It’s less than two weeks until Sock Summit my friends, and I apologize for the scarcity of the posts around here, but to say that things are crazypants would be to not even come close.  Every day is a blur of post-it’s and lists and conversations and check-ins, and now that the biggest part of it has gone to bed – it’s mostly little things. It’s like we knit a great big blanket out of a million colours, and now we’re weaving in all the ends so it looks nice and you can really call it done.

Between that and the travel and the fact that somewhere in here I still have a family and stuff I should be doing around the house – actually, I bet you can guess at the condition of the house.  If someone turned up at my door right now I wouldn’t let them in.  Partly because I personally look like a mess, but mostly because I can’t believe they would be able to resist the urge to wipe down the kitchen, do a load of laundry and try to assemble a cat out of all the hair on the carpet. The vacuum broke two weeks ago.  That’s another thing.  Yesterday for dinner I had celery with peanut butter on it and an apple, and I congratulated myself for really getting it together.  Standards have clearly slipped.

Luckily for the whole Sock Summit team (because I can personally guarantee that I’m not the only one who tried to figure out what food group coffee goes in this morning)  we are almost there – and as we go along we’re seeing brilliant flashes of what it’s going to be like.  Somewhere in arranging something for the Flashmob, I realize that we’re having one and just sort of giggle.  As we get ready to order badges, I remember what it was like being in the conference centre and watching people walk around with them, and I’m so tickled I can’t even tell you.  All of this is turning into something – a real something, a fun something… hell, an amazing something, and the trick is to be able to see that at 2am as you’re crossing another item off the list.  In the meantime, I totally crossed something off my list, and I feel like a rock-star.  June’s socks are finally finished.

They’re Revival, from Glenna C, and despite how very fancy they look (and how appallingly long they took me) I think they’re pretty fun and approachable.  Anyone who can read a chart, isn’t drinking a swimming pool of coffee a day and doesn’t have to tidy a Sock Summit up would likely have no troubles at all.

There’s a lot of twisted stitches, but  they’re not hard to work, and if you do the wee two stitch cables without a cable needle (and Glenna thoughtfully provides instructions) then the whole thing’s a snap.

The yarn’s a new favourite of mine,  Everlasting, from Dream in Color. It’s a 8-ply yarn, strong, cushie and soft – though a tad splitty when used in this incarnation.  (Your mileage may vary.)  I used a very manly colour called "Black and White" which is a good thing, because even though I sort of bunched these on to my feet for the pictures, they aren’t for me at all. (Not that I wouldn’t wear that colour, I totally would, but the man in question has conservative taste in footwear.)

The July socks are started.  Who knows when I’ll finish, I’m not really worrying about it right now.  I’m weaving in ends on the Sock Sumit, and I think it’s going to be really good when it’s finished.   I’m going to knit the daylights out of August.

(PS.  The Design for Glory contest ends soon.  Have you voted? They’re all extremely cool.)