Yesterday morning I spent forever with Joe and Natalie trying to get our desktop computer to work for her for Sock Summit related stuff, but it wasn’t interested. 

Yesterday I tried really hard to leave on time for Knit Night, but my printer wouldn’t work and seventy-five things went wrong with work and so I had to leave late.

Yesterday, I finally managed to get enough stuff done that I could leave late, and then I went down to get a clean shirt out of the dryer and everything in it was still wet because I forgot to push the button, and I had to wear a dirty shirt out. I didn’t tell anyone. I also found out that the new skirt I’ve been wearing for three weeks is actually a dress and I’ve been wearing it wrong, which may or may not explain the looks that young beautiful women keep giving me.

Yesterday, after I put on a dirty shirt and left for Knit Night, my bike had a flat and there was a really, really big spider on the pump and we had to battle for pump ownership. I won – but not by much, and it took a run at me twice.

Yesterday, when I got to Knit Night, I couldn’t find my bank card, and I thought I left it at home, but it looks like I lost it.

Yesterday, I left Knit Night early so that I could come home and work without it being 2am when I was done, but on the way home my bike broke.  The seat clamp let go or something, and the front of the seat suddenly jacked up and the back rammed down and it really hurt in a way that gives new meaning to the word "bummer".

Yesterday, when my seat broke? I got tossed backwards and I broke the zipties holding my milk crate trunk on, and it fell off.

Yesterday, I tried riding home standing up while holding the milk crate on but it didn’t go really well, especially on hills – and I think I scared a lady walking her dog when I said a bad word.  (Or ten.)

Yesterday, I gave up trying to ride standing up and holding my milk crate and I got off and walked the rest of the way – which was about 5k.

Yesterday, when I was pushing my bike up a hill and my milk crate kept falling off my back rack and I was just about done with the whole (&Y^%$#$%^!ing thing, I stepped in a mammoth pile of dog sh*t, and I was wearing Birkenstocks and some got on my foot.

Yesterday, when I got home late and put my bike in the back and hosed off my shoe and then washed my feet, I went into the kitchen and opened my laptop and it was a freakin’ brick.  Total doorstop.  No longer a computer, just a taunting black screen of hopelessness. Sometime while I was out it just  died for no other reason that to test my will. 

Yesterday, when my computer left the land of the living? I really felt for about 3 minutes like there wasn’t going to be a Sock Summit because there are really only a few weeks left and seriously, what if the backup thing wasn’t working and it didn’t back-up and holy crap how am I going to make all this work with no computer and I think the world went a little black around the edges and that was when I decided that I should cry.

Yesterday when that happened, I told Joe that he had to get the computer fixed today and he reminded me that tomorrow is Canada Day and Monday is a holiday in the US and that maybe I had better start wrapping my head around not having a computer until Wednesday, which is when I reminded him I’m flying to Portland on Monday, and he said "That’s not good" and I’m too much of a lady to tell you what I said.

Yesterday we managed to get my profile off the backup and install it on the desktop, which was a pretty good solution except I sort of wiped Natalie’s profile off there.

Yesterday (or today) I poured myself a glass of wine at 2:34am, because I still couldn’t get stuff to work.

Today, I’m thinking about writing "approach with caution" on my forehead and I just had chocolate and a beer for lunch.  

339 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Oh. No.
    Hang in there . . . Time Machine and Backblaze are my two best friends, backup wise. One on site, and one in the cloud.
    I hope today goes better!

  2. Words don’t fail me often. Words fail me. Prayer may be the only answer, and you being an ostensible heathen and all we may have to call in the A Team — I can get ya an Episcopalian, an Anglican and a Greek Orthodox who comes equipped with her own priest. Hold on — there may be some kickback.

  3. Well, there isn’t much further to fall. Only way now is to go upward, with things falling into place the right way.

  4. I think I would have stopped being a lady about halfway through that list. You are more stalwart than I.
    I hope it was good chocolate and beer.

  5. Oh boy. I think that trumps even Alexander and his “Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” I hope today is better!

  6. Oh. My. Your bike story is hilarious! Not so the computer story though. That one is frightening. I hope you get it up and running before you have to leave on Monday. And smart you to have a good back-up!

  7. Hi Stephanie, so sorry to hear of your super duper crappy day yesterday. I hope today, Thursday, will be a much better friend to you. Love and hugs!!!

  8. There will be a Sock Summit. Things look black now, but it will all miraculously come together and you’ll feel like a goddess when we’re all dancing with our skeins of yarn. Hope today was better than yesterday, and that your troubles AREN’T here to stay.

  9. I can add a Presbyterian to the prayer roster and also wish you an early beer thirty from the States. I feel like the universe wants you to anyway.

  10. You’ll make it work, as you always do. Keep trucking and let yourself have all the chocolate and beer that you want, because you deserve it! But, um, when you’re done with Sock Summit, do you think maybe you’d be willing to share a picture of the item of clothing that can be worn as either a dress or a (possibly weird-looking) skirt? I just can’t picture it!

  11. Well, your day(s) is sure up there as one of the suckiest days that can be.
    and don’t you love it when your computer guru (husband/child) just gives you one of those looks?
    I know we managed life before these machines, but I am beginning to think they are like cars — lovely when they work, and a pain in the ___ when they don’t.
    Things have to look up from here!

  12. I had a day like this last week. What topped it off was walking round and round a sodden field in the pouring rain looking for my mobile (which, it turned out, I had dropped elsewhere) only to realise that the reason for the pools of water halfway up a *hill* was because the septic tank from the public loo on top the hill was leaking, as evidenced by the poo floating in the boggy puddle next to the drain-thing. And then I fell on my arse in the mud.
    Hope today has been better.

  13. Ouch. I saw some of this on Twitter, but the full extent of the suckage doesn’t come through until you post it like this. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will get better for you!

  14. Chocolate and beer sound appropriate, considering.
    When you’re done with sock summit and have a few spare minutes again look up the kid’s book Alexander and Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. It contains my favorite solution to bad days ever, and I quote, “I’m going to move to Australia!” So if it keeps up, just move to Australia and all your problems will at least be different.
    Hang in! You’ll get it all done, stupid laptops notwithstanding.

  15. I can give you a Baptist and a Methodist… I hate days like that. PS Happy Canada Day tomorrow…

  16. Oh, dear. Wednesday sounds like the epitome of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I agree that chocolate and beer sound appropriate.

  17. Oh, Harlot, if I were there I’d envelop you in a big hug and I’d have a growler or two of my son’s beer. I can also make a stop at the local chocolatier. Hugs are good but beer and chocolate make hugs slightly more effective.
    Things will get better. They always do.

  18. Been working in IT for for over 15 years, and beer is the only way to get through days like yesterday.
    I declare it to be beer o’clock.

  19. On the laptop brick – take the battery out, plug in the computer and try turning it on. Weird, but I’ve seen it work many times. Only explanation I can get is that sometimes the batter is “too dead”.
    As for everything else, I can only say at least yesterday is over. Good luck with tomorrow.

  20. I can get you two beer-drinking Episcopalian Bishops, one of whom lives in Seattle.

  21. oh my. I can just picture myself crying on the street, holding my bike and milk crate……I don’t think I would have made it to the laptop story…

  22. I’d go with the theory that you’ve gotten that all out of the way at once. Try to only look forward and flee Wednesday as quickly as possible. (You know, like don’t look down while you’re on a ladder and a little freaked about heights?)

