In which Baltimore Brings It

I’m going to try to explain to you the amazing that was Baltimore, but I’m going to try and do it really fast because I’m in the airport getting ready to leave for Chicago, and I really don’t want to be late.  (I’m having a beer.  I hear it’s super windy today in Chicago, and I’m an experienced enough flier to know that means turbulence, and I hate turbulence.  It makes it hard to knit, and convinces me that we are seconds from being plunged into the earth. It’s better for everyone if I aim for relaxation.) Essentially, what happened in Baltimore was that they heard that Boston was amazing, and so they tried to one-up them.  (This may or may not have been a formal plan.)   Filled up the room in Boston? Baltimore had overflow.

(That chair shortage thing may have happened again. Sorry guys.)

Baltimore had cute babies:

This is Jody and Amelia representing, but there was also Margot and Marseille and Gillian

(Gillian is the little one in the phone) and Margot made the baby and Marseille made the sweater and that kid looks so happy.

Baltimore didn’t just have beer and sweaters. 

They had Amanda knitting a BEER SWEATER. (Yes.  That’s what you think.  Not a sweater with beer on it,  it’s a sweater for a beer to put on. It’s genius.)

Boston had people with first socks, but Baltimore had these two. 

That’s K and her first socks (freakin’ overachievers. They make us all look bad) and this is Melinda, and she didn’t just bring her first socks.

She brought her first socks, her first little sweater and her first born Sarah.  Shazam!

Molly brought her wedding veil, and seriously, I don’t think I need to tell you it was amazing:

Boston had people with charming boyfriends,  Baltimore had Kelly, and she is knitting a sock for her boyfriend, and people.  IT FITS.

I told her that it’s just as easy to love a small man as a large one, but apparently she’s in too deep.

Let it here also be noted that Baltimore should be called the city of brotherly love, because check out these brothers.  Meet Chris. 

When his sisters Katie and Becky had their car break down about an hour away, they called Chris, and he "cleared his schedule" and came straight over to listen for them, and get their books.  I said "you’re a good brother" and he said "well,  I have good sisters."  (All together now… Awww.)
This is Estin and Grace.  A brother and sister who came together.

Estin is, Grace tells me, the only person who had the presence of mind to giver her yarn for her baby shower.  Says Estin "She made a blanket.  It was good"
(Again… awww)

Finally,  Boston had nuns?  Baltimore had NUNZILLA. 

Thanks to Doris and Janet for that treat.  (She winds up and walks and sparks come out of her mouth. She is nothing like the nuns in Boston, but she is funny.)

And last- for those of you who are all "holy cow, like I care about knitters in other places – what about your knitting" let me tell you this.  First, you should totally care about the other knitters they’re really gripping, and second. 
I have two re-made sweater fronts, and none of them is, or has been on fire…

and they are even the same length as the back.

It’s almost a sweater.

PS to Melissa Morgan-Oakes.  They sort of ran out of my books last night and so someone asked me to sign one of yours. Meet Joellyn and Jeffrey, who were not leaving without a signed book, and they didn’t care who’s it was, as long as it was a good one.  They picked yours.

I put a note in saying that I wasn’t you and shouldn’t be signing it, but also noted  (in the book) that I would let you know there’s been an unauthorized signing of your book.  So I am.  Feel free to sign one of mine as revenge.)