Preparedness and Not

My Rhinebeck Gwendolyn has fallen behind schedule.  Two sleeves, a back and one front are upstairs in the bathtub, having a swish round before I block them, but the left front is still on needles – which means that it won’t be blocking for at least an hour or three, which means it can’t possibly be dry by morning.  That would worry me more, except for that the other parts won’t be dry either, so the whole thing is a little silly. I’m carrying on because I believe three things.

1. If the parts are "mostly" dry – I can dry them the rest of the way in the oven. I have a whole system for this. I preheat the oven, then turn the heat off, pop the woollies in, and close the door.  Low heat is essential – as is remembering that you have sweater parts in the oven hours later when you heat the oven to 450 for a pizza.  I recommend a post it note on the door.  They’ve got to be mostly dry though, because I’ll have to fold them to get them in, and so they need to be blocked before.

2. If I get all those parts dry, I can sew up the whole thing tonight (now I’m really dreaming) then take a circular needle and a ball of yarn on the plane in the morning, and do the collar and button bands while I travel, which only leaves the question of buttons, which seems like a manageable problem to fix by Saturday morning when I head to the fairgrounds. 

3. If I don’t finish, do you know what will happen? 

I’m behind because last night I went to dinner and Knit Night and I cuddled a baby instead of knitting, and I’m not sorry either. 

I can always knit, but the chance to snuggle a wee one, wrapped up in so much yarn there’s no mistaking that knitters love her?  That doesn’t go by often. 

Besides finishing the sweater, packing the rest of my things in a suitcase and bracing myself for the 2 weeks ahead of me – I get a fun job.  The only thing not arranged – is my knitting. 

Two weeks away from home, with only my wool for company on planes, trains and automobiles is a lot of knitting time.  A ton, really, and I intend to be prepared.  I’m going to choose a few sensible things.  Chunky, fast knits are a fools game on a book tour, because they take up too much space and get used up too fast- so what I need is small, fine gauge things.  Something tiny I can tuck in my carry-on for whenever I’m on the move. (I think that will be fancy socks)  Then something super plain and small that I can do without looking or thinking when I’m tired and it’s dark. (I think that will be socks too.) Then the big banana. Something that I can work on in the hotel room, when I’m all by my lonesome. Something that’s interesting enough to keep me company, but small enough that it won’t take up much room in the suitcase, and will only take one ball of yarn but will still use up two weeks.  Lace maybe?  I have to decide- and I’m overwhelmed with the choices.  I’m thinking about a few, but I know you guys will have good ideas. If you were looking for a lace thing to fit the bill… what would you take?