An ever growing pile

I know it’s totally unlike me (if we take that phrase here to mean "absolutely like me in every way") but I seem to be a little obsessed with making these baby things.  At first, when I said I was just going to churn out wee things for the baby until it came,  I was just sort of thinking of it as a way of amusing Jen while she waited. Now though, now I feel like if Jen and the baby are stuck in this together for an undetermined and pre-ordained amount of time – both of them rather uncomfortably, that they might as well be promised a wicked amount of cozy on the other side.  Yesterday’s baby item?

A completely charming little sweater from Carina Spencer.  (Oddly, when I picked it out, I didn’t see immediately who the designer was.  This means I’ve knit two Carina Spencer things – the other was Catkin, in less than two weeks.  Guess I like her.  Who knew? I hear she’s nice.)

The pattern is the Seamless Infant Kimono, and the yarn is a single skein of   Tosh Merino in Baltic.  It’s truly soft and pretty.  The pattern called for 275m for the smallest size, and this skein only had 192m… but I had a feeling it would be okay, and it really was. 

It’s a plain, good sweater, cozy and with nice wide sleeves so it’s easy to get on and off, and it closes with sweet little ties on the inside, and a single button on the outside. 

A midnight raid on my vintage button bin yielded up that perfect match for this fast, fun and easy knit.

I love this little sweater. Not as much as I would love a baby to put it on, but I’m hardly the boss of that.  I can wait.  I’ll just keep knitting.