  23. Wow! What a totally sucky day & early morning! I’m sorry for your misfortunes. I hope today & the next turn around in a totally awesome way for you. 🙂

  24. Oh, honey – today’s GOTTA be better than yesterday! Hang in there, girl – this too shall pass.

  25. Oh, my. You do get an A+ in having bad days. I’ll pop by with cashmere and chilled charddonay… (virtually. Here you go)

  26. ROFL though I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you. You must admit it makes a good story. I am beginning to think that Sock Summit build up is a jinx. Seems you are always having disasters when you are getting ready.

  27. I’m sorry, I laughed!
    (((HUGS))) it will get better. I’m so sorry everything is going horribly at the moment!

  28. So sorry to hear about your craptacular day. If it helps, there is a Mac Store not far from the Convention Centre. I think it’s less than 5 blocks away. I’ve been in there and the people who work there are helpful.

  29. I think Alexander said something like, it had been a horrible, no good, very bad day. That certainly is an appropriate description of your yesterday.
    I’m hoping that all the rotten stuff has happened, so that Sock Summit will flow as it should.

  30. Stephanie – Is it a MacBook Pro? My husband’s died yesterday as well. Screen a big old blank nothing (although he could tell from my computer that it had booted, but he’s nerdy like that). Anyway, a trip to the Genius Bar (3 hours away) confirmed… graphics card recall. Same thing had happened to my Mac (same model as his, same age – about 3+ years old). Calling support won’t help (if indeed it’s the card). But it takes about 3-5 days to fix.
    Here’s hoping TODAY is a lot better!

  31. Stephanie’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! It makes my setbacks look like child’s play. However, being the Yarn Harlot and Superstar Convention Organizer, you WILL prevail and we all just love you more because you are so authentic. From one real chick to another-proceed with caution. Hugs from WV (USA).

  32. I hope you’ve used up all of your bad luck at once! I think that was one of those “it can only get better” days.
    The dress/skirt story reminds me of the time I bought a beautiful navy velvet gown (a floor-length dress) at a women’s shop. I tried it on and came out of the dressing room and my husband said he loved it (so did I), but I felt the front was a bit too low-cut and funny-looking and wasn’t sure about. The saleswoman came back and exclaimed how nice it looked on me. It had a little matching bolero and we talked about how I could pin the bolero to the straps with something decorative (we settled on some fancy pierced earrings that would go through the fabric). Once I had those attached, it did look fabulous so I bought the dress and the earrings. When it came time to wear the dress for the first time, I realized I’d tried it on backwards! No wonder it seemed to be so low-cut (and not quite fitting). I turned it around and it was a fabulous dress, but I’ve called it my backwards dress ever since. Why didn’t the saleswoman notice (or was she just being polite?)?

  33. Wow. Just…..WOW.
    I think you not only deserve a medal of honor for all that you do, I think you deserve your own international holiday. Seriously.
    It would be kind of like WWKIP Day (week?) except no one would be allowed to shop anywhere but yarn stores, all yarn store owners would be allowed to have another holiday because they’re working for this one, all purchases must be $50 (or more), and you can only do things befitting of YOU. Oh, and you would get everything for free that day because, well, it’s YOUR day. Oh, and knitting in public would be perfectly acceptable, if not outright encouraged.

  34. OMGosh… well, just count on all the crap that could of happened DID and it will be smooth sailing from now on… ‘approach with caution’ on the forehead with a sharpie is a very clever idea indeed!

  35. You poor thing! Hang in there—you make any of my bad days pale by comparison!

  36. If there is a bright side, your bad day did help me! I have only recently begun biking and was having a hell of a time getting my milk crate to stay on. Now I know the answer: zip ties! Thank you.

  37. Beer and chocolate sound like a fine meal to me! Is there an apple store where your headed?

  38. Oh my, what a f’ed up day. My language would have burned the ears off a vulture.
    There’s a long build-up to a story about a dress of mine, but, in short, I wore the dress backwards. At my daughter’s wedding.

  39. I know that you don’t want to hear this, but I’m glad that you didn’t get seriously hurt when your bike went haywire. A friend of mine is in a wheelchair now due to spinal cord damage. His bike went over a bit of sand and threw him into the air.
    So here’s a toast to a better day today!

  40. Stephanie and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.
    Some days, you just feel lke moving to Australia.

  41. I am sorry these things are happening to you. However I can’t help laughing. THis sort of stuff is always happening to me. It is a relief to know that I am not alone. I feel like the character from the comic strip L’l Abner – the guy who went around with the cloud over his head all the time. If nothing else you always have a good story to tell.

  42. I can so identify with the chocolate and beer for lunch!!!
    We love you, Steph, hang in there. A bad day sounds so much better when you put your spin on it. And in August, somewhere between knitting and sleeping, you can read this post and laugh over it.

  43. On the bright side, though it doesn’t help your terrible day, I just checked your family’s ride fundraising status, and it looks like everyone raised enough funds to ride, thanks in some part to your blog. So, your day might have sucked, but you helped raise money to support the Friends for Life Rally, which people like me wouldn’t have known about without your blog. Hang in there!

  44. Oh, man. I’m sorry. No good day ever involves the words “and then I stepped in dog sh*t.” (Done it, barefoot, in my own house no less, and no we never did figure out which of the ankle biters was the culprit. Dogs are strangely resistant to interrogation.)
    And you know, sometimes that sort of lunch is the right answer. My answer today was spiked hot chocolate and brownies!

  45. The only thing good about a day like that is getting to blog about it and we get to read about it. Maybe STARTING your days with beer and chocolate will make them go smoother?

  46. Wow! What a bad day. Hopefully the karmic balance will swing the other way: your bike will be fixed by your wonderful husband when you come home, your bank card will be found by one of your interesting daughters in some odd ball place and put on your dresser, the dog’s owner will step in a larger pile of dog doo and your computer will be resucitated.
    Sometimes it happens that way.

  47. I’m prescribing wine and chocolate for supper. Sounds as if all the bad luck got together and decided it would be better to dump on you all at once rather than inflicting itself in dribs and drabs. May it be so!! until your guaranteed-to-be-fabulous SockSummit is a distant memory!

  48. I agree with Sarah. It may be time to “move to Australia!” We yell “I’m moving to Australia!” when we’ve had enough at my house. I also mumble or yell “SERENITY NOW!” like Kramer in a classic Seinfeld episode. Finally I say…..Drink more wine.

  49. Well. I hope the suggestion about taking the battery out and plugging in the lap top works. Natalie needs the desk-top machine to be able to help you. I hope someone turns up on your doorstep with another computer.
    I’ll throw in some good down home Buddhist Sutra’s to support the heathen side of things.
    (Beer AND chocolate? At the same time? THAT is desperate.)

  50. What a horrible day! Good thing you had access to an other computer to write about it.

  51. What a horrible day! Good thing you had access to an other computer to write about it.

  52. During a recent tough week, I posted a sign above my desk that read, “Danger: Approach with Caution.” Mostly, it helped me laugh at myself a little, which in turn helped everything else. After the day you had yesterday, it sounds like you’d be justified in doing quite a lot more than tattooing warnings on your forehead. Good luck!

