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  1. Here in south central Montana it has been so unseasonably warm that most of the trees haven’t started to show their colors yet. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. No wonder Canada adopted the maple leaf as its symbol – they are so beautiful as they turn to red!

  2. Well, since you asked…
    Mine did not include any moose, live, chocolate or otherwise.
    It did include a wee bit of knitting.
    It also included draining and cleaning the little swimming pool my daughter enjoyed all summer and then neglected at the end.
    And sleep and work (alternating, in reverse of most folks).
    Not much in way of colored leaves here yet, although they should start turning soon – if it ever gets chilly, that is.
    Thanks for sharing your colorful and what looks like relaxing weekend. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  3. My weekend was nice but yours looks like it was outstanding!! I see traveling socks but did you ever decide on a v-neck cardi pattern?? Tell Sam that she looks great too – whatever she is doing up there agrees with her.
    So, do you go up to visit her or do you go up to re-stash her????

  4. Pretty good in a spring, stachyureus pricox (?) lily of the valley tree, ‘beginning of daylight saving’, ‘not in the country’, ‘other side of the world’ and ‘different hemisphere’ sort of way. But it doesn’t compete with yours!
    How lovely. A beautiful photographic essay.

  5. It’s been beautiful out here in western Germany, too, although I don’t think you’ll find too many moose. ^_^ I can’t wait for the leaves on all the trees in the mountains in this area to start turning; I only moved here last November and everything had already fallen off.
    Aren’t you just so happy that you have this blog so you can relive times like this whenever you like?

  6. Well, since you asked…it started with my doggy getting skunked on Friday night, and kinda went downhill from there, LOL. I didn’t manage any knitting time, and am still sick from this rotten cold that I’ve had for over a week. But on a positive note, the leaves in the park beside my house have started to change colour (nowhere near as nice as up north–yet!), and I finally rememberer to take the camera with me on one of my walks, and got some nice pics! I just may have to do a day trip up north in the next couple of weeks to see the colours!

  7. Well, it’s ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. And that’s what we do. Great weather, amazing creativity, and not enough time to see it all.
    What a beautiful weekend you had!

  8. Yeah, I was wondering if that was a moose. That’s… a close encounter with wildlife that large. eep. Thanks for the dose of fall colors!

  9. Oh, the colors are so beautiful! We don’t get those saturated, awesome fall colors where I live in CA. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Lovely photos! I think the beauty of autumn is designed as a buffer between summer and winter because it would be harder to bear winter without it.
    My weekend went well, although it did involve ripping back several rows of 300+ stitches each. It had to be done though, and I’m now motoring along again. Thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

  11. I love moose! (And fall color!) Glad your weekend was so awesome (and apparently involved much treasured family time).

  12. Beautiful photos. Thank you for reminding me what fall is supposed to look like! With the heat/drought we’ve had recently about half the leaves have fallen without ever turning colors. πŸ™ My weekend involved wrangling a semi-domesticated raccoon into a pet carrier so we could take it to a wildlife rehabilitator and getting bit by a baby deer. πŸ™‚ I’ve been working on a bubblegum pink 100% wool sweater for winter…it is currently 90 degrees F. It is fall therefore I knit. πŸ™‚

  13. Fantastic here too. Hard to believe I’ve never seen a moose, given that I grew up here in Canada and spent my summers at a cottage north of Ottawa. Maybe I’ll see one on my way to KnitEast. Hopefully not after dark on a rural highway, though!

  14. Moose! Mr. Right once took me on a Moose Safari for our anniversary. Best. Weekend. Ever. This one was less good than that. Also less good than yours. Thanks for sharing your Autumn!

  15. Your weekend looks wonderful!
    And thanks for asking about mine πŸ™‚
    It was also perfect, still a bit different in the colours:
    I piled up all my works in progress on the living room floor (nobody else was in) and decided which one to finish, which to frog. Well, some I decided to put back in the box and not think about them for a little while (and presume an interesting definition for the word “little”).
    And it was wonderfully sunny, we’re having Indian Summer in Germany (“Old Wives Summer” is the literal translation from German), so it’s all warm (not hot) and beautiful and the leaves start getting bright colours.
    And we had knitting cafΓ© and were all friendly and nice and productive, laughing a lot.
    And I bought some yarn and started a new project.
    Perfect, isn’t it?

