Happy Birthday!! I am really new to blogging etc, but feel so blessed to have found you, your words in blog and books have kept me inspired and going the last month so I wish you all the best that life has to offer (and no dropped stitches!)

  297. I’m exactly one day older than you, and I share your feeling of celebration. I had my hair cut and the hairdresser told me I was lucky I didn’t have too much grey, so I’m adding that tot he win, even though I’m not too fussed about it. And I think that’s what makes 43 pretty good. I’m just not too fussed about it.
    Happy birthday.

  298. Happy B Dsy!! We think you awesome at our house.
    May all your wishes and dreams come true, may all your knitting turn out wonderful. Cheers!
    P.S. Isn’t it wonderful when the whole family remembers your special day 🙂

  299. Happy birthday to you! Still Retro, not yet Vintage!
    In honour of you (or just because I am a lazy swine) I shall go back to bed and work on my shawl.
    I make it a point never to go to work on my birthday. I believe that the first one should set the precedence. I also never make my own birthday cake, for the same reason.

  300. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a fab day! I love reading your blog – it is the only blog I regularly read, and I feel like you are part of my life too!

  301. Happy birthday Stephanie, i hope you have a fantastic day. I love the way your husband remembers your birthday.
    I hope you have a day full of win (and knitting).
    Liz x

  302. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Knit like gauge doesn’t matter!

  303. Happy Birthday! I think you look good too. And more importantly you can run 5k and do 16 press-ups. This kicks arse, and makes you an inspiration to this 41 year old. Have a great day!

  304. Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy it tremendously (so oddly we’re the ones getting the gift here, come to think about it).
    Oh and for the record, 43 is young. I’ll be 45 on July 18th and I’m young too, so you definitely are!
    Also for the record, when the times when we were young and gorgeous are no longer present, we will have to be content being merely gorgeous. This cannot be stated too often (young is overrated these days).

  305. Happy Birthday, may you be as happy as I am every time I find a new post from you

  306. That is amazing how Joe remembers your birthday. I happen to have been born on the same date as my husband’s best-friend’s wife, so they tag team to remember “our” birthdays.

  307. Many many happy returns!
    PS Your cat’s tweet translates as ‘Come back and feed me NOW!’

  308. Happy Birthday! You should enjoy the fact that it took me 2 minutes of holding down the scroll button to get to the bottom to add my comment. We love your blog, and we adore you. Hope you had a fantastic birthday 🙂

  309. Happy B-day! It was my Grammy’s b-day, too, Flag Day for us in the US.
    glad you had a good day

  310. Happy Happy Birthday Steph,one day late!!!! I too think you look marvelous at 43!

  311. Ack! That’s what I get for not logging in yesterday! Happy Birthday a day late. My granddaughter has the same birth date. Maybe she’ll be a knitter, or at least a fiber person too! (Here’s hoping)

  312. Happy belated Birthday! I don’t remember what I did when I turned 43, but I’m pretty sure it involved wine. My husband and I have the same birthday so he never forgets.
    Many happy returns of the day!!

  313. Happy belated birthday! I find it very sweet of your Joe to sneak a peak at your license each year. 🙂

  314. You should also know that just after I commented, my boyfriend walked in and I told him it was your birthday. We both waved at the computer screen and said in unison “Happy birthday, Harlot!” Strange, but in the right spirit, I think…
    (And yeah, that habit of Joe’s is pretty charming.)

  315. Happy belated birthday! I do agree that you look just fine for 43. Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given this former “wanna be” knitter. Joe’s a keeper, for sure.

  316. Happy Birthday (belated! I am 43 this year too and I agree things get better each year.

  317. Thank-you for giving us all the gift of a post on your birthday! Happy Birthday!
    p.s. What are you ever going to do with all those washcloths you have been collecting over the years? I recall there used to be many photo posts. Curious in Maine.

  318. Post-Birthday Greetings! May all your future years seem “freaking reasonable” as well.

  319. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Sorry I am a day late, I was checking all morning for a post from you and then lost internet connection apparently a half hour before you posted and didn’t get it back before going to bed yesterday. Don’t know if you will read this anyway, there are so many comments already that I can’t imagine you have time to read each and every one. But… I hope you had a really great day! You are a joy to read. And your family is awesome!

