And Sunday

I know what’s happening at this point.  You’re all pretending to drop by the blog to see what I’ve made, but it’s not my production you’re interested in.  As can be determined by the knit below, we are all still participating in Babywatch 2011.
Since there is not yet a tiny human (and I’m starting to wonder about Jen’s intentions there) I’ve come up with another tiny human knit.
I know this one’s coming a little late in the day, but truth be told I had a bout of false labour yesterday with this sweater, and had to rip out and start over.  Second time was the trick, and after a few hours and a little dedication, I had one of the manta ray shaped pieces of knitting that the experienced among you will instantly recognize as a Baby Surprise Jacket. 

The surprise being, of course, that with a little knitterly origami, that thing becomes this thing.

EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket (the pattern dates from the year I was born) in STR Mediumweight in Falcon’s Eye...

the whole shebang made entirely and totally irresistible by the addition of two fantastic little sheepie buttons that I collected at some point.  I’m glad to see the wee blokes off to a good home. 

Now, before I go off to knit the next thing (no way to know how long we’re all in this for) I want to answer a few quick questions, since they’re coming in at a rather fierce clip.

How will you tell us when Jen’s labour has started?

I won’t.  I choose life.  Mine.

When is/was/will be Jen’s actual due date?

That is extremely privileged information, and besides, due dates are utter and total crap, as evidenced by the fact that only FIVE PERCENT of babies go to the trouble of being born on them, which means that babies think they’re crap too.  If a healthy mum and a healthy baby have been enjoying a healthy pregnancy, the baby will come when it is time.  When’s that time?  Only destiny knows the real due date.  

Will you live tweet/blog the birth because even though I don’t know Jen, I find that I really suddenly care about what happens a whole lot. 

You’re sweet.  Caring about Jen when you’ve never met her is a really loving and compassionate thing. It means you’re a good, good person.  However, if I live tweet/blog the birth, Jen will very appropriately END ME (as I would emphatically end her, were the relationship reversed) and trying to get me killed would make you less of a good person.  We’ll all have to live with knowing that this is private, lovely and everyone will know when it is time for us. 

At the very least, you’ll know something when the baby knitting stops.

167 thoughts on “And Sunday

  1. Beautiful BSJ, beautiful subtle colourway.
    You have it on the morals surrounding the birth – I back you on all the reasons.

  2. By my count you’re upto nine gifts… all beautiful… hang in there Jen they have to come out eventually. I always think of babies as cakes… no point getting them out early, it’s not good.

  3. Even when you know the hour of conception the baby will STILL come in its own sweet time….when it is ready.

  4. That’s such a dilemma – I want Jen’s baby to come soon, but I really don’t want the baby knits to stop!

  5. Those sheepie buttons really, really take that BSJ from sweet to reducing me to spout baby talk at my computer screen.
    Also… baby bootie pattern? Maybe after the baby comes we can know the source/pattern for the booties? Pleeeease?

  6. Lovely, as usual! And we’re eager, if the mommy is okay with it, to see a photo or 2 or 10 of the wee one clad in some of the wooly goodness. If not, that’s perfectly understandable, too. ^_^ Wishing Jen and hers all the best!

  7. Wow…I was all set to hope for getting news of the labo(u)r starting, but I am also glad you woke us up to reality! Good thing, too, since I would hate to have you be killed by a new mom. Sometimes it takes a sane voice to talk us through these things. Good Luck Jen! You’re going to do great! I hate to say “keep up the knits”, because that means she’s still pregnant, but it is uber-impressive you can churn out a knit a day.

  8. Wow you knit fast! I have to admit I am stalking your blog to await news about the baby, it’s the MOM in me.
    I am making sweaters for twins…thought I had lots of time and they arrived early. Way better that the baby take its time…

  9. Wow you knit fast! I have to admit I am stalking your blog to await news about the baby, it’s the MOM in me.
    I am making sweaters for twins…thought I had lots of time and they arrived early. Way better that the baby take its time.

  10. Thank you for reminding us that this is a private event. We will know when we know! Darling sweater today with the sheep buttons….Prayers for a safe delivery…

  11. Hang in there Jen!
    Rather convenient that the baby will be born into prime knit wear season. What would you have done if the baby was naturally born in the heat of July?

  12. When my own son was 2 weeks late, I thought I might strangle anyone who asked me if I was still pregnant. Then a friend near me had a preemie, and I realized: you can be pregnant for a few more weeks, or you can have a newborn for a few more weeks. Babies are wonderful little creatures, and infants are cute … but they are also cute little tyrants. Letting them spend a little more time cooking and a little less time being tyranical is good for everyone. This one will be amazingly well-outfitted, though! Best wishes to him/her and to Jen!

