A Little On the Side

Today is my the second half of my wild and glorious rest day, which means that since I landed in Los Angeles yesterday, I’ve been in the same hotel room and haven’t gotten on a plane, and I didn’t have to do an event last night, and I had a wicked good sleep and I’m thinking about napping before tonight’s event and that makes me delirious with joy.  Delirious. I’m absolutely looking forward to going to the event tomorrow, and have started thinking about tomorrow’s plane ride to Seattle not as a test of my fortitude, but as an opportunity to knit – which reminded me that I haven’t really told you much about my knitting on this trip, and there’s been a ton. 

When I left, I had three projects planned.  Gwendolyn had not yet manifested her destiny to become our Lady of Perpetual Knitting, and so I didn’t count her.  The way she’s gone on to become a  sweater of destiny means that I’m a little behind on my big trip project, but since I finally kicked her firmly in the arse this morning…

I’m moving on.  That’s right, Gwen’s done.  Finished.  Fixed everyway that she’s needed to be fixed and sewn up, and blocked (and I fixed the mistake some of you pointed out yesterday, after briefly thinking about burying it outside) and this morning I procured a sewing kit from the front desk of my hotel, and while I drank my coffee, she took her final steps to becoming a garment and got buttons. She fits too – and I love it, which is excellent, because if I didn’t get something I adored or wasn’t flattering after all that, I couldn’t possibly have been held accountable for my actions. I’ll give this trial by fire cardigan a proper photoshoot later when I have time/energy/help/my hair doesn’t look like this.

When Gwen hasn’t been sucking the lifeblood out of me, I’ve followed my usual plan for trip knitting. Something small and fussy for the plane, something small and simple for cabs, dinners and dark places, and something bigger and fussy for downtime in the hotel. 

The only thing wrong with that plan was that there hasn’t really turned out to be all this imagined downtime in the hotel, and what there has been was promptly sucked up by the black hole of Gwen, so the project I thought I could finish in two weeks is still a wee start – though here’s hoping that changes with the albatross Gwen getting out of the queue. 

I started Fernfrost, a beautiful Anne Hanson pattern using Foxhill Farm laceweight cormo that I’ve been hoarding for a few years, and I love how it’s coming out. Cormo is bouncy, cushy and soft, and I love how much texture it’s holding.  I love it.  At present, it is only an 8cm scarf, but I have big plans. 

While the quiet knitting time in hotels hasn’t really turned up the way I thought, the plane knitting has been exactly as predicted and so my October socks are almost done- or at least in my head they’re almost done, probably because I know how many plane hours are left.  I’ve got a whole first sock done, and the toe of the second one.

Pattern: Netherfield.  Yarn: Serendipitous Ewe fingering weight, in Silver Shadows. 

If you decide to knit these, note that I changed the toe, because as written, the original one reminded me too much of a nipple. 

I know it would have looked fine on a foot, but I couldn’t do it. I ripped it, and replaced it with a regular toe up toe starting on 16 stitches.

My cab/dinner/dark knitting is moving along just fine too, and producing a pair of socks I deeply regret making in another person’s size. 

Pattern: none. Just a regular sock. Yarn: String Theory’s Continuum, Colourway is on the ball band at home, so you’re guess is a good as mine, but who cares? It’s a self striping yarn with big stripes! Who wouldn’t want that in any colourway?  I love self striping yarns.  Love them, always have, always will, don’t care who knows it.  Those socks are so much fun that I’ve actually been rationing them so they aren’t over too fast.

This knitting on the side of the book tour means that I’ll likely go home with two new pairs of socks (one for me, one for Christmas) and a scarf, and a sweater, which isn’t bad at all considering how much else has been going on – coughTHANKSALOTGWENcough.

What have you been knitting?

191 thoughts on “A Little On the Side

  1. Can I be first??? Wow! Those are seriously great projects, Harlot! Hope the rest of the tour goes well, and Gwen gets a chance to keep you warm and beautiful!

  2. Socks, always knitting socks, although I picked up some interesting yarn at Stitches East last week that will be a shawl. I’m going to wind the ball right now. Thanks for all the posts. Fun to follow you around the country.

  3. “Today is my the second half”? Seriously, don’t worry about it, Stephanie. Only an anal retentive like me would ever notice. Everybody’s going to be much too excited over their first look at a buttonable Gwendolyn.

  4. I’ve had ‘knitters block’ for a while. I don’t like anything I start, and have frogged a scarf at least 4 times….it’s in time out right now. So until inspiration hits me, and I making plain, basic kid-size mittens for some co-workers children.

  5. I’m kicking butt on my Catkin. I didn’t have the nerve to ask you to hold it when you were in Baltimore. I hope you liked the coffee chocolate and the chocolate beer! Your sweater looks great and now it has such a story to go with it! I think it’s trying to get into your next book!
    Keep up the great work!

  6. GothSocks! I have an affinity for self-striping yarn as well, so I understand the love you’re feeling (as well as the desire to have the project last a little longer)…and mittens…and scarves and a blanket…
    I have to say that I’m just loving these posts from The Tour…it’s like playing “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego”, only it’s “Where in the World Will Stephanie Knit Next?”

  7. Gwen is beautiful – I can’t wait to see the results of the photo shoot. Oh dear, I just looked at Fernfrost on Anne’s website. That may have to come home with me….

  8. I have to tell you – my husband (the caper) isn’t a diligent toe nail cutter. Regular, oval toes – his nails rip right through them. Nipple toes? they last 4 times longer if there are longish toe nails inside…of course, this is only my observation/opinion and not based on a controlled experiment.