  320. Happy Birthday! Knit to your hearts content. I won’t stop you. Enjoy your day!

  321. Birthdays should be a day that you get to do whatever you want, but unfortunately that’s not always possible. Glad it worked that way for you this time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

  322. Happy birthday Stephanie! I’m off to see how many push-ups I can do. I’m 40 and 16 seems like waaaay too many, but I’m inspired to try! Many thanks for the always amazing blog.

  323. It was my birthday, too, dear zodiacal twin. I hope you had as lovely a day as I did. xo

  324. Happy Birthday to you. I hope everything that happened on your birthday made you feel special. Thanks for all you share with all of us and may it be returned 100 fold.

  325. I think that is the best husband/man-logic story I have ever heard. It totally made me laugh! Happy Birthday!

  326. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I hope you have a wonderful do-only-what-you-want day and don’t have to work too hard.

  327. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I hope that you had a fine day. Today’s my 52nd. I’ve always thought that this was a glorious time of year to have a birthday: beginning of strawberry season, peonies blooming. I sometimes take the day off, but today I’m just taking the afternoon off. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do. I swam 1.5 miles, I will knit, I may spin. There will be joy!

  328. Sending belated birthday greetings and assurance that it gets even better as you get older. I turned 52 last Thursday and I feel awesomely wonderful (not old like I thought I might). In fact, it’s been getting better and better ever since I turned 40. Best wishes for many more years of happiness and good health and fun knitting!

  329. Happy, happy birthday to you! And many more happy ones to come! Glad you did the things that matter and glad that your dear ones acknowledged the day. And, most of all, thanks to you for being our knitting guru 24/7, good times and bad. Hope you know how much you are appreciated!

  330. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day and get to do a lot of knitting!

  331. Today is also my daughter’s birthday and she is 43. So you have a twin down here in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Happy Day!

  332. Wow. Too date you have more than 500 birthday wishes on your blog. That’s not too shabby. Knit your heart on your special day, finish it off with a glass of wine. Oops. It’s the 15th. I hope you did all that more on your birthday, Stephanie.

  333. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! You are amazing and have achieved so much in your life. You have given me back the gift of knitting, and with a lovely sense of humor at that! I love your blog and check it every day. I picked up my knitting again after my husband died unexpectedly last July and it has pulled me through. I went back and read EVERY ENTRY in your blog from the beginning and was so inspired and it helped me so much. My birthday wish for you is that your life will be very blessed and joyful and that you will continue to share the joy of knitting with all of us. YOU HAVE BEEN A GREAT JOY TO MANY OF US!!! Thank you.

  334. Happy belated birthday, Stephanie!
    Without knowing me, you have made some of my days brighter because of your writing. I wish you and your family all the best.

  335. I hope it was wonderful–and I am sorry this is late. But may the year be full of days of wonder!

  336. Happy Birthday! I never comment but I read every post and so enjoy you. Thank you and Blessings on your day.

  337. Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy birthday dear Har-lot ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy birthday to you.

  338. Happy Belated Birthday – being 6 months younger than you, I’m with you on thinking 40+ seemed so old when I was soooo much younger. But today, being in my early 40’s still feels so young and hip, (though unlike you, I’m not in the physical shape I feel I need to be in – must work on trying out for a 5K race!!)

  339. Happy Belated Birthday! Being 6 months younger than you, I am with you on the thinking that 40+ seemed so “old” back when I was soooooo much younger. But now, my thinking is that being in my early 40’s is still young (and hip, even!)…..though I need to work towards being able to run a 5K – unfortunately, am not sure I could actually do that. Yet.

  340. Whoops – I posted twice in error, sorry! My first post didn’t seem to show up, so I tried again :-/

  341. Happy Birthday! To celebrate your birthday, I donated $43 to Doctors Without Borders (and another $43 to UNICEF, because I love them.) I thought it would be a good way to thank you for the pleasure you’ve given me through the years with your blog and books.

  342. Happy Birthday!! I just want to let you know that you have inspired me soooo much!!! <3

  343. Congratulations and welcome to 43. I find it to be the happiest time of my life. You are an amazing success. I can tell by the way you make a living doing what you love while having strong family relationships and providing inspiration for others. Thank you for sharing with me. I have to go now. I’m moving in with my fiance in one week. He says he its prepared for the yarn but I’m still concerned he may not fully comprehend the magnitude of the stash.
    Happy birthday, Erin

  344. Sounds as if your day was a win, and a win, and a win. May the coming year be equally graceful – Namaste.

  345. I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  346. Happy Birthday!
    Whether YOU realize it or not, there are lots of us who would have a big hole in our lives if you dropped offline. You improve our lives in so many ways.

