Telegram from the edge

Am knitting on blanket as much as possible, considering shortage of time and not inconsiderable factor of heat  Stop

Is very hard to put blanket on lap in 48 degree heat  Stop
That is 118 in Fahrenheit I looked it up Stop

Saw Jen last night Stop
She is growing a baby very quickly. Stop

I don’t think she can stop Stop

Must knit faster and buy air conditioner Stop
Not necessarily in that order Stop

137 thoughts on “Telegram from the edge

  1. Air first, but whew! That baby is going to be here yesterday by the looks of it! Knit, Stephanie, knit!

  2. Maybe she could have a small baby right away – then you’re all done. Or maybe the baby won’t want the blankie til Winter – giving you more time. Looks beautiful!

  3. Seems that western Canada is being helpful to Wisconsin…sent some cooling winds down to us last night. I walked out of knitting to a real breeze, not a wet washcloth! Temps are in the 80’s and the humidity has blissfully gone down. No more heat indexes of 105 degrees plus.

  4. You’re doing great! Maybe a fan will help with the heat. Love the blanket and can’t wait to see it finished.

  5. 97 degrees in Northeastern Ohio. stop
    Have switched to knitting socks. stop
    While directly in front of fan. stop
    Half naked. stop
    It isn’t pretty, but I can’t stop knitting.

  6. I know how important it feels to get it done in time but, on a practical note, I don’t think the baby is going to feel like wearing a wool blanket while it’s that hot anyway. You are an awesome friend!

  7. You’ve got time. She hasn’t even dropped yet.
    BTW, I finished my baby blanket. Though not before my baby came. He was almost 3 weeks early. 🙂

  8. You know, for someone who’s 9 months pregnant in 118 degree heat, she looks great. I’d say you got a little more time 😉

  9. Oh just look how adorable she is though and she doesn’t look a bit hot.
    P.S. It’s freakin hot here in Michigan too 😐

  10. Bind off where you are! I made a shorter baby blanket for a friend, mostly because I ran out of yarn. She declared me brilliant and said that the shorter blanket was so perfect for using with the carseat or stroller.

  11. That baby hasn’t dropped yet and she made it through the last full moon so I’m pretty sure you can make it.

  12. 110 degrees in western kansas STOP
    no air conditioning STOP
    dog breathing on my while trying to knit STOP
    considering relocating to nudist camp STOP
    (thanks for the idea deb sheet! stay cool out there)

  13. That is a BEAUTIFUL BELLY on a beautiful momma! Love it.
    Sending speedy knitting and cool air conditioning vibes your way.

  14. No, you just need to hang out in the knitting shop more often when it’s hot. Of course, there will be massive A/C at Sock Summit, but we’ll keep you to busy to knit. You may have to take up kninja-knitting.

  15. LOL Some babies don’t drop!
    Advice from Kansas, for everybody east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon Line, buy ONE small A/C unit and cool a room off so everybody has a place to go to to get out of the heat. Don’t make yourself or family sick from the heat. Heat can, does, and will kill.

  16. Look at Jen’s face. She is smiling. The baby is not coming soon. Keep knitting.

  17. I second Stephanie. Head for Oregon. I’m in Western Washington where our high of the day will be 18 (65 F). The rain will be gone by the weekend. It will be sunny but a mild 24 in Seattle and 25 in Portland. Doesn’t that sound better than 48?

  18. Bind off that blanket & call it a burp cloth. Trust me, you’ll both be thankful.

  19. Might I suggest a stroller blanket? I tend to make my baby blankets smaller and the parents always love them for the stroller because they don’t drag on the ground or get caught under the wheels.
    The bonus is the reduced knitting acreage.

  20. Its 37C (99F) here in Washington DC. And its supposed to be 102F (39C) tomorrow with a high heat index (115F/45C). I am knitting sock, staying inside and hoping we don’t loose power. Good luck getting the blanket done!

  21. You could always take a cruise to Alaska. The weather was in the 50’s when I was there a week ago. It was great for blanket knitting!!

