An ever growing pile

I know it’s totally unlike me (if we take that phrase here to mean "absolutely like me in every way") but I seem to be a little obsessed with making these baby things.  At first, when I said I was just going to churn out wee things for the baby until it came,  I was just sort of thinking of it as a way of amusing Jen while she waited. Now though, now I feel like if Jen and the baby are stuck in this together for an undetermined and pre-ordained amount of time – both of them rather uncomfortably, that they might as well be promised a wicked amount of cozy on the other side.  Yesterday’s baby item?

A completely charming little sweater from Carina Spencer.  (Oddly, when I picked it out, I didn’t see immediately who the designer was.  This means I’ve knit two Carina Spencer things – the other was Catkin, in less than two weeks.  Guess I like her.  Who knew? I hear she’s nice.)

The pattern is the Seamless Infant Kimono, and the yarn is a single skein of   Tosh Merino in Baltic.  It’s truly soft and pretty.  The pattern called for 275m for the smallest size, and this skein only had 192m… but I had a feeling it would be okay, and it really was. 

It’s a plain, good sweater, cozy and with nice wide sleeves so it’s easy to get on and off, and it closes with sweet little ties on the inside, and a single button on the outside. 

A midnight raid on my vintage button bin yielded up that perfect match for this fast, fun and easy knit.

I love this little sweater. Not as much as I would love a baby to put it on, but I’m hardly the boss of that.  I can wait.  I’ll just keep knitting.

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  1. That sweater matches my youngest’s new fish! It’s gorgeous, love the color, love the knitting, love the button. *Almost* makes me wish I had a baby to put in things like this!

  2. Have you ever thought that Jen might just be crossing her legs because she knows that every day you’re knitting something else delightful? I would if I was her. This jacket is SO adorable, as was the hat….it makes me want to have another baby just so I can make some too….oh well, I guess I’d better wait for grandchildren!

  3. That’s great–it’s a little pay-off for the uncomfortable, achy late pregnancy. Have you made anything in a slightly bigger size yet? Something for the baby to grow into?

  4. Maybe that wee little one is waiting to see what else you plan on knitting, so perhaps you should stop:) And I did have 4 little stubborn adorable overdue babies myself, but I didn’t knit at the time so no cute little wearables for any of them.

  5. What an adorable sweater & just a gorgeous color! If that baby knows it’ll be getting this kind of wardrobe, I don’t think you can blame it for holding out for more.

  6. Wow you are churning those out at an amazing rate! I guess I underestimated the amount of time that Sock Summit was taking up for you.

  7. With the blue sweater and the flower hat, that baby will head off any presumptuous remarks about its sex. Well, perhaps. I knit a blue lacy jacket for my baby, and put her in that and pink pants, and people still countered my assertion that she was a she, with the argument that she was wearing blue. Very cute blue sweater, Ms Harlot!

  8. The simplest things are often the most beautiful. This little gem reminds me of your own crossover cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. Didn’t you say it was your fave?

  9. That’s gorgeous! but I think you need to start knitting things in larger sizes. Judging by the amount of time this baby has been “incubating” it may come out rather bigger than expected…
    Both of my babies were over a week late. I can certainly relate to what Jen must be going through right now.

  10. I’ve got a bit of knitting to do for a baby due in December. You’re showing me so many new things to add to my queue… 🙂

  11. That sweater is beautiful. And it would be perfect with the little hat and lovely blanket. I have mixed feelings–on the one hand I’d love to hear that Jen had her baby, but on the other I’m really enjoying the little gifts you have been making and want to see what’s next.

  12. Man you can churn them out.. They are great. Jen is truly bless to have you waiting with her… I just love seeing your work.. Can’t wait to see them on someone.

  13. I’m jealous, and I’m not completely sure what of most: a baby to knit for (probably); such a diverse collection of yarns, patterns and vintage buttons into which to stash dive (definitely); such impeccable finishing – that’s the one!

  14. Lovely lovely sweater. Surely I am not the only one who is checking your blog twice a day for updates.

  15. That’s a beautiful wee sweater. My sister-in-law is pregnant and this looks like a perfect project. I LOVE the color on this sweater.

