Second verse same as the first

Wednesday at Knit Night I had Jen pick yarn.  I thought it might be fun for her to choose some yarn, and then watch and see what it would become.  Megan fetched all manner of things, Jen made her choices, and went home. Sadly, I am a fickle, fickle knitter and mere moments after she left, I had a different idea, trashed all the yarn that she chose, and picked something else totally.
(Jen, blame Andrea. It was her idea. Sort of. Okay, not really.  Blame her anyway.)

I had a cute little cardigan in mind – and yes, I know they’ve all been cardigans.  It’s because of my own memories of trying to pull something over a newborns head.  Their heads are so big and the neckholes are never big enough and they don’t really have necks, which complicates things even more. The head wobbles around and it’s hard to pull their arms through, and the mum gets nervous and the kid gets upset and then, when you finally get a pullover onto them, you’re rewarded with the realization that now you aren’t really going to be able to get it off without the same thing happening in reverse – only the baby is undoubtedly going to be hot or sleepy or wet while you do it.  I feel like pullovers aren’t entry level baby dressing.  Best avoided until the baby (and sometimes the parents) are more experienced. 

So Jen left, and I bought myself one ball of Cascade 220 in a dark grey, and one ball of Noro Silk Garden in a nifty rainbow colourway (number 87, for those who like to know) and yesterday I churned out a sweetie of a little cardigan, perfect for the newly born and neckless.

It’s the Puerperium Cardigan (so named, because the puerperium is the period immediately after birth) and I admit being completely inspired by this version.

I manipulated the colourway to suit me, taking out stretches of colours I didn’t like or didn’t want – or just rearranging the order they went in.  This means I had a bucket of ends to weave in, and an odd little collection of coloured leftovers, but I think it was worth it to have control over how it looks.

Last night I blocked it, this morning I sewed on the little buttons, and whammo.
Another something for the baby.  Who is still not here – but really, these things can’t be rushed.  (Well, I suppose technically they can be, but that hardly seems wise when everyone is healthy and hale.)  
Besides.  The next thing is already on the needles.

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  1. wow. I am so far behind for my grandchild and greatnephew, but at least it’s not till January. Everything you do I want to go out and do likewise for my babies. thank you for continuing inspiration, and continued good luck and good health to Jen and her soon-to-be born one.

  2. If Jen and the baby love it half as much as I do…
    I’ll almost be sorry when the baby arrives as the knitting and the blog posts will slow down lol. Not that I would expect Jen to keep her legs crossed for the sake of more knitted cute stuff, I mean a baby is way more impressive after all ;0) but it’s lovely hopping on to see what you’ve made next.

  3. That is seriously adorable, but Jen really is pregnant, right? This isn’t some huge joke & sinister plot of hers to see how many baby things she can have you knit before you lose your mind, right?

  4. When the baby is old enough to appreciate it, I hope Jen will tell her/him about the thousands of knitters who logged on daily to find out what you (and he/she) were doing.

  5. If Jen complains that you ignored her yarn suggestions, please feel free to send the cardigan this way. I’m 38 weeks (and 5 cm dialated) with my first, and am suffering through a 30+ heat wave in Alberta.

  6. I am loving all the ideas. My friends are taking the go forth and multiply thing a little to seriously. I wish I knit that fast.

  7. Well – that’s just TOO cute. And – as always, I’m dazzled by how quickly you are able to churn these wonderful little things out. Good on you! Yea for Jen!

  8. How cute is that!!! I’ve queued it up on Rav and and as soon as I get home I’m casting one on for one of my knit-night ladies who is ready to pop!

  9. Wow – I’m still working on the same baby sweater that I have been for the last week and a half. Granted, it’s in fingering weight and this one is in worsted, which is the only thing that makes me feel better about it.
    Also, this pattern is so freaking adorable I want another cousin to get pregnant so I can make that kid this sweater. (I’m on two this year!)

  10. This has been great fun!
    I’m sure Jen will be surprised with the results of *her* yarn choice!!!

  11. I’m totally on “Babywatch” now. I don’t know if I’m more thrilled to be seeing all of the cute baby things…or…at baby stalking a total stranger!

