Here we are poppets, on a fine and glorious Monday of Babywatch 2011. All is quiet on the Western Front, so it’s another set of booties for your viewing pleasure.

These are my standard booties,  easy to knit, use only a little sock/fingering yarn (about 100m, including the pom-poms, it would be less if you used ribbon for the ties) and can be knocked off in an evening – if you’re dedicated.   These ones are knit in Koigu KPPPM, in a colour so old as to be irrelevant.  I think I bought it when Lettuce Knit first opened,  around the time I met Jen – so years and years.  The pom-poms and ties are a little leftover Baby Ull, and I think they’re heartbreakingly sweet.

These booties are easily figured if you own Knitting Rules – it’s my standard sock pattern scaled for babies, but so many of you asked me for the pattern last week that I decided to put one together for those of you who aren’t inclined to do the math.

I hope that link works. They’re cheap, cheerful and fun, and I hope you have a good time knitting them – if you want.   I understand that not everyone is under the sort of baby knitting pressure that I am – or Jen is,  depending on your perspective.

Until tomorrow.  I’ll be knitting booties if you need me.

127 thoughts on “Bootie-O-Rama

  1. I’ll have to try this pattern…I have another I also like but this would use up leftover sock yarn. Thank you.

  2. So very cute and a great way to use leftover sock yarn. Now, what about a toy? I need a little inspiration on that front for my 21 month old.

  3. I’ve been waiting on booties as that’s what I’m currently knitting for my first grandbaby due next month!

  4. I am so enjoying the baby watch. I hope he/she waits another week as I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. This is going to be the warmest baby ever. You are a fabuouse friend for doing this and a fabulous entertainer for letting us get a gander at it all.

  5. Would love it if the Ravelry link took you to a pattern page where you could see how much it costs instead of sending you directly to “you are buying this now,” which is a little startling.

  6. Have I mentioned before that you’re setting the bar pretty high here? What on earth will you do when you’re Grammy Steph rather than Auntie Steph?
    Unless you’re secretly knitting duplicates of everything and stashing them all away…

  7. The booties are super cute, and you’re obviously a great friend!
    Forgive me if you’ve covered this before, but how do you make such perfect pompoms?

  8. I have a lot of leftover sock yarn since you hooked me into knitting socks, and then turned the hook into an obsession at the Sock Summits.
    I’ve been hoping you would publish your bootie pattern. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. If I had kids, I would buy this in a heart beat. When I make socks for myself, I always have about 35 grams of yarn left. And my feet aren’t tiny. I just love lots of negative ease!

  10. You know, part of me (for very selfish reasons, obviously) is kind of really enjoying the fact that the imminent arrival hasn’t imminently arrived yet, because I’m really enjoying the Parade of Little Knits that keeps getting longer here with each day that passes.
    That being said, I remember those last few days before my son arrived, and for Jen’s sake, I hope the Santa Claus float comes sooner than later…

  11. My cubical buddy at work is pregnant (less than 3 months) and I’ve promised baby things. This baby will be born in spring though so woolies aren’t the greatest idea. Perhaps I will knit her a light and airy blanket. Your blog has made me so much more excited for the new arrival!

  12. Got it! Even the pattern looks cute. I have Knitting Rules but…I’m lazy and want it all spelled out for me. Thank you, Stephanie.

  13. Thanks so much for writing up the pattern. Not only are the booties adorable, but the pattern itself is too!

  14. I think the baby is holding off until you knit exactly what it wants! Now if we only knew what that was! Anyway, it will certainly have the nicest handknit wardrobe of any baby!

  15. You know what would be cool? A picture of the whole pile of baby items, all together. Jen could show it to her belly and encourage the baby to come out and play in the pile! (And only incidentally would it make the rest of us extraordinarily jealous of your productivity, and of the fact that we aren’t all your very pregnant friends!♥)

  16. I remain in awe of your speed. I can’t even imagine how fast you must knit to get everything done like that. I know you have alot of practice but it’s still beyond my imagining. Could you post of video sometime of your knitting hands?