  9. Glad you won’t be cold on this last leg of your tour. Love the color of Gwenm the albatross.

  10. Stuff for stitches classes: thrummed mittens, fully fashioned swatches, swatches for a Japanese knitting pattern, and Bohus Stickning wrist warmers. (Thanks for letting us know about Bohus Stickning!)

  11. I was already a week into my Catkin when you announced you were knitting it. I finished mine three solid weeks after you finished yours. I’m assuming my knitting speed is normal. You must just be a grayish blur of flashing fingers. Since then I have knit a beret, and I still have a ball of yarn left and I’m thinking I’ll knit either a regular kind of hat or maybe a scarf. Winter is icumen in, even here in Lotusland.

  12. Wow, poor Gwen. I bought the pattern, but what with the cabling errors by a knitting goddess… oy. What to do. I guess I’ll make a sweater. Right now? Happily procrastinating with – what else? – socks! Mock cables and all.

  13. Hope we get to see Gwen this evening at Vroman’s! Love, love, love the cables. Your upcoming vist finally got me to finish my stalled Calluna from 2009. Just put in the sleeves during lunch.

  14. Just finished (after frogging it 4 times and changing the pattern twice) a lovely orange egyptian cotton dress scarf that (sadly) is a birthday present for someone else. Have another one to make, in a light green (another birthday present); then starting (gak!) my Christmas knitting! As today is the 26th, it means that I now have less than 2 months to get it all done!! And here I am, wasting time on the computer…..

  15. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    And it’s a good thing you finished Gwen because you WILL need it here in Seattle. We just had a cold front move in. I don’t wear socks from June-November, but had to pull out my handknit woolies today. SOOO cold on the dog walk.
    Can’t wait to see where you are headed when you come this way. Will have to try and get a sitter so I can come see you!
    Blessings on your trip!

  16. Well, like most high maintenance women, Gwen appears to be totally worth it. I like that about her.
    Since you ask, I finished Aidez for Rhinebeck, made a pair of booties on the drive home, and then started a Transformers hat for an obsessed little boy. Luckily he is also a skinny boy, because by god, the hat is freaking huge and has been morphed into a sweater vest. Only that is on hold, too.
    As with most really great things in life, into my life fell a small, needy, sweet, elderly dog who is now ours. And it is supposed to snow tomorrow, because, well, we live in VT. So now everything is on hold (yes, even feeding and bathing my children,,,they have a father for that) and I am whipping out a Boston Terrier sized sweater.
    Thanks for asking.

  17. Love those socks! Me? I’m knitting socks (of course) for a friend this time. And next up are thrummed mittens and a thrummed hat for hubby using wool I bought in Newfoundland. We just got back and I fell in love with the thrummed knit things there (we spent 3 weeks driving all over, hiking & boating & iceberg-watching and moose/caribou/black-fox watching and I fell in love with the thrummed stuff in the north end of Gros Morne Park after I decided I knit better than I climb mountains).
    As the wife of a man who often has sharp toenails, I’m wondering if I should try knitting nipple-toed socks now.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS Gwen is off the needles!!! Looking forward to seeing a photo of you finally being able to wear it. Your other projects look great, and I am glad you can finally relax with them. Missed seeing you at Rhinebeck but am thoroughly enjoying your new book (no, I didn’t get a signed copy as I pre-ordered mine from Amazon)and laughing out loud at some of the passages. LOVE YOUR WRITING!

  19. I finished the cowl scarf pattern you posted on the blog back in January. It’s in a lovely dark blue heather and I will be blocking it either tonight, or tomorrow (I have my own Gwen in the form of a paper on Athenian government that still needs to be done). In the meantime, I’m wondering if I should start on a lap robe for my church’s knit group, or if I should re-do the scarf in the other chunky-weight yarn I have? Decisions, decisions…

  20. I saw the beginning of Gwen at Knit East and I’ve waited anxiously for her to get through the difficult teenage years and become the beautiful young sweater she is today. I am knitting Lucy’s PaintBox Scarf, a pair of toe up socks, a couple of Christmas stockings, Veronik’s Redwork Mitts and so on. Switch around according to time, place and mood. Can’t wait for pic’s of you modelling Gwen!

  21. Knitting parts for what will eventually be a stuffed monkey. It’s a Christmas present for a great-nephew, and when I finished its brother for HIS brother, I pondered over how I could make them different. (They’re kids. One has to think of these things.) While I was thinking about making each monkey a sweater, it struck me — the first one was crocheted, so if I knit the second, they’d definitely be different. And so it’s going.
    Hope your tour’s going well, even though this is the first time in years I’ve regretted moving away from L.A. *Sigh*.

  22. envy you the amount of plane time for knitting, though not the travel.
    Having a wonderful time with Baby Yours (in STR Babymama) for my coming grandson, first and likely only grandchild. sleeves about half done, will get photos on Ravelry when done.

  23. Great job on Gwen. I think you need a little teeny albatross to sew on the front of that sweater. Like those polo shirts with the little alligators on them? Something small and discreet — unlike the giant scarlett letter that should be emblazoned on that sweater for the trouble it gave you!
    I am knitting socks and a prayer shawl for a Christmas present. I’m doing the prayer shawl in the Bee Stitch and apparently I cannot count 1, 2, back to 1, 2, back to 1, 2 because I somehow thought counting 1, 1, 2 then back to 1, 2 should do the trick.
    Now I have to figure out how to tink it back out to the mistake. Cause there’s not a chance in hell I would ever take scissors to it!!! And I’m not so good at tinking. And I don’t want to start over. Ergo: I am paralyzed. This does not bode well for Christmas present finishing!

