Labour Day

Jen texted this morning – "Hey, it’s labour day, want to jump on a theme?" which was her super-cute way of saying that she’s still pregnant, and that it’s possible the state is beginning to wearing a little thin.  It’s hard to tell though, either she’s still in good spirits, or she’s truly reached that place of pregnancy where you no longer believe that it’s possible that this process results in a baby and that this is just your lot.  You and the bump.  Together, forever. There’s no hope you will ever go into labour… because that is not your destiny. Sure – other women go into labour and get babies, but they are the lucky ones. You, you’re just going to have to figure out how to have a life punctuated by trips to the bathroom every fifteen minutes.  This is what everybody who goes over their date thinks.  That, and eventually there’s some talk about how they can’t believe that they still have to sleep in the same bed as the jerk who got them into this.. but Jen’s still saying her husband is the salt of the earth,  so maybe there’s still a while to go. 

Personally, I saw the look in her eye the other day when I reminded her that the EDC on her chart stands for "ESTIMATED Date of Confinement" and I’ve now retreated to my standby safety position for women getting antsy near the end.  I’m just going to keep churning out the baby knits until there’s a baby to put in them.  I figure a continuous stream of gifts has to keep me in her good books, as slim as a volume as that may be.

On Saturday I went back to the Tulip sweater in progress.  It only needed sleeves and I-cord round the edges, so that was done in a snap.

Still no baby, so yesterday I used the leftovers from Catkin to make a wee set of booties. 

This strategy is my go-to for booties.  Quick, easy to remember, good for sock yarn leftovers… I like to keep a few booties around the house for baby emergencies – and they’re almost always these ones.

Today, well today I’ll start something else for the wee one – I’m off to hunt up some options. If nothing else knitting baby stuff shows Jen that even though she doesn’t think this will ever end… I do, and one of us should be sure of it.