  347. Happy belated Birthday! The world is most definitely a better place with you in it, so your birthday is indeed an occasion to celebrate. Hope it was happy! 🙂

  348. Happy Birthday Stephanie.
    It is my birthday too (unfortunately I am nowhere near 43, saw that a very long time ago) I love having the same birthday as you.

  349. I’ll add one more Happy Birthday ’cause there are never too many. And yes, checking your driver’s license is totally charming. = )

  350. A very happy belated b-day. I hope this is your best year ever. Keep on knitting and writing and making all of your followers extremely happy. It is an absolute joy to read your blog and your books.

  351. Happy 43rd – that sounds pretty young to me as I’m turning 63 this year. Happy knitting now and always.

  352. Man,many Happy Returns of the Day! You brighten my day and when I laugh out loud at the computer…my son knows it is you on the other end!

  353. Happy Happy Birthday Stephanie. I may never have met you – but you have had a pretty profound impact on my life. Thank you for that. Maybe one day I’ll make it to one of your events and meet you – until then, know that there is a knitter (and mom) in AZ who has been known to use your posts (and books) to get her through the rough patches.

  354. Happy Birthday! What a fun way to celebrate knitting and a glass of wine.

  355. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s filled with all sorts of knitterly wonderment & lots of good cold beer!

  356. By the way….I turned 55 this year. So remember when you’re feeling old, you’ll always be younger then me ;o )

  357. I’m glad to share a birthday with such a knitter as you. (I turned 35.) I hope you had a wonderful day . . . (and if you and Joe lived here in the NW where I am, “when it’s warm” would be less than reliable, as it’s 50 degrees and rainy!)

  358. I had to laugh at Joe’s method of ‘remembering’ your birthday. He’s so funny … and honest, and sweet.

  359. Happy belated Birthday! That checking the driver’s license while you’re sleeping thing… primo! lol Pretty sure you’ve got a keeper there.

  360. Happy happy birthday! My hostas are HUGELY wishing you a wonderfully woolly and sunny day! (so are my kitties)

  361. Oh yeah — I forgot: being more than the answer is strange so far. I’ve only got a month on you, though.

  362. Well, I hope your birthday was wonderful! I certainly enjoyed what you shared. And your husband is, indeed, charming. Keep him.

  363. Happy Birthday. I love how your husband keeps track of your birthday. I also love your blog and I think you look awesome 🙂

  364. I’m sorry to have been offline and missed the actual day, but I believe birthdays should be celebrated for a week. So happy birthday week!!! Congratulations. May you have many more!!

  365. Happy Birthday! 43 is a mere babe speaking as someone who is about to turn 60. Actually it seems that we babyboomers are going to remain delusional about our ages and will be in mid life to the very end. No “elderly” for us! Anyhow, sounds like you had a perfect day, all wins, and that is something to be grateful for. I, for one, am grateful for you, for your humor, your writing, your perspective on life, and of course for your passion for knitting. Wishing you many happy and healthy years ahead!

  366. Happy (belated) birthday, Stepanie! May you have many more happy years ahead. I think Joe is both charming and adorable. The world is a better place with you in it.

  367. Happy Birthday Steph!! Hope your day was wonderful, with many more wonderful moments to come. Thanks for being there.

  368. Happy Birthday! It’s funny about the drivers license and cute. reminds me we’d always forget my grandfather’s birthday. It was near a holidy. poor grandpa.

  369. Happy Birthday!
    And boy, are you ever lucky that you live in Toronto and not Calgary. Otherwise, Joe still wouldn’t have thought to look at your drivers licence. 😛

  370. Happy Birthday!! It’s my DH’s birthday too and my parents anniversary. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  371. I can’t wait to meet you.
    Knitting Fan in Chicago
    by the way – Happy Birthday to you!

  372. Happy belated birthday wishes. And thanks for all the knitlit and more endearing hubby stories.

  373. I missed it. This is belated. My apologies. Happy Belated Birthday! I may be slow, but I am still with you. Today, have a nice days as if it were still your birthday. Maybe I best say, Happy Unbirthday.

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