  24. Right now i have a Helix scarf in Crazy Zauberball, Michelle hunters KAL Shawlette in an olive green Simplicity yarn, A crochet ( and yes i did say crochet) afghan, and wool on the way for my own Gwen 😀 plus a couple of easy on the go socks in little bags i can grab on the way out the door. Plus i still have christmas mittens that have been requested by co-workers lol I’m a busy girl and very little time to knit in my 16hour work day and did i mention i work 7 days straight then i have 7 awesome days off!!! Looking forward to the next post 😀
    Cheers from Fort McMurray

  25. Let’s see: the never-ending sock in a San Diego colourway’ a scarf whose pattern I have lost (and not memorized), so technically I have stopped knitting it; a teddy bear; and a scarf of mohair with subtle shadings. If you asked me what I was thinking of casting on in the next few days, the list would be even longer.

  26. Knitting? The first of my second pair of socks (why wasn’t I warned they were SOOO addictive!!!), the start of a shawl that may get frogged, a scarf, and a hot water bottle cover (not mine, it’s a rescue for a friend who only managed 10 rows). Sure there was more…oh, I frogged a few rows on my first big adventure into 2-ply. Do projects waiting to be sewn up count? No? That’s probably it, I think. Of course there is a tea cosy, starting again with the 2-ply, some wrist warmers and a cardigan/jersey (undecided) on the ‘to do next’ list. Christmas is in summer here in New Zealand so not sure how the idea of Christmas knitting will go down….

  27. Oh oh I LOVE that sweater. It’s glorious!!! Well done. Since you did ask, my lasted jag is cabled, fingerless arm warmers, which are fun quick and beautiful, not to mention very useful.

  28. I decided to start working on Christmas knitting. After my wedding six weeks ago, we discovered we’re a bit lower cash-wise then we want. So into the stash I go.

  29. Knitting lots of plain socks for me, still buying vintage men’s sock patterns as I promised a 6’2″ guy with size 12 feet a pair 2 years ago & he’s still waiting. Have big plans to finish my afghan which is 7/8 done (used it all last year with the needles still in it)–but have to dig the rest of the yarn out of the stash, finish it, then do the crochet edging all around–you can see why it’s still my biggest UFO

  30. I’ve been knitting on a baby blanket, just like I always am, but that’s okay. I’ve been promised that I can babysit, and I’m very happy.
    Erm, I’m gonna need some new babies to knit for after this next one comes…. can you suggest any ?

  31. Congratulations on finishing Gwen! She looks beautiful! How on earth do you fix a messy cable? I’m still a fairly new knitter, and I thought that once it was in the knitting it was IN. Please enlighten me. 🙂
    I have been making baby hats for my college roommate, who is due in 2 weeks or less. Looked at several adorable hats online, then decided I could just get started and a baby hat would magically appear on the needles. Four times that worked. The 5th hat I have frogged about 7 times, and now that it’s developing well I see that my green color-changing yarn looks more camo than ‘color of life’. Boo. That yarn was destined for a hat for me!
    On a random note – isn’t an Albatross a sign of luck? My source is the Rime of The Ancient Mariner – he had bad luck following shooting the bird because it was such a gentle, lucky bird. Does it have another meaning of which I know not?

  32. I got some Madeline Tosh merino (yummy) and did the Seamless Infant Kimono that you did a few weeks ago during the never-ending baby watch, because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Then I improvised a hat, which is adorable but probably just too-big enough that the baby will grow out of the kimono at the exact point when the hat starts to fit. Now I’m working on a Braineater hat for the big-brother-to-be. Yee haw!

  33. I haven’t really been knitting much of anything. Just a dishcloth in feather and fan, and a pair of leg-down socks which just don’t seem to want to get finished. I really would like to learn to knit toe-up socks, and I’ve tried. I can do the toe and foot, and then I get to the heel and that’s it, I hit the wall. My mind cannot fathom what to do. My brain likes intuitive things, and toe-up is not intuitive for me. Brain refuses to comprehend the pattern instructions. I need a friend to sit and show me but I haven’t found that friend yet. So, not much knitting here.

  34. I’m with you on the self-striping; my favourite flying project too. Thanks for some great posts on your travels, I’ve enjoyed every one. (Well, I enjoy all your posts as it happens).

  35. Your Gwen sweater is wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in person in Portland. Two more days!!!!!!!!
    I have two sweaters, socks, a shawl and Christmas ornaments on needles. Something for any mood. 🙂
    Just finished a hooded cable sweater for my Granddaughter’s 10th birthday.

  36. Yarn colorway is Chinle Formation. I’m working on a pair of stripey socks myself–in colorway Lignite for my husbands size 13 feet 🙂 Thankfully, I’m using my sport weight base, so it knits up really quickly 🙂

  37. gwendolyn is so lovely that she must be forgiven all the trouble she caused you. here’s hoping she makes up for it with many happy years of wear.
    i’m currently making a v-necked pullover for dd’s 29th (omg! how’d she get so old??) birthday next week. she chose the yarn from stash (a kraemer naturally nazareth worsted, in the variegated “spring” colorway, bought at the closing sale of a nearby lys about 3 years ago.)
    also, since i share your enthusiasm for self-striping yarns, i’m making “bamboo” socks with a kroy fx yarn that shades from teal and forest and grass greens to russets and tans and browns, and back again.
    btw, i tend to agree that the new book is your best yet (and i still miss the page-a-day calendar. somehow, the “you might be a redneck” one my sister-in-law gave me just doesn’t start my day as well.)

  38. yesterday i mailed a 2nd sweater for my grand daughters 9th bd. after 40 years of knitting you would think that i would ask what size the person i am knitting for wears but no, i just assumed i knew and the first sweater was a size too small! my DIL will pack up the and in a few years it will go to Katy who is 3 at the moment. what a rookie mistake!