  22. Well if it’s that hot even a new baby won’t need that blanket right away….

  23. Stephanie, put a bulletin board across your lap and put the afghan on that. (I use a framed cork bulletin board that’s about 18 inches x 24 inches; the frame makes it sturdy.) You can pick up the whole thing and set it aside, then come back to it quickly without having to turn everything and try to sort out where you were. You can tack pattern notes to the board if you need to. (Or tack down a paper measuring tape.) If you position an electric fan properly, you can get a nice stream of air under the board in your lap.
    I’m in Georgia. I once made a pair of his-and-hers afghans as wedding presents for a nephew and niece-to-be. Each afghan was 4 feet wide, six-and-a-half feet long. (My nephew was thrilled I didn’t make him a “pygmy afghan.”) And I finished the afghans in July…and lived.

  24. Wow, I can’t believe that Jen is smiling while that pregnant with weather this hot! (Seriously, I’ve been that pregnant in the summer, and I was not smiling!)Actually, both window AC units that we own were bought during the summer when I was pregnant and REALLY cranky… It may have been a self-defensive move on my husband’s part.

  25. Please when you’re done can you post a pattern for the blankie? It’s winter here, and I could totally make one in the time I have.

  26. have you already shared the blanket pattern? it looks so pretty… can’t wait to meet the babe who will use it! do we know if it is he or she who is arriving? 🙂

  27. Every time I see one of your posts I look for the “love” button 🙂 Me? a Ravaholic? why do you ask? (and I can stop anytime I want, haha)

  28. 100F here in Texas… but… central air is the norm here.
    -=continues to knit in delightful 76F inside=-

  29. If you just knit a center square and cast off, does that count as done? Cause then the mom-to-be can deliver the baby, and you could add borders to your heart’s content after the little one arrives… or is that cheating?

  30. The baby blanket and the pregnancy look beautiful. Can’t wait to see them both. So sorry about the heat, I would rather be hot then have this blasted cold. D*&n cold!! go away for I can knit on my socks!

  31. My pregnant daughter in Washington DC ( due in three weeks) told me to stop knitting hats for the baby. Too hot for hats even in the air conditioning. I am ignoring her and continuing to use up bits of sock yarn on multi coloured caps. Her five year old sister’s baby blanket is still on the needles.

  32. 1. Baby still looks pretty high. You still a some time.
    B. 118˚? Baby does not need a blankie. Baby needs ice water.
    iii. Go, Steph!

  33. Is that 118F with the Heat Index or “raw”? DH can’t believe it – we are in Kentucky and it is below 100F!
    And is that a first baby? Even first ones, but certainly later ones, can drop and go! (I have 5… some fast, some slow, some early-ish, some late-ish – no rhyme or reason to babies!)

  34. She’s one of the cutest pregnant ladies I’ve seen in a long time. Best wishes to her and the little one.

  35. If I remember correctly didn’t Jen overbake babygirl by a few weeks? You may have some extra time…

  36. 48C seriously? I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that hot ever, except maybe a sauna!
    I have no idea how you, mama or bump can cope, or anyone else for that matter. 32C and pregnant was way too hot for me! Visit us here in the UK, it’s summer here, but it’s pleasantly raining.
    Good luck finishing the baby roasting blanket 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be cold enough to use it one day.

  37. Best of luck finishing the blanket. I hope you were able to find an air conditioner. I’m in Northern VA and finding it very hot. I’m knitting on small things that don’t pile up in my lap.

  38. Maybe you could knit a bit more, then fringe around it and call it a carriage blanket. You definately need to buy an air conditioner in this heat.