  16. Beautiful!
    My weekend was pretty great too – I got to go to a nearby fiber festival (SVFF) that just hasn’t stopped making me smile.

  17. Perfect too, thanks. Birthday weekend for son, daughter-in-law and twin granddaughters. Couldn’t have been better, even UK weather conspired to make it happy.

  18. Well… didn’t see any moose, but did get to knit a lot and watch football. I find that football is perfect for knitting… especially picky charts. You can look at the chart and knit and listen to the game, and when they say “HOLY COW DID YOU SEE THAT?!” You can look up and watch the instant replay 5 times, 3 of them from different angles.
    Perfect.. you never miss anything.

  19. Well, since you asked, it looks like my weekend was very similar to yours. Southern VT, peaceful early morning knitting time, good friends and family. Heaven.

  20. We’re having a bit of Indian Summer here in CT. I got out for a sail in the Sun Fish, and made some major progress on socks for my daughter.
    Irene doused the trees around here with lots of salt water, which they didn’t like one bit. As a result, we seem to be going straight from green to brown to leafless. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of early fall — they really brightened my day.

  21. I know it sounds foolish now, but just for a moment I thought: “What, no sock?” Then, there is was, in a lovely fall palette. All is well.

  22. Moose, moose, I love a moose.
    I’ve never had anything quite like a moose.
    I’ve had many women, my life’s been quite loose.
    But I’ve never had anything quite like a moose.
    Crazy much? Yes, why do you ask?

  23. Wine and wool…that was my weekend! Put up (prepared for fermentation) 5 gallons each of french collombard and petite syrah grape juice on Saturday. Sunday…put yeast strains for fermentation into juice and then went to an alpaca farm with my spinning wheel to demonstrate spinning for their autumn open house. Came home smelling like alpaca, watched football, ate polish meatball, drank wine and went to sleep on the couch.

  24. Your pictures are so beautiful! I too was wondering where the sock would show up and there it was. Perfect fall colors in the sock btw.
    I sure miss the turning of the leaves. Breathtaking.

  25. I had a pretty perfect weekend. I’ve had pretty perfect weekends for a while. The Saturday before last I got married(!) That was an absolutely perfect day–weather wise, family wise, and feeling wise. Then this last weekend was spent opening presents and cleaning up the house. Perfect because we got to bask in another weekend of love before going back to work and regular life.

  26. I feel like I’m being treated for croupe (in north-central Connecticut). You know, when you stand in the shower holding a sick baby so it can breath the steam? Yah. About that humid.
    The shot of the pond with petals(?) is one of your best. Should be on a note card, along with a few dozen of your other shots, like the ones of the shawl in the park on the stone bridge. Hmmmm?

  27. Also quite lovely, thanks. Celebrated 17th wedding anniversary, made and ate apple pie, ran 3.5 miles and wound yarn to start the next socks!
    Thank you for the beautiful fall colors (of which we are pretty much devoid here in So Cal.)

  28. Ah, Juliet in Grand Rapids, hold that thought. Forget my past weekend — my next one will include walking around Art Prize, the most insane art competition in the world.

  29. Thanks for the lovely colors, my weekend was not as beautiful as yours but I appreciate the lovely signs of fall.

  30. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. My weekend wasn’t quite so scenic, but it did include quite a bit of knitting time, so I’m not complaining. My husband asked me one night last week when we were going to turn on our furnace, and it made me think of your annual furnace-wars. Have you thrown down the gauntlet yet this year? (And, no, I didn’t turn the furnace on, but did tell him to put on the nice wool sweater I had knit for him several years ago!)

  31. Had a great weekend at OFFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival). Visited with old friends, and made new ones, too. Lots of fibery deliciousness!

  32. Oh wow, that looks like it was perfect! Mine was also fantastic, I spent it in Austin, Texas visiting family along with my husband and my 1-year old. And I managed to convince my sister-in-law that we absolutely needed an outing to Hill Country Weavers to get a yarn fix.