  13. I saw the manta ray, and knew 2 things instantly. (1) Jen hadn’t had her baby yet (at the time of posting), and (2) the manta ray was a BSJ. I love that pattern. So fun to hand it in it’s flat state to the person next to you and see if they can make it into a jacket.

  14. Busted….love the baby knits….but really checking regularly to see if there’s a baby born yet! Sending good thought to Jen and the baby!

  15. Yes, I’m sure there are many of us who do not know Jen but are “tuning” in frequently just to
    see if there is any news. Thanks for saying we are
    good people (and not nosy at all mind you).

  16. Must say, I was checking on Jen-baby. These last weeks seem longer, but are sooo sweet. Baby must be feeling the love already. The BSJ is supreme, classic and extra-extra-fabulous with sheepie buttons.

  17. Are you sure this is going to be a tiny little baby? Maybe you should go up a size on the baby gifts since to all of us — and Jen, too — it is taking a long time to decide to be born. I think it’s growing huge muscles and big bones in there.

  18. As usual, you have me laughing my head off.
    If I can stop long enough, I’m off to BMFA to order some of that GORGEOUS colorway.

  19. As a mum whose second was nearly a month past the supposed due date I totally approve your strategy. This a a mother and a baby thing and the rest of us need to get on with our knitting!

  20. well, you did get us all curious with the daily parade of knits!! Everything is adorable and what a lucky baby! all the best to Jen and her new baby when he/she decides to come visit! 🙂
    Just ordered that EZ pattern – so cute and I have discovered that some of these sweaters can be a lot faster than blankets!

  21. I’m beginning to suspect baby is waiting on purpose now. She/he knows there are all sorts of goodies to be forthcoming with patience. Smart kid already, moms gonna have her hands full when (S)he gets older. The knits have been lovely, and you’ve inspired me to get yet another baby pattern (the Puerperium Cardigan) when I had promised myself I wouldn’t.Best of luck to mom and baby (and knitter)

  22. I actually came to see if you made something else. I love seeing your gorgeous work! It inspires me so much. I was going to ask when is the due date, but now I won’t.

  23. Manta Ray!! Whooped over that one. Do I recall correctly that EZ was trying to knit a German baby bonnet pattern and it turned into the manta ray and she tossed it on the floor in total disgust and it turned (on the floor) into a jacket? I can’t have made that up.

  24. I will make one of these one day… it is so cute.
    I REALLY want to see the baby in the yellow bonnet you made her/him

  25. Tuning in to Babywatch is a great inspiration to me knitting for my first grandchild coming in February – Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  26. your baby knits are absolutely adorable. I hope Jen has a fairly easy and quick delivery (I understand about waiting… having one that was stubborn and decided to slow roast instead of microwave or bake… he was a week past his due date)

  27. Yup, Jen’s baby is one smart bundle. I’m absolutely certain that she/he is holding out for a larger collection of knitted goodies — maybe you should stop now and baby will come out and play.

  28. I applaud your decency and friendship. And I congratulate you for keeping separate your life and your blog life. Cheers!

  29. I have come to care about Jen and her baby…much in the same way I used to care about Josh and Riva on The Guiding Light. And just because I care about Jen it does not follow that Jen care about me enough to send me a birth announcement. Meahwhile, I am loving all the baby projects. My favorite cousin, Amanda, is expecting her second and I want to knit something wonderful for her and her bump. Amanda, unlike Jen, is only 12 week along so I have plenty of time (I kno, I know; famous last words!) As always, Steph, thanks or the inspiration. xo

  30. I’m busted..I’ve been stalking your blog only because of the baby! I’m very excited about the impending new person! I love your baby knits… and I love that you honor your friend by your incredibly fast and gorgeous knitting.
    I’m happy to continue stalking, but I bet Jen would just as soon be done with being pregnant! (at least that is how I felt and I went “early” for both kiddos…

  31. While I wish Jen the best, since I don’t know her, I’m really here for the knitting – although I may be in Toronto week of 9/26 – so maybe if she needs someone to hold the baby while she takes a rest, I could volunteer! Haha. (I always wanted people to come and visit, and volunteer to hold the baby so I could take a nap.) BUT – my question is this – are all of these knits newborn sized -or are some bigger so baby will have knits for a while?

  32. Nicely folded! Ah, BSJs, how I love thee. Not that *I* knit the last one I knit in a day. Steph, you are amazing.
    I do love how that colorway looks in that BSJ.

  33. Love the baby knitting! Don’t know if you’re still looking for ideas, but how about little socks (take care of September socks too) or a sleep sack–wish my non-sleepers had one of those.