  39. Would you please give me the name of your publicist?
    I’d like to harrass her into putting Halifax on your tour schedule.
    We have stout, bread and cheese out here.

  40. Wow…so glad your Gwen worked out for you. Thanks for sharing how you fixed the mistakes. Love the Fernfrost pattern. I plan to add it to my knit list.
    Enjoy the rest of your book tour.

  41. I really love your sweater and want to make one for myself, but (a) I’d feel weird telling people the name of the sweater, and (b) if you’ve had that many problems with the cables, it does NOT bode well for me.
    but the finished sweater is stunning, as is the color you chose.

  42. I have an EMERGENCY KNITTING PROJECT on board for tonight or tomorrow. (I told my mother this and she laughed at me. “What could possibly be emergency knitting?” she asked. As we all know, non-knitters would be surprised how often these come up.) One of my very closest friends is having her gallbladder removed next Wednesday. So naturally, I am knitting her a gallbladder. I think it will have to have a mustache.

  43. That Does look just like a nipple!
    I know you are hating it/ but Gwen looks beautiful.
    Can’t wait for more photos. 🙂

  44. I have a pair of monkey socks on the needles, and thanks to you a pair of Paul Atwell socks still on the needles (not for me) a couple of scarves, a blanket, a shawl, but the hat and other shawl are done!! I’m a project hoar.. what can I say?

  45. Summer Wind by Irish Girlie Knits with pretty pink and white and pale periwinkle yarn by Knitted Wit. I started September 20 and am just past half way. I’m slow. haha. But having fun!

  46. I’m knitting the cowl on the cover of Knit Simple for this month. (The one with Vickie Howell on the front.) For my sister-in-law for Christmas. It’s super easy and I’m loving it.

  47. Let’s see–in the search for simple, in the dark knitting, I’m coming up blank. I keep getting to the small bits that need looking at, like heels or thumbs. Anyway, working on: lace cowl, 3 or 4 pairs of socks of various sorts, mittens, three sweaters, and looking for the right yarn for another hat before Christmas. I think that’s enough for now.

  48. Always a delight to read of your adventures! I now have your newest book on my nook, and I have started it! I bought At Knits End at Rhinebeck, a friend got it signed for me. I will always treasure it. Keep up the good work!

  49. Yarn Harlot! You have solved a perplexing problem for me. Fussy teenage daughter wanted a scarf. I bought yarn three times trying to find the perfect shade of pink. She then rejected every pattern in my collection and I have gazillions. Efforts at self-design were also rejected. When I showed her the Fernfrost design she pronounced it beautiful. We will be ordering the pattern tonight. Thanks, Stephanie! (I foresee lots of pink knitting in my future.) 🙂

  50. I always have one pair of socks on the needles usually left over from traveling. I also always have dishcloths in a basket needing their final sew-in-the-tails-thing. And last but not least, a baby blanket.
    And having three things unfinished is too much for me. I’m going to go finish one now.
    type A in NC, USA

  51. I’m currently knitting a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. The yarn is my own, dyed and spun by me, and the pattern is your one-line scarf pattern, because it really shows off hand-dyed yarn. Also because my mind isn’t able to deal with a more complicated pattern at the moment.
    Thanks for the pattern.

  52. I’m so sorry I missed you in Boston, but we’re at the tail end of a major move, and some things have to take a back seat to my great chagrin 🙁
    But I finally finished a project: my daughter’s Halloween costume, a lamb. She HATES the hat, but I’m hoping she’ll find the love by this weekend.
    And now I can get back to those wool pants I was working on for her. Someday I’ll tackle the alpaca socks I want to make. Do you have a good pattern for a solid yarn?

  53. I’m working on designing two sweaters–one cable-y, one colorwork–which aren’t going well, so I started the Double-Thick Mittens from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn because some time in February, it will be cold enough in Texas to need them, except I’ve never knitted or worn mittens, so I don’t know how they’re supposed to fit.

  54. I’ve been knitting a bunch of things too. Basic Chic Hoodie. Fingerless mitts. Iceling baby cardigan. And a pair of socks from your cheat sheet sock pattern. Love that pattern! Thanks!

  55. Horray for Gwendolyn finally being finished!
    I love those socks, but sadly I am not yet at the point where I’m ready to tackle a toe up sock. Someday, I swear it.
    What am I knitting? I’m actually working on a hat, which is intimidating the heck outta me! And that’s crazy because it’s a hat and I started my knitting career off by banging out 15 hats for Christmas (I did start in July though, I’m nutty but not superwoman). But this is Morgan (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall08/PATTmorgan.html), an English driving cap knit from the top down and also my Winter Solstice gift this year for my love. I’m terrified I’ll screw it up, particularly given he’s never asked for anything knitted before this.

  56. Hats. I’ve been knitting hats. Hats for gifts, hats for me and unfortunately a chemo hat in purple yak and bamboo for a knitting friend in Massachusetts. Need to start on Christmas stockings.
    The sweater is beautiful.

  57. Glad to see Gwen has been whipped into shape. Fernfrost is beautiful. I, as always, am knitting socks (vanilla out of Lorna’s Laces Honor), a keyhole scarf and a christmas hat. Just finished a Log Cabin baby blanket and an alpaca one skein scarf for my daughter who just moved to NY. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

  58. I have been working on my first Alice Starmore aran – St. Brigid. I just finished the back…does this mean I am about 1/3 done? I sure hope so!
    For easy knitting, I just made the first sock with the double heelix heel from Knitty. Very clever!
    For even easier knitting, habu silk in stockinette for a long sleeve sweater.
    Love your Gwen…great color.