  33. Yours looked very lovey. And since you ask. I am learning to knit socks and I have 2, count them, 2 wearable socks. Top-down, 2 x 2 ribbed leg, stockinette foot, afterthought heel, socks. YEAH!
    I do have a question though when and where did the heel flap, short-row turn, gusset heel come from because the afterthought heel is so easy?

  34. Husband and I took three days of vacation just before the weekend and spent five glorious days at home – just us. And then had good, good friends over for supper last night. It was a great time!

  35. ahhh…beautiful northern Ontario, I miss it so…
    perfectly oicturesque pictures!
    my weekend? ehhhk

  36. I bought a circular sock knitting machine this weekend. And sold a bunch of yarn at YarnCon. And hung out with good friends. And ate really good food. And bought a bunch of antique buttons. Life is good.

  37. I worked in Algonquin Park for a number of summers. Moose are cool… although I only seemed to see them when I was late for work and would get stuck in the “Moose Jam” =)

  38. moose!!! I love those meeces to pieces!!! I want to grab their ears and kiss them on that soft muzzle.
    Great weekend.

  39. Bill Bryson, in one of his travel books, described moose as “…badly drawn cows.” Anytime I see moose mentioned, I can’t help but think of this and chuckle.

  40. Yes, it’s a moose — and is that a ring on your daughter’s finger? Lovely fall color! We went camping and got to listen to elk bugles in the evening. Lovely.

  41. thanks for asking . . . not too bad it ended with my birthday and i am the proud new owner of Knitting Rules . . . and am loving it . . . under the question “is knitting addictive “, I think i am at level 2 . . . the person who so graciously gave me the book . . . i won’t label her . . . not yet anyway . . . we are discussing it!

  42. wow… that pretty much encapsulates perfect! is this where daughter now lives? sweeet…….

  43. Thanks for asking. I spent my weekend recovering from this respiratory plague that’s going around AND preparing my brand new tapestry loom for its first project.
    Your photos are lovely. I have so much fun reading your blog. Thanks for posting! Trish

  44. Made your fresh tomato pasta for the third time in two weeks. Ate almost all of it (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) — in between busting up a ceramic tile floor. Have now gotten out all agressions from the past five years. Have taught two boys to do the rest of the smashing. Starting to regret it. (Hm. Seem to have misplaced pronouns somewhere.)

  45. Lovely photos of fall! I like the red leaves. On the way back from a conference in the lower Hudson Valley I stopped at the 3rd Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival.. very very nice. Not too large Just large enough. Lots of booths with local vendors/farms. Some mighty nice yarns on display. I highly recommend it to anyone within a couple hours of there.
    A girl moose, not just a moose.

  46. Truly beautiful! In north Texas most everything but the live oaks is brown and dry. It’s not cool enough for color yet, but I’m not sure what the drought will bring us in that regard anyhow. Thanks for the glimpse of someplace else.

  47. Finally had maternity pictures done – was starting to worry that the little miss would join life on the outside before we got them done. Also, finished her blanket, so little one can come whenever she pleases (not that she wouldn’t anyhow, but now I’m more ready)

  48. Lovely, lovely pictures. Had to laugh about the moose comment. I grew up in the western US – driving into town one evening, I saw an animal in a field and thought, “that’s one UGLY horse”. Yep, it was a young female moose.

  49. I live all year long for autumn!! I love the colors and crisp, cool air and the crunching leaves. And I’m definitely envious of your glorious weekend! So glad you got to relax and enjoy! I sent my friend from Florida winging back to her home very early Saturday morning, missing her and the fun we had already, but we really had a GREAT time while she was here. The rest of the weekend I pretty much just sat on our porch and enjoyed our mild weather. Leaves are just barely starting to turn here and should be in full array within 10-14 days. Only problem with autumn is it doesn’t last long enough.

  50. I have always wanted to see a moose when we drive in Maine (a very rare event these days), but never have. I got a sweater off the needles, blocked and sewn together. Fabulous! Now if the crazy humidity goes away I might be able to wear it someday.

