I don’t usually post on the weekend, but I figure that if Jen has to keep going, then so do I.ย  Behold, the next wee knitted thing.
It’s a tiny little hat, made beautiful by a ring of ladybirds.

Marihone. A Dale of Norway pattern from the book Soft Treasures for Little Ones though I see from the Ravelry link that you can buy the pattern alone from Patternfish. It’s part of a set, with an equally charming sweater, but if the goal is an item a day, the sweater seemed like a smidge too much to bite off.

The hat was easily made in a day, and did burn through a little of the Baby Ull stash,ย  but it does need a blocking. I’ll wash it now, and put it in the sun to dry so it’s all ready for whenever this baby arrives.ย 
I sort of have this image in my mind of Jen and this kid someday going through all their baby things, and the kid says something like "Mum? How come I had so many woollies when I was born?" and Jen smiles at her/him (I’m open to both possibilities) and says:
"Darling – you know how your Auntie Steph is?
Well, she’s always been like that."

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  1. I am still farting around with a sweater for my grand daughter and you are ripping these things off each day. Are you sleeping at all – or can I borrow you hands and fingers!!
    PS. The items are lovely, and intricate!

  2. While I am enjoying the baby knits I realy keep looking now for a picture of the baby.
    Wonder if they know how famous they are already?

  3. Mittens, if you do not know what to knit, knit mittens with ladybirds from that ullstash, they surely are a one-day project. Love the hat with the symbol(s) of innocence.

  4. ma’am- this stream of baby knits is making a confirmed non-parent want to call her husband up and start discussing baby names. my ovaries hurt!
    (Ps- I love them all.)
    (PPS- Hope you have a baby for them soonest!)

  5. This is really fun to watch! I don’t even know Jen and seriously, every day I think “I wonder if Jen’s had her baby yet?” I’m not sure if I want her to have it – I’m so enjoying this amazing (and kind of unbelievable) daily baby knits. But I guess it would be mean to wish that she never has the baby, right? (does she know that as soon as it’s born, we expect a picture of the baby wearing each item that you knit?)

  6. thanks for posting on the weekend. I check your blog every day.. as I’m very excited to meet this baybee. I can only imagine how excited you (and Jen!) must be.
    I vote for thumbless mitts… (in case you wanted to know.)

  7. I’m totally grooving on this baby-item-a-day thing. I think it’s really cool that you’re keeping this up! Sticks to your guns!

  8. I am so loving your knit a baby item a day vigil for your friend. That is knitterly love in all it’s finest glory ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m making a list too, lotsa babies coming along round these parts as well, but I won’t be whipping them out lik you.
    Get down with your bad self!
    Oh, and yes, pics of the wee one in all the lovely woolies are definitely in order ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh Steph that’s adorable!! Such a lucky baby to have an Auntie who is inclined to knit for him/her! x

  10. Okay, now you’ve gone too far. I’ve resisted thinking of making any of the things you’ve been whipping off for Jen and showing us. You almost had me with the zig-zag garter stitch bonnet. This, though, I can’t ignore. Why does it have to have those irresistible ladybirds on it? Oh, and by the way, when you said you were going to put it in the sun, I hope you meant in a sunny window INSIDE your house. Squirrels, you know. Running rampant all over the GTA, getting ready for winter.

  11. Another vote for thumbless-mittens-on-a-strong (love the strings!).
    A thought occurred to me that when the grandbabies start coming you may very well end up in restraints. For your own protection. Really.

  12. such a cute hat!
    Every time I start my computer I wonder whether “this is the day”.
    Guess Jen is wondering also.
    As someone else commented earlier, I wonder whether she knows HOW many people are awaiting this baby!

  13. I imagine someday when I have a future grandchild on the way, I’ll be explaining to my kids just why there are so many knitted baby things… Something about the last month of pregnancy just make me knit constantly! LOL!

  14. My baby is having a baby herself in January. I now have way too many baby things added to my favorites on Ravelry. Too may because I don’t knit anywhere near as fast as you do.