  34. Yep, cessation of Baby-Knits wouuld be a tip off. Good on you for allowing us all to see what you are knitting, but keeping your (and Jen’s, too) several lives private.
    Way cool buttons. Gotta make me some sheepies!

  35. a BSJ in a day? My goodness, you are on a mission.
    And I totally understand Jen wants her privacy. If you can share a photo of Jen and her baby at some future time with, oh, let’s say a bit a crapload of knitwear on the said baby, that would be nice. But not necessary. I am praying all turns out well for Mom and baby though!

  36. I’t good you are so young (yes, you are!) and that you don’t really know me. (we’ve met a few times at your book signings, you even featured my grandson in one of your blog posts (long ago, NY)).
    My children were very reluctant to get born.. my son went a whole month past his ‘due date’ (Oct 4th) and got born on Nov 3rd–(and was slightly post mature) his sister followed suit (less difficult, since i expected it) and was born 3 weeks ‘late’ (on Jan 14th not Dec 27)
    It was a bit of shame–many of those last minute knit things (knit by family) didn’t fit–both my babies were born ‘3 month’ size–(9lbs (4k) and 9.15lb (4.15K) -with huge heads (19 inch!) and almost 24 inches long (0.6M)
    I hope Jen delivers soon–and long before the baby outgrows all your lovely handywork!

  37. Perhaps something little and sweet for the mother? I think her karma is about due after all this baby growing she’s done did.

  38. do you ever fear all this baby knitting will somehow bring about some late in life baby mojo of your own? and in you’ll have to start all over again?
    i’m just saying.
    be careful.
    knitting is a powerful thing.

  39. Because of the parade of baby knits showing up daily, out of curiosity, I checked yesterday, just in case. I know you don’t blog on the weekend, but there was a parade going by, so I felt obligated to check.
    I was thrilled to see yet another tiny knit, and of course today became a no-doubt, must check just in case, yet again. Love the BSJ. I’ve knit only one, enjoyed it, but certainly did NOT produce it in one day! My goodness your knitting production is impressive. So much fun.
    I’d like to join the ranks of the “curious about the baby” knitters who totally understand the need for peace and privacy and can wait for an appropriate form of disclosure.
    I wish the mom and baby and whole family well! What fun for you to produce these lovely tiny knits, and what a special gift for the new mom (and baby too, but it will mean more to the mom!)

  40. Lovely, lovely knits, and agree with you totally on respecting Jen’s privacy at the big moment. We moms have so little privacy during pregnancy and labour; it’s a nice sign that babies are something we all need, but we all don’t need to be there, at that precise moment 🙂
    Go Jen, Go!

  41. My first thoughts, after coffee, these last few mornings have been about Jen and her little one. The wee babe will come when its time.
    Funny how the babies decide…

  42. I think it is wonderful to celebrate life on this day! Here in the US we are celebrating life while learning to live without people we love. For me, while I lost no one I knot in the 9/11 attachs, my oldest brother died 4 years ago today. He was 57. I am 57. His was a quiet departure, taking a nap while horrible things were happening in his body, his heart stopped beating. I will miss him forever. Thankful he was my big brother. Cheers for the new baby! Joy is a wonderful thing.

  43. As a birth announcement, I think you should just post one picture of ALL the wee knitted things… and have you thought of some wee baby mittens? Wishing Jen a great birth experience with the best outcome… healthy baby and healthy mama.

  44. No self-respecting baby would come until they have a BSJ, so s/he will probably come tomorrow. Not trying to be pushy or nosy—just stating the obvious, amirite?

  45. Of course we’re wondering if Jen’s baby has arrived. But the baby will come when it’s ready. Wishing both the best in the meantime.

  46. How can you knit a BSJ in one day??? It would take me a week of dedicated knitting I think. But then I have to go to work and tend to children and house and I knit a lot S L O W E R then you. Sigh…

  47. I’m getting excited over when the baby will be born yet perversely I really want to see how much stuff you’re going to knit. Also I am amazed to see a BSJ knit in one day!

  48. Thank you for reminding us that it really is none of our business about Jen’s baby. It’s really all about the wee knits and when you stop, baby may be here.
    Yay. BSJ. Every baby should have one. (Love those sheepy buttons, lucky BSJ).
    Plus, all these days of knitting, one after the other. For all I care baby can be as late as he/she wants. I’m easily entertained by daily knitting.

  49. Lovely BSJ! Thanks for blogging on the weekend, too, while we all await the good news that the wait is over. 🙂 I hope Jen appreciates you keeping her company in these last days! (And we appreciate the amazing ability to complete a wee knit every day!)