  12. Ya know, if that baby doesn’t come soon, it’s gonna have too many knitted things to wear before s/he grows out of them.

  13. I recently just fell in love with this sweater pattern myself. I am nearly finished with this one for a friend having a little boy. I did it in a nice cotton called Silly Stripes and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! This is definitely going to be my new go-to sweater for wee babies!

  14. You realize that once this baby comes that you and Jen are going to have to have a fashion show so we can see the wee one wearing all you’ve made!

  15. I’m totally enjoying your baby knitting spree! I was doing the same thing a month ago before my 2nd baby was born…I kept thinking he was waiting for me too finish one more bootee, or cardigan, etc. etc.–let’s just say he has way too many woolens for an August baby!

  16. Have you thought that perhaps the baby will come when you STOP knitting? Just sayin’ – the other way round isn’t working so far. I mean, it will eventually, so – nevermind. Carry on.

  17. What an intense flurry of baby-knit activity. You exhaust me! Look how often you’ve blogged this week… my god, doesn’t the baby feel the love out here? Lucky baby, lucky mama, lucky everyone. (Kinda hope baby skips 911 arrival day.)

  18. I just can’t believe that the baby still hasn’t come, lol. Maybe it’s holding out until there is a sufficiently large pile of baby knits ready to go…

  19. So … this baby will have such a huge wardrobe it won’t ever have to wear the same thing twice. Maybe, something won’t even be worn once …
    Anyway, enjoy your knitting time! The clothes will be used eventually, even if not by the first baby they’re given to.
    I visited your blog after a week away … five posts in five days … I guess we’ll know when the baby comes as you might not blog for a day. Or two, depending on how long labour is. Best of luck to Jen!

  20. You realize you’re not incentivizing the baby to appear while it’s piling up all this knitted loot? I know I’d wait to see what you’ll come up with next. Keep it up.

  21. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and there’s a possibility I’ve misunderstood something. As far as I can tell, there might be something going terribly wrong with the baby knitting.
    You’ve done a lot of baby knitting on the blog, and I have a vague memory of you saying at some stage that you have a mystical power and that is that babies will wait for you to finish their knitting before they are born. Is it possible that this baby is waiting for you to be done with knitting for it?
    Are you using your power for evil rather than for good?
    Did I make that blog post up? 🙂

  22. This week of posts has been so inspiring! Now that I’ve got four babies coming into the world who should have something knit from me, I’m really enjoying all of this. Seamless kimono tops, rainbow cardigans, perfect baby bonnets?
    Well-timed and well appreciated. Now if only I could knit them all as fast as you’re going! Keep it up and remember that it can’t last forever so enjoy it while you can. You know that little darling needs some ladybug shoes (my favorites for my daughter) from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit.

  23. OMGosh! That is so adorable, and once again, I’m blown away by how quickly your knitting needles fly. I’m jealous because I still can’t knit (wrist surgery’s Oct 4)and I’m sure my yarn is multiplying behind my back. Or is it just that I’m getting yarn catalogs and I want to buy more?
    I wonder what little treasure you’ll have for us tomorrow. Perhaps you should start knitting for an older baby, say 6 months or so.

  24. What a perfectly designed sweater. Form should follow function! or necklessness, or something. This sort of reminds me of old fashioned newborn undershirts that wrapped across the chest and snapped on the side. Wonder if they’re still being made. And chopping up variegated yarn to better suite is the way to go when you like the colors individually, but what-were-they-thinking? Did that once for stranded mittens and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in questing for perfection.

  25. Dear Baby,
    I don’t know your momma, but I’m sure she wants you out yesterday. Please get a move on. I know it’s warm in there, but don’t worry, out here we’ve got sweaters.
    Yours in anticipation,

  26. I love these clothing updates. But poor Jen! I can’t wait (on her behalf) for her baby to be born.

  27. Also, Stephanie, just when I think I can’t like you more, you do something like make a Guster reference in a knitting blog. I love it.