  59. My personal Gwen, a BLACK cardi with set in concrete sleeves and shoulder seams needs to be ripped out because it refuses to fit the recipient. It also refuses to be ripped out. Dagnabbit, I certainly reinforced THOSE seams! Sort of makes one want to say words that would cause one’s mother to return to the land of the living to apply some Lifebouy to one’s mouth.

  60. I am working on my February lady sweater, and mittens for the kids. It’s been very cold and I want them to have warm hands while they wait for the bus.
    Then it is back to hats and my new little shop space!

  61. Well, since you asked: 1 pair of plain socks in printed sock yarn for my husband (it’s easier to knit him a surprise if I do it while he’s out of the country) + adding on to my handspun citron that was too small + Bacardi cardigan knit out of the world’s most wonderful yarn that I’m not telling what it is because they’re about to stop dyeing it and I want to hoard it ALL.
    Great job on Gwendolyn! The buttons are perfect.
    I had another Fiona Ellis pattern coming up on my list and now I’m debating. Harriet. But can I cross those cables right, assuming I’m not in a rush?

  62. Crapal tunnel has kept me from knitting for a while, but I’m glad to see you finally got Gwen to behave. At least for now — time will tell if she continues to do so.
    And no, that isn’t a typo in the first sentence. I don’t care if the tunnel really is carpal. An irritated one is crapal, or crappy, or just plain crap to have.
    The Fernfrost stitch pattern looks beautiful, and a good one for you after dealing with Gwen. Just enough complexity to be fun, not enough to make you think Gwen has an evil twin sister.

  63. Gwen is fabulous! Can’t wait to see more photos!
    As for me, on the needles right now are a navy Kushu Kushu scarf, a cowl in Misti Alpaca Chunky (for when my eyes can’t take another teensy row of the Kushu), and finishing up my knitted crazy quilt (the only rule — no “new” yarn, only yarn left over from other projects).

  64. Love, love, love the striped socks. It looks like a short-row heel; what method do you like to use for those, W&T, YO, or something else entirely?

  65. I think I’m in love with that String Theory yarn. Which is unfortunate because I really can’t get any more yarn till we get back to the states sometime next year. Boo. Knitting wise, I’m still knitting my son’s Halloween costume. It’s my very first romper/raglan sleeved outfit and I have 4 days left. Oh no did I seriously just write that? 4 Days. Cry.

  66. Love the striped socks. I’m going to have to snag some of that yarn myself.
    I’m knitting sock #2 (yay!) of a pair of socks using a mosaic pattern.
    Enjoy the rest of your tour. I enjoy reading your book tour posts. Maybe some day I’ll be able to come visit at one of your book signings.

  67. So glad Gwen’s done and she’s looking great! Me? A hat for a friend, mittens for another (she gives me fiber, I give her back handspun mittens)and a Quercus cardi for me, as well as the eternal socks in my purse. But that scarf of yours is calling my name!

  68. Gwen looks beautiful! I’d love to knit one too, but after your experience….I don’t know….
    I started knitting the Fawn Poncho by Tiny Owl Knits and ran out of my main color. Since I purchased it from Knitpicks and they are out of the one color that I need, I now have to wait until December 10th to resume knitting on my poncho. Other than that, I’m working on socks; just started the second one. Can’t wait to see a full size photo of Gwen; bet you look beautiful in it. It’s a gorgeous color!

  69. Yay for Gwen!
    I’m also working on an Anne Hanson pattern, Cradle Me, as a sample for my favorite dyer. (Catherine at Knitting Notions)
    I want to be Anne Hanson when I grow up. Technically, I’m twenty years beyond legal adulthood, but one can always hope. 🙂

  70. Christmas presents. Oh, the Christmas presents. The last three all need the same needles and are not travel-sized; I can’t wait to get there because then I can in a mostly guilt-free manner knit something for me! Incidentally, Gwendolyn was in fact going to be my next sweater for me, but I may pick up something else so I don’t catch whatever bug was in yours!

  71. Socks! Still and forever. Cannot function without socks on the needles. Recently finished: deep purple Locksins! a secondpair’causeIlove’m, self striping socks in red,red,red and teal-ish’, shawlette to match a summer tee that is too cold to wear now by itself. On the needles: socks in squirrelly spiral pattern, hat for myself and more mittens. Trying to decide on the next wool sweater to start. Think the knit group is going to have to choose it for me. Arrrrgggghhhhh! Please excuse the long epistle. Love you and all the knitting buddies!
    Paula in Iowa

  72. Knitting? Put aside to read a wonderful wound up book. It is the best! Just finished the what would you like to say. Can’t read it out loud because I crack up and can’t inhale. Now that’s a good book.
    Gwen certainly turned up to be well worth the effort. Beautiful! I forget how much cables entice. It’s a relief that you still had time for socks!

  73. I finished my first “knit, Swirl!” sweater earlier this week (I say “first” because there will unquestionably be a “second”) and have now started to tackle Barbara Walker’s “Knitting from the Top” with a set-in sleeve top-down sweater in Noro Kogarashi. Then there’s the Annabella’s Cowl in some truly luxurious yarn that has been a great mindless project and the Holidazed socks snoozing in the bottom of my project bag. Your stuff is looking great. Wish I was in Pasadena tonight. You keep coming to Los Angeles when I’m living in Pittsburgh and vise-versa!

  74. Socks from my own hand dyed, a fair isle hat, a reverse stockinette raglin, and nevermind that basket in the corner its not important.