  53. Today I’m glad I’m me and not you. Hope today/tomorrow is better for you. Maybe you could have a coffee mug (a really big one) featuring “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” just for those very special days.

  54. Steph, I toast that lunchtime beer with you. Sock Summit is going to be awesome, even if the fates are trying to thwart you!
    And when you get some clear headspace, tell Ken about CrashPlan. It will also save your socks when times get rough.

  55. I am so sorry, I have to admit that I laughed out loud at one point, but immediately felt bad about it. Not having a hellish day like you did but I would love to have beer and chocolate for lunch, but I am out of chocolate…

  56. Oh my word. What a day. I think your bad karma allotment should be about used up through, oh, how ’bout the end of July.

  57. Dear God, woman. If everyone is still alive at your house (who’s supposed to be) and no windows or furnishings have been broken, the least you can do for yourself is pour a beer and eat chocolate. (I narrowly avoided scotch for breakfast today, so I know of which I speak.) Just keep breathing.

  58. Just remember what you always say about there being balance in the universe. You should have a wicked amazing day coming your way!

  59. When I’m having an awful time, I try to remember that anything that isn’t actually a tragedy will be funny later. I don’t know if it will help you, but it got me through a 22-hour car ride that involved a toddler, an infant, puking, diarrhea, crazy telephoning in-laws, and a constant soundtrack of Donald Duck cartoons broken up by piercing shrieks.
    That was several months ago, and it’s a really, really funny story now. 🙂

  60. A BIG hug to you for putting up with yesterday. I hope today is kinder. I also hope you don’t think BIG hugs from strangers are creepy. 🙂

  61. Beer & chocolate sound entirely appropriate, and just keep telling yourself that yesterday is GONE forever!

  62. if you google “my laptop died” as I did a few weeks back, when mine when completely unresponsive, there is some wonderfully geeky IT forum which suggested taking the battery out, holding the computer UPSIDE DOWN and pressing the on button for 30 seconds. It worked for me and it worked for dozens of others. I have no idea why– something about reseting initialization procedures or something weird.
    worth a shot though. Mine had been dead for 3 days before I tried it.

  63. Sounds like you could write your own Alexander’s No Good Horrible Day – with illustrations – which one of my girls did in 2nd grade with illustrations. Start with a box of crayons.

  64. how is it that your writing lets me feel horribly bad for your horrible day, yet i am laughing my ass off at the same time. you are brilliant. but so sorry about the day – i would have also said many bad words.

  65. It was a green furry, garbage can dwelling, spit on my neighbors, take cute fuzzy animals away from me, where’s my freaking chocolate cake, not sane enough to sit with my knitterly friends because I like them too much…
    …I think you get it, I get it. Tell your husband to take you out to dinner. Something really yummy, and warm fuzzy vibes your way.
    Right, and I totally get what you mean by “bummer”. An air cushion helps.

  66. Please accept a big cyber hug of condolence, and my appreciation for a nice laugh. It may have been a crappy day, but you wrote it so well!

  67. Jeepers! And Mercury’s not even retrograde right now. Well, someone must take the blame for this horrible day of yours. I nominate Stephen Harper.

  68. OMG!!! you are so funny. I know it must have been a bad thing to go thru but you really made my day. I needed a good laugh. Sounds like something that happens to me. I love your stories.

  69. You beat Alexander’s bad day by a mile and a half!! I’m so sorry you had that terrible, horrible day and evening and night! Hoping that today is better and that you gain a little bit by knowing that you made all of us smile.

  70. Dear Universe, that is not how you do it!
    I really, really, really hope your Thursday was better (comparatively speaking).

  71. Your tweets yesterday alluded to the bad day you were having, but were mere drops in the ocean compared to this description! I’ll send up a prayer to the IT gods for your computer, and Natalie’s profile, and hope that you can find beer and chocolate in quantities sufficient to dull the pain and ease the stress enough so you can enjoy Canada Day with your family.

  72. Wow. Just…
    Someone once said, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”
    Wishing you a BIG knot, a double shot of Screech, and good computer karma on the morrow.
    Ask Joe to put his great big arms around you and give you a big hug from us all…..

  73. Dude! You are entitled to beer and chocolate for breakfast after a day like that!

  74. Also, I know Tina takes good care of you, but do you need someone to meet you at the airport with cupcakes and beer? Because that can be arranged. In fact, you probably both need that right about now.

  75. Holy moley. As I tell my kiddos, “Some days are like that, even in Australia” (They do really love Alexander). Hope today proves to be better.

  76. Just when I was really starting to feel sorry for myself, I read your post and decided your sucky yesterday trumps my whole week.
    Hoping things get better for you…

  77. I think you maybe need to up the anti and progress to gin and chocolate. Beer just won’t cut it when life is that crappy. No seriously…how many ladders did you walk under to have so much horrible stuff happen on one day?
    On a happier note – life can only get better 🙂 Take care and keep smiling (through the tears if needs be!) xx

  78. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. . .
    No, that’s not quite right. Sorry you had such a (literally) crappy day. Just remember, the knitters at sock summit will have a great time no matter what happens. And all the knitters that are not there will wish they were. <3

  79. Holy shit. I admire you for only having chocolate and beer for lunch. I would have had chocolate, valium and vodka with a beer chaser. I hope today is better! (it would pretty much HAVE to be, no?)

  80. “When you’re going through hell, keep going”
    Winston Churchill
    on my fridge to remind me that when I’m in hell that is no time to stop!

  81. Holy Crap Batman !!!!!!
    Big Beautiful spare bedroom waiting here in Australia, weather a bit chilly here, so you will feel right at home.

  82. Chocolate and beer sounds like a perfectly reasonable response, in my opinion, and I don’t even drink. If I had been recovering from a day like that there would have been brownie batter and gummy bears involved, for sure.

  83. Sorry for the seriously sucky yesterday, but on a happy note..Yay you for self medicating in such a natural way! (After all, what’s more natural than beer and chocolate? They’re made with all kinds of natural stuff – ha!)Oh, and you have my complete sympathy with regard to the poop-on-the-shoe thing as I too have been a victim of the poo – only in my case it was a whole cow plop that not only touched my faithful Birk, it practically ate it! May the computer gods smile on you. Have a better weekend!

  84. That is full of the most suck I have ever heard of in one single day. SO not fair. Perhaps a magical reanimation/replacement of the laptop will occur in short order. Any chance your local compy store has a loaner? Can someone lend you one while yours is in compy hospital? Sending good vibes at ya. 🙂

  85. I totally know which dress that was because I saw one in the store and said, Oh I like this skirt and my teenager said…MUM! That’s a dress! And geez, your computer Bricked again! So sorry for everything. Wish I could be there to pour the drinks, sounds rough.

  86. That does all suck, very much. On the bright side, I notice that all four of your intrepid riders have now cleared their $2200 threshold, so you’re still a force for good in the world, jinxed or not.

  87. Would a nap help? Sometimes possibilities I couldn’t see before become clearer after a nap. Prime the pump and sharpen the axe and all that.
    Virtual hugs comin’ atcha’

  88. Hard S%*%t to go through to get chocolate and beer for lunch, but there is no better medicine! At least it all came in the same day!?!? Hang in there!

