New York New York

From the time that I was a young woman, me and my sister and my mum have always said that we’re going to go to New York together.   After a decade of planning and wishing and saying "we should go" Erin and I decided to save our pennies, and give my mum Bonnie a birthday present of New York City. 

Me, my Mum, my sister Erin, and my remarkably fun honourary sister Julie left on a jet plane Thursday morning, and we went to the city that never sleeps, because baby, you only live once, and there ain’t any of us getting any younger.

We had big plans to be the most remarkable women in New York (which is hard, the competition is rather stiff) for the whole four days. Naturally, as a woman who owns limited shoes and foundation garments, I was nervous.  I was super freaked out.  Freaked out enough that I  packed a cocktail dress I didn’t even know I had a purpose for, and freaked out enough that I had to raid Erin’s closet for shoes and a black bra before boarding a plane, but oh, the wonder of it all.

We walked and walked,

we shopped and shopped (I have never been more in touch with my height, age and station than I was on 5th Avenue – it goes without saying that I bought nothing there… actually I bought nothing the whole time I was there – other than experiences and food) and we ate some wonderful things in some wonderful places. 

We stayed at the Waldorf, we stood under signs that said No Standing,

… we stopped in zones that said No Stopping. 

We tried (very badly) to stalk The President, in town for UN week – but the secret service is (just ask Erin) SUPER unfriendly.  I took Erin to Times Square for the first time in her life…

and one night we wore little dresses and shoes and pretended to be elegant. (That was mostly me.  My mum, Erin and Jules are actually elegant.)  

We loved New York, and baby, it loved us back. Oh the places we went, the things that we did – it really is one of the world’s remarkable places.

We’ll go back, and this time, we won’t wait decades.

If you had a day in New York…   what would you do?