So Hip it Hurts

I’ve been trying to write a post about Sock Summit for the last hour (while drinking coffee and falling asleep sitting up) and I’ve finally decided that there’s too much of it to string into one coherent post – so you’re just getting this and a promise of more later, because I feel like I could sleep for three days straight and honestly, I might just do that.  We leave in a few minutes for Port Ludlow, where Tina and I will begin the process of putting this baby to bed – and I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts and some pictures then – but for now I want to say that Sock Summit 2011 was one of the most amazing things I’ve every done, and today I feel proud, and happy, and amazed with the team I’m on, and grateful to every person who came or helped or was a vendor or an attendee… It couldn’t have come together without you. 

Last night ST-1 and ST-2 went to dinner together, and all I could think of was how much I loved them all, and how incredibly hard they all worked, and how mind bogglingly amazing they all were and are – and I tried to think of one moment I could give you to sum up what sort of a team I’m on, and what sort of magic Sock Summit was, and how incredible things are when knitters all get together, and there’s one moment that summed it all up.

I give you – at least 600 of of the 6000 knitters at Sock Summit – all having the time of their lives.

(PS to my daughters: I was in a flashmob. Am I cool now?)