  39. Looks like twins….(a) knit a second blanket (b) knit a BIGGER blanket (c) knit MUCH MUCH FASTER.

  40. I use one of the tray tables for eating breakfast in bed to support large items being knit when it’s hot. Gives me some air circulation above my knees.
    I make that circulation worthwhile by taking a table fan and attaching (with twist ties) plastic tubing to the face of it in a spiral. I leave enough tubing at either end so the fan can sit on a table and have tubing going into a bucket next to it, and another bucket on the floor. Best if the floor bucket is bigger than the table bucket.
    Then I fill the table bucket with ice and water, and create a siphon with the tubing into the other bucket and turn on the fan. Then I sit in front of my contraption with my tray table making air space over my knees.
    It gets cold. Seriously cold. Not a whole house worth of cold, but a large enough area for a pretty big blankie. It also hurries the process along because the knitter wants to be able to wrap up in the blankie.
    This was one of the first things I learnt to do over the internet.

  41. my goodness, momma looks wonderful and baby aready looks great in the blankie. BTW, the location of those photos is a beautiful shop.

  42. It can get that hot in Canada??? Isn’t that against the law or something? But really, that’s nothing. I swear it was at least 624 degrees today where I live.

  43. I wouldn’t worry too much until the baby drops. Then you can knit like a mad woman. At least it’s not a quilt that’s required 🙂

  44. Not to worry! It’s way too hot for a blanket anyway, so get the air conditioning right quick and then finish the blanket.

  45. I think you may be in very great danger of your personal urban legend being disproved. Mom looks like she was ready to go YESTERDAY. If the legend holds, I would not expect to be asked to be the baby’s godmother.

  46. Oh heck, babies don’t need great big blankets. I say cast off now and call it good to that poor mama can finally download.

  47. Will the heat not stop?
    I’ll stop.
    Because where i am at we have not had any sumny days since july 6 and the temperature is 15 fahrenheit degrees below normal but the rain did finally, after the wettest spring ever, stop.
    Not sure if my train stop
    In portland At sock summit next week is in same … boat
    (sorry i couldn’t think of another stop)

  48. Well, here in Washington, I don’t think it got past 65 degrees. So when you come out next week for the SS, you will be in heaven. Unless you bring that weather with you! I am desperate for some warmth…

  49. One cannot stop until it starts to push.
    Just saying. I’m sure you’ll have time to finish.
    As for now…*offers sweet iced tea with lemons and mint*

  50. My favorite “blanket” was a sleep sack. Your little blanket is the perfect size for making one (although it’s good to knit them in the round, too . . . about the diameter of a large adult’s beanie, but about 12″ long).
    Here’s my favorite, knit in hand-dyed PureWood . . . um. Sorry, I was too busy with the baby to take a photo. Here’s one of him in it: (click to embiggen).
    Best of luck with Sock Summit. I wish I could be there to volunteer again!

  51. Cherishing only 13 C degrees (approx 55 F) here in Bodø, Norway! I’m due in 2 months time and looove the cold spell we got here these days!

  52. If there is no AC or fan around, use the just beneith lukewarm water method: fill a footbath or babybath or big bucket with water at normal room temperature, put your feet in. By cooling down your feet your bloodstream will eventualy cool your body, never use cold water, that does not do the trick. Keep safety in mind, fluids and electricity do not mix well.

  53. Yuck. As uncomfortable as the blanket knitting may be, it’s still not as bad as biking from Toronto to Montreal. Hoping things ease up a bit for your brave Team Knit.

  54. Good luck with the knitting and hope it cools down soon. You could send some of the excess heat over to us, as France is absolutely freezing at the moment!

  55. I’m having a hard time with our high of 37 (I looked that up), so I cannot imagine living with 48. Yuck! Hopefully the blanket doesn’t try to kill you with the heat.

  56. You are an amazingly generous knitter. Stop.
    You have a fantastic track record for finishing on time. Stop.
    Maybe you can knit in a cool tub. Stop.
    Good luck. Stop.

  57. It’s 18C here in Newfoundland. That’s 65F. I looked it up. Not very warm but much better than 118F EEEP.
    ps. is that Lettuce Knit in the background?

  58. I love the blanket, Steph. Very pretty:) Best of luck with Sock Summit. Wish I could go, just not in the cards for now. Can’t wait to see your pics, though, and hear all the stories. I’ll be praying for safe travels for all of you and a great summit.