  89. Chocolate and beer sounds like a very appropriate lunch based on those events. Might I suggest pie for dinner and a gigantic glass of wine in the bath for dessert? Hopefully this is happening now so sock summit will run smoothly for you…it could work that way right?

  90. “My mom says some days are like that, even in Australia.” Judith Viorst, from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
    I loved that book as a kid, but it means even more to me now!

  91. I’m offering you a massage to go with your chocolate and drink of choice. You can have it now (send me your masseuse’s name and contact info) or wait until Sock Summit. You need a breather and some loving care. I mean it – the offer’s good, just let me know how to provide it to you. Sending the warm arms of the universe to wrap around you in your tiredness.

  92. HOLY CRAP! That is a really bad (to the thousandth) day. As my brother says, “Some days you are the bug, and some days you are the windshield.” Hoping you are the windshield for a while. You deserve it. Good luck, Stephanie!!

  93. I love you stephanie-you make me laugh even when you are having the worst time. I hope today is a 10 for you.

  94. I love you stephanie, you make me laugh even when you are having the worst time. I hope today is a 10 for you.

  95. You poor thing. Are you sure that the beer & wine are strong enough? Maybe you should reach for the Screech.

  96. I hope things are looking up. Beer and Chocolate sound like a perfectly good lunch 😉

  97. Oh my goodness! I sincerely hope today is better. I probably would have conceded the bike, especially if the spider made a run at me. He clearly was up to no good, breaking your bike, and probably had just come from breaking the computers. What a foul creature!

  98. My son has a bike helmet that’s industrial grey with yellow Cautions signs all over it. Sounds like you might need to borrow it…
    Hang in there!

  99. Definitely an adult version of Alexander and his “Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”
    We feel your pain. Hope the days ahead are better.

  100. Think of it this way: look at how hard the universe is having to work to give you a challenge – you must really, really rock!!
    Sending positive vibes that tomorrow will be better. 🙂

  101. Holy freaking crap. Sending lots of love your way!! Chocolate and beer for lunch is a good start. Might need to up it to cheesecake and whiskey later. LoL.

  102. I have so much empathy for you – we moved into a new to us house 3 weeks ago. The previous owners had contracted to rented it for 5 weeks this summer, and we agreed to honour those rentals. This will be our permanent home, not a summer home, and so there are LOTS of things that we need to do before the first tenant comes in 2 more weeks.
    EVERYTHING (our stuff as well as stuff from the house) we touch breaks – which turns a 2 hr job into a day long job, or worse, into a week long job – and think $$$.
    So, I absolutely and completely empathize with you. I hear you loud and clear. If I were still in Toronto, I’d say we mutually need a pint of beer at one of your local pubs (I used to live very close to you) but with our luck, we’d walk into the place, and it would spontaneously combust or something.
    However, I am old enough now to realize that this is just an ugly phase, and our good karma will return, and everything we touch won’t break, and we will have time to knit (and not mysteriously acquire an extra stitch).

  103. Look at how much !?*^#! you got off the disaster list in only one day. That is sheer genius! You should be good to go for quite some time . . . knock wood here.

  104. I really, really, REALLY hope that tomorrow is better for you! You might sneak a few rows in on the sock to restore some sanity! 🙂
    ps – I’m glad you won over the spider.

  105. Several years ago when my husband and I had a similar day, he commented “I would flush myself down the toilet but it’s broken too!” This shall all pass and the Sock Summit will be wonderful.

  106. Sorry you had such a crappy day-in more ways than one. Beer and chocolate sound like a good solution. I’d add some cookie dough ice cream to that.
    Have a good time at the sock summit.

  107. oh, I’m so sorry. But I must say that you at least made me cry from laughing so hard when I got to the part with the mountain of dog sh*t. And for the record, as a dogowner who always, always picks up my dogs’ crap, I agree that it sucks to step in it.
    and I’m sure you’ll still manage to make Sock Summit happen. You’re strong.

  108. Wow. I think I would have chocolate and beer for lunch too after all that! (and I don’t drink)
    Hangth thou in there!
    Blessings from Brasil,

  109. Chocolate AND beer for lunch?! When I have had days like yours in the past I go back to bed and pull the covers over my head then I cry myself to sleep. When I have slept it off, I try again. Knock-on-wood the gods have decided I am no fun and have quit messing with me.

  110. Glad to know others have awesomely bad days like me. Btw, I hate when that happens with dryer!

  111. So sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad day! However, I sure would love to see photos of how you wore a dress like a skirt and didn’t know it. (So maybe photos of you wearing it like a dress, too, for comparison purposes!)

  112. Oh boy.
    All I could think of when I read through this ongoing disaster of a day was this line from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day:
    “My mom says some days are like that, even in Australia.”
    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.
    If not, maybe switch to whiskey. The maple syrup stuff is delicious.

  113. You must be a really tough cookie. After that sort of a day, I would have dumped the evening plans and gone to bed with a pillow over my head. Good on you for hanging in there and for having your computer backed up. Time Machine is the best thing since the washing machine!!
    If your laptop doesn’t revive, I hope you find someone nearby who can lend you one. Love the story about the dress/skirt.

  114. I am so sorry you are having a bad day. As it turns out so am I. First off I am having to deal with my psycho mom who likes to play mental games until she gets her way. I am having to drive 200 miles in oder to visit with the woman, and I really don’t want to, but I will. Because like it or not she is still my mum. Second there was some sort of suspicious activity and I had to get my bank card replaced.. This took an hour (and I didn’t bring my knitting, so I was a tad grumpy. On top of that i had absolutely no caffeine of any sort in my system. So I wan’t awake).This would be the second time in less then a year, I have had to do this…
    Anyway, hang in there. It will get better I promise.

  115. If all that stuff happened to me in one day I think i would die, literaly just fall over dead (or at least fall into a coma) Finding the laptop broken would be the straw that broke the camels back.

  116. After all…tomorrow is another day…..
    I have those days where literally nothing goes properly. I would’ve poured myself a glass of wine (or two) myself. And I’ve totally had those chocolate and beer lunch days (though mine are typically dinner days as I slave out of the home full time and have a 4 1/2 year old at home – it somehow seems slightly less irresponsible to partake at dinner time when he’s off to bed in a couple hours. And my “beer” is either wine, or whatever cocktail I can conjure up based on ingredients currently in my house).

  117. Oh, I love you. I really appreciate your ability to write about your shitty days with a positive sense of humor about the whole thing. It’s a nice reminder that we can all acknowledge the crappy parts but still maintain a positive attitude about them.

  118. Thank God it was Yesterday….and not today!!! It’s OVER. Love and prayers….Today had to be better.

  119. Wow. I think you deserve an award for surviving that day! Just think – it truly can only go up from here!

  120. On days like that I quote an old boss who used to say “I’m having the kind of day where if I drop a piece of paper, I’m not sure its going to land on the floor”. Hope you’ve banked enough bad stuff so that you have smooth sailing for quite awhile.

  121. I dont think I’ll complain then about getting my period a week early and the fact its acting like the Hoover dam just burst.
    I know, I know,, TMI,,, but it still sounds better than the day you had! At least yours is over,,,,,,,,

  122. If chocolate and beer for lunch don’t work, then nothing will, and it may be best just to go to bed now and start over.
    Were you at least able to knit? June sock is waiting!