  15. I love everything and appreciate the pattern
    references – but – what about the booties?
    They are one of my favorites and there is no

  16. Yes! Mittens to match on a string should be next! And then why not booties to match? You know, you may need to start looking at larger sizes if Jen and the baby don’t hurry up!

  17. What to knit next? ==> Six-month-sized baby things. The baby won’t stay newborn sized very long, esp. since s/he will be coming out a little on the “late” side.
    Onesie? Diaper cover (soaker)? 6-month-sized sleeper with footies? (not a one-day project, clearly…) The thumbless mittens/hand coverings sound good, too.
    S.F. Bay Area

  18. Aaskdfjlkjsdfkisj;;
    I’ve lurked your blog for a couple of years now and always been too shy to post, but you’ve got me now. That ladybug set: I just finished it. As in, the sweater is currently blocking on my automan. I made it a cardigan instead of a pullover, though. I don’t have any babies of my own, but I clearly remember trying to dress my much younger cousins as a child. o_O;; No pullovers for any babies in my family, thankyouverymuch.
    Funny thing, the friend whose baby I’m knitting for (Doc swears up and down it’s a girl, but I’ve got two male cousins who were both sure-thing girls according to the ultasound, so I’m stickin’ with the reasonably gender-neutral knits until it’s here and I know for sure.) isn’t schedulled to deliver until November. So I’m getting lots of ideas for baby knits from this series of posts! I’m a lot slower than you are, but I’m hoping to have time to knit at least a few of them.
    Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see Jen’s baby, even though I don’t know her! Hope she has an easy delivery after all this waiting.

  19. Beautiful – though the way this is going, you might want to start on some bigger items so the baby will get to wear them more than once.

  20. What a fab legacy for you to leave this babe. Those sweet little wiggly things – they do change our lives and in this case you will influence his/her life is such a precious way.

  21. It’s hard for me to see you making all these adorable baby things… I can’t keep up! I see your patterns, get jealous, and then have to go make them myself ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still working on the kimono top though…

  22. I love that hat so much. I am still in awe at your knitting speed, even if they are tiny. Jen’s son/daughter is going to be wrapped in lots of love.

  23. Hmmm…I am beginning to wonder if some reverse psychology is required here. What would happen if you *stopped* knitting for Baby and made something for someone completely different? Maybe this baby is a wee bit greedy and is vowing to stay put as long as you keep knitting for it? That could be a problem…. I’m just sayin’….

  24. Don’t usually comment, but this “Jen is pregnant FOREVER” thing really has me “in suspenders” as my grandpa used to say. I’m due in early November… my first was 8 1/2 pounds at 2 weeks early, so I really really REALLY don’t want to go late with this one! Hurry, Jen’s baby, hurry! (As soon as I hit 37 weeks I’m so googling “natural labor induction”….)

  25. I keep checking your blog to see if Jen’s had the baby yet and what knits you’re cranking out… thanks for feeding my curiosity over the weekend!

  26. This is so much fun.
    Every day, no baby. Every day, another baby knit. There are endless possibilities. Jen’s baby is probably catching on. Smart baby, this one.
    What baby would stop Stephanie from knitting?

  27. I saw your tweet and wondered what a “ladybird” was. What a surprise to see a Saturday post & learn what a ladybird is– it’s much nicer sounding than “ladybug.”

  28. Do you ever knit toys? As charming as your lovely garments are, maybe the baby would like to play with something Auntie Steph knit.

  29. I, too, think ladybird (bug) shoes. And bee shoes. Seems I remember your daughters wearing them as ear warmers a few years ago.

  30. I’ve enjoyed the marathon of baby knits. Don’t tell Jen, but it kind of makes me wish that her wee bairn cooks a little longer in order to see what else you come up with. BTW, this hat would easily take me a week to make. You are fast!

  31. Yet another reader waiting to see when the baby will arrive…..very exciting.
    So nice that you are sounding so unstressed and if you are producing an item a day you must be having fun.
    I too have been tempted by some of the patterns and will knit some bonnets for the local neonatal unit, 4ply cotton should withstand the hospital laundry system.
    Keep the fun coming !