  17. I’m with Abby at 2:09
    and I want the pattern even though I’m in love with and refer to Knitting Rules all the time.

  18. Does this baby mean that your theory that, when the blanket is done labor will start, has been disproven?
    Or is this a statistical outlier? Rather like your knitting speed would be a statistical outlier and no indicator of the speed (or lack there of) with which I produce baby knits.

  19. My life is now complete. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
    If you need me, I’ll be knitting booties. Forever. In perfect bliss.

  20. These are so absolutely adorable, along with everything else you’ve knitted for Jen. I hope that maybe the weather there is cooling down like it is here so that Jen doesn’t melt. I know I was dying towards the end of my pregnancy but thankfully my little bundle of joy is here now. I hope that everything continues to go well with Jen, baby and your knitting 🙂 Best of luck to all

  21. Love these booties!
    It seems like everyone at work is pregnant (not me!! Husband has told me not to drink the tap water,just in case) so I just bought the pattern so I can knit a something for everyone.

  22. OMG another adorable baby thingie!OH OH! poor Jen— I am reaching a point where I may not want this baby born soon, because I want to keep being surprised with what cute baby item you have knit next! Better not tell Jen what I just wrote!!!

  23. You are amazing! I know 8 people who are either a month from their due date or have tiny babies less than 2 months old and I can barely keep up getting one item done for each baby. Instead of my traditional blanket, they are all getting a hat!

  24. In spite of the enchanting knitted swag, go Jen go! The final days of waiting for a baby can seem so long.
    I am off to knit a pumpkin hat because baby knitting is contagious. Thanks Stephanie, I look forward to each little wooly offering.

  25. If you embiggen the pattern, you could make her an especially sweet Christmas stocking. That is NOT to say that I hope the arrival of this wee one stretches out that long. And I’m pretty sure Jen would second that.

  26. According to Indian Folk Lore:
    A baby is born by the 10th Lunar Moon.
    So for September 2011 it would be on
    September 12 at 0927.
    So if the guess work is right the baby should
    pop out any time!

  27. Thanks for the Cutest Bootie pattern. I do have Knitting Rules book but for $3.00 I’d rather let you do the ciphering!

  28. At the rate that these lovely baby things are coming off the needle, I would almost be tempted to keep my legs crossed and do bed rest (if I was Jen)!
    (Joking, Jen…judging from the healthy baby bump Steph posted a few weeks ago, there is probably no knitting that cute at this point!!! We all love you both and wish the best for all concerned!)

  29. So adorable. Thanks so much for putting the pattern together. I do have the book and refer to it all the time for adult socks but I wouldn’t know where to start in sizing a baby sock -except way smaller, right? 😉 Glad for all your doula expertise on that front.
    Hope Jen and the imminent arrival are feeling all the blog love!

  30. I seriously think you should self-publish more patterns. Everybody loves you, loves what you knit. Putting together a pattern for simple objects is not hard, once you’ve done the knitting, and ravelry makes it super-duper easy to sell patterns forever, with no additional work. It’s the nearest thing to free money out there. Go for it! (Unless you don’t need free money….)

  31. These are the booties we did in class at sock camp a year or so ago, right? These are so quick and easy to make yet they look so cute! Now if I could just figure out how to do the pom poms.

  32. Do you think Jen might be purposely holding off labor? I mean, if she waits long enough, she’ll have a complete knitted wardrobe for the baby! And every piece of it exquisite.

  33. This is fun. I know it may not be for Jen, but for us in blog land it’s great. Though I do hope the little one decides to make an appearance soon for Jen’s sake.

  34. How. Do. You. Knit. So. Darn. Fast???
    Message to Jen – you may be getting fed up, but my friends welcomed Matilda last Monday at only 28 weeks. Your baby’s way brings less worry. Hope you have a wonderful birth experience!

  35. That yarn is delicious – such a shame it’s so old. This is a perfect illustration of why it’s important to have a large stash.