  123. Thank you for your troubles. They were just the thing to make make mine seem small. (broken: refrigerator, dryer, toilet, freezer)+impending root canal+bike shifters broke. Both my computer and bike are behaving much better than yours.
    Take deep breaths.

  124. Wow, I’d like to say that today and tomorrow are bound to be better because how much worse could it get, but that just seems to tempt fate. So I’ll just say I hope today and tomorrow are much better. Eat more chocolate! 🙂

  125. Murphy and all his laws should be stricken from Santa’s nice list RIGHT NOW for what he’s done to you!

  126. So basically your yesterday was well and truly fired. My today was, and while I wouldn’t wish a fired day on my worst enemy, its great to know that I am not the only one who is suffering.
    I hope you get everything up and running before you have to fly out on Monday and that you are able to relax enough to have a very grand and happy Canada Day.

  127. Yesterday was a really bad day. Today has GOT to be better. I hope things start looking up for you as of today.

  128. In summary, yesterday sucked hard.
    And today didn’t start off too well. Though, I’ve been known to have wine to take the edge off and chocolate and beer sounds like an interesting lunch. I would have gone with wine and chocolate, but call me a conformist.
    Feel better.

  129. It’s always beer o’clock somewhere! I’m sure today will be better for you, the days after days like ‘yesterday’ are usually better, ’cause, let’s be honest, can it get worse?
    Also, I know it’s a bit silly, but I’m looking forward to your Canada Day post, I love Canada mostly because of you! (especially through the postal strike, where I had to convince my boss that not ALL of Canada “went under”)

  130. May your stars align in the immediate future. (Great idea on the beer and chocolate for a meal, that combination of goodness is bound to help!)

  131. Oh, poor you! Breathe. Today and tomorrow must be better, unless your plane gets hijacked to Kabul . . . That’s a joke!!

  132. Theer is a wonderful Aystralian cartoonist called Judy Horacek who has a cartoon for days like that. It’s not up on her www site, but you’d probably like the ones that are!
    Naturally her version has images, and they go with the captions
    dog s*** (person looking at sole of shoe–not a birkenstock)
    cow s*** (up to ankle in it)
    godzilla s*** (little persion just managing to stick out the top of the unmentionable)
    Sorry about your godzilla s*** day! Hope today improves on yesterday. Mary

  133. sounds like the mother of all “craptastick” days!thank god for chocolate wine and pointy sticks!

  134. wow!If the beer and chocolate don’t work you might have to up the ante to tequila. Good luck, definitely in my prayers

  135. So there is this great children’s book titled: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Maybe you should work on your very own version: Yarn Harlot and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day…..but only AFTER SS 2011.

  136. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. I almost drank a beer just reading about your day and I don’t even like alcohol. I will, however, eat a chunk of my hidden* dark chocolate with ginger bar to help send good day vibes your way. (*hidden because my 16yo son also likes it and it’s way too good for him unless he racks up serious points)

  137. Crap. It has to get better, there is nowhere to go but up. I feel for you, here is a hug from afar! And hey, everyone is healthy, right? And we will always have post-it notes….

  138. That was a day that really sucked. No place to go but up, right? Keep on truckin.

  139. When my daughter complains that something isn’t fair, my husband’s favourite response is “Life sucks; get a helmet.” Yesterday sounds like a helmet kind of day. Go find someone with a cute (and contented) baby to hug for a while; I find that hugging my babies (when they’re snuggly and quiet) takes the edge off a bad day quicker than anything. (My two-month-old is smiling at me in his sleep right now, and that makes me feel better already.) If all else fails, I like the cheesecake and whiskey idea.

  140. Steph, I’m sooooo sorry. I’ve never had a day in which that many crappy things happened. I’m hoping that it never happens to you again.

  141. Gives a whole new depth of meaning to the phrase, “The Universe dumped on me yesterday.” Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, that was awful. I certainly hope today is a little better.
    Maybe an ice pack? More chocolate? How about (what I call) stupid knitting–the kind where you don’t have to think at all, just garter stitch for a while?
    So sorry.

  142. Yup. Some days are like that, even in Australia.
    The poo on the foot would have sent me over the edge in a very serious way. My feet are magnets for dog poo, and someday, I swear, I’m going to go poo in someone’s living room and leave it there.
    Do you have anything stronger than wine? Some different analgesic sedative?

  143. Days like this I just remind myself that someone out there has had a worse day and count five things that are right with my world. Usually it starts with being this side of dirt, but still … some people aren’t.

  144. oy vey! Maybe something’s wrong with me, but I didn’t laugh once. I felt awful for you. But thanks for sharing, it feels good to know these things happen to all of us. Hope all the crap is behind you and it’s all great from now on.

  145. Days like that make me grateful for every tiny thing that then does go well. Hope today was better for you and yours.

  146. Yesterday, you’ve convinced me you had a worse day that we have the day before yesterday, when we merely had my husband’s bike stolen from in front of out house, just 10 minutes after he entered the house, @ 9:30 pm, i.e., it was dark & he should’ve put the bike away before he went out, say 7:15. But you’ve convinced me that your yesterday was worse than our yesterday and you did it in a most amusing way. Somehow your excellent skills, writing, humour & knitting (& care of the world) to name a few never overpower your humility, & I am grateful for the example!

  147. Maybe get a different job/ line of work. It seems like this is all too much for you. But it’s a money maker…money making is HARD!!!

  148. Oh my! You are having one of those days too! I have been battling the uphill battle myself and I thought “I’ll just see what the Yarn Harlot has to say before I sit down and have a little weep”. May the force be with you. We can get through it!

  149. Oh, no! I hope the rest of the day went better! And I’m blaming the spider for your bike seat breaking. And maybe the computer problems, too….

  150. Sending good Karma your way.
    BTW: I had jalapeno Cheetos and a margarita for lunch. Nutritious??? Bahhhh.

  151. Oh my goodness! That is a rough day. I will send e-hugs (*hugs*) and add some Pagan prayers to the mix hoping that things improve. Sock Summit will happen. It will be wonderful. You will get through this.
    I kind of want to have a glass of wine just reading this….

  152. Just for you I said several dirty words and flipped off the spider that was lowering itself onto my desk. Just for you.

  153. Alexander and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day had nothing on you!

  154. Forget the beer and wine. That kind of day calls for a rum and Coke — without the Coke.
    Think of it as building up some good karma for the Summit. But if you still need prayers for the comatose laptop, I think I can scare up a couple assorted rabbis and some Wiccan practitioners. If I Google hard enough, I might be able to throw in a Voodoo priestess and someone who can legally officiate at a Klingon wedding (and survive it!).
    Oh, and I can recommend a good translation of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, in case the laptop needs THAT kind of prayer!

  155. I’m surprised you waited till lunch to have that beer and that it was only one. Hoping it all comes right soon, and Happy Canada Day.

  156. That was one gynormous crap filled day. Enough crap for at least a month, maybe 3, all compressed into one day. The ultimate series of unfortunate events……
    At least you have your health?

  157. Wow! Hope you have used up all your bad karma and everything is smooth now. Or at least less bumpy.
    Question: Could you not have called someone for a ride when there was still 5 K to go?