  32. I’m absolutely charmed by this baby item per day routine.
    Doesn’t this kind of make up for all of the knitting you didn’t get to do while working on Sock Summit?

  33. i am becoming swayed by the camp that says the babe is holding out for more hand knits.
    Alternatively, the baby is already home and suckling and Jen just shoved a (body) pillow in her clothes so as to continue to purloin more hand knits.
    I’m going to go back to my dishclothes and red wine (as if there were some doubt).

  34. Congratulations on not giving up? This baby can’t procrastinate much longer.
    To bad Marmee (or any of my close relatives) didn’t know how to knit when I was born. That is one lucky little guy/gal.

  35. One day–come on–can not be!—-this baby is never coming out and will have an entire closet full of adorable things–lucky baby–lets keep the weather cool!

  36. How cute! How about making a pair of those darling booties sitting in the grass you posted several months back?

  37. I’m willing to get preggers if you keep posting every day…wait, wth am I saying?!
    It’s all, ALL lovely and the recipient/s are so fortunate…

  38. You are amazing. Would that we all could have an Auntie Steph. It would be such a better world. Thanks for all you share.
    A fan.

  39. I Love it!
    It almost makes me want to have a baby just so he or she could wear it….almost ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Steph, for variety, try baby socks. Considering how little bitty socks get eaten by washing machines, it’s hard to imagine a baby having too many. There are lots of bootie patterns, but my fave is a standard sort of sock (flap heel, ordinary toe, etc.) knit on 30 stitches or so, rather than the 60 of my usual sock recipe. They go amazingly quickly, and are a nice antidote to black or gray socks for a 6’3″ man who likes long cuffs. (I feel your pain about Joe’s socks. Really)

  41. The hat is beautiful. I have really enjoyed tuning in each day to see what new baby item you’ve made for Jen.

  42. Even though we are reading daily, looking for a birth announcement, the charming baby items rolling off the needles could almost make us think a few thoughts that Jen would never forgive us for!!!
    So, someone else in your circle is going to have to get very pregnant very fast!!!!

  43. I have a theory.
    This baby is waiting for you to knit something it particularly wants and until you figure out what that is and knit it, he/she is NOT coming out to play.
    In the mean time, I’m thoroughly enjoying the parade of wee woolies you’ve been producing. Thanks for sharing them all with us.

  44. my niece is waiting, too. her EDC is today, 9-10-11. What a cool birthday to have, but no luck yet. Hope Jen and MC both have babies soon!
    Loving all your baby knits!

  45. I love that hat. I love that book. I love great, bright baby stuff. This is getting pretty funny, Steph. Are you running out of ideas yet? How about one of those itty bitty little pea pod looking things that they slip into?

  46. I’m not one to coo over sweet little baby things, but my gosh that ladybug hat is cute. I’ve got the urge to size it up so I can have one.
    But this one-a-day-until-the-baby’s-born thing. I wonder. I know it’s really not possible but you might be tempting your friend to hold on. I picture her looking up at the sky and pleading “Just one more day. Steph’s got the cutest mittens on her needles.”

  47. I made that ladybug sweater for my niece. It’s gorgeous, fun to knit and lots of work. Yeah, it’s a little more than a day’s knitting for even an Olympic level knitter such as yourself. Excellent choice on the hat. Super cute!

  48. I love ladybugs in knitting patterns. I love ladybugs on kid’s things. All the baby things you’ve knit lately are so gosh darned cute! I can’t wait to see the next thing. I’m running out of superlatives.

  49. Assuming this child ever decides to join us here on earth – it’s a good thing this baby was born in fall – right before winter. If this was a May/June baby the poor thing would’ve sweated out the summer even in cotton hats!
    They are adorable and I’m so enjoying the daily posts… baby hats are a favorite of mine and one of the first things I ever knit!
    I think this baby needs a pumpkin hat for October, right?

