Here we are poppets, on a fine and glorious Monday of Babywatch 2011. All is quiet on the Western Front, so it’s another set of booties for your viewing pleasure.

These are my standard booties,  easy to knit, use only a little sock/fingering yarn (about 100m, including the pom-poms, it would be less if you used ribbon for the ties) and can be knocked off in an evening – if you’re dedicated.   These ones are knit in Koigu KPPPM, in a colour so old as to be irrelevant.  I think I bought it when Lettuce Knit first opened,  around the time I met Jen – so years and years.  The pom-poms and ties are a little leftover Baby Ull, and I think they’re heartbreakingly sweet.

These booties are easily figured if you own Knitting Rules – it’s my standard sock pattern scaled for babies, but so many of you asked me for the pattern last week that I decided to put one together for those of you who aren’t inclined to do the math.

I hope that link works. They’re cheap, cheerful and fun, and I hope you have a good time knitting them – if you want.   I understand that not everyone is under the sort of baby knitting pressure that I am – or Jen is,  depending on your perspective.

Until tomorrow.  I’ll be knitting booties if you need me.