  36. Hi Stephanie,
    I absolutely love, love, love these booties!!!! Jen is SOOO luck and so is the little one we’re all waiting to see in these goodies!!!
    I have the knitting rules book and I LOVE it! I LOVE the chapter on socks!!!! I know you included a cheat sheet of shoe sizes and footlengths, how does that correlate with the measurement around the calf. I tried doing something with the numbers and got a brain cramp. Any light you could shed would be terrific!
    All the best!

  37. I knit. And knit. And knit. Tiny wee socks when I was in over time waiting for my daughter to come into the world. I think she wore one pair. They collectively all became ornaments on our tree for the holidays. As an almost walker, she loved touching them. As a toddler, she moved them around and around and around on the tree. This year, at 2 3/4, I’m sure the tree will continue to have her wee baby socks on it, and start to add some others. I love that YOU’RE obsessively knitting. In overtime…

  38. the link works, and the pattern is sitting in my ravelry library….thanks so much, my math skills are already being tested by my middle schooler, i don’t think i have it in me to try anything else. i am planning to print out the pattern and keep it in my copy of knitting rules too!!

  39. I’m loving all the wee knitterly goodness BUT did you ever stop to think that in times pass the wee one made his/her appearance only AFTER you had completed the planned wee knitting and this time you might just be prolonging the young ones emergence with this daily dose of love? Perhaps it would help if you “planned” the knitting the day before you actually cast on. 😀

  40. Jen better hurry up. This Nana is having a hard time seeing so many CUTE baby things one after the other. I want to make them allllllll!
    Thanks, Stephanie!

  41. I read all of your blog entries, but only occasionally read the posts. When I do, I find many delightful and interesting comments. I have Knitting Rules, but would never have taken the time to “do the math.” So I agree with other posters (e.g., Sue at 4:02) who are happy you’ve managed it for us!
    Though I don’t actually have a baby for whom to knit at the moment, I also agree that you should publish more patterns. I’ve purchased 3 now (pretty thing, encompass, and now the baby booties) simply as a way of saying “Thank You!” for sharing yourself (your enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge, humor, etc.) so generously on the blog.
    My life is joyous and rich with loving friends and family, satisfying work, and free time spent knitting, but reading your blog is always a special addition to any day. Thank you!!
    And one day I’ll knit up one of these lovely patterns, truly. They’re all in the queue, waiting for the right yarn / person / occasion!

  42. I have great math skills, have the book, too…but I’m going to be lazy right now and buy the pattern!!!!
    Thank you, Stephanie!!!!…I was stressing on whether I would FIND my book.

  43. Another day, another baby gift. This Blog is just the best. Off to purchase baby bootie pattern. Checking for yarn…

  44. Thank you so much for the great patterns. My sister and a co-worker are expecting “wee ones” (both in February). Along with a blanket, I think some cutest booties and a seamless kimono will be a wonderful gift.

  45. Stephanie,
    Thank you sharing all these wonderful baby knits with us! (even if I do feel like it’s at Jen’s expense) I’m trying to use good mojo towards my knitter friends who “may” be trying to bring a worthy wee one into the world. Good mojo to Jen too!

  46. Thanks Stephanie,
    I do happen to need to make booties for a weekend baby shower and I don’t like to do the math. Thanks for doing the mind work — it’s a bargain.

  47. Thank You so Much….Purchased “Knitting Rules”
    …….Twice (print and Kindle) but really do
    appreciate you doing this for those of us who just
    love these booties but are not inclined to figure them out.

  48. Okay – I’m going on 75, married and stashed away in northern Minnesota. But if I have another baby, will you be godmother? Huh? Huh? And make goodies for ME?? 🙂

  49. Although I truly wish Jen the best, I have to admit, I’m actually here for the baby knits. (I’m knitting for my most adorable little 1 mo. old great-nephew just now; your inspiration and company are much appreciated).