  50. I admit I have been looking to see if Jen had her baby because I could completely empathize with her. I just had a baby on 9/1 at 41 wks 5 days facing an induction. I even tried to knit her a hat to coax her out and it didn’t work 🙂 When she was ready though, she came out like a champagne cork. Good luck to her!

  51. I can’t blame Jen for wanting her privacy, but once everything is safe, could you let us know the results? And maybe a picture of the baby wearing some of the knitted goods? Preferably that adorable yellow hat?
    Boston Public Library has Homespun Handknit listed as Does Not Circulate. I’m heading over there tomorrow with a pocketful of quarters.

  52. babies will be born on THEIR birthday….in the fullness of time and not before….”EDC” is just what you described earlier, an estimate. Your knitting is inspiring though, and a lovely tribute to your friendship with Jen. Wishing her a safe delivery !!

  53. This gal Jen has won the aunty lotto with you! She must be very special to have you as such a devoted friend. It’s been loads of fun to see all the baby knits. That little yellow hat is from an out of print book I think- anyway the one copy at our library now has at least 20 holds on it. You inspire so many knitters!! I am one of the holds, and think it will be fun to make that. I have also been inspired by you to make 2 of those little striped dream in color cardigans. More power to you! This baby is holding out for the mother lode!!

  54. You’re right, I did check the blog to participate in babywatch… But also to get some inspiration. I have a niece who has had an extremely difficult pregnancy – pregnant with twins, but now there is only one living baby who apparently has downs syndrome. It’s been difficult to feel celebratory when she’s had such a hard time.

  55. Whereas I feel for Jen (here’s to easy pushing!) I truly appreciate the parade of baby knits. I have four (!) babies to knit for this winter (all cousins/friends…I did my time), so all your FOs are giving me plenty of ideas to work with 😉

  56. It feels a little weird to realize that I too am a stalker, because it’s been wonderful following the saga of Jen and her baby, and of course looking at all of the really cool things you’ve made. For those of us who don’t have small-types in our lives presently, we can work off those maternal urges by knitting for infants and children in our local hospitals and shelters. Warm woolies and cottons are always appreciated.
    Again, blessings to jen, and to you.

  57. LOL! i honestly thought you were posting for patriot’s day. babywatch marches on…
    such a pretty sweater. those buttons are wee!

  58. Guilty on watching for Jen’s baby. I also have a great granddaughter and great nephew due in a few months so I look to see what I need to check out in the baby knits department. I’ve only ever done one BSJ and it was interesting to turn it into a little jacket. Might need to add that to the list of things to knit for my upcoming babies.
    Please pass on my best wishes to Jen and baby. After carrying four of my own, I agree that it is a private thing.

  59. That sweater is OhMyBob cute. Love it.
    Jen is going to have a great big, wonderful package of baby clothing to open once the wee one decides to join us. I have no doubt she will be incredibly thrilled and touched … and just a little excited that baby will be oh-so-fashionable.

  60. Did you extend the arms of the baby surprise? It looks like you at least made the cuffs narrower. I love that pattern!
    Are you still doulaing, in general? (notice I’m not asking if you are Jen’s). I imagine you would be a fun doula! Mine, for my last three kids, can’t come to my youngest’s bar mitzvah, because her son is getting married that day, having chosen that date over his mother’s objections.
    Wishing Jen all luck and an easy birth, not too long, nor yet too quick (been there, done that, kinda stressful, unless you are at home, and I’m not asking that, either! ), and a delightful heathy baby!

  61. I love to follow your blog as often as I can and not just because you’re knitting baby things and waiting for Jen’s baby. We’d never know about it if you hadn’t already told us. In no way do I want to disturb your privacy. I think too highly of you and your knitting skills.

  62. Your baby knits are delightful, and I hope Jen’s baby feels all the love you have for him/her and for his/her mommy.
    You’re a good friend.
    And though I don’t know Jen, I’m thinking of her and praying for a happy and healthy new baby!

  63. Fantastic sort-of stripes on the BSJ. And the buttons are so cute. They remind me of some kangaroo buttons I bought in Australia last year and am saving for a special project.

