It’s less than two weeks until Sock Summit my friends, and I apologize for the scarcity of the posts around here, but to say that things are crazypants would be to not even come close.  Every day is a blur of post-it’s and lists and conversations and check-ins, and now that the biggest part of it has gone to bed – it’s mostly little things. It’s like we knit a great big blanket out of a million colours, and now we’re weaving in all the ends so it looks nice and you can really call it done.

Between that and the travel and the fact that somewhere in here I still have a family and stuff I should be doing around the house – actually, I bet you can guess at the condition of the house.  If someone turned up at my door right now I wouldn’t let them in.  Partly because I personally look like a mess, but mostly because I can’t believe they would be able to resist the urge to wipe down the kitchen, do a load of laundry and try to assemble a cat out of all the hair on the carpet. The vacuum broke two weeks ago.  That’s another thing.  Yesterday for dinner I had celery with peanut butter on it and an apple, and I congratulated myself for really getting it together.  Standards have clearly slipped.

Luckily for the whole Sock Summit team (because I can personally guarantee that I’m not the only one who tried to figure out what food group coffee goes in this morning)  we are almost there – and as we go along we’re seeing brilliant flashes of what it’s going to be like.  Somewhere in arranging something for the Flashmob, I realize that we’re having one and just sort of giggle.  As we get ready to order badges, I remember what it was like being in the conference centre and watching people walk around with them, and I’m so tickled I can’t even tell you.  All of this is turning into something – a real something, a fun something… hell, an amazing something, and the trick is to be able to see that at 2am as you’re crossing another item off the list.  In the meantime, I totally crossed something off my list, and I feel like a rock-star.  June’s socks are finally finished.

They’re Revival, from Glenna C, and despite how very fancy they look (and how appallingly long they took me) I think they’re pretty fun and approachable.  Anyone who can read a chart, isn’t drinking a swimming pool of coffee a day and doesn’t have to tidy a Sock Summit up would likely have no troubles at all.

There’s a lot of twisted stitches, but  they’re not hard to work, and if you do the wee two stitch cables without a cable needle (and Glenna thoughtfully provides instructions) then the whole thing’s a snap.

The yarn’s a new favourite of mine,  Everlasting, from Dream in Color. It’s a 8-ply yarn, strong, cushie and soft – though a tad splitty when used in this incarnation.  (Your mileage may vary.)  I used a very manly colour called "Black and White" which is a good thing, because even though I sort of bunched these on to my feet for the pictures, they aren’t for me at all. (Not that I wouldn’t wear that colour, I totally would, but the man in question has conservative taste in footwear.)

The July socks are started.  Who knows when I’ll finish, I’m not really worrying about it right now.  I’m weaving in ends on the Sock Sumit, and I think it’s going to be really good when it’s finished.   I’m going to knit the daylights out of August.

(PS.  The Design for Glory contest ends soon.  Have you voted? They’re all extremely cool.)

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  1. I’m pretty sure since coffee comes from beans it must be in the vegetable group. 🙂 OR maybe it’s a protein?
    Hang in there! I’m sure all will be awesome.

  2. Thank you Stephanie for all you have done! I hope to see you there, still packing 500 or so skeins of yarn to ship!! 😉

  3. Lovely socks! Sorry you’ve been so fershemmelled, but glad you’re OK. Have an amazing Sock Summit!

  4. Socks look great. Sock Summit will be wonderful (even though I cannot attend). Put your feet up & have a beer a& take at least 15 minutes off.

  5. Congratulations for getting thus far! I am scared to ask how many boxes of post-its you’ve gone through.
    I LOVE the socks. Love the pattern and the color. Will pass it by the hubby to see if he likes it.

  6. Glad you mentioned the flash mob and giggling. The first time I viewed the videos I fell on the floor laughing. I told all my fellow bellydancers to view the videos. All and I mean all think it is going to be hilarious and a belly load of fun. I can’t wait. I am having a great deal of trouble learning the choreography because I can’t stop laughing.