  51. No moose, but we saw lots of elk herds in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, about 1.5 hrs from Asheville, North Carolina. And I echo an earlier post – “eep” they are BIG! And lovely.
    Also saw 2 baby snakes, mushrooms, butterflies, and just a few red leaves, but it’ll turn soon enough here.
    Lovely photos – thanks! The yarn is the perfect match for the season.

  52. Ours looked sort of the same as yours. We were in Algonquin Park, on our motorcycles…its less than 90 min from here and we had a wonderful ride. Hopefully we’ll have a few more nice days before the bike season is over.
    Great photos.

  53. Beth: I have that song. *epiclol*
    My fall is needing to get here! It’s still summer here! >.<
    At the moment, I’m knitting a sock, an EZ Watchcap, and finishing on that sweater I mentioned all that while back.

  54. On the upside, I bought 1700 yrds worth of the most beautiful rhubarb colored silk/merino blend worsted ever created, but on the down, we took everything off our very old but 52′ long wooden cruiser on Lake Superior, where we tend to live all summer. It is coming out of the water tomorrow. Sigh. No mooses (as we said when the kids were little). An otter, lots of geese, a pair of loons, and hints of a skunk, however. One moose outsizes all those Duluth critters, however!

  55. My weekend was more than perfect! It was my birthday. It wasn’t the birthday that was so wonderful…it was the birthday surprise….My son and dear daughter-in-law gave me a birthday card telling me I was going to be a grandmother next May! A first-time grandma! Break out the knitting needles! I’m gonna have a lot of fun while I wait!!!

  56. Hard to beat your fabulous weekend. Thanks for the beautiful pics.
    my oldest turned 21.. it was a great weekend!

  57. I thought you were going to say it was an engagement ring, not a moose (not that I think a moose is an engagement ring, but it looked like maybe your daughter was wearing one (again, ring, not moose)).

  58. My weekend was fantabulous, though not quite that rife with fall color. Went cabining (as in camping, but there was a cabin) with my Dad for the… eh, twelfth year in almost a row. πŸ™‚ We went for our epic hike, made the traditional hot dogs and Doritos, and put together a puzzle. Relaxing. :)And unlike the camper of maybe ten years ago, the cabin did not collapse. This made the weekend much better.

  59. lovely pics! i soo miss the beautiful and stunning fall colours of southern ontario! we just miss out on some of those colours here in bc! thanks so much for sharing. now i’m homesick. hahaha πŸ™‚

  60. Really fine. Though biking at just above the freezing mark is not something I do often, it turned out to be quite nice. I miss the red leaves of the East, living in Alaska with only gold, and those now past their peak color and lying on the ground.

  61. Great photos! My weekend was wonderful – Oregon Flock & Fiber, hanging out with sheep & spinning & shopping. And a “Happy Monsoon Day” on Sunday.

  62. let’s just say not as good as yours and leave it at that! LOL
    love the pics and thank you for the moose picture – I love moose – so cute in their huge ways!

  63. My weekend was also great, thanks for asking! My youngest son had his Bar Mitzvah, and he *nailed* his chanting! We are sooooo proud! He also has some challenges with writing prose, but not verse, so check out my blog, for what the Rabbi said was the most interesting, unique, D’var Torah (talk on his portion/bar mitzvah speech) he’s EVER heard!

  64. Thanks for the pix. I miss autumn so much. I grew up in the (US) Midwest, where we had seasons. Now live in Texas, where there’s one season punctuated by a couple of weeks of cold (not Canada cold, of course, Texas-cold, which is probably Canada-spring!)
    Love the sugar maple leaves!

  65. Just started reading your blog and your books and am enjoying both very much. I live in Colorado Springs and deer wander through our neighborhood on a daily basis. We stop for them to cross the street. No moose, however. Bears, sometimes. And bobcats. And I live in the city! One of my neighbors has a deer made from a log that is decorated for each season (right now it’s a back-to-school deer wearing a backpack) and I’m thinking of asking if I can knit it a sweater. What do you think?

  66. I saw a pony in your weekend.
    Ponies are awesome.
    My weekend also had ponies (and deer, not moose), but considering that they live in my backyard and seem to exist to harass me for treats, it wasn’t that exciting.
    Also, I had to clean up their manure. I haven’t trained them to do this themselves yet. Here’s to hoping.