  75. Just took a Citron shawl off the needles and sent it off to my husband’s cousin before I could change my mind. I loved the colors and the knitting, if I do say so myself (and I do), was superb. However, K’s mother is in hospice care and I knew she needed the hugs this shawl could give a lot more than I do.
    I’m also knitting a nursing shawl to give to my DIL and the perfect little (I guess a 9 pounder isn’t so little) boy baby that she recently delivered.
    Hubby’s birthday is in a few days, so I have got to finish the Gansey scarf that I’ve been knitting for him. I’m having surgery tomorrow morning and hope I’ll be lucid enough to get the job done while I’m recuperating. Percocet does a job on me sometimes.

  76. Awesome plans and knits, even if Gwen did get in your face a bit.
    I share what I’m knitting each week here: http://www.creatingafamilyhome.com, but this week I realized I have mostly Christmas knitting on my needles, and I can’t exactly blab about that on my blog.
    But this morning I cast on Multnomah, and she’s awesome!
    P.S. I really wanted to see you in Brooklyn (I’m in Southeast Pennsylvania), but it’s so far and I have a toddler to drag along with me and this dumb thing called a job…. I just couldn’t do it. When are you coming to the Lehigh Valley?!?! (It’s an hour north of Philly, the Allentown/Bethlehem, PA, area.) THANKS!

  77. Just reading your latest book! Loving it, as I have all the others. Your sweater is gorgeous. Love the buttons you picked. I finished Fernfrost about a year ago and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever knit. It’s one of the few things I’ve kept for myself because I just can’t part with it! 🙂

  78. I’m knitting a Kite Jacket. My first cardigan. I hope it behaves better than Gwen! But it’s a much simpler pattern.

  79. I love that stripey colorway! For some reason it reminds me of The Big Bang Theory.
    I am currently knitting two things not for me: fingerless gloves for my boyfriend and some nifty self-designed UFO socks as a surprise gift.

  80. Knitting a Kauni rainbow baby blanket for neice’s surprise baby. (Gee I wish someone had knitted me a Kauni rainbow baby blanket).
    It has been somewhat of a trial, frogged twice, using 5 mm needles which make the scratchiness softer – I am thinking of lining it with some brushed cotton. I am halfway through the first skein, ordered a second, I am knitting this way too large for it to be a carseat blanket, but a whole lot smaller than a queen-sized bed.
    I was a bit disappointed with the colourway initially, being a bit muted, but it has grown on me, and when it is in artfully massed, the colours just shine.
    I sure hope the proud parents like it too.

  81. A pair of Skew socks and a pair of Julia Mueller’s gloves.
    And about 4-5 other things but I try not to think about them too much.

  82. I can definitely see why you stuck it out. Gwenny (that’s a knitter sidling up to you, using familiarisms to wangle a chance to touch ooh the pretty) is beautiful.
    And those socks are happy-making! (Sea, white foam on the tide and in the clouds, colors of the lichen and the rocks–are those Newfoundland socks?)

  83. Hooray for whipping Gwen’s arse into shape at last. Thanks so much for the yarn details on your airplane socks – Serendipitous Ewe fingering in Silver Shadows… MUST get some!

  84. Wow, Gwen is gorgeous and the other projects look great, Stephanie! I’m knitting socks for our son’s birthday and have nearly finished the second one. I so envy you being allowed to knit on planes. Still no knitting needles allowed in cabin luggage on UK airlines. Sigh….

  85. I am DELIGHTED to be able to share that my first sweater of the year is finally off the needles. (Started in May) a simple Tea Leaves that really shouldn’t have taken so long, but has.
    Next up: gloves for my dad who should be in Seattle, with my mother, getting books signed for me since I’ve managed to miss you in my hometown every tour since 2005 – what good parents! They totally deserve some new handknits.

  86. I love the self-striping yarn. It entertains the non-knitting muggle children. I am making my third Tuscany shawl because Amy is that awesome a teacher and enabler!

  87. I finished a sweater in September, and since then I have done a scarf for the Red Scarf project and finished the initial knitting and weaving in for a blanket. I’ve been a little disjointed with my knitting lately. I want to start everything, but don’t really have the time or energy for it, but the show I’m in will have more down time once we start doing the full act runs as I’m not on stage the entire time.

  88. I finished a sweater for my daughter earlier this month which, when I washed it for the first time, expanded to mammoth proportions. I dried and dried and dried, and now it’s reasonable, but still too big. Oh well, she’s 5. She’ll grow. The LYS owner asked me if I had washed my swatch after I knitted it. To which I replied, “Hey, I actually knitted a swatch this time, don’t I get some credit for that?!” Lesson learned. Sigh.
    Now I am working on two hats for PatPat’s Hats. Thanks for the link. It feels good to do this.
    But really I’m too busy to knit…I’m reading your book.

  89. Major discovery: knitting gainsays is so compatible with watching all of Hugh Grant’s and Colin Firth’s movies on Netflix, streamed or on DVD. Now of course I want the pattern for Colin’s reindeer sweater but will have to improvise. I think it is the width of the alters plus the so precious expression that just sets the mood, and Bridgett Jones’ reaction is subtle but clear.

  90. In an interview with an Italian journalist, Colin shared his hope that he can take the reindeer sweater with him when filming on the sequel to “Bridget Jones” is completed. For the first film, he was given the choice of two reindeer sweaters: one with tiny reindeer prancing across the sweater, and the one he chose, with the enormous reindeer. He wanted to keep the sweater, but instead it was auctioned off at Christie’s and the proceeds given to a film company. Another sweater was knitted so it could hang in his armoire (where Bridget hides to see if he is having an affair with his secretary). This Christmas, Colin will get to wear his very own reindeer sweater.