  59. We’re in the middle of a 5-day heatwave here in Illinois – I can appreciate your agony! We’re supposed to get to 92* with a heat index well over 100* (F)…and I have a christening cake to deliver this weekend!!
    But I know you can do it!! Get the A/C first, and knit till your needles smoke!

  60. As hot as you are with a blanket in your lap, that mama looks super duper hot growing that baby!!
    (Thinking of alternate definitions of “hot” makes that sentence funny to me . . . never mind. Drink lots of water.)

  61. I looked pretty much like that the evening I headed to the hospital to have my baby. She never dropped -at all, ended up with a c-section. Knit Stephanie Knit.

  62. “Not inconsiderable heat” is a polite way to put it. Today seems a tad better. Knit fast – Jen looks fantastic!!

  63. I don’t like heat. It beats me up. Makes me stupid and too tired to do anything, even knit. Mean heat.

  64. Kudos to that mom for looking to be in such great spirits given how pregnant she is in that heat. When I was 17 months pregnant in July and August with my last I always looked sweaty and surly because I was.

  65. I decided to crochet my mother an afghan in the middle of summer in south Texas. I was insane. The only way I made it through was to sit with a large floor fan two feet away and pointed directly at my lap where the afghan rested.
    My Mom still has it and it was one of the things she took when we evacuated for a hurricane because as she said “you will never make another one of these again.” And she was so right.

  66. The last time it was this hot here in NJ was the summer I was pregnant with my son (1991). We had 30 days of 90+ degree temperatures that summer and it was warm all the way through to the day I checked into the hospital. Mind you, he wasn’t born until the END of October, so I have some idea of what that lady is going through right now. Stephanie, if you really think that finishing that blanket will make that baby drop, DELEGATE the sock summit stuff and get busy knitting!!!!!

  67. Steph, they are messing with our minds. NEVER convert to fahrenheit, it just seems hotter! The actual recorded temperature was only 37.5C, and that doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Ignore those meteorologists and their “feels like 48 with the humidity” stuff, it makes your bran overheat just listening to it. Of course, knitted blanket in lap= your own microclimate. You’re lucky you didn’t combust.

  68. Are you sure the baby even wants a blanket in this heat?! Maybe you can strap some ice packs to your legs under the blanket.

  69. So sorry about the heat. It was cooler – much, apparently – here in Texas. But we’re used to it, and have air conditioned our universe.
    However, having gotten good at not staying hot…the ice pack option does spring to mind. One on the back of your neck, another over your lap and thighs.
    Lots and lots of cold libations.

  70. Step back from the edge take a very warm breath and know it will be done. Since it is so warm I’m sure a knitted blanket won’t be in demand until sometime in August or hopefully September. Lucky baby.

  71. You really have my sympathy regarding the heat. I am in Victoria, BC and we are having a very cool summer. The locals are complaining bitterly. The weatherman mentions the outrageous heat wave that you’re having and then says “Unfortunately, it will be another cool day here.” Unfortunately? Someone needs to smack Victoria and Vancouver upside the head. Summer is about going outside and doing stuff, which is totally possible when it’s 19 degrees C and cloudy. Not so possible when it’s 48. And yes, you need to buy yourself an air conditioner!

  72. my legs and feet have been swelling in this heat and I am not even pregnant! How does she do it? No choice I guess…This reminds me why I am so glad all my kids came in the Spring.

  73. Put on a skirt, position fan strategically under table….put blanket up on table next to icey-cold beverage…..knit away…
    Baby will never know what came first, the birth or the blanket!
    You are a lovely friend I do believe!!!!

  74. There should be more afghan/blanket patterns that are lots of nice blocks that one sews together afterward. I did a baby blanket that was 4 sort-of patchwork blocks, and then seamed together, years ago. That was much nicer than a large blob.
    Jen looks absolutely fabulous, and I’m sure the race to the finish will be a tie.

  75. Looking good! you’re more than welcome to come to my house… it’s 80 degrees F inside (approx 27 degrees C) and 92 outside (34 degrees C) outside….

