Knits on a plane

Once again, because every time I say I knit on a plane, it sparks a round of questions, and the occasional intimation that I might be hallucinating, or knitting in my mind while I’m on the plane – I give you a whole row of knitters knitting on a plane. 

That’s Nat and Rachel, and my knitting was in my lap, and all the flight attendant said when she came by was "oh, it’s the knitting section!"

Later in the flight she came by to tell us that there was another knitter on the flight, and that she was making a sock.  She checked in with us about our projects (sock, sock, blanket) and didn’t way anything more about it – which is too bad, because I was really thinking that it would have been a ton of fun for all the knitters to pretend we didn’t know each other.