  64. I would absolutely want you — or, you know, someone local with your ethics — as a birth coach/doula. While it’s one thing for a mother to choose to release whatever details, I’m firmly of the opinion that it’s the mom’s choice. (Well, and baby’s, in a roundabout way….)
    This is just another reason I <3 you. You respect others and you’re a good person. Thank goodness there are people like you in the world. I was having a day in which I’d begun to think everyone was a bit more insane and a bit more self-centered than could be reasonably dealt with. I like it when I’m wrong.
    I hope that Jen and the sprog and the whole family in whatever shape it takes are happy, healthy and well. And I have no fear that this babe will be well-wooled for the Canadian winter.
    May the child have long life and the wisdom to enjoy it. May s/he have many loved ones and family that transcends blood relation. May s/he live well and make the world a better place. May s/he be greeted with love, live in love and, far and away from now, be surrounded in love even life draws to a close. May s/he be content to know that in loving well, working well and being kind, s/he has changed the world.

  65. The daily blog posts are a lovely treat, thank you! I so enjoy watching the parade of knits.
    And very generous of Jen to have allowed us to share as much of her experience as she has. Thank you and best of luck to Jen and her family.

  66. Baby Surprise Jacket is one of my very favourite things to knit but I have never managed to finish one in a day, not even on Family FilmFest nights when we watch exciting movies and I knit like crazy. Obviously, one can’t knit lace when the action on the screen commands one’s attention; but one can knit a BSJ with the aid of trusty stitch markers at the inc and dec points. Everyone should make at least one, just to appreciate the unique and original mind that designed it. I loved Elizabeth, she was like my second mom.

  67. Okay, your knitting needles must be positively *smoking* after turning out a BSJ in one day! My goodness, that’s impressive. And you’re right, those sheepie buttons are totally squee-worthy. So were you able to knit the whole BSJ from a single skein of STR Mediumweight? Or did it take more than one?
    For Jen’s sake, I hope her baby arrives soon. Although I have to admit I’m selfishly looking forward to what you’re going to knit next, I suspect she’s at the point where she’d rather have a baby than more wee precious knitted things.

  68. it’s clear to me that the baby has a knitterly soul and is just waiting until an appropriate stash of harlot knitted baby gear is ready before making an arrival.
    speedy labor vibes to jen!

  69. Having having 6, I lol’ed that first question big time. But yes, I do care and am happy with the knitting. Lots of ideas for the grandbabies!

  70. When i was waiting for Thumper to arrive, a very wise Canadian doula told me, “There’s no such thing as false labor: think of it as labor on the installment plan.”

  71. Hey you start blogging on the weekends I start reading on the weekends. Baby items are a bonus as our knit group has a grand baby on the way. (No it is not my grand baby. DD is not ready for that yet.)
    Do I care if Jen and baby have a safe and healthy delivery? Yes, very much so. Do I care when this happens? Not really. It’ll happen when it happens and the baby knits may or may not stop at that point. You might even sneak in an extra few days of baby knits just to throw the blog off the scent of the actual arrival date.
    BSJ is on my list for the grand baby and I’ve started a community baby blanket for the knit group to work on over the next few weeks. Our deadline is much further out.

  72. I keep seeing comments about people wishing they could knit baby stuff, but not having a baby to give it to. This is a shameless plug, but a lot of charities help new mums who need it (open door pregnancy center and the Stork’s Nest come to mind). And even if it isn’t a formal charity you can often give straight to the L&D units at hospitals. I’m years away from baby knits for myself, but I make sets with a hat, sweater, and booties for organizations like these every few weeks. It gives me my fill of quick, instant gratification knitting, I use cheap (easy to wash) acrylic, so it doesn’t kill the budget, and it makes me feel good. I love to see what Stephanie is knitting, but I love even more knowing about what good we knitters can do. Just a thought for everyone who doesn’t have a baby to knit for.

  73. I popped by to see if you had more inspiration up. While I’m hoping for a smooth and easy birth for Jen, my own baby watch is more local,and I suspect my mama is less patient about waiting than Jen is! I confess, I now have a Puerpurium on the needles for this incipient snuggly, thanks to your example..
    I think you should confound us all by continuing to post items for a week after Jen’s baby arrives. 😉

  74. I once had an acquaintance who knew I was expecting my first; he never knew I miscarried soon after. I randomly ran into him later and I was, to my great consolation, about nine months pregnant, but the months if you were still counting from the first time made no sense and I could see the utter confusion on his face as he waved hi back from across a large crowded room.