  16. Good Lord, woman! You are one crazy baby knits knitter! I think the baby knows you are knitting wonderful things and has decided to wait until there is a full wardrobe before making an appearance.

  17. I know it is possible to knit 200m of yarn in a day, but I just cannot fathom my hands letting me do it all the time.
    Of course, my hands are asking me why I haven’t scrounged up a smaller set of 3.75 mm circular needles. I’m stretching the stitches stupid amounts every row.

  18. What a beautiful sweater!!! I am going to find that pattern for my friends who are expecting babies. Your blog is inspirational to me – thank you, Stephanie!

  19. You’re making me feel like a slacker expectant Grandma! I only have a dress, a couple of sweaters and a pair of socks. Haven’t even started the blanket yet, but I do have to the beginning of Dec. and you’ve given me a few more ideas. Many thanks.

  20. Lovely, but I’m waiting for the Catkin photoshoot!! Also, agree w/S.Kate @ 3:34pm: Bee Shoes will probably shoo that baby right out.

  21. Does Jen realized she has your entire global readership on baby-watch? – not to mention baby-knits watch too!

  22. Stephanie, look at Baby Sophistocate on ravelry. It is super fast, super easy and super cute!! I’m just binding mine off now!!

  23. Wow! You are a baby knitting machine! These sweaters and the hat are truly adorable—that baby better come soon or it will need to change its clothes 3 times a day to wear it all—not to mention the blanket—I keep thinking about the blanket!

  24. Every morning I come into work and the first thing I do is log on to see if Jen has had her baby yet. I am in Sydney Australia and feel as invested as if she was my best friend and I personally am going to get that midnight phone call.
    BTW – love your blog and your knits. As I newly initiated Harlotan I am amused for hours by reading through the history. And inspired , intimitated and a little scared. All good though.

  25. One super intelligent baby!!!! “If I I wait awhile, I will have a whole wardrobe of hand knits. Plus, I am very comfortable where I am!!!”

  26. I think this is the baby-related version of the knitting black hole; you know, when the piece is 6″ long, you knit for 47 days, and it’s still 6″? Best wishes for Jen. Keep us posted!

  27. Just thinking, if this baby continues to nest then you may need to up the size of the wooley things you are making! LOL

  28. What a very kind and generous friend you are! I look forward to someday seeing all your knitted gifts on the baby in question:)

  29. It’s called empathetic nesting. When my first bambino boy was 17 days overdue, I knit up a storm; a Wendy or Peter Pan sweater every other day and booties and hats. Big nesting instinct sets in.

  30. Thank you for posting daily. I don’t even know Jen, but I am hoping everyday to see big news about the arrival of the wee one. Lovely gifts you are knitting while waiting!

  31. No baby yet but another adorable knit just waiting. I very much like this kimono pattern. Must save this one for sure!

  32. I had been told not to put buttons on baby things as they are choking hazards if the baby gets them off. ?? Maybe not this baby but future babies might if it starts to get loose? IDK. I just try to never get baby things with buttons just in case. It’s adorable in any event. 🙂

  33. You’re beginning to sound as anxious about this baby’s arrival as poor Jen must be feeling! Maybe the baby is waiting so that, when the time comes she can just whoosh on out without much effort or pain for Jen.
    Please give her my best wishes.

  34. Darling sweater, and it raises a question in my mind. When you stick a button right in the middle like that, do you reinforce it behind somehow? Prolly everybody else knows the answer to this, but it makes me a little nervous……

  35. I think this baby is staying put so that he/she gets more cute little hand-knit baby items!! Smart kid!

  36. Another one from Downunder who gets up in the morning and logs on to see whether Jen has had baby yet :-). I feel like I’m waiting for an egg to hatch, can’t imagine how Jen is coping. Totally gorgeous baby knits though Stephanie!

  37. Thank you for posting daily. While I don’t personally know Jen, I am anxiously awaiting the news of the arrival of her wee one. Lovely knitted gifts you are creating and sharing with us.

  38. Thank you for all the baby inspiration! As a knitter with more pregnant friends and family than is reasonable in any world, I am very grateful for your posts! I can’t wait to see the babies, but I hope they take their time so I have the chance to get everything knit!