  28. Your recent posts have been spot on for me. I just found out I’m to be a grandma for the second time-and I still have my 17 month old grandson to knit for, as well. This pattern, in the extended version, will have me knitting many nice sweaters for both.
    Love all the baby clothes you’ve been making. Yesterday I had to get out my copy of Homespun Handknits to check out the hat. Jen’s baby is very lucky indeed to have you as her/his mommy’s friend. Hope Jen doesn’t have to wait too much longer. I know how that is-I was 1 1/2 wks overdue with my first, and a full 2 weeks with my second.

  29. I cannot understand how you can churn out knitting at such fantastic speed. I repeat, I am having my (THIRD) baby in March, should you desire a new person to knit for 😉
    That sweater is simply CHARMING. I might need to make one for the bean.
    I actually bought some fingering weight yarn for my second born – I’m making them both hats – and picked up some delightful Organic Cotton dk yarn (Sublime, in a nice mushroom gray/brown) and thought that maybe I’d actually knit this poor kid something before he/she emerges from my womb, since I’ve not yet done that for either child!

  30. And also? I just looked at it in ravelry … it’s ACTUALLY NEWBORN SIZED! Look at the babies in that sweater!

  31. This is so much fun every day! Please don’t tell her I said so, but I do hope she waits another week so we all can keep enjoying your next projects.

  32. I just cast on Siofra for a client who’s ‘due’ today.. Maybe I should tuck that cardi in the wings for labor knitting. 😉
    Thank you for having a healthy attitude about healthy babies coming when they come!

  33. Another adorable baby thing! This baby needs to be born or I’m going to go broke buying yarn to knit these same things for my own due in November. I came home from knit night last night with 2 skeins of Manos Maxima for Seamless Infant Kimono you posted earlier!

  34. Oooh, pretty. You are an inspiration. I found a copy of the pattern similar to the hat you made yesterday. There are three (yes, three!) babies to be born in my family this month. I’ve been working on sweaters, but now I will include hats as well.

  35. You are a crazy fast knitter Stephanie!! So many cute baby things!! If I knit that fast my stash would be much smaller! Love Ya! Josie

  36. Hope we get to see some photos of baby in all his/her knitterly fashions! You’re a maniac on those needles – insane speed. =)

  37. My God Stephanie….your speed is overwhelming me right now!! Can I have you make some things for my baby too? My name just happens to be Jenn…maybe one accidentally gets sent to me instead?????

  38. If you’re making sweet quick baby things, you should be trying some of the Wee Woolly Toppers! THE cutest hats, quick and easy and adorable. I made FOUR of them for my grandson last year, and am gearing up for slightly larger for fall.

  39. Adorable sweater – I’ll have to add that to my queue for my grandbaby stash (no grandbabies yet and none on the way).
    You must knit like the wind – I can’t believe you’re producing sweaters in one day! (I can believe booties and hats, but sweaters?!?!?) Sure wish I could knit that fast – I wouldn’t have half the queue or half the stash. 🙂

  40. Loving all the baby stuff. And I have a new little great-nephew due in February! How perfect is that? Let’s see, I just happen to have the grey Cascade and the Noro in stash… (Rubs hands with glee)

  41. Love that wee cardigan!
    Your explanation of why not to knit babies pullovers had me laughing at my difficulties with my firstborn’s gift pullovers sweaters! I also dislike baby sweaters where the buttons are on the back. It must be uncomfortable for them to lie on.

  42. Harlot, what is this s1p? what does it mean leave the slipped stitch between the needles…I don’t get it…help someone

  43. Love all the baby things. I was intrigued with yesterday’s clever little bonnet so I decided to order the book. They are sold out! It’s all your fault, I’m sure!! I hope they print more soon!
    And I hope, for the mom’s sake, that the baby arrives forthwith, and for my sake as well so that you will quit presenting more things I want to try! The patterns are piling up fast….