  7. Coffee is not a foodgroup, it is part of your body — specifically, its lifeblood. Get real.
    I’d be amused to know, by the way (since you seem to have time on your hands,) how many pairs of socks have actually found their way to your drawer since the in-house club began. Not that a generous and overflowing heart isn’t a fine thing, but seems to me the original idea was a glorious twelve new pairs for the Harlot (heart of gold’s a drawback, see?)

  8. (You’ll note I’m regarding Sock Summit exactly the way a 20 year old cat regards a new kitten in the house. It is not there. It is not happening. Ignore the wobbly lower lip.)

  9. Boo-tea-ful socks, and I’m sure the recipient will love them!
    Well they say coffee has antioxidants in it, so maybe that counts as a vitamin?

  10. Best of luck with Sock Summit. I love your June socks. coffee is a vegetable. I hope to make it to Sock summit next year… It looks like a total blast. Have a blast!

  11. But when will Sock Summit be “blocked”? (I’m guessing at about 3 am the night before you open the doors.) ps Coffee is its own food group and makes no apologies about it. The four major food groups are sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol. For convenience’s sake, have an Irish coffee; it includes them all.

  12. You are right about Everlasting. So far I have used the color Grow ( a gorgeous green) and Chili ( a rust color) and Elysian (beautiful blue.) I’d love more but my local yarn shop closed and now I’ll have to get it mail order. I did buy up all their Everlasting that was left before they closed, but haven’t knitted it yet. I have plans, though….

  13. Knitters Flash Mob!
    I want to be there. Sadly, not going to happen. I hope you get someone to do a really good video of it and post online. Please?
    Love the socks.

  14. How about a badge for the knitters stuck at home…. I would proudly wear ” I wish I was knitting at sock summit 2011″

  15. The socks look lovely – clearly your standards aren’t slipping at all! (Cleaning is just a bonus if you can get round to it – it isn’t one of life’s essentials).
    Just a thought, but have you thought of asking for volunteers to help organise Sock Summit? I’m sure you’d be inundated with offers.

  16. Lovely socks!! I stayed up until 2am knitting almost an entire sock last night. For a second, I thought I was channeling my inner Yarn Harlot, because I NEVER knit socks this quickly!

  17. Your June socks look great! I hope their recipient enjoys them immensely.
    Good luck on getting to/through Sock Summit! I’m sure the whole thing is going to be a tremendous success, and I’m sad that I can’t go.

  18. Coffee is not just a food group, it’s a medical necessity! In case anyone doubts you, refer them to this post:
    And I wish that Sock Summit was on my horizon as well…but a brand-new baby means no long-distance travelling. But I’m glad there is such a thing as Sock Summit, and maybe one day… Even the Backyardigans love socks! (About 23 minutes in, since there are 4 episodes)
    This is training to make sure the next generation loves making socks, too.

  19. Well, heckfire, gal, if they’re gonna come in and do housework and laundry for you, bring on the visitors!
    Socks look great even if they’re not for you.
    If you find a way to make that cat out of shed hair, let me know how; I could follow your instructions and make a dog.

  20. The socks are wonderful! 🙂
    And I love that after only a year of knitting in any serious fashion, I took one look at those socks and thought, “They HAVE to be one of Glenna’s designs!” 🙂

  21. Two things:
    First, I love June’s Sock…
    Second, I wish I could be at SS this year…(sigh)
    Okay, maybe three things…8-ply??!! Who knew?!
    (Runs off to look up 8-ply for sale online, giggling gleefully!)

  22. Coffee is so totally a food group. (at least, I hope so)
    I can’t wait for Sock Summit, Steph, and the socks are beautiful.
    See you there!

  23. I would highly reccommend that if someone shows up at your door who has an uncontrollable need to wipe down the kitchen, do a load a of laudry and remove the cat hair from the carpet… let them in! And then… send them to my place. Thanks.

  24. I’m SO EXCITED for Sock Summit!!! I can’t wait!! I’m rapidly becoming someone who says “squee” whenever the topic comes up. Oh and did I mention I’M EXCITED?? Thanks so much for all the hard work you and ST1&2 have put into all that is SOCK SUMMIT.
    (can you tell I’M EXCITED??) 😀

  25. Weave away. We’re weaving with you. Got my legwarmers done, working on a pair of mitts and trying to remember when to do a LightSaber vs. a Statue of Liberty. This is going to be an intense 2 weeks.