  91. Socks and more socks, since everybody in my family has requested them. I’ve been knitting a long time but was always terrified by socks until I read “Knitting Rules” a year ago. YH, you have no idea how your calm advice helped me off several semi-suicidal ledges as I struggled through that first sock or two.
    Absolutely plain vanilla pattern with all manner of self-striping yarns .. watching the colors line up in such pleasing patterns makes me happy!! I don’t even feel the need to try something more exciting, at least not at this stage of things.
    WIP for Christmas gifts are a Saroyan scarf and a Gretel sweater (CocoKnits).

  92. Finishing some cabled fingerless mitts. It’s dreary today, cold can’t be too far behind. Your Daisy sweater is just needing to be put together and neck band knitted for a baby due in December. 2 Christmas stockings need to be started soon, I can’t (yet) knit at the speed of Harlot! Following you from place to place on this tour has been fun!

  93. What am I knitting now? Nothing, due to finger surgery yesterday (damned buckthorn). Good thing I made sure to get your book in advance so I could read thru the pain/Vicodin/lack of knitting in my hands. The chapter on knitting addiction…proved too true for me and so timely. Actually, the whole book is wonderful – truly. Thanks so much for sharing your life and passion with all of us.
    (And I agree, Gwen looks marvelous.)
    (Wish you were coming to Mpls – maybe next tour?)

  94. I am knitting 2 things right now, because knitted lace is not the same thing as lace knitting. For home I am working on at least 2 rows a night of Rhodion. For my knitting bag I am making ‘from the heel’ socks, that were some crazy pattern on an Estonian blog. If you ever want a good laugh try pasting in an Estonian knitting pattern into google translate.
    Isn’t String Theory awesome? The first skein I got became sock so fast, you would think I knit for Jimmy Johns.
    Molly : )

  95. Everything is looking gorgeous up above, and I’m looking forward to seeing photos of Gwen doing what sweaters do best, at least in theory.
    I’m knitting a pair of Sweetheart socks, quite rapidly for me, which is good because they are a Christmas present. Also on the needles: a pair I have called “Homage to Sock Summit II” because they are a pair of Rogue Roses in the specified yarn, BMFA STR mid-weight (gasp!). I cast them on from afar on the first day of SSII.
    There’s also a long neglected Sunrise Circle cardi in Ecowool – but it will be my birthday this weekend so I will cast-on a new project, a Cuberos in locally dyed yarn for a gift for my DH.

  96. Knitting? Not much, but have made a bit of progress on a sock and a mitten. I’m hoping that roving will smoothly fall off the carder and I can hang out and knit while that’s happening!

  97. Not a bit surprised at the outcome–the sweater is magnifique!! Look forward to a photo of it on you. And the socks, and the scarf. In the midst of this book tour you produce more than the average knitter in six months! Not just fast, but wielding those needles to such perfection!! Here I am, struggling along on the afghan for granddaughter who will be going off to college next September, a scarf, always a pair of socks and just started your Pretty Thing with the Quivet I bought umpteen years ago (saving it for the right pattern)which is the current favorite.

  98. Gwen is lovely, in a lovely color! I am finishing the last of 8 Chrismas stockings wih snowflakes and hearts and candy canes and reindeer and all sort of holly and stuff on them (you know, the big ones that hang on the fireplace) and am starting button bands on Norwegian Roses from the Green Mountain Spinnery book. Gorgeous sweater. My DD has asked if she could have a grey and white Norwegian cardigan, as they are “in” right now. So that is next!

  99. When thinking about what to bring to your book signing I immediately thought about socks or shawls. It was 90 degrees the day you were in Austin, rather than looking like a mental patient I chucked the shawl. Now this brings me to socks; my only pair on the needles are in self-striping yarn (I get asked if I’m making them for a child repeatedly). I was too ashamed to show them to you. Who knew! Thanks for sharing; I will wear my tropical striped socks with pride now.

  100. I am knitting too much and not enough. 1) sock no 2 of my first pair of socks 2) meandering vines scarf 3) another lacy scarf, can’t remember the pattern name 4) Noro scarf 5) turn a square hat to go with the aforementioned Noro scarf 6) test knit Moebius cowl, this is the priority obviously 7) a sweater for my 6-month old nephew 8) a hooded scarf for my 12-year-old niece 9) a bulky cowl for me because one day I had a bad case of startitus 10) Road Trip shawl and 11) a circular blanket that is now sitting sadly at the bottom of a chair because the intended recipient, a dear friend who lost her baby at birth, cannot handle receiving anything, so now I don’t know what to do with this ufo.

  101. I blocked niece #2’s lace beret, which in the way lace has of messing with you looked like it would turn out to be a beanie but which (SUCCESS!) after blocking is indeed a beret. I have some yarn left, so I’ve started “Knucks” from Knitty for her. I’ve got a very pink baby kimono sweater in work, the everlasting Old Shale stole (altho I’m thinking of frogging it ONE MORE TIME! just for laughs…), another lace beret in a heavily modified pattern, some Grumpy lumps of coal (the free Knit Picks pattern, too funny!), and about 6 other projects which are in hibernation until I can find enough hours in the day. A.D.D. much, ya think?

  102. I love how the Gwen looks. Can’t wait to see it on you. I’ve knocked out three Christmas gifts so far and have two more on needles. But please remind me next time, my son has BIG FEET! He saw a sock yarn that he liked and I jumped at the opportunity to make them into socks for his gift. OY!

  103. What have I been knitting? LOTS AND LOTS of Christmas presents! Currently done: four hats, half of a shawl, 90% of a shawlette, a cowl and mitts set, and most of ThreeIrishGirls side-step ankle warmers, but picking up the stitches for the button bands is kicking my ass! (Still to do: two hats and the double-layer Chimera mitts. There’s hope!)