  50. Hey! I own Knitting Rules…away I go for pretty pretty booties. This kid is going to have an outrageous picture album.

  51. You’re making me wish someone pregnant so I could knit wee little things. How nice to have such lovely and quick little projects. Perfect for the goal-oriented amongst us. Ahem.
    If I tell my friends I’m wishing someone pregnant they’ll kill me.

  52. I think Jen’s baby is holding out for a pair of size 13 socks and a half-dozen beer cozies.

  53. What size pompom maker do you use? The pattern doesn’t say, and I discovered today they come in different sizes.

  54. at what point will the collection of knitted wee goodies weigh more than the expected baby? It’s gotta be soon if you haven’t passed that point already. Anyways, it’s a good goal!

  55. Oh.My.God. If you know of any decent-looking men with a nice sense of humour who live in CT ages 29-39, send one over to my house..must make a baby right away!!

  56. I think you’re giving this baby way too much incentive to stay put for as long as possible – the longer he/she can hold off the more cute knits will be in his/her wardrobe. You may want to rethink this strategy …

  57. I have loved every one of these baby knits and am storing up the patterns for my future grandkids. Thanks for the bootie pattern! If I did the math they might not look anything like yours! I second (or third) the request for a pom pom tutorial. Also, how do you attach them once you have them made? Thanks and happy waiting!

  58. Thank you so much for the great pattern. I hope that many knitters buy it and you make lots of money. You deserve it for putting on the best baby-knits show ever.
    I read the comments and was struck by the the realization that some of your followers can be very demanding! I guess that comes with the territory. A short note to readers of the comments: the link works perfectly, the pattern is really well-done, and a Clover pom-pom tool is recommended.

  59. i hope jen has her baby soon because i’m getting a bit tired of baby knits. besides i really want the sweaters in women’s sizes!

  60. The bootties are super cute with pompoms!
    I love your answers to the questions in your last post. Are people really that nosey? Is it not enough to wish her a healthy baby and lots of knitted gifts? Well that’s my sentiment anyway.
    I’m knitting lots of baby socks and a blanket ‘due’ any day now, so I’m totally amazed by your dedication, Jen must be a trully wonderful friend.

  61. you won’t believe this, but i was reading some of your back blogs, looking for these booties last weekend, i found the pictures and was trying to figure out the pattern! I’m buying!

  62. I have been smiling to myself since you started this project. My first daughter was 6 weeks late. Obviously my doctor wasn’t so good at maths! I am glad to see you have resorted to booties – you were making me feel totally inadequate as there is no way I could have kept up with your schedule.

  63. This baby watch is such fun–my prayers are with Steph, and I’m so glad she has such a good friend in you. It’s a gift to the rest of us here that we get to enjoy your friendship with her. Until tomorrow’s post…

  64. This is too much fun… I am waiting for my second babe to find its way out (EDD end of the month) and still knitting, though not nearly as fast as you!
    Thanks for all of the pattern ideas. I’m working up a Puerperium Cardigan right now, which I’d not have seen if you hadn’t knit and blogged it.

  65. It is my personal and considered opinion that Jen knows exactly what she is doing.
    The longer she keeps her knees togther, the more cool baby knits she gets.
    Smart woman, that Jen. >:-)

  66. Steph, I am in awe of your knitting. Everything just looks so perfect, the colors, the finishing, everything. Although I’ve been knitting for about 14 years, I just don’t feel I get the perfection that your knitting achieves.

  67. I dreamed last night that I was knitting these booties. It’s like the punchline to a “you know you’re a knitter when” joke.

  68. Harlot…thanks for the bootie pattern. I totally have your book, but am that lazy that I would rather spend the $3 and let you do the figuring for me…besides, as I am the only one knitting for my baby, the faster I get to stuff the better!

  69. Why should this baby pop out at all soon when she/he just gathers up presents every day? You might be making this baby into a clothes Harlot!