  26. first: I. want. those. beautiful. socks!
    Next: you and the team have worked so very hard on SS. I hope you get to enjoy some part of t, even if it is only the dance!
    Wish I could come, even tho I haven’t yet knit a sock. Someday!

  27. Coffee is from beans
    beans are from legume fiber
    good for digestion
    ….Haiku for you
    See you at SS

  28. I agree with Kate and Kathleen. If someone comes to your house and has an uncontrollable urge to clean – TAKE THEM UP ON THE OFFER!!!! And if a second person shows up, send them to the grocery store for some basic food supplies. You really don’t have to do it all yourself. Take care. We are all rooting for you (and the family).
    P.S. The June socks look great.

  29. Those are very handsome socks indeed and I hope the lucky recipient appreciates them. Sadly my children do not appreciated knitted socks and though my ex certainly did, I’m not about to resume knitting for his benefit. So I am the sockie person, which is just as well because I spend most of the year freezing to death. Wish I was going to be at Sock Summit but then again, I have big local events to cover so will be busy busy busy anyway.

  30. By all means, if someone shows up at the door let them do a load of laundry. When you were helping new mothers didn’t you tell them to take any help they could get? Planning Sock Summit has got to be just about as close to being a new mother as one can get. Good LUCK!

  31. How long have you been doing a pair of socks each month? In other words, how big is your sock stash?
    I hope SS11 is a wonderful success!!!!! Then you deserve a vacation.

  32. I would come do your laundry in a second. It’s always more fun to do someone else’s housework. Thank you for the Sock Summit! (Still trying to figure out how to get there, at least for the market at least for a day.)

  33. Wowza! The sock summit is going to be fabulous. Love your finished black and white socks. They look great!

  34. As compared to someone who just had rice cakes with marmalade, and polka dot cookies for dinner, you’re doing pretty well. The socks are very interesting. I might try them out. No promises they’ll be finished before the end of the month, let alone the year.

  35. I love all the submissions – maybe the winning sock pattern is sold on Ravelry – with proceeds going to the Doctors without Borders project? Just a thought. Best wishes.

  36. I know you are entirely immersed in SS and the last thing you need to do is read comments. In spite of that, here I is, commenting to the air. When I was part of a team programming a brand-new, never-seen-before internet-like system (back in the 80s, it never took off, you wouldn’t have heard of it) (unless you were dating one of the Canadian team members), the women had a little contest.
    We had been working late for days, unable to get the grocery shopping done, and the men in our lives couldn’t figure out how on earth to do that. (And yet, every grocery store manager seemed to be a man. Incongruous?) The contest was what these helpless men put together from the dregs left in cupboard and fridge, and I won with my man’s entry: a green grape and Coolwhip burrito. The tortilla was whole wheat, so there was some food value to it. I didn’t even know I’d ever bought Coolwhip.

  37. Just finished my homework for a class the first day. Sitting here giggling. SO excited!

  38. I love the socks!! They look like the perfect pair of newspaper reading/coffee drinking socks. I’m sure he’ll love them.

  39. Cannot wait for Sock Summit. It’s not even here yet, but let me be the first to say, you’ve done a wonderful job. Seriously, who thinks of a flashmob at a knitting convention?

  40. Great socks – love the color.
    Hope you have fun at the Sock Summit!
    m in m

  41. The only reason why my house hasn’t been condemned is because I won a video contest a few months ago on “why I need a personal assistant” and won, yes, a personal assistant for 10 hours a week for 6 months. It still looks like I have a hoarding disorder though (I ran out of room in the studio, so the whole house is gradually becoming the studio), and I shudder to think what will happen when the 6 months are up. Oh, right, the dust bison will return.

  42. Sooooo wishing I could be at sock summit! Can’t wait to see video of flash mob. I might just have to participate from my living room : ) As much as you inspire all of us to knit socks, I wish for you the perfect coffee everyday…. might just go dye some yarn with coffee myself!