  44. Ooh that’s just gorgeous and a free pattern too? I’m totally sold 🙂
    I rather want Jen’s baby so stay put as I’m loving all these baby knits 🙂

  45. For the love of God, woman! I hope none of my friends and relatives see your blog and ask me why I don’t churn out the baby knits as quick as you. This is super cute and I’m with you, I don’t think new moms should have to worry about stuffing a baby’s head into a pullover. Cardigans are awesome!

  46. This is becoming more amusing by the day… except maybe for Jen! This child is going to have so many baby items that it will outgrow them before it has worn all of them at least once! Have fun, and I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s product. Hopefully there will be a baby to see too! (Good luck Jen!!!!)

  47. I swear that baby is holding out for more of your beautiful knitting. How the heck do you knit soooooooo fast?

  48. I love the all these great baby knits, Stephanie. They will be even better on Jen’s bundle of joy. Hurry up wee one, you have some really gorgeous knits to wear!

  49. OK, you are just having too much fun. It is clear that this baby is not planning on coming because you are having such fun knitting for the wee thing, and s/he is not wanting to spoil your fun. 🙂

  50. I think this baby is waiting as long as possible so he/she can get as many hand knits out of you as he/she can!

  51. My gosh, you are knitting so much baby stuffs. Jen is going to be buried underneath all these wooly items.
    And her babby. Let’s not forget that…

  52. Did you ever think that maybe the reason the baby isn’t arriving is because he/she wants more handknits? Maybe the next one needs to be ‘shown’ but not given till birth?

  53. I hope we’re going to get a picture post of the wee babe in all of these gorgeous things?
    And, erm, not to be too demanding (but I am!): BOOTIE PATTERN!!! Those were too cute to let up on.

  54. All the little teeny clothes are so cute. I just gave away a whole bunch of yarn for baby clothes because my husband’s grandchildren grow faster than I can knit. Jen and her baby are lucky to know you.

  55. Steph, you are amazing. Babys are small but I don’t know how you are getting a project done a day. And all so cute and delightful projects too. I swear just picking my next baby project would take a day.

  56. It looks like you were just looking for a reason to knit newborn baby things! They sure are looking cute.

  57. What a darling sweater! It will be amazing with the little yellow hat too! 🙂 I agree about pullovers and neckless wobblers. 🙂

  58. Oh, I’m loving all the baby things! I’m at 37 weeks with my third and wish I could knit so many things! The list of things I want to make is WAY bigger then the time I have to make them.

  59. Totally have NOT read the other comments and I’m sure I’m not the first to say:
    This is going to be one lucky baby with all these handknits!
    Yet another adorable project. Lucky Mom to be your friend. 🙂

  60. It must be lovely for you with the serial baby knitting after all those months of hard work. Great to see you enjoying yourself in such a knitterly way. 🙂

  61. It’s very cute – but so many buttons! Buttons and babies do worry me. That cardigan looks big enough to fit a 3-month old, and they have been known to pull off buttons.

  62. I’m loving this race to the birth! I’m voting you get three more things done (it’s a random number of things, but the birth will happen, of that there is no doubt).

  63. Maureen — not Stephanie’s, they haven’t. Woman’s raised three, birthed dozens and has knit forever. She’s at least as aware of hazards as any of us. Bet you couldn’t pull one off for money. Bet.

  64. Jen might have to open a little store by the time her little one makes its debut. I hope you are making different sizes? If not, I’m sure this latest creation would look excellent on my one day grandchild. (At the rate that I knit, even my future great-grandchild would be in danger of being born knit-less).

  65. What a gorgeous little cardigan. I adore the colors you used, nice and bright and the grey makes it pop. I agree with cardigans, much easier unless you have a sweater that buttons down one side of the neck. I might have to add this to my queue!

  66. You take such wonderful care of the people around you! Such a pretty sweater–and yes on needing easiness in getting clothes off a newborn, especially when you’re new at this. I remember telling my mother-in-law that my second baby was so much calmer than my first, and she looked at me funny-like and told me, “That’s because *you’re* calmer!”
    I’d also learned not to buy clothes that made the job any harder.