  75. Totally understand that we can’t know. Please send our good wishes to her and she is in our thoughts. She’s one lucky woman to have such good knitting friends.
    Oh and I had to respond to this comment about babies being like cakes. “no point getting them out early, it’s not good.”
    My baby brother was born at 5 1/2 months. 3lbs. He’s now 17, 5’11, and almost headed off to college. He’s got Cerebral Palsy but for all the negative, it’s given him many gifts as well.
    So proud of my baby brother *sniff* Good things do come in early packages…yarn and baby brothers

  76. We were waiting for the BSJ, I think, lovely. I was wondering about Jens privacy. don’t think caring about her and the babe is stalking, wanting to know everything here and this minute certainly is. Her family and friends do have the right to know way before us when the baby has arrived and details like gender and name. For those readers who think it lasts too long, here is an official Dutch rule. A baby born within 300 days after the husband of the mother left out of reach officially, think overseas duties (or died) is to be considered to be legally ligitimate. Even with 9 months of 31 days, which we do not have, that would only be 279 days. That means there would still be 21 days or three weeks beyond those extra long months, in reality there are 30-days months and february is 2 or 3 days shorter. We can wait for the right time to tell us the news we are longing to hear.

  77. We are all checking in because of your fabulous parade of beautiful knits. Great inspiration — the projects are now in my cue. Of course you should continue to say only as much as you feel is appropriate about your friend, but I sure would love a “Greatest Hits” list of your favorite baby patterns!!!
    Btw, my sister, brother and I were all born on the day we were due. Hard to believe, but true!

  78. Love the cute baby things!! I just had my first grandchild (actually my daughter-in-law did). Done a bunch of knitting, some of it almost as cute as yours.

  79. Sweet sweater and the buttons make it perfect – once again you might be setting Jen up for a lifetime with a fashionista child – I mean how will it ever wear hand-me-downs after all the lovely goodies you are providing? Then again I did the same thing when my niece was born – my brother was concerned about this clothing thing and I just told him to say – “Thanks, Sis.” because I was saving him oodles of cash by supplying the wee one’s wardrobe and now she’s in love with woolies. She’ll be knitting soon enough to make her own. She turns three in two weeks.
    Most importantly – please give Jen my very best. Women don’t need to know one another in person to share a bond and it seems that a baby is the quickest bond of all. Peace and joy… to you all and especially Jen and her family.

  80. I am knitting a BSJ at the moment, I’m liking the pattern but a bit preturbed by what’s coming up in the eighties rows. Hopefully i’ll manage.

  81. Have you considered maybe going for some toddler knitting? Maybe two days per item? The way things are going this child will either a) outgrow all the things you’re making before using them all or b) be born too big for them! Please wish Jen the best of luck and an easy, healthy birth.

  82. I’ve been watching the ever growing baby trousseau with admiration. And I do feel for Jen, really. But then again it’s kinda worth the wait to have all those goodies 🙂
    My babies (both safely in secondary school by now) both arrived exactly one day before they were expected. There was no incentive to stick around any longer as I didn’t have any knitting friends :-))

  83. Cute knits! For the amount of time this baby is growing, you may want to consider the next size up (sorry Jen)!

  84. a BSJ jacket is on my mental queue but I doubt I’ll ever be able knit one as cute as yours in a single day.

  85. I love all the baby knits. Truly. But will you show us your finished Catkin? The two blocking shots were just a tease. Thanks!

  86. This is such a joyful thing to watch a baby arriving with so much love and care. Thanks Steph for allowing us all to be part of this and finding such wonderful patterns to inspire us all.

  87. That is a beautiful colourway for that jacket! I’m not a fan of garter stitch, but I could be converted with this one…..

  88. When I read the blog yesterday, I had a feeling that you were going to knit the Baby Surprise next. Pretty Creepy.
    (Or it may be because I finally got The Opinionated Knitter in the mail two days ago, and I’ve been all Baby Surprise, all the time.)

  89. Baby, or not, I stalk your blog. I check it every weekend, hoping that there’s some reason you’d randomly post, just for my personal entertainment. Please thank Jen for me, for contributing this one time…
    But having had overdue babies, I really, really hope that she doesn’t need to contribute to next weekend as well. You could very easily keep the parade up, though, and I probably wouldn’t be the only happy one here. ;^)

  90. I truly respect all that you have said and done. I sqoze (sp) a beautiful baby girl through my loins exactly 31 years and 2 hours ago on this very day. I too feel like I know Jen (Jennifer I presume, great name)and wish her all the best in her delivery. Funny, they are never quite what you imagine they are going to be. Having said all this, for godness sake woman, can you dedicate (write/publish)a book of The Jen Baby patterns to commemorate this occassion? This kid is costing me a small fortune in patterns, luckily I already have the EZ suprise jacket. But I bought the Itty Bitty Hat book and a few others, all the cuteness is just too much for me to resist. Ok, must go knit now.

  91. I remember reading a bit at some point that said the reason most children are born during the middle of the night (which is not really true, just seems like it) is that they are born EXACTLY 9 months after conception.
    I any case, Steph? Are you there? Are we just a wee bit obsessed with this whole issue? You’ve done your duty with the blanket. Have you thought about your Christmas knitting yet? Just askin’.