  67. It was a great weekend! We had Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival here. It was summer on Saturday and autumn on Sunday. Looks like you’re well into autumn where you are!

  68. Beautiful autumn pictures. My week-end was healing, lots of rest, space to think, pull up tomato plants, experience the season change.

  69. Stop bragging, jeez! Just kidding. My family vacation to the beach got canceled (again) this weekend, so maybe I’m just a little bitter. :-/
    Lovely photos, and I love how your sock yarn matches the trees! I LOVE letting the colors of nature inspire my yarn colors and patterns.

  70. Sigh, you make me miss northern Ontarion. I grew up just north of North Bay & this time of year, Calgary just pales in comparison. My friends & I spent the weekend making crabapple jelly (regular & spiced) as well as crabapple sauce – on the hottest days of the year. However, great friends, good wine – a little knitting … priceless!

  71. Deep Sigh for the beautiful colors. Lived in the short mountains of NW Arkensas (US). Your pictures remind me of Autumn down there. Lovely! My weekend was mostly fretting over my first ON PURPOSE felting project. It worked. Finally dry. Wore them this morning. Wool Is Wonderful!!! Paula in Iowa

  72. Such gorgeous photos.To visit Canada is definitely high up on my wish list
    .Here in Tasmania we are heading into Spring with daffodils, tulips and beautiful magnolia trees in bloom.
    Spent Saturday morning at THE woolshop, hanging out with my knitty friends, the afternoon helping with our embroidery guild’s junior group and Sunday, church in the morning and a birthday party for a lovely 4 year old at the Botannical Gardens, in the afternoon. Funny, I didn’t think the weekend was that busy….still better busy than bored!!

  73. While my weekend didn’t include any horses, moose or nature hikes, it did contain several sheep, a few alpaca and a couple of angora rabbits. Went to a local wool festival and loved every second of it. I came home with some angora/merino pencil roving, a big bag of undyed coriedale roving that is the loveliest shade of cream colored sheep, and several ounces of alpaca that is so soft I’m not sure if I should spin it or cuddle it.

  74. Love the colours and looking forward the colours changing here (UK). Some of my weekend involved following the rugby world cup action (I am a displaced Kiwi). I see we are taking on Canada next weekend!

  75. 1. Did you give it a muffin? 2. What yarn is that?? Must have some… Would make great kneesocks for someone for Christmas.

  76. I’m jealous too!! Our leaves here in Texas are turning…..brown. This heat and drought is making everyone nervous and cranky. My husband keeps telling me we’re moving to the mountains of New Mexico as soon as we can, but after seeing your photos, I think I’ll cast my vote for Canada!

  77. Perfect also. Had the house to myself, with the dogs of course! Saturday went to an estate sale at a historical house that I always wanted to see in town. Knit the afternoon with friends at LYS.
    Sunday, attended an auction fund raiser and purchased a large maple leaf bowl, made of maple, which I am currently refinishing.
    Had a yarn dyeing party on the back porch. My first experience with dyeing and it was fabulous and I am hooked! So Many beautiful bases and colors!
    Love autumn with all there is to do and see. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, not much colour here yet.

  78. What a lovely blog, Stephanie. I’m delighted you could have a perfect weekend. Mine was pretty good, at least all of my vegetables and herbs are preserved and put by for the coming year. No more canning!! More knitting, spinning and dyeing time. Get more rest. Sounds like a busy fall for you. Hope the Christmas knitting problem doesn’t rear it’s ugly head this year……

  79. Oooh, fall leaves! I live in Florida and we don’t get fall…it just gets very slowly less hot and humid. Also, we don’t have moose!

  80. Mine was the same – fall is beautiful in Haliburton County but the only moose that I saw was in the Sculpture Forest in Haliburton and it was made out of metal! Looking forward to your class at Knit East in St. Andrew’s, NB on Saturday!

  81. Hubby and I took a day trip on Saturday. It was a beautiful cool fall day. We visited the Abraham Lincoln birthplace and boyhood memorial sites. We also went to a monastery and walked the grounds of a former Catholic girls boarding school. We picked out pumpkins and ate a picnic lunch outdoors. It was a good day.

