Boston Knitters

Well Boston (Brookline) is behind me and Baltimore beckons, and the Booksmith was great.  There’s a lot to love about Boston, and I’ve been before, but the thing that’s always the best about it, is the knitters.  Boston knitters know how to represent, yo.

We can start with a knitter who wasn’t even there, but still managed to influence events.  It turned out that Evan, the events guy- his wife is a knitter, and she had heard what he was up to that evening, and told him, point blank, that he simply couldn’t introduce me or host the event without knitting something.  Evan complied, and when he showed the crowd his first little bit of knitting that he had completed only the night before,  they were his. 

When he offered the pattern, he brought the house down.  I got through the reading, and then the Q&A, and then went upstairs to sign books, and the parade of interesting Boston knitters started.  Meet Mary and the very competent preemie hat that she’s knitting. 

Mary is seven years old – sort of.  It’s really more important that you know she’s almost eight.  She’s serious about that.  And knitting. 
Next up? 

Carrie and twelve day old (almost thirteen) Sam.  Sam’s one half of a set of twins.  His sister Ella is still in hospital.  Let it be noted that I didn’t touch or ask to hold Sam.  He’s too new for my random germs, especially when I’m meeting so many people a day, but he was lovely to look at.

This here is Lissa and her first pair of socks.  Nothing remarkable, right?  Wrong.  Lissa knit the first one in 2003, and the second in 2006. 

Not that- as she said, not that she has a problem with second sock syndrome or anything.   Below please find a picture of Kate,

and she’s holding a blanket that her daughter Veronica designed, which means we are all very old, because the last time I saw Kate, Veronica looked like this.

This is Mira and Jesse –

and really that pictures only there because Jesse is so ridiculously cute and good natured.

All hail Deborah and Kathy! 

Deborah is the free range Canadian who brought me really delicious home made butter tarts,

and Kathy, who brought me home brewed beer. 

Together, they were my dinner, and I was very, very grateful.  (What? There was no room service.  It was necessary I tell you. There was no other way out.)
Now this – this picture is partly for you, but mostly for Rachel H and Natalie.

Hey Guys! It’s our nuns! (I don’t know why they’re a little blurry.  Sorry about that Sisters.)  Meet the Sisters of the Holy Nativity Convent.  I’ve been writing back and forth with them for a while now, and while they always sign the letters "Mother Seraphima and Sisters" it turns out that Mother Seraphima was away during my trip there, which was very sad for me, and I hope for her.

Anyway, the Sisters are buckets of fun and ripping good knitters – the lot of them.  I’ve seen pictures of their craft room.  They have it going on. 
(Hey Natalie, remember how a few weeks ago, I asked you to send that stuff to the sisters, and after you mailed it you sent me that text that said "The package has gone to the nuns."  and then the next one said "I love how that is not a euphemism for anything."  Remember that?  I told them about it.  They loved it.  Rachel H, I told them you had enjoyed sort of stealing for them.  They appreciated it.)

Finally,  meet Betsy and a little picture of her nephew Patrick James. 

Patrick’s recovering from brain cancer, and she’s got something going on for sick kids. Check it out over at Nutmeg Knitter. 

See that?  I told you Boston was interesting.  (We’ll see if Baltimore has nuns.) 
See you tonight Baltimore Knitters.  My plane leaves in a minute.  I’m on my way.

PS.  That cute baby from the other day? The one in the Amazing Monster Pants?  The one I told you was Theo?  It’s Leo.  LEO. 
My apologies to the gentleman.