  76. Even in Abitibi (6 hours drive north of Montreal), it was hot. I could imagine in Toronto… Best of luck! Don’t forget to drink water, not coffee!

  77. Jen is very, very is the part blanket..
    I bet that she is warm too….

  78. Well, it looks as if the baby is still pretty high, and even after it drops, you’ve still got some time (probably.) I’d say at least a week. Keep knitting though. Some babies get born without ever going through the dropping thing. And maybe put some cold packs on your legs under the afghan.

  79. A turkey roasting pan full of cool water (no ice) to soak your feet in, a table to hold the bulk of the blankie off of your lap, and a supply of mint juleps works for us (western end of North Carolina). Just be careful with the juleps – too many and your lace can get a little “free form” !

  80. It’s around 100F here, with a humidex of about 120 — that’s 38 and 49C, respectively. You poor thing! That kind of temperature is BEYOND brutal. Fortunately, we’ve got a few thunderstorms springing up to bring it down into the 80s (25-30C). We had to drive to a town about an hour away today, and even the dog, who will hand his head out the window even when it’s below freezing and sleeting, couldn’t take it and just lay down on the back seat as we aimed the car AC at him. If it’s too hot for a dog to enjoy a car ride, it’s definitely too hot for man nor beast! Thank heaven for the AC in our house — you definitely need to get an air conditioner, too!
    Yes, go to Portland early. I’m heading to Seattle in four more days, and I am counting the hours until I get into cool weather!

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  82. Been there, felt that, shared the misery. Leaving MN for the west coast on Tuesday. Looking forward to being able to go inside and out without the 50 degree change in temperature. Or being able to actually run outside without sweat making my shoes squishy. WooHoo! See you in the coolness that will be Sock Summit.

  83. I think we should take donations for an air conditioner for Steph. Her sanity and therefore ours is at stake. The woman needs to KNIT.

  84. I can’t believe she’s smiling whilst being that pregnant in that heat… Please finish her blanket soon.

  85. 65F here (that’s 18C). Beautiful sunny day. You’re welcome to come and visit…. I bet it’d make knitting that blanket a lot easier… 🙂

  86. Looking at these pictures after the fact, NO ONE would believe that woman was pregnant in such heat. What a beauty. If she can smile, even laugh, under these conditions, she’s going to make a great mom! She sure looks like nothing fazes(sp?)her. Good grief, your unblocked blankie square looks like a potholder (maybe a wash cloth)on her tummy! I’m wishing her well for sure.

  87. Does Toronto have the worst climate of anywhere? You have the same awful heat as those of us in the American Midwest, yet your winters seem worse than ours!
    Knit on, sister.
    As one who gave birth to my first child in a steamy August, I know what she’s going through.
    Second baby was timed for May- much better.

  88. Hi, Stephanie,
    KIP. Time to go knitting in air conditioned places. I know you love coffee, as do I. We denizens of warm places (San Diego) have this AC thing down. I rate coffee shops by their level of AC. I hear you Canadians have a coffee chain you love as well, Hortons? Do they have good AC? I just had 2 glasses of iced coffee and worked on a baby sweater, Yahoo!
    Next week my sister and I are taking the train to Minneapolis for a family reunion and we booked one of those little sleeping cabins, I forget what Amtrack calls them. Big enough for a spinning wheel, beds to block lace on… She’s a knitter and crocheter, too. Total Craft Zone!! Rolling across the beautiful country, knitting in the AC. Neither of us has to drive! I’m gonna love it.
    Wishing you cool knitting, cool drinks and getting much done to finish SS,

  89. I was in Toronto Tuesday and Wednesday. Ouh was I glad to come back to Montreal and miss Thursday’s heat! But, hey, we are just pretending to complain ’cause we all looove it!

  90. It is going to be such a pretty blankie, and the Mom is adorable. Isn’t it going to be too hot to need a blankie, for a bit? I think you have a little extra time, considering… relax, and put lots of love and peace into the knitting. The blanket will be ready when the baby needs it.

