When in Chicago

So last night I was in Chicago – or Skokie rather, which I have been helped to understand is NOT Chicago.  (I suspect that this is rather like the way Brooklyn is NOT New York, and Brampton is NOT Toronto, but I’m still working out the details.) It was lovely, thanks for asking.  It was pretty cold and rainy, and exactly the sort of weather that one would want a sweater for, but the sweater from hell that I thought was finished isn’t, although I thought it would be yesterday, until a bunch of you pointed out a miscrossed cable… so.  The saga continues.  Let’s not talk about it.   Let’s look at interesting knitters, shall we?

We only had one baby last night, and though she made her Mama Christine dance all night, Nora’s behaviour was perfect.

Similarly perfect, the simply charming future knitter Jamie, and his delightful mother Meg.

Next up, Brent wants to show me who he got to hold a sock.  (Let me tell you, this sock holding thing has caught on in a way I’d never dared hope for.)

Jane Lynch! (Apparently she didn’t even ask why she was holding a sock, which is amazing.)

How about first sock knitters?  first up Kelli, who’s first socks are doing just fine.

Then Emily, similarly blessed (and young!)

Then Yas (who’s first socks are twisted stitch cabled fancy things.  Another freakin’ overachiever.)

Next is Jenny, who restored my faith in normal first sock knitters by showing up with two socks of  very different sizes…

And then Abby, who’s first sock adventure was singular. 

No worries though… she uses it as a trivet.

Nathalie came with her first socks,

though really, she specializes in those teensy weensie crochet mice cat toys. (Millie will love them.)

It was Judit’s birthday, she came with her daughter Magda.

And Denise brought me the most incredible video of her six year old son Zachary, knitting his little heart out.

Anna came in her first sweater. 

..and yes.  It’s normal to want to leave her for dead in an alley for knitting a first sweater like that.  (Seriously.  Doesn’t she know it should suck?)
Finally, meet Katie.  Katie had a baby hat to knit night before last, and she thought it would be really super cute to put the baby’s name on it. So she whipped up a little chart, knit it in right quick and then…

Yeah.  Forgot to flip the chart.  A knitter after my own heart, that sweetie.
Proof that experienced knitters don’t make fewer mistakes.  They make larger ones faster.

And with that, I’m off.  I’m getting on a plane in two minutes, and when I arrive at my hotel I am going to attempt a surgical repair of the miscrossed cable.

Keep me in your thoughts.  I don’t know how much more I have in me.