  92. I’m with you 100% on the privacy thing, but will you write up the recipe for those booties after baby (or toddler, at this point) arrives?

  93. Well, unlike some babies made famous in the world of knitting, this one certainly doesn’t need us knitting for the him or her. Although, a campaign to knit in honor of Jen’s baby for charities doesn’t seem too far fetched.
    I must say, I’m not too convinced that it is a wee one anymore. My brother seemed to be born toddler size, maybe that’s what Jen is growing in there.

  94. Beautiful sweater and true words about protecting Jen’s privacy in this momentous event.
    I’ve been there 3 times and the easiest way to get through the waiting is to stay busy, eat well and smile a lot. It is all worth it the moment you see your baby’s sweet face.

  95. Dang it, everyone else’s BSJ’s always look so adorable and perfectly put-together! *grumbles at my seaming skills*
    On the plus side, yesterday I knitted your Friday cardigan, which it turns out is completely knittable in one day and is beyond cute. Definitely my new go-to baby cardi. Thanks for the recommendation!

  96. I hope for Jen’s sake that the baby decides it is time, and I hope for our sakes that you maintain knitterly suspense and keep on (and keep us) knitting!
    All this just makes me wish I was part of your immediate circle when I was having babies – once I had two kids (one for each hand) I don’t think I had a chance to knit a thing for years (there were two more after that…). I almost didn’t realize it until I got back in the knitting groove – it was quite a drought!

  97. I’ve always considered reading blogs to be a form of stalking. Always been a bit uncomfortable, posting here now to have a “coming out”. I say finish Joe’s gansey and the powerful FO vibe will get baby rolling.

  98. It never would occur to me to ask a question about someone’s due date to a complete stranger. Despite a brief shot of her baby bump on your blog and all of your baby knits she is a stranger and has no obligation to share that kind of thing with us at all.
    Your BSJ is super cute. Love it.

  99. I had my baby last month, and a friend gave me a BSJ knit from her own handspun, which she had spun from a fleece she’d prepped and processed herself. It is the most incredible little thing, and one of my most precious gifts. It’s just a smidge too big for my little girl right now, but it will fit her this fall, and every time I put it on her I will marvel at the production of knits as well as babies.

  100. I have to admit, I was driving to work this AM wondering if Jen had her baby over the weekend (and I was boggled by the fact that I don’t even know Jen and yet was wondering about her and her baby). Your doing a good thing by respecting her privacy and I think we could all take a page from your/her book on that, so with that in mind. Whatever happens, don’t let Jen end you by letting word out about her, I really enjoy reading your blog. Sending healthy vibes to both mom and baby, not to mention the intrepid knitter. Keep up the knitting.

  101. Wow. I can’t believe you are churning out a baby-knit each day. Go Steph!
    I’m enjoying going to your blog every day to see what your next ‘favorite’ baby knit is.
    My favorite BSJ was one I made from STR mediumweight in the Pride colorway. That colorway is perfect (I think) for a baby. Although your Falcon’s Eye looks pretty spiffy too.

  102. Babywatch 2011.
    I still maintain the baby has been born and Jen is keeping a low profile while making room in her drawers.
    yes, it is odd to be so interested in the birth of someone’s unknown little.
    All that you’re making is so beautiful I’m tempted to say i hope it doesn’t stop. However, then Jen will want to kill me. Making us both not very good people.

  103. I’m loving the flood of baby knits (it takes me forever to finish anything, even a BSJ, because of grad school, so I get a vicarious thrill out of seeing so many finished items!). I’m really looking forward to seeing some of them on a tiny new person (provided Jen lets you publish pics of the baby wearing some of his/her new woolies! I hope Jen is bearing up well – sending some good vibes her way for a healthy baby soon!

  104. OMG you’re a fast knitter. I mean, I’ve always known you’re fast, but you knit a BSJ in an EVENING? And you knit a bedspread in less than the 6+ months of constant knitting it would take me…
    Please, next time you’re feeling down, remember that you really do accomplish a lot and the world can give you a break. Tell you’re boss-self it’s OK to stop for a tea break and admire how far you’ve come instead of looking at how far you have to go.

  105. I think at this point the baby is just staying in as a means to get more knitty goodness. I am endlessly impressed by your speedy skills.

  106. I just wanted to say that I’ve been appreciating your knitting and the frequent posts to update us on Jen and the baby. You’re right: I don’t know her at all, but I’m grateful to having something so positive and life-affirming to concentrate on, especially when the news of the day is often how the economy is dreadful and our elected leaders can’t agree on the color of an orange, let alone solving the major problems of state. So, happy knitting and best of health to Jen and the baby.