  43. As long as you can still find the cat, who cares how much cat hair is on the carpet??? Besides, Joe and the girls should be able to fend for themselves by now. All you have to do is get some neighbor kid (or Hank) to feed & water the cat, houseplants, and garden.
    And I suggest a Crazypants contest for SSIII. Entrants have to knit (and model) whatever they consider to be crazypants or crazy pants. Extra credit for inspired use of self-patterning sock yarn. Winners to be determined by Crazy Aunt Purl and the editors of Mad Magazine.

  44. Just wanted to thank you for putting in all of these long hours for such a wonderful event. You and you’re team are amazing people. I’m looking forward to seeing it in all it’s glory.

  45. Won’t it be time to relax a bit after Summit? Why not have your July socks be invisible? Call them “The Emperor’s New Socks” and slide on through to the August ones which you can then knit non-compulsively! With this in mind you can move on into Sock Summit and enjoy!

  46. Some socks being done is just the ever present reminder that things can and will be done. I’m sure you breathed the big sigh of relief when the blanket was done, and are now getting all fidgety and nervous when you think about finally being done.

  47. I wish I was coming to sock summit with you! I will all go swimmingly. You are an amazing lady!!!!! Good Luck.

  48. Envy: one of the 7 deadly sins. I am guilty of this ugly sin. When does Sock Summit come east? When do WE get to join in the fun? Lots of good socknitters here just drooling with each of your posts. Have a wonderful time, a great event and then start thinking of all these drooling socknitters……….

  49. Nuts (peanut butter) and fruit – how much more heathly can you get for dinner!
    Coffee goes in the same food group as chocolate.
    I think you might sleep through August rather than knit. Then again, maybe you’ve learned how to do both at the same time by now. ; )

  50. I love you blog! it inspired me to learn how to knit and i am now knitting socks 🙂 if you buy yarn online where do you go online? because i really dont have a yarn shop close, or a store with many options.
    good luck at sock summit 😀

  51. If someone showed up at your door and volunteered to wipe down the kitchen, do laundry and vacuum the cat hair – for goodness sake, LET THEM IN!

  52. This has nothing to do with you, but I BROKE MY FINGER AND I CAN’T KNIT!!! I will be suffering knitting withdrawal soon….sweating, shaky, hallucinations….what to do???? I will read your blog to get me through. It’s not quite the same, but it will have to do. Oh, the horrors!!!

  53. You deserve to have someone show up at your door and clean your house and do your laundry for you! Don’t turn that person away.

  54. I am so impressed with you and the rest of the SS team! An amazing amount of work has gone into the Sock Summit and I appreciate every little tiny detailed bit of it! Kudos!
    Yesterday I created a spreadsheet to keep track of where we are supposed to be and when…this is when I re-discovered how much work you have done to make this all happen.
    Thank you!

  55. In future years you might want to do what some monthly magazines do and have a July/August issue of your personal sock club. Just to add some cushion into the whole year for stuff like planning Sock Summit and getting a bit behind. (Or a June/July sock when you know you have a crazy pants period there)

  56. Thank you and the rest of the gang for all of your hard work! I truly hope I can attend the next Summit — didn’t QUITE pull it together for this one.
    I love the idea of the flash mob. What a fun trend. Even better then streaking.

  57. I have a friend who has a sign by her door that say; “If you have come to see me come on in. If you have come to see my house make an appointment.
    Hope this helps with the house.

  58. I missed you! Hooray for sock summit…do you give out scholarships :)…just being silly.

  59. I understand why there are so few posts. I just hope you have some intrepid correspondents to post some during the event – so those of us stuck on the outside looking in can at least pretend.
    And I hope all the Fleece to Foot sock designs eventually hop the fence as well – they are amazing and I would like to knit every single one, competitors, honorable mentions, all of them!
    Meanwhile, my house is not all that different from yours, and I am not producing anything nearly as worthy as SS.
    “All shall be well again, I know…”

  60. But, you DO know we would gladly come in & wipe down your counter & do laundry & do some grocery shopping to boot? Heck, I’d even bring over my vacuum and take care of any roaming herds of dust buffaloes.
    Beautiful socks. Unbelievable effort on yours and all the SS crew parts. Can’t wait for Portland!