  50. Funny, I was just looking at the sample of the sweater in my lys today and thinking that I will never, ever, have the patience to learn the skills necessary to make that, and what a shame that is. My son is two; maybe I can set myself the goal to knit one for my first grandchild :-).

  51. “Ladybird, ladybird, flyaway home! Your house is on fire, your children alone! Such a frightening rhyme to visit on a small child, so much better to have a charm of a hat with ladybird beetles rimming one’s curls… should there be curls. Best to all from this mom of a September babe, just birth-day’d for the umpteenth time but who’s counting? jdu

  52. I love the ladybird, just one on a patch pocket would make a baby cardigan.
    I can’t wait to see what comes next, maybe something with waving fingers and little toes in an plain flesh colour?

  53. Your baby knitting has been absolutely beautiful….and inspirational….Now all I need to do is find a baby to start knitting for! lol

  54. I love small fairisle projects & this one’s truly adorable — boy or girl. But I spied that Yarnharlot has qeued some cute little converse booties!

  55. You and Jen are both lucky that babies are such little things. Knit on and may Jen’s labor be swift and safe to both mom and babe

  56. Have you thought about knitting a pair of socks for this wee one (I saw the booties)? Then you would not only be contributing to the amazing layette for this deeply anticipated babe, but also meeting your monthly sock goal…
    Love the lady bugs, they are extra adorable. I check every day, in anticipation of either another specially knit item or for a view of someONE special.
    I do have a bit of envy over your ability to ‘whip these out’, but I although I am older than you, I haven’t been knitting nearly as long.

  57. Wow, what a lovely hat. Very nice color also. I am knitting the ladybug sweater for my son. The goal is to finish it before his first birthday next month. He he, I am constantly distracted by other projects, and have not been working on it since last week.

  58. Or the bairn says to Mom…”Sorry, I took so long, but every girl has a need for a plentiful ‘designer wardrobe'”, especially by her Aunt Steph!
    Most likely, you are feeding a “to be established” fashion gal!

  59. I thought the last one was cute, but this leaves me speechless. I’d be all over that book if it weren’t OOP & that expensive!

  60. Steph, I know you are loving knitting all these things, but if you are running out of ideas try for some things that are larger in size. That way the wee one will have something from you to wear early next spring.
    You could even make what you alkreay have in larger sizes so that the mom can enjoy a cute outfit for longer!

  61. I have a half made sweater of this pattern that I started 8 years ago. I may just turn it into a wee hat & call it done!

  62. hmm, at the length of time this wee one is taking to finish-up, perhaps you should start one one-year old sizes? Not that I am even close to a fast knitter, but I do love knitting baby things because they are completed quickly…and so dern cute.

  63. I have lusted after this Dale of Norway baby pattern since it first came out Only thing is I don’t “do” Fair Isle (that is Fair Isle,isn’t it?). So thanks for helping me get it out of my system.

  64. I’m not one to get all squishy over baby knits but that is hands down the cutest hat I’ve ever seen. Bravo! Between this hat and all your other recent creations, Jen is going to have the best dressed baby in town. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. I have an Auntie Steph!! *waves hand wildly in the air*
    Mine doesn’t knit, though. She lives in Manhattan and sends awesome books.

  66. It is indeed such a fetching little piece (great job), and yes, matching socks would be a treat… we’ll pass this observation on to Dale of Norway and see what they say. Thanks for the mention!

  67. Sometimes when I am reading your musings, tears seem to find themselves in my eyes and down my face. Yep, I am a mother and hopefully some day soon a grandma. I have already started my baby knits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. I know I’m going to sound like a crazy loon but I was at the Blue Jays vs. Yankees game on Saturday and a lovely lady in the crowd who happened to look quite similar to you (and who also happened to be knitting) flashed up on the big screen at the game. Was this a Harlot sighting? Or am I imagining things just because I happened to be in Toronto. It is a pretty big city and the chances that you would be in the exact same place as me and my family would be slim to none. But I thought I’d ask. I enjoyed the game (Yankees fan). It was also my first time to Toronto but certainly not my last. What a great city! =)
    Take care!

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