  158. A letter to the universe on your behalf:
    Dear powers that be,
    Thanking you for testing Stephanie’s sense of humour and her ability to cling to sanity despite extreme duress. Now please stop f***ing with her. We like her a lot, and think she’s very talented. She would have a hard time knitting or writing if confined to a straightjacket due to total breakdown.
    Regards, Knitters of the World
    P.S. While you really owe her a marvelous sock summit, the spontaneous resurection of her laptop would be a much-appreciated gesture of goodwill.
    P.P.S. Yes, we know she used Jedi mind tricks to get sheep into a convention centre, but we are certain the sheep want to be there. And stoop & scooping is a given.

  159. your yesterday sounds like my week. hubby gone for two weeks? check. pacifier-eating dog? check? having to clean poop out of the hair of the toddler who is too big to fit in diapers but refuses to use the potty? check. slipping in the mud while carrying the baby and ripping one of the only pairs of pants that fit because i haven’t lost the baby weight yet? check. air conditioner breaking in albuqueraue, NNM? check. repair guy not being able to come for 24 hours? check. repair guy not having the part to fix it and saying he’ll come back tomorrow, then not showing up, leaving us on our 4th day with no AC going into a holiday weekend and temps in the upper 90s? check. 3-year-old in constant tantrum mode because he’s over tired because it’s too hot to sleep? check.

  160. Clearly Uranus was in the ascendant yesterday. I realised just as I was on my way to give an important presentation that the reason I was limping was that even though I was wearing a black shoe on each foot, they were not a pair, and one had a heel and one did not. There was nothing to do but tough it out.
    You have my sympathy.

  161. Holy moly! I really hope today was better than yesterday. Sending good comforting vibes your way and may the laptop come to life for you successfully.

  162. “Mamma said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mamma said.”
    Don’t know if you know that song, but holy cow! WHAT a day for you. I’m so sorry, but life goes on and you get past it, and by gosh, I bet today was better!
    “Oh, the sun’ll come out, tomorrow…”. 🙂

  163. Breath in slowly, breath out slowly. Breath in slowly, breath out slowly. Close your eyes and feel the force flow through you ;-). I’d send you my extra force, but my yesterday was like your yesterday and I don’t have any to spare.

  164. Yesterday sucked big time. We got to visit the ER with beloved son when HIS BIKE TRIED TO EAT HIS LEG. 23 stitches (not knit) later he is back to one piece. I was drinking at 2 am as well. God Bless and Wednesday can go eff itself!

  165. That is one helluva sucky yucky day. On the positive side, I can’t WAIT for Sock Summit and am totally psyched (socked) that I get to come to hear you relate these tales in person!

  166. Maybe it’s like what they say in theater – a bad dress rehearsal means a fabulous opening night? If you can ever bring yourself to trust the computer again, here’s something that might make you smile (even if you’ve seen it already, I bet it would still make you smile):
    C’mon, where else would you find the words “heritage-listed urinal” and “knit” in the same sentence?

  167. wow – with karmic balancing coming into play like this, Sock Summit is clearly going to be something monumentally awesome! (also, my computer just died, so I feel a little of your pain).

  168. Well that was a totally crappy day! Hope you had fun while you were at Knit Night.
    I think I’ll just do a back up. Right now.

  169. All that bad crap – both literal and figurative – just means that some really awesome-sauce stuff is coming up for you. I haven’t had a day like yours in a very very long time thankfully but I do know how much it sucks. Massive virtual hugs, chocolate and beer for you!

  170. Apparently you’re about to win the lottery. The really, really big one. Only explanation for the giant turn of bad luck.

  171. …Mom said some days were like that-even in Australia. Here is to a better tomorrow!

  172. You know that’s just a real bad day Honey, but the beer and chocolate seem like a good idea. I do hope all is better soon.

  173. I have exactly that same skirt. DD proclaimed that that my figure is good enough, but I am way too old to go out in public like that. (Is that because I told her she is too young to go out in public in a similar get-up?) So my totally cool dress has become a skirt; and my friends tell me “you know, that is supposed to be a dress.”

  174. Yup, I’ve had days like that. Sometimes beer and chocolate are the only positive things that happen all day.

  175. that is ‘not fair’ in a big way. i’m very glad you were not hurt worse when your bicycle failed. sending (really) best energy and prayer that laptops, bikes, sleep, planes, etc., start playing nice.

  176. Oddly enough, I’ve had similar things happen to me, though never on the same day. Someday, I’ll get the courage to tell the world about the day I wore a cowl neck sweater upside down. All day. It can only get better.

  177. Oh man! Yesterday really had it in for you!!!
    I don’t want to tempt fate, so I won’t say that things can’t get any worse, but I sure HOPE they don’t get worse!

  178. Yesterday I realized that I’m going to be in Portland during the Sock Summit. I’m not actually stupid, just very, very linear. So it was a happy day for me; at least I’ll be able to visit the marketplace.

  179. This blog piece really deserves to be read aloud.
    When my sweetie asked why I I was laughing and shaking my head I read it to her and we laughed until we cried.
    I am so sorry about your, er, crappy day! Hopefully things will only improve from here.

  180. Ugh. Sorry you had such a rotten day; beer and chocolate sounds like a wonderful lunch.

  181. have you ever seen the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? This reminds me of that. Makes you feel like moving to Australia …from the book:)

  182. Blimey, what a totally crap day you had. Can’t believe how many things went wrong. I hope you get all hte Sock Summit stuff rescued. All the best for a better end to the week.

  183. Oh my…..holy crap..!!!!! don’t you love it when the universe has bad day diarrhea ????? Sending a huge hug…… BIG bouquet of your most favorite-est flowers…… a prescription for extra strength M&M’s….. a HUGE laugh/cry over the whole ridiculous,”this can’t ALL be happening in one evening”

  184. ‘thank god it was yesterday’ – a very big gin and tonic is the only way – probably in a pint mug, by the sound of it. Transatlantic hugs on the way….

  185. Oh, man…
    The Universe was giving you quite the lesson in patience!
    I’m sorry… 🙁
    Just remember… When you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up! 🙂

  186. Holy crap!!! OMG!!! I’m so sorry, both for your ridiculously horrific day and the fact that I can’t stop laughing! (I just love all the Alexander references. That’s one of my families favorite kid’s books.) I’ve had a few days like that, though not quite so extreme as yours, but pretty close. Like the time recently when I had a really nasty respiratory infection, and gastroenteritis at the same time. There’s nothing quite like coughing so hard it sounds like you are trying to hack up a lung, while you vomit, and have diarrhea all at the same time LOL! I think your day was the non-bodily fluid version of that, well, except for the dog poop!!! I think you need a Dixie Blacken Voodoo Beer to get rid of all that bad mojo. The beer and chocolate should definitely help get you back on track, or at the very least the beer will make it so you just don’t care quite so much about everything going wrong! Hang in there because we’re all routing for you!! It’s got to get better. Just whatever you do, don’t say “What else could go wrong?!?” because every time you do, the Universe ends up showing you and that’s never fun!!!

  187. Don’t you just hate it when all that happens?? Hope you have a better day today!

  188. Wow, that sounds like the crappiest day in the history of crappy days. It definitely beats Tuesday when I discovered that my mother had accidentatlly thrown out about about $500 worth of my cycling gear.

