And Sunday

I know what’s happening at this point.  You’re all pretending to drop by the blog to see what I’ve made, but it’s not my production you’re interested in.  As can be determined by the knit below, we are all still participating in Babywatch 2011.
Since there is not yet a tiny human (and I’m starting to wonder about Jen’s intentions there) I’ve come up with another tiny human knit.
I know this one’s coming a little late in the day, but truth be told I had a bout of false labour yesterday with this sweater, and had to rip out and start over.  Second time was the trick, and after a few hours and a little dedication, I had one of the manta ray shaped pieces of knitting that the experienced among you will instantly recognize as a Baby Surprise Jacket. 

The surprise being, of course, that with a little knitterly origami, that thing becomes this thing.

EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket (the pattern dates from the year I was born) in STR Mediumweight in Falcon’s Eye...

the whole shebang made entirely and totally irresistible by the addition of two fantastic little sheepie buttons that I collected at some point.  I’m glad to see the wee blokes off to a good home. 

Now, before I go off to knit the next thing (no way to know how long we’re all in this for) I want to answer a few quick questions, since they’re coming in at a rather fierce clip.

How will you tell us when Jen’s labour has started?

I won’t.  I choose life.  Mine.

When is/was/will be Jen’s actual due date?

That is extremely privileged information, and besides, due dates are utter and total crap, as evidenced by the fact that only FIVE PERCENT of babies go to the trouble of being born on them, which means that babies think they’re crap too.  If a healthy mum and a healthy baby have been enjoying a healthy pregnancy, the baby will come when it is time.  When’s that time?  Only destiny knows the real due date.  

Will you live tweet/blog the birth because even though I don’t know Jen, I find that I really suddenly care about what happens a whole lot. 

You’re sweet.  Caring about Jen when you’ve never met her is a really loving and compassionate thing. It means you’re a good, good person.  However, if I live tweet/blog the birth, Jen will very appropriately END ME (as I would emphatically end her, were the relationship reversed) and trying to get me killed would make you less of a good person.  We’ll all have to live with knowing that this is private, lovely and everyone will know when it is time for us. 

At the very least, you’ll know something when the baby knitting stops.