  67. Poor Jen! I feel her pain (and fatigue, and general lumpish feeling.) My daughter, too, was late. 16 days, not that I was counting. I hope it’s cool in Toronto, and Jen has her feet up.
    And when I get hit with baby-knitting fever, it starts with a hooded cardigan, a pair of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Longies, and baby socks. Lots of baby socks. In many wild colors. And matching socks for older siblings, so they don’t feel left out. For a young boy, I’d adapt the Pirate Argyles, found online. (Google them, they were enough to make me try intarsia again, after swearing off it for good a few years ago.

  68. I’m guessing the full moon on September 12th will bring Jen her baby. No use rushing these things. Fully cooked is the goal. Enough time to knit a few more beautiful things!

  69. I am just loving all these posts on knitted baby items. I check your blog now before my email!! Patience for Jen and hope to see the big announcement soon.

  70. You do realize, don’t you, that you’re setting a dangerous precedent here?
    It’s going to be SO entertaining when you find out you’re going to be a Grammy yourself (someday).

  71. Adorable! I don’t know Jen, but I feel like reading through your blog she has been gestating that baby for a solid year now! I might be anticipating that baby’s arrival (almost) as much as Jen. 🙂

  72. I’m so glad you knit this sweater. You made Noro work for you instead of trying to work with Noro! Good for you! Sometimes their colorways are wonderful except for bits of them that I wish they had left out. The sweater is adorable as are all of the wonderful baby knits you’ve created every day. You must have magic fingers!

  73. Another darling knit! And, I love that old Herman’s Hermits tune. I sing it (to myself) on a somewhat regular basis. Or possibly you are suggesting baby-to-be will/should be named Henry, or Henrietta?

  74. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to have something to read EVERY DAY this week. I only read two blogs, and I always check yours first. Inspired by these baby knits!

  75. Thank you for posting this. I need to knit a sweater for an upcoming baby, and since baby’s gramma has stolen my favourite Aran pattern, I was at a loss. I see this in the baby’s future – in primary colours, I think. I have lots of lovely Astra in my stash that should work.

  76. This is gorgeous! It’s so nice to get all of these pattern ideas for babies.
    When looking at this lovely little cardigan and seeing those perfectly sewn little buttons all up the side like that, I suddenly had a question rush forth. How do you sew buttons on your knitting? I mean, I know how I do it. But I’m wondering if you have any tips on the matter for the rest of us. I can’t do anything but improve is all I’m saying.

  77. My favorite baby sweater (to use, not to make… though if anyone has a pattern…) is one my mom passed to me from my baby days. It solves the over-the head problem a little differently.
    The sweater has a hood and a zipper – but the zipper starts at the point of the hood and runs straight down the BACK of the sweater. Getting this on and off of floppy newborns was a breeze and the extra benefit was that the hood kept their heads warm without slipping off OR covering their faces in weird ways. I mourned when it grew too small (I mourn over all outgrown clothing… this may have something to do with the size of my family…)
    It seemed easy – for someone with relatively free hands (not 5 small kids) – to replicate… I’ve never seen another until a friend had one on her kid the other day. Mine is cream with lavender and pink stripes along the cuffs and hood – and acrylic, ’cause it’s from the ’70’s, but spit-up washes off well and it’s soft!

  78. Brilliant. I have downloaded this pattern as well as yesterday’s. Hmmm, will be interesting if baby turns out to be a clothes horse. Or, clothes lamb?

  79. Adorable pattern, and your version is awesome. I have some Noro silk garden and Cascade 220 just sitting around here too. Imagine that! 😉

  80. Adorable. What a beautiful collection of items you are creating for this wonderful baby, which will hopefully appear soon.

  81. Checking for a newborn. Well,a most beautiful cardigan, I made a jumper topdown raglan, but left the right frontraglanseam open, knitted a buttonholeband and the neck is wide enough for the head, inspired by this cardiganpattern. Just waiting for news now.

  82. I’ve never met Jen, but can I just say how glad I am that she’s pregnant? Though I do understand that things are getting on a bit and she’s probably mighty uncomfortable by now. I’m pregnant with my first and am in need of knitterly advice on what to make for the wee one. The daily parade of great ideas is very welcome – many thanks!