  189. I’m so sorry I laughed. I started at the wet shirt incident (there is SO MUCH potential for that to happen in this house, except that I often forget the bit where you need to move things out of the washing machine if there’s going to be any chance of getting them dry…). Thank you for reminding me that crazy busy usually means things go a bit nuts. I hope the next few days are better!

  190. That’s FRICKIN’ rediculous!!! what stars were in misalignment that day???????????????
    Maybe you shouldn’t leave the house for a few days and burn some incense and chant Aum(Om) for awhile.

  191. Wow, now that’s a bad day. In the interests of trying to help with your computer problem: my imac ‘broke’ yesterday after what turns out was a botched attempt to install the OS X Update (10.6.8). After various gnashings of teeth and wailings on my part, someone suggested to boot up in Safe Mode and try the update again, it’s fine now. Just seems like the timing would suggest this might be your problem too?

  192. O……………..MI……………….GOD! I would have been absolutely done at “dog poo on foot”.

  193. Happy Canada Day! You are obviously made of strong stuff. I would have curled up in a fetal position when my bike broke. I would just remain still until someone passing by (not a dog, though) was kind enough to help me home.

  194. I would be thinking “How many more ways is God going to come up with to tell me to “Slow Down”.
    I would have just given up. But probably not much before leaving for Knit Nite.
    My luck. I would have gotten there, and not gotten the memo that the location was changed….

  195. and I thought I was having a bad day yesterday since I realized in the afternoon that my shirt was on backwards. You totally win. I bow to your superior crappy day. All spiders must die.

  196. Take a break, grab a beer and watch the Duke & Duchess celebrate Canada Day. Here’s hoping the TV does not blow up!

  197. Oh man. Looks like june 29th just came dangerously close to being deleted from the calender, forever.
    PS: I bet they looked because they were bummed they didn’t think of the alternative styling for themselves. You were just being fashion forward (fashion savvy is an attitude, not an ability).

  198. I’m so sorry you had such a terrible day. I think there’s something in the air floating out of Lakes Michigan and Superior. Wednesday night, I could hear raining in my kitchen. I looked up, and the pocket doors were raining, and the light fixture (bowl-shaped) in the kitchen was full of water, and the whole fixture was raining, and the ceiling was raining, and the chain holding the light fixture was raining. I ran upstairs and found an inch of water on the floor of the bathroom. Turns out one of the kids had v-e-r-y slightly turned on the water so that the cat could get a drink, and had stopped up the sink so that the cat would have something to drink from. Then the kid forgot, and walked away. And the overflow hole in the sink didn’t work. Hours later, it rained in my house. Until the lights all dry out, it’s dark downstairs, because we had to turn off that circuit. From now on, the cat has to drink from the dog dish. I hope that your weekend is not only better,but absolutely wonderful! Huge hug for you from Michigan!

  199. That has got to be one of the most suckish, awful days I’ve ever heard about, bar none. I hope that today is wonderful, and you get out on Monday with no trouble, as payback for yesterday. Big hugs to you from NYC!

  200. This is why it is best to remember there is thing called tomorrow . . . I hope things are improving . . . yikes!

  201. Today, which is now yesterday, must have been a better day than yesterday, which is now the day-before-yesterday, because you had chocolate AND beer for lunch.

  202. Bless your heart. Whatever assistance the sending of good thoughts can bring is yours ’cause I’m sending you lots and lots of good thoughts today.

  203. Wow, what a day! I admire your fortitude – I’d be cowering under the covers after a day like that. Chocolate and beer for lunch – sounds appropriate under the circumstances.

  204. After that Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day…you might want to think about moving to Australia…

  205. Oh, what a horrible, horrible day! I’m so sorry! I hope things pick up and that silver lining shows its pretty little head sooner than later. 🙂

  206. Oh, dear! Such awfulness must be balanced by a tremendously successful Sock Summit. It must, I say!

  207. Your yesterday, is my today…..Including the dog sh*t. We inherited a 6-8 month old puppy. Would not poop for an entire day, decided to go while I was in the shower. Didn’t see the entire mess, stepped in it and walked on the leg of our contractors coveralls. Had to wash them, too. Pup is still residing with us along with our other two dogs. New pup loves yarn. He took the entire skein of yarn and went for a walk around the house. Think he is telling me he wants the scarf, too. Happy Holiday

  208. June has been a cursed month for so many people I know, myself included. Hang in there. It’s a new month and things will get better. Hugs!

  209. Gosh, July 1 can only be better than June 30! Really, what a great story. There’s nothing like stepping in dog poop though to really get your day veering off the happiness charts. But it sounds you did well…drinking wine in the a.m. works although for me personally? A chilled beer at the hour is the only thing that matters.

  210. I have been having crappy work days on a job I used to love. My husband wouldn’t let me stop to pick up wandering dogs to call their owner this morning and our state has some of the most butt-wipe-ish drivers you can think of and I experienced a huge sampling of them during my commute today…and every day. I open up my email and my wonderful knitting friend/co-worker sent me this link and it was one of the first things I read. Thank goodness! I laughed and thought damn, that poor thing. Then I thought how lucky I was because I have backup laptops and haven’t stepped in poo lately.

  211. Hmmm… yesterday clearly sucked. But at least that was yesterday. Hope today and tomorrow are better and better!

  212. Today has got to be better than yesterday, and I love the way I always learn something when I read your blog and its comments. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Canada Day!!

  213. I had one of those days just a while back. Sure, I cried.
    Lunch, or was it supper, was a banana split with loads of chocolate and whipped cream.
    It’s the best excuse for having ice cream for a meal.

  214. Oh, snap. Surely today will be better–I’ll sure hope it is! Have a great Canada Day and lovely weekend!

  215. After all that you deserve chocolate and beer for lunch. I would have a little ice cream (or the whole carton) for good measure!

  216. It sounds as if your day was as bad as Alexander’s (he of the “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day” fame)
    I sure hope your day today is much better!
    Oh, and Happy Canada Day! (see, already it’s better!)
    Here’s hoping, anyway…

  217. to borrow from Judith Viorst: “YH and her no good, very bad day.” Dessert for all 3 meals today for you.

  218. I think I may have you beat: yesterday I got laid off.
    Not really the kind of contest either of us wants to win…

  219. This is why i love you. you react like i would react. Go, Kindred Spirit Canadian woman.

  220. Oh wow, what a sucky day. Here’s hoping that everything goes much better today.

  221. All that in ONE day? We’ve had some terrible horrible-ness but it took 6 weeks and it involved my computer, too. A visit to the genius bar and a new (twice the size) hard drive, and a backup routine, and I’m good to go. It was a week of nausea (which was the worst) waiting to hear if my hard drive survived. It did. Thank you Mac gods. But the best is that we have a new phone, modem, mixer and dishwasher (and a new hard drive). Drunk a bit of wine and ate a bit of chocolate helped.
    Happy Canada Day!

  222. Well, my day is off to a hugely crappy start, but reading about your day yesterday has me feeling like maybe mine’s not so bad. At least I haven’t stepped in dog doo while wearing Birks (ewww!)…well, at least not yet. Hope today is much, much better!