  39. My last little one was 10 very. long. days. late.
    I realized I had some unfinished business-ordering my Mother’s headstone–and I swear within 1 hour of finishing this task my labor started.
    Maybe Jen has something unfinished?

  40. You may have to start knitting bigger sizes, otherwise the baby will never have time to wear everything before outgrowing it.

  41. Your “plain good sweater” is lovely. It is the sweetest little kimono. I admire your choice of knits to make for the baby. They are so cute and I hope we get to see photos of the baby wearing them. That child will be the best dressed baby in town!

  42. I ADORE that little blue sweater!! I too love Carina Spencer’s patterns, and have knit that very same kimono pattern for our 5th wee babe, who is almost 4 mos old now. It was such a fun knit, and fit him nicely at about a month old, and it was so easy to put on and off, and cosy and sweet!

  43. Mittens, start knitting mittens for Jen’s sake, with very long cufs, to fill the wide sleeves of that beautifull jacket. I nearly choked on Presbyteria’s comment, but would not do that to Joe in a lifetime. By now Jen must know there is a whole world of weblog aunties checking YH’s blog three times a day for news of her childs arrival. Don’t feel pressured, dear Jen, we can wait and watch what YH is knitting next. Those babythings are beautiful.

  44. The kimono’s lovely, but will be lovelier still when BABY is in it! And yes, I’m checking twice daily for news of the arrival. Count me in as one of Jen’s Baby’s weblog aunties….

  45. Man! Why do I not have friends like you? LOL I have received very little in the way of handknits for my kids and those that I have received have been …. well … 100% scratchy acrylic and ugly.
    Yeah, I said it.
    I’m having a baby in March. Just sayin’ 😉

  46. Just a thought, could you be confusing the baby gods by continuing to knit for Jen’s baby? Are is it usually only the baby blanket that controls the due date?

  47. That is, indeed a lovely sweater… but $9.00 for the pattern??? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price. There don’t seem to be any tricky techniques that would need tutorials, so I guess she’s charging for the cuteness. Since there are plenty of baby kimono patterns out there, I’ll leave this overpriced one alone!
    BUT, your combination of yarn and pattern is lovely, and I hope it helps to coax the wee one out.

  48. I read somewhere recently that back in the day (pre 1950s)pink was considered a masculine color being in the red family and blue was considered more girly. Just goes to show you what a little bit of societal indoctrination can do to a person. All the things you are making are lovely! I’m in the process of knitting for two buns in the oven myself and can totally relate to your baby things obsession. It’s a form of instant gratification until the “completed” baby is in your arms. 🙂

  49. Does Jen feel the weight of the knitting world (or that portion that reads your blog) on her? Which is ironic, because that is a lot of pressure and you’d think it would be enough to have her feel like bearing down at this point.
    Cute knit. Which i was overdue and your friend. 🙂

  50. If I were Jen I would hold out for a few more days.(Sorry Jen)
    But I think you REALLY should sell the shawl patteren for a colledge fund.I would be 1st to buy

  51. Ok, am I the only person who heard the first line in Dr. Doofenschmirtz’s voice?
    (And who is going to knit me a playtpus now?)

  52. Must be something about September. My son was due by September 5. He decided to arrive September 30!

  53. …OKAY..OKAY!! I get it!! I know!! I have a first grand to knit for and I guess…I better buy some baby pattern books..right!?
    9 months is not much time it seems.

  54. I’m not a knitter but I stalk your blog so subconsciously, or possibly genetically, I should be one. I can manage a garter stitch and I have purled. I can cast on but needed a google search to remind me how to cast off. That’s the extent of my mother’s teachings. I’m 53 and she passed away when I was 14 without imparting enough knitting knowledge or passion. My two vivid memories of her knitting self are “Shush, not now, I’m counting” and of having my arms outstretched FOREVER while she wound a skein off them.
    But this kimono-like sweater is making me yearn. Not yearn for babies – I have an adorable granddaughter – but yearn to knit. It can be done right? From zero to kimono over a winter???

  55. I think this is pretty as can be…the previous post on the project from Itty Bitty hats made me think I should start a pumpkin hat NOW for Halloween. I’m a really slow knitter.

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