  83. Another delightful knit – I love the stripes – you chose the perfect colors from the skein. I’ve just queued it up and plan on trying to get it knit before my little babe comes after Christmas.

  84. Baby poncho. No arms to shove into sleeves. Shorter in back because they aren’t standing up. Sort of a stroller blanket that doesn’t slip off.
    I had one for my kids and thought it was pretty useful.
    Also, Yarn Harlot Knits for Babies would be a pretty great book. I’d buy it. Just say’n.

  85. Baby poncho. No arms to shove into sleeves. Shorter in back because they aren’t standing up. Sort of a stroller blanket that doesn’t slip off.
    I had one for my kids and thought it was pretty useful.
    Also, Yarn Harlot Knits for Babies would be a pretty great book. I’d buy it. Just say’n.

  86. Oh, that’s a really fantastic pattern! You find the best stuff, Stephanie! And then you knit it so beautifully. Jen’s a lucky gal. =)

  87. 1) I just keep being amazed that you can churn out a whole baby sweater in a day (Well, I probably could come close if those pesky children didn’t need a mother….)
    2) When is Jen’s actual due date?

  88. This is completely entertaining, not to mention lovely to view, for your blog readers, but I do feel sorry for Jen, even if she is acquiring a veritable baby wardrobe in the process!

  89. I’m completely in love with that sweater. I’m headed to the yarn shop right now (well, as soon as I get dressed). So cute. It’s a good thing this baby is being born going into cooler weather! All of these things are going to delight mothers of little babies for years to come as they get passed down.

  90. It may be odd to say this, but I’m so happy to have the blogging and the knitting back. It feels like the cyberworld is back to normal… Here’s to the Yarn Harlot’s place in our knitting world!

  91. Super Yarn Harlot: that baby is not going to come until you are done with the knitting! It’s all really lovely, but…

  92. If I were Jen, I would stay pregnant for another month. You, dear Harlot, make me think it would be a good idea to be pregnant again (gasp!) if you’d promise to knit for me !!

  93. It’s a beautiful sweater! Some adults don’t have much of a neck either (cough, cough, short-necked person here) and would benefit from such a sweater design for big people. What do you do with all of your left-over yarn bits? do you same them in a big ball sack, donate them to charity, toss them out or do something completely different with them? Just curious.

  94. I think your thoughts on baby heads and necks are spot on – it’s always an endurance race to get something over a babes head unless you can block out the screaming (usually coming from the parent and child.) This cardi is fab – this is going to be one stylish baby. And you did a great job of using the yarn to it’s best advantage for this project. I, too have bags of yarn strings – they make great little tie on bows so I do use them, but I doubt I’ll ever catch up on all of them.

  95. Oh my! What a cute cardi. #87 is my favorite Noro colorway.
    I’ve made Jared Flood’s Turn A Square hat three times — breaking up color stretches of Noro Silk Garden in #87 for the stripes.

  96. Woah.
    Casting on one of these now… I’ve got a Zauberball that I can chainply and I think it’ll do little stripeys like this. So cute!

  97. OMG, you are killing me here. A co-worker is expecting a baby girl in January, and I thought I had it all decided what I was going to knit her. Then you start showing us all the baby things you are knitting for Jen and every damn one makes me change my mind! But this one may be a keeper!

  98. For changing colors of Noro Silk Garden at whim, AND avoiding weaving in ends, I completely endorse spit splicing.

  99. Of all of the beautiful baby things that you have made for your friend Jen, I think that this one is my favorite! I of course queued it up right away on Ravelry.
    I hope to someday be able to start and finish a sweater in a day. I’m sure you’ve heard it millions of times….you do beautiful work.

  100. I’m beginning to fear, this can not end well. You are having way too much fun, which means the baby will elect to stay in the oven and come out way too big for all the cute little things.

  101. Lovely Lovely gifts for this new little being. Powerful gifts of good will and wishes. This little one will be in good hands.

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