  82. W O W. Beautiful. On all counts. (And that sock yarn could not have been a more perfect souvenir of the colors.) I do miss maples in the fall… And my kids being here when the school year starts…
    Moose are mean, though, be careful.

  83. So jealous! I have lived in New England for almost 30 years and still haven’t seen a moose in the wild.
    However, on Sunday, I did see a doe and her twin fawns eating salad from the bushes in our back yard. And started the weekend with a charity walk, so (as Bill Murray said in Caddyshack) I’ve got that going for me.
    Less than 3 months to get the Christmas presents done, friends!

  84. That’s a nice ring on your girl’s finger.
    I love the burnt orange leaves! Ours are just starting to change but are more a dull brown.

  85. I miss Fall! In the South we have it for a couple days. Heh, you may have sold me on moving to Canada! πŸ™‚

  86. I have weekend envy, beautiful fall colors, fall weather and a bonus moose. Wow.
    Nothing comes close to that where I live.

  87. And here I was thinking the socks were packets of fat quarters! I have looked at the post at least four times!
    I like the sock colourings (I like the Canadian colourings for that matter)

  88. My weekend was excellent. It involved strawberry mousse (much less dangerous than moose) and other homemade food and lots of singing, a celebration of food and friends as it were. Your celebration of autumn looks spectacular.

  89. Looks like a horse to me!!
    Had a perfect weekend too, spending all Saturday with my daughter painting her room, lots of laughs, sore muscles but a great result. Sunday it was ikea at 9am for bits and pieces to finish her room, lunch for family, and lots of Allen key action. All this with beautiful spring weather (Melbourne). Could not be better!
    Great photos…

  90. Ah – I remember moose from when I lived in Newfoundland! That last shot of the water looks like a waterfall in Algonquin! Beautiful place.

  91. Love the photo of the Moose. I remember seeing them when we visited my grandmother’s in Wyoming (she lived about 100 miles south of Yellowstone National Park). When I brought my husband up there, we had a moose and calf walk in front of us, and all he could say was “Man that is the ugliest horse I have ever seen”

  92. Fantastic pics! And you win, obviously πŸ™‚
    I will give you a run for your money this coming weekend though when we head to Taos, NM for the Taos Wool Festival! Our Taos weekend with the girls has quickly become my favorite weekend of the year. Incredible scenery, amazing friends & Graham’s Grille all accompany endless knitting, yarn & unique vendors all selling stuff we want. You should join us sometime…we take wine & chocolate too so we have it all covered!

  93. Beautiful images – thanks! Love the moose – we saw several in the Grand Tetons this summer. Jennifer – when we saw one once on a trail in Michigan, my friend said, “oh, look – someone brought their horse!” The leaves are just starting to turn here in NE Iowa and I’m hoping the fall will be spectacular.
    JEALOUS of Claudia who is going to the Taos Wool Festival – it’s a dream of mine, maybe next year!

  94. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. I spent the weekend in northern Minnesota. Beautiful there also.

  95. How beautiful! I love autumn; it’s my favorite season – gorgeous colors, crisp, cool air, pumpkins, Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, baseball playoffs, my birthday – what’s not to love? I wish it hurry up and come here!

  96. These photos remind me again (for the perhaps 1,000,000th time)of how much I wish I had duel citizenship. I love America, but I’ve always been head over heels crushing on Canada.

  97. Fantastic pics! And you win, obviously πŸ™‚
    I will give you a run for your money this coming weekend though when we head to Taos, NM for the Taos Wool Festival! Our Taos weekend with the girls has quickly become my favorite weekend of the year. Incredible scenery, amazing friends & Graham’s Grille all accompanied by endless knitting, yarn & unique vendors all selling stuff we want. You should join us sometime…we take wine & chocolate too so we have it all covered!

  98. Oops! Sorry about posting twice! For some reason the post was still all sitting in this box as if it didn’t post correctly. I guess I’m a little excited about TAOS!!!!!!!