  223. Oh holy hell that was worse than you let known on Twitter! My day yesterday was NOWHERE NEAR THAT BAD but I did have to wear dirty underwear because I was coming home from vacation and apparently didn’t count well while packing.
    My response to Joe regarding “that’s not good”? NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.

  224. I’m sad to hear what is happening to you and I want you to know you’re not alone. My best friend lives in Washington state. She had knee replacement surgery in in January but her knee would only bend a few degrees. So the doctors put her in the hospital on Monday and, under sedation, forcibly bent her knee. When she awoke her knee was as big as a melon.
    She went home and fell going up the stairs to her porch. She sat on a chair in the living room and realized she needed to use the bathroom. She was wearing those hospital slippers with the little grip pads on the soles. On the way into the bathroom she fell backwards and hit her head. There was bleeding and a lump forming so her hubby took her to the emergency room. She was examined and told she’d be okay and sent home.
    Yesterday, she was in the shower and grabbed for a bottle of liquid body wash. It stuck and she pulled harder and the bottle hit her on the bridge of her nose and now she has two black eyes and a big lump. I can’t wait to hear what happens this weekend. I think there is bad juju going around.

  225. Chocolate and a beer sounds like the start of things getting better! Hoping so, anyway.

  226. I just backed up my Macbook really quick…………
    *offers virtual back rub* – it’s not much and you probably wouldn’t have the time to sit still that long!
    Love, Mary

  227. Today? HAS to be better; right? If not I will start sacrificing something for you, just give me the word.

  228. If karma truly does exist, you’ve paid so much in advance that this Sock Summit is going to be the smoothest-running event in history.
    Okay, it’s cold comfort right now. Here’s hoping your holiday weekend goes better than this.
    (Hmm. No computer = more knitting time. Where were the June socks when the laptop mysteriously died?)

  229. Reminds one of the first words of the song, “Yesterday, when I was young…” A day like that ages one very quickly. Here’s hoping Canada Day will improve your luck.

  230. Apple Store, Eaton Centre
    220 Yonge Street, Space 3110A, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1
    (647) 258-0801
    *hugs* and good luck!

  231. aw, baby, sorry…happy belated birthday, though.
    and a bad day with chocolate and beer is better than a good day without them.

  232. Oh no, I think I just peed my pants laughing! Sorry to laugh at your crappy day,though. Hope life improves drastically and quickly.

  233. If there’s a bright side at all, it’s that your post wasn’t entitled “Tomorrow”.

  234. Wow, you really don’t believe in doing things half-way, do you? Thank goodness that day is over with now.

  235. Hey, if you like it and it looks good on you, it’s a skirt and you can wear it anyway you want.

  236. Wow!!! I think the dog poo would have did me in lol I would have ended up bawling like a baby all the way home dragging my bike and basket. You are a stronger woman then I lol

  237. OK, I admit it, I laughed until I cried – but only because I too have had days like that and made it out alive. Wish I lived close by, I’d fix your computers for you gratis just to help make up for your awful “yesterday” (my day job is fixing PCs and everything that can go wrong with them).

  238. Yes, some days ARE like that… even here in Australia…
    So where do we Australians go???? Maybe Canada?
    Hope things get better Steph, and you have a stupendously great sock summit.

  239. wow. I am so sorry you had such a horrible day. on the bright side, it makes my horrible day look slightly less horrible. Now I can say, “Well, at least it’s nothing like Stephanie’s day.”
    Hope the new day brings better, brighter things your way.

  240. My Grandmother said that somedays it just didn’t pay to get out of bed. This was one of these days, May the Knitting Muses rally around you and make your future days at least bearable.

  241. My Grandmother said there would be days like this. May the knitting muses surround you and make your further days much better.

  242. I KNOW the dress/skirt! I was recently searching for some flowy cool skirts for summer and went to the “new” stores as opposed to the thrift stores (where a skirt is a skirt).I bought 2 skirt/dresses and oly know this cause there was a tag attached showing your options. If I am correct, these have gathered wide waistbands so you can use them as a skirt under a top or pull them up over your chest as a tube top would be. Then the tube top is the top of the dress and the long flowy “skirt” is the bottom of the dress. personally I am too old to wear it like that, so they are skirts. The heck with what the beautiful young people think.

  243. Steph, When my 17 foot high retaining wall fell down after a month of rain and popped a hole in my kitchen, you said I could come for New Year’s. Any time you fall down you are invited to come here to Portugal for some beach time. It really helps. (And I’m still sending mental thanks your way! Your kind words really helped!)

  244. P.S. We have chocolate and beer here too – although chocolate isn’t always at its best at the beach on a hot day!

  245. I don’t have a Sock Summit hanging over my head, but in the last two weeks: I lost the glasses I need to drive, my cell phone went for a swim in the washer and died, my wheelchair is acting up, and finally the video died on my laptop. All them will cost money to replace, that I just don’t have.

  246. I still laughing at the dress-mistaken-for-a-skirt thing (almost did the same thing until I saw the “all dresses on this rack 25% off” sign! I thought that stretchy bit at the top was there to suck in my tummy.) when I got to the broken bicycle and bricked computer parts. Man, that’s a rough day! I don’t know if the universe talks to us or not but if it does it’s telling you to slow down!

  247. By the way, is it possible that the unfinished sock you blogged about yesterday, could have sabotaged your laptop? You have been spending a lot of time with your computer lately….just sayin’.

  248. Oh dear. I’m so sorry. Last Tuesday was like that for me. Except I broke my computer when I threw it. Why’d I throw it? A scorpion came walking across the keyboard while I was typing an email. It didn’t end well for both of them. And instead of a broken bike, replace that with a broken foot. I happened to drop a 7lb weight on my foot while exercising. Which leads me to believe that I should never exercise again because it’s dangerous.

  249. Ok. I would have the same chocolate and beer for lunch, but not together. I would need a taste cleanser in between like a gallon of vanilla ice cream! Keep-on-Knitting KOK….I think I just “coined” a new whatever those things that every body uses to appreviate words with letters are called. KOK !!! (IS This THE Reason we knit???)

  250. I just want to reassure you that it is highly unlikely that the events of June 29-30th had anything to do with the [lack of] progress on the June socks.

  251. OMG, I’m always so amazed that you can make a day like this sound so funny. I think in my next life I want to be Canadian.

  252. Aw, that sounds like a pisser of a day! You totally get bonus points for finding your sense of humor in there somewhere, despite it all. I hope things get less stressful for you, soon!

  253. Stephanie, what can I say? We all have days like that, but reading about one just makes it seem that much worse! I hope that – to make up for it – the sock summit goes off without a hitch. And I will pray for you.

  254. It’s posts like these that make me wonder if you are making it all up? If so, You have an amazingly lively imagination. If not…Which I’m assuming is the case, I’m so sorry. I promise to LOVE LOVE LOVE sock summit even if things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes, that stuff happens. We still love you anyway! 🙂

  255. Chocolate and Beer for lunch.. why didn’t I think of that. I just had a tuna sandwich… Chocolate and Beer would have been MUCH better! I’m late reading this post, so I’m sure by now, all is much better.

  256. Well, now that you have all that stuff out of the way, you won’t have a really bad day for at least another year….right? I like your lunch, never thought of that combo before. I will have to remember that. Hope all things are better now. 🙂

  257. Do you know the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? “Some days are like that, even in Australia.”

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