I don’t usually post on the weekend, but I figure that if Jen has to keep going, then so do I.  Behold, the next wee knitted thing.
It’s a tiny little hat, made beautiful by a ring of ladybirds.

Marihone. A Dale of Norway pattern from the book Soft Treasures for Little Ones though I see from the Ravelry link that you can buy the pattern alone from Patternfish. It’s part of a set, with an equally charming sweater, but if the goal is an item a day, the sweater seemed like a smidge too much to bite off.

The hat was easily made in a day, and did burn through a little of the Baby Ull stash,  but it does need a blocking. I’ll wash it now, and put it in the sun to dry so it’s all ready for whenever this baby arrives. 
I sort of have this image in my mind of Jen and this kid someday going through all their baby things, and the kid says something like "Mum? How come I had so many woollies when I was born?" and Jen smiles at her/him (I’m open to both possibilities) and says:
"Darling – you know how your Auntie Steph is?
Well, she’s always been like that."