  91. Almost completely off topic – it is knitting though, exactly what is “hand painted” yarn? I ordered a skein of hand painted laceweight alpaca on-line for a specific project and it came in today. What I am seeing is a very subtly varigated yarn in one tone. I am not disapointed but I wonder what hand painted means exactly.
    It is hot and humid here in Alabama – I was pregnant through the fall and winter so can’t imagine being full term in this heat even though I do have AC.

  92. Have coastal low clouds STOP
    Temps in low to mid 70s STOP
    Treehouse deck awaits STOP
    Come knit with me STOP

  93. Woww!! The blanket and Jen are both so beautiful!! She looks so sunny and healthy, relaxed, ready for anything — and the blanket is soft, lovely, orderly and perfect — a great vibe to surround an infant and help it get oriented to the strange world.

  94. Well – it looks like the blanket will cover the baby. Feel free to come on down to our place – it’s still hot, but we have AC. Sweet, lovely, blessed AC!!!

  95. Is it cooler in Portland? STOP
    Can you take Jen? STOP
    Good luck at Sock Summit!

  96. My co-worker is in the exact same place – her sister in law is “waiting on the blanket”. As I remember it, don’t think it works quite like that LOL.
    Ref. back a couple of posts to your sock by the computer: Both L (said co-worker) and I keep yarn/project bags out on our desks. We wait until lunch to knit (boooo to corporate work), but told our boss when asked that the yarn is there “in case of emergency”.

  97. Fringe, lots of fringe. Bind off the blanket now. Tiny blanket with exceedingly looooong fringe.
    Remember friends (never you) who handed in their English class theme papers with wide margins and generous headings? Same principle.

  98. Oh god, oh god that poor poor woman. Actually, both of you. I do not understand how you don’t have air conditioning – at those temperatures, you wouldn’t be able to get me out of my ice bath.

  99. Having been 9 months pregnant in a 100+ degree heatwave, I say park the mama-to-be directly in front of the AC, and count it as a time/karma credit against the blanket-to-be. 🙂 She looks amazing and happy by the way — good work to her!

  100. I must be a glutton for punishment in this heat…I am currently working on a Lady Eleanor shawl. But I’m glad to see I’m not the only one…

  101. I’m from Canada, “Niagara Falls, to be exact. I’ve been a glutton for punishment on a beach in South Carolina for vacation, didn’t stop be from knitting, but most definately, Jennfind a local library with AS/XC and cool down. that blnket looks beautiful. do you share patterns? I am looking through the internet for baby blanket patterns knit or crochet, nd haven’t found one simple enough to strt and finish. my ball of wool will be grey instead f plae blue by the time I find one that I want. cheers girl, have a wonde4rful cool delivery.

  102. tiem to vut my long nails, typing isn’t that great today, should have read find a local library with A/C. oops

  103. beautiful! I just finished a F&F blankie but cheated b/c of the heat! Made it car seat sized and knit it in cotton!

  104. Check this out!
    DEAR MISS MANNERS: Over the years I have noticed people knitting in public and have had no particular problem with it. However, I am a bit put off by those who knit in church or at an event such as a recital or concert.
    Is it acceptable to knit at a church, synagogue or other religious service? And what about a concert or recital? I recently attended a piano and violin recital in a small venue where someone was knitting in the third row. Surely it was evident to the performers. And if such knitting is not appropriate, how should the knitters be approached, or prevented?
    GENTLE READER: Please do not – repeat, not – make a hostile approach to knitters. Have you not noticed that they are armed with long, pointy sticks?
    Of all the multitaskers who could annoy you, Miss Manners would not have guessed that knitters would top the list. There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them.
    But perhaps your complaint is that they are not quiet. If the clicking of needles is what bothers you, you could appeal to the authorities at church or concert hall that as they ban texting, it is only fair to ban activities that create similar noise. And if they don’t already ban texting, you might start by asking that they do before going after those comparatively unobtrusive knitters.

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