  61. The socks look absolutely divine. As for the food group coffee falls under, I would say carbohydrate for any sugar you add, dairy for the milk/ cream, protein since it’s a bean type thing after all, and so in one delicious cup you can certainly count a well rounded meal.
    After my own battles with crazy deadlines in the past, just know that at the end of the day, the house will wait, you won’t starve on peanut butter and celery, and the end result will be well worth the aggravation!
    Keep up the great work and have FUN at sock summit!!

  62. Your June socks are gorgeous and totally worth the time. Love them.
    I think that your peanut butter and celery and apple is at least as put together as my husband and I got on cheese and crackers night, so rock on, and remember Coffee belongs to all the food groups.

  63. Hello all SSII attendees and wanna-attendees (like me), Did you see last week’s Time magazine article about Yarn Bombing?! Hope it’s OK to share a link here. Wait till they hear about the yarn flashmob…

  64. You will never cease to amaze me, not only do you manage to do all the sock summit stuff (despite the evils of excel) and blog about it, you knit a damn gorgeous pair of socks too.
    You are a little piece of magic!
    Good luck with sock summit, I wish I could be there for the mob too!

  65. I thought you block after you weave in the ends. But then it would be considered extra work, yes? Sorry.

  66. You are essential to Sock Summit. Other people can do laundry and clean cat-hair off your rug. There is no shame in getting help during this crazy period every couple of years. Jus’ saying — Molly Maids OR a knitter who loves your work would probably do it for free! There are lots of people out here that love you!!
    Next year you could consider a SS membership for services rendered.

  67. I hate housework. I do not do housework. I hire someone to do housework for me. However, if I lived in Toronto I would come over and do your housework as a thank you for Sock Summit-I’m going to have the time of my life and not just during the flash mob dancing. I’m arriving in Portland on the 26th and can hardly stand the excitement. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  68. SS11 is almost ready to be born, so finding a comfortable sleeping position is useless. Pour the coffee strong, take a deep breath, and soon you’ll be heaving a deep sigh of relief as you see everyone having an awesome time. And it will be awesome.
    P.S. I want that responder’s Grape & Coolwhip burrito. 🙂

  69. Coffee is easily my favorite breakfast food.
    Thank you so, so much for putting Sock Summit together! I can’t wait! I’m roadtripping up from the Bay Area with two sympathetic non-knitters.

  70. The socks look great (but can you really give an accurate rating of level of difficulty? I think not). Coffee falls into the ESSENTIAL food group (yes all caps). Thank you for the update.

  71. Coffee is the nectar from Heaven. It defies food group definition. Without coffee, life is dark and murky.
    Also the video links on the Sock Summit website are broken.

  72. To Ellen at July 15, 2011 8:16 PM
    I can’t tell you how ComicCon started (probably the same way) but I can guarantee this is how Star Trek Conventions started in 1972 — and they are still going, bigger than ever.

  73. Coffee beans are a fruit. If you put sugar and cream in your coffee, you get two servings of fruit and a serving of dairy out of it (yes, my food pyramid is a little wonky).
    As far as standards slipping, I’ve always found “standards” to be a relatively subjective word.

  74. Um, you could maybe drop your kit count to 11 for next year and have one pair for June/July, and count sock summit as the other pair. Just, you know, for consistency. Then there’d be no expectation of a finished product in June, but then you’d get two at the end of July!

  75. Everlasting is on my wish list for a vintage style sweater. I love the color segues…nothing harsh, with everything in muted tones.

  76. I considered bringing you some cupcakes and maybe beer during SS but am hesitating because not everyone is keen on taking candy from strangers. If I bring cupcakes to share with the SS team will you all eat them?

  77. Much as I miss the posts, I am far too excited about SS2011 being less than 2 weeks away to be upset! Take heart Harlot, you and your team are clearly warping the space/time continuum in wild and wonderful ways. Just keep breathing – and knitting (or you might really lose it!)!

  78. So much fun! Perhaps we should all have knitting flashmobs around the world at the same time!!!!

  79. When I have people come over to my house, I tell them, “Don’t mind my house, it’s not usually this clean!”
    Also: my mother-in-law got me a cleaning lady, who comes every other week to vacuum and wash the floors. I WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT AGAIN.

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