  70. If I hadn’t been very pregnant myself a couple of times I would be inclined to think that Jen isn’t having that baby just to hold out for all the lovely knits your are whipping up for her! But having been there myself I am pretty sure that isn’t what is going on here! She is so lucky to have a friend who cares enough to keep her “company” through the trying last few weeks!

  71. Well,.. didn’t I just need to own the book.
    Didn’t amazon just have to have some really good prices on the kindle copies of your books. Didn’t I just need to purchase several of your books at good prices.
    Sure,.. yeah,.. all of that!

  72. And here it is, 2:57 pm Eastern Standard Time, and it’ still the same booties as yesterday, adorable as they are. But the SAME!!!!
    I thought you were making something different for each day….I’m looking for something new and exciting. I bet you could whip out a knitterly version of the Sistine Chapel, if you put your mind to it.
    Sally Williams

  73. I’m pretty sure Jen had the baby days ago and she’s just not telling you. The longer she holds out, the more knitting you’ll do, and the more gifts she’ll get. Jen is a wise, wise woman.

  74. It’s Tuesday, and I don’t see any Tuesday baby knitting. Could it be that the wee one has arrived? I sure hope so! I remember getting to the end of each of my pregnancies and, in addition to swearing never to do it again, just wanting the baby to out so I could hold her.
    Much love to Jen & her family, and to you & yours.

  75. Hey! Where’s the baby-knit-du-jour? It’s Tuesday.
    Perhaps Jen has had her baby? Congratulations, if that is the case but I’m going to miss the project per day on your blog, Stephanie….

  76. I have your book and use that sock pattern all the time, but I bought the booty pattern as I am too lazy to do the math today. Can’t wait to show the bonnet/booty set I’m making – It’s the yarn combined into these patterns that has me giddy.

  77. As the mother of a baby who thoroughly outstayed his welcome, I congratulate the probable reason for no baby knit today, and wish all concerned well in their going forward in separate bodies. I will, however, miss the daily dose of incomprehensibly cute baby knits.

  78. so many cute baby things, Jen and Baby are so lucky to have you as a friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed the parade of irresistible baby knits!

  79. Like others I’m wondering if the non-posting means that Jen’s baby is here? Or does it mean you had something else to do in your life today? Even if you did, I have no doubt you’re knitting something. Even if you have to stay up until midnight. Or 11:59. And then since you’ll already be up, you could start Wednesday’s knit

  80. Congratulations to Jen and the new little one, if that is why there are no new baby clothes!

  81. I think this kid is holding out for an entire woolie wardrobe because he or she has realized that they will be coming out just in time for a Canadian Fall and Winter. I’m wishing Jen the best of luck and Stephanie I look forward to seeing what other baby things you roll out. I’m stockpiling ideas for baby gifts.

  82. Oh I hope you haven’t posted because you are cuddling a newborn and congratulating the lucky parents. If not – I sympathize. Both my daughters kept cozy a few (too many!) extra days. Sending love and welcome to the family for whenever this little one arrives!!!

  83. Hmm… Tuesday… no new baby knits.
    I can’t imagine you’ve run out of ideas.

  84. Even if that baby is on the way, you MUST be knitting something while you wait. Unless she/he pops right out, it will take some time. Will you eventually show us the last item in Baby Watch September 2011? Happy Baby Day!

  85. here’s hoping that Jen’s baby comes soon, though I love seeing all the things you make.
    My niece (who was due Sep 10, 9.10.11 here in the US) had her baby girl this afternoon, just a half hour before my daughter had her little boy! We are doubly blessed today!!!

  86. Bought the pattern although I have the book & still can’t read my knitting well enough to fix a ss row 4 rows into the cuff, that I have torn out 5x’s & said “The heck with it, it is now a design feature” Yeesh – I really need to take a class – even after 15yrs. of trying to knit:) But I do love the booties & plan on knitting until I have a pretty pair that looks like the picture of yours. Thanks for sharing. I know they will look adorable on my grandbaby.