  99. Wow. You have fall color! It’s still 90+ degrees here.
    I spent the weekend with my son in the hospital. Coulda been a better weekend but the fact that we are home now is awesome.

  100. My word! Going through the comments was the most remarkable “day in (fill in the blank)” experience – remember when photographers would be set loose somewhere to document different lives, different activities, presenting the most exquisitely vital montage of human experience THERE?!?! Thank you knitters and AMEN! Alma

  101. The beautiful pictures, well, they made me cry. I am just exhausted and lonely for a place I love. Out here in the middle of west Texas where there are no trees an I am stuck indoors all day studying- well it makes it hard to trudge on through medical school. I am truely grateful and excited about my profession but sometimes I wish I had a few hours to spend in the woods enjoying what is beautiful in the world. Thank you for the pictures.

  102. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I needed that to cleanse my soul. Love it up in the near-north. Sadly, my weekend was the usual working, although as I work in a craft shop, I did get to play with yarn for a few hours. (By play I mean tidy and organize endless rows of yarn after a week of big sales.) Still lots of room for inspiration there too.

  103. Okay, looked at the pics again and now desperately want to make something fair isle out of the colors in pic with sun dappled leaves and wood. LOVE IT!!!

  104. Wongered where the sock was….did you teach the moose to knit? Having a great time…getting lots of knitting and reading done with all the rain in Maryland.

  105. Went with my daughter on Saturday to watch her ride her new mare, Smashing!. Then on Sunday we both had a riding lesson (she on Smash; me on Bella) in preparation for a horse show in October where we can dress up ourselves and our horses! The creative juices are flowing! Liz L

  106. Well since you asked: Saturday was spent on the Yarn Harvest yarn crawl here in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Probably as much colour as you saw! No moose but did see Russell Crowe outside of a Starbucks in my travels. Sunday it poured rain and was extremely windy so a day for chores. LOVE your Ontario autumn pictures!!

  107. My weekend was hot, but wonderfully sunny. We are still having 90 plus Farenheit weather. No leaves are changing. We don’t get that wonderful burst of fall colors that you guys get more north of here. I’m jealous, but wouldn’t leave my home for anything.

  108. Your pics are beautiful. The colors are beginning to change here in maine. I hope to see some wildlife as well. Happy Knitting.

  109. I would like the weather to be less rainy, so that I would feel like taking pictures of pretty fall colors! A stalled front keeps dumping little bits of rain on us! Beautiful pictures! I love the moose picture! I think it would be fun to see one out in the wild.

  110. Oh pretty. We seem to be skipping foliage this year thanks to Irene sweeping through the area. So thanks for giving me a vicarious thrill.

  111. Gorgeous photoes. I always miss Canadian fall, since I lived there for 8 years. The colourful maples, the long fall with crisp air and dry leaves on the ground.. Still following your blog, which I’ve done for years now πŸ™‚

  112. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Since moving to South Carolina I am having serious “up north” withdrawal. Love the fall colors – thanks!!

  113. I haz the jellus.
    What a beautiful weekend. Down here, the first few leaves are just starting to think about holding hands and shouting, “one … two … three … JUMP!”
    Although we did have lima bean sized hail yesterday, and a spectacular thunderstorm, to offer Bob Edwards of NPR when he visited our city to sign books.

  114. What’s the colorway on the current traveling socks? The glimpse I spied is *so* not my usual thing, but completely captivating.

  115. Mine was perfect too.I birthed a little boy, first thing Sunday morning, quickly and safely. He is all snuggled up now in a BSJ. πŸ™‚

  116. That’s for sharing your autumn with me. It’s still in the upper 90s in South Texas. The mild cold front that blew in cooled the temp down from 100. No moose here, just armadillos, usually dead on the road.

  117. Am I the only one who thinks Pic#5 looks as though shiny pennies and dimes are somehow miraculously floating on the water?

  118. Sigh…the only thing I miss about living in upstate NY is October…changing leaves, nippy weather and fresh pressed apple cider (of course it is the absolute best in Nov. when it gets a bit heavy but it has been soooo long that I’d take any. You can’t get good cider here in TX as it is all pasteurized (AKA no flavor or other goodies).

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