  107. Thanks for showing the beautiful baby surprise jacket, this makes me want to make one. And who knows, maybe I will (when I get over this cold). Hope things are well 🙂

  108. I care, too, and am sending everyone good energy around the event. But BRAVO for keeping it private, Stephanie!!!! And those baby knits are so sweet and pretty. 🙂

  109. Thanks for the reminder of how it’s no one’s business but Mama and baby’s the particulars of the birth. Jen has to know that there’s a firestorm of well-wishes and easy labo(u)r vibes coming her way from your readers.
    Thanks, AliciaC @ 1:09 AM, for the idea to make sweaters for charity, not just hats. I’m on it.

  110. I wish Jen a happy and healthy baby. She already has a great friend, who respects her privacy and also knits!!!

  111. bloggers always have to walk that line between what is “blog appropriate” and what is “somebody else’s private business”. good call!

  112. I’m completely flabbergasted at your knitting speed- the BSJ I made last year took a good month. Maybe I’m just really slow?
    I hope Jen is staying comfortable at any rate, and that her wait will be over soon- it’s so hard to stay patient in those last few weeks!

  113. I’m enjoying the show-and-tell so much that I’m actually not in any hurry for the baby to come. Each item is prettier than the last. But having gone over my own due dates all three times I had them, I totally understand the other point of view, too. Keep up the good work, Stephanie! You’re a treasure for a friend.

  114. My son was in the 5 percent bracket, but we knew he got started the wed or fri of Thanksgiving week, so we had an edge there! Plus I shopped for quilt fabric the day before (LOTS of walking!)…
    My reply to the “when because you are the size of a dirigible” sorts of queries was a testy “Not Soon Enough!” Worked like a charm.

  115. My little one was due on Christmas day, and I’m really glad she had the good sense not to arrive on her due date. That statistic, about only 5 percent or so of babies being born on their due date, was one I clung to. She was four days early, which still isn’t the best of timing, but there weren’t a lot of good choices for her.

  116. I love baby surprise! I’ve actually never made on yet. I was going to stop making sweaters for my soon to be here son, but I think you’ve inspired me, I’ve never made baby surprise..yet.

  117. In a single day? I now knit lever knitting 100% but there is no way I could do this in a single day-not if I went to the BR, ate, checked email…–I did cast on my third Baby Surprise last night but don’t expect it for a couple weeks.

  118. I didn’t know a falcon’s eye was such a beautiful shade of bluish-green (or greenish-blue, depending on your perspective. My favorite yarn color name to date (and there have been some stunning ones).

  119. Have you made any 9-12 month baby things? I know babies come in all sizes, and posties tend to be on the large end of the spectrum.

  120. Can we respectfully request that Jen *possibly* consider sharing photos of the baby modeling these knits, someday? 🙂 If not, no biggie, but I’d love to see these lovely knits on a little person. 🙂

  121. Ha ha, I totally agree about the due date thing. I’m due on April something, because I figure baby will come when baby’s ready. I’ve already decided to start tricking myself into thinking May, because then if baby comes before then I’ll be extra doubly thrilled on top of being thrilled that baby came at all!

  122. While I’m always amazed at your knitting speed – Babygate 2011 has blown me away. You are fast!
    I have yet to make my first baby surprise jacket, but was just reading EZ’s “Knitting Workshop” this week and plan to make one next. Elizabeth Zimmermann is a genius. Brilliant. How she figured out the baby surprise sweater I’ll never know. Amazing.
    I love the green colorway too. It’s lovely.

  123. How beautifully you set the sweater among the richly variegated, delicate leaves (lamium(?) and friends); what a great balance of texture and harmony of color. Nice job, Steph, on top of a Nice job.

  124. Thanks for showing a before and after photo. I’ve heard a lot about how improbable the jacket looks before the last bit of magic, but have never before seen the evidence. Now I want a friend to have a baby so I have a good reason to see this magic in person.

  125. Thank you for respecting Jen’s privacy. Knit on, the baby pieces are about as close as we will ever get to instant knitting gratification.

  126. I’ve seen so many pics of this adorable sweater knit up, I must make one myself. Great Job Steph 🙂

  127. LOVE these colors for a babe. And your button stash must rival your yarn stash. How easy a sweater to put on over a onesie or other clothes on a wiggly, plump babykins.

  128. September 13 has come and gone, and no new baby attire has appeared. I hope this indicates that 13 is Jen’s lucky number!

  129. Please beg Jen for baby pictures. Babies are rays of sunshine on cold days. I know because I have three beautiful kids and eight adoreable grandchildren.

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