  87. Ahh, no new baby knit today? Hopefully means Jen had her wee one, finally. My niece just had her first yesterday. A beautiful baby girl. You’ve given me lots of ideas for some cute baby clothes.

  88. If today was the day, its a good day to have a baby. Today is my oldest daughters 15 year birthday! Much love and well wishes to the new mom and little one.

  89. If QuickestKnitterintheWorld is still knitting, she may be working on 6-month-sized goodies. One *hopes sincerely* that even Quickest…etc. can’t pop those out as quickly as the newborn-sized goodies!
    I’m a relatively new knitter, and have been feeling totally outgunned. I know that I could (crochet) these items in a day, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. Knitting? Each of these things a day???
    Maybe they’re the 6-month size….

  90. I’m loving all the baby knits, but my favorite is the BSJ. Tina needs to borrow the picture to show with the yarn.
    I don’t think I would have ordered Falcon’s Eye if I hadn’t seen the pictures, but am now dancing with delight that my skein should arrive tomorrow.
    What a difference it makes to see it knit up.

  91. I’m hoping that the lack of post means a happy, healthy mom and baby! Many blessings to Jen and family.

  92. Oh my, no new post this morning? Could Babywatch have morphed into Baby Arrival?!?!? Have we seen the end of the seemingly endless (and endlessly charming) baby knits? Stay tuned, friends, for our next episode…..

  93. Two mornings, no posts. Could be working on a bigger knit project, could be the baby is here? Blessings in either case!

  94. I think that the baby is holding out for miniature SpillyJane mitts – instead of beer glasses, milk bottles. FYI- I nursed my two daughters, but mittens with breasts on them would be a little out there, so bottles it is (although, my babes would only accept milk in its original packaging….)

  95. I mistakenly loaned out my copy of “Knitting Rules” and never got it back. Sigh, I guess this is a good excuse to get me another copy!

  96. I am one of those who ended up with a massively high-intervention delivery, with no time to prep and eons way too early (Toby was born at 26 week sof gestation; I had a stroke and a seizure on the way; he had a better chance than I of surviving those first few nights). I certainly think my bonding with him would have been way easier with a very different birth. I had zero choice about really anything to do with the delivery – but then, I wasn’t really conscious either. Though apparently they had trouble getting an epidural in due to a lot of swelling, which I really had NOT wanted in the first place, and eventually I communicated that somehow and I ended up under general anesthesia LOL. For me? The choice that moved mountains was getting Toby to be a full-time nursing baby. I couldn’t start to pump milk until 8 days after his birth; he couldn’t even be put to my breast until he was 5? weeks old (could have been longer, I can’t remember), and it took months for him to become strong enough to nurse full time. Once he got home at 12.5 weeks old, he nursed for an hour and 45 minutes out of every two hours – around the clock – I was one tired mama but I was determined to get him there, and he did. I don’t think my path is the path for everyone, but I do think it’s an example of what Stephanie is talking about – empowerment is an amazing thing. And nursing? There was a huge dose of luck involved (Toby was a willing partner in the whole venture), but it also was my big place of empowerment over his very traumatic and entirely against my dreams and plans arrival. That? Was where our bonding solidified so deeply. Thanks for this post Stephanie – what a beautiful story and while Marlowe looks nothing like what Toby looked like at birth, it touches me deeply – in some ways, it’s the birth I wanted, but in others? It rings true to my own albeit very different experience.

  97. So very precious! Welcome to the world little one!
    Please extend my congratulations to Jen!
    Beautiful knits……as always.

  98. Pom poms. I have been working my first booties and had not considered a pom pom tassle before seeing your handiwork. Honestly, pom pom always made me shudder – but these pom poms are so cute! How pleased I was to see the “pom pom” entry in the index to “Knitting Rules” to which your note directed me for the pattern. I needn’t tell you of my distress after I turned expectantly to page 163 and read your recipe for pom poms. You owe me one (and I owe you one million – the blog, your books and two wondrous Sock Summit adventures do still have you in the lead).

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