  104. I followed your lead of self-imposed sock club and all last year knit and knit and knit up socks for myself. I think I’m about to two weeks’ worth of socks.
    I am finishing up my version of someone else’s version of an entrelac triangle shawl –start on the lead row, drop squares each row and you get a triangle shawl. Then…. Christmas knitting. Socks for mom (shhh, it’s a secret. She’s wanted some for years and I kept putting her off…), and who knows what else.
    Travel safely.

  105. Knitting…mainly the Foreign Correspondent Scarf, which I fell in love with after seeing two of them on ToniS’s blog (ALittleYarnOnTheSide). That’s my current traveling project. I’m knitting it in Valley Yarns Charlemont kettle-dyed in Evergreen, which is absolutely *lovely* yarn- silk and merino and incredibly soft.
    At home I’ve been sucked into a black hole of crocheted afghan…I started one little afghan to quickly get some pastel acrylic out of my stash, used it all up and realized I needed more yarn. And so instead of hitting a sale, I asked my mom if she had any pastel acrylic she wanted to get rid of. Slight error in scale. I should have specified a max number of skeins. One afghan has turned into two and is threatening a third (although many of the colors that are left clash so horribly so I may just bury it in a closet until I’m willing to face doing something else with it). I’ve made excellent progress despite my dedicated feline assistants however so I hope to soon return to some of my shamefully neglected WIPs.

  106. I finished up the Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison knit up in Cascade 220 in Como Blue (a most fabulous shade of dark teal). I started it way back in February, after several false starts and a major derailment by an imminent flood threat for most of the summer; I got back to it and finished it up on a work trip to Helena, MT. I have one cable that I did not twist correctly, and although intrigued by the technique you showed on fixing the error I think I will just leave it as is. Posted a few pictures on my blog. Safe travels to you.

  107. I’ve been endlessly knitting a feather and fan stole. I don’t know how I forgot that I hate making square things (baby blankets, scarves, stoles) and now I feel like I will never finish.

  108. Thank you, Elizabeth Rose, for the posting about Colin Firth’s reindeer sweater. I love that movie.
    And Carolyn in NC, I’m a Type A too – having more than one UFO makes me uneasy. But I do require an “on deck” project for when I finish the one I’m doing.
    In spite of my Type A-ness, I currently have 1) a Tunisian-crochet scarf that is going on-and-on (Rogue Ribs), 2) a prayer shawl that I think is 2/3rds finished (Hugs from the Heart), and a cardigan with lots of cables and moss stitch (Portland Tweed Jacket) that I put in time-out a month ago and just took out again last night.
    And I want to finish up some of the samples I started in classes at Stitches East.

  109. I’m Christmas knitting. I finished a pretty hysterical knit chicken for a cousin, a cabled headband for a friend (and one for me), and planned to be working on fancy mittens for another friend. Why am I not doing that? I saw another friend with perpetually cold hands and now am knitting fingerless gloves for her. Her chilliness offends me deeply as a Knitter, and I feel responsible for fixing it as quickly as possible.

  110. Love the sweater… and might think about making it for myself after Christmas.
    I’ve been making hats and socks and mittens, but for the last 3 days I’ve been making hats. I made a hat for my niece and she loved it… so I made another one for another niece… then I took pictures of it and posted it online because the girls were cute in them. Then my mom asked me to make her goddaughter’s granddaughter one (another little girl) then a friend asked if she’d send me yarn if I’d make some for her and she’d pay me (cool but 3 adult hats) then my other sister asked if I’d make one (or two) for her new baby (who hasn’t gotten anything from me yet because I’ve been working on Christmas sweaters).
    I’ve made 5 hats in 4 days (and the total of this stupid, simple hat is now at 7 and counting)… and started on another… because my daughter reminded me last night that my own granddaughter doesn’t have one. Oh, she has the OTHER hat I made for her, but she wants to match her cousins.
    All from super-bulky acrylic (except for Amy’s hats because, being my friend, she knows better than to send me acrylic yarn. She sent me Cascade Superwash 🙂
    The hat pattern? 3 inches of garter stitch, then knit straight until the decreases, then evenly spaced k2tog to the top. I could (and did, I think) knit it in my sleep. (The baby hats have 1 1/2 inches of garter stitch because his little head is only 3 inches tall).
    I’m done with the design of the next Christmas sweater, so this is absolutely the last freaking hat I make.

  111. O, what a glorious thing is Gwen, now that the hard work has come to an end.
    Thank you for allowing us to be your ghosting entourage. It has been a joy to follow you on your book tour. I wish I lived in Seattle, instead of Spokane, WA.
    I am currently working on Catkin for a friend, and two sets of wristwarmers. I am also needing to start my Christmas gift knitting. I am also waiting for my copy of All Wound Up to arrive at my local bookstore. must have patience…

  112. I’m currently working on Carol Sunday’s Tapestry sweater (it’s rather Gwendolyn-like and taking up lots of my time, but lovely). I’ve also started Catkin (which was on my radar screen before you made it!) in 2 very different shades of Tosh Light Amber Trinket. I like how it’s turning out–since the yarns have the same colors in them, it looks like I’ve used one yarn and gotten the garter stitch stripes to be lighter on purpose. That makes little sense, now that I read it. I have yarn pics up on the Rav project, but that’s all at this point.

  113. Love both your pairs of socks. I must get back to sock knitting (Christmas gifts not yet started) but I have been having too much fun with mitten and hat knitting!

  114. Hi stephanie, I’ve just recovered from a week or two of almost non stop hard work and therefore had the pleasure of reading your last 6 posts in one single sitting (not unlike a big bag of candy in one go but minus the nausea). Lovely, feel like a living knitter again. Congratulations on the conquering of Gwendolyn. Your technique in retrofit cable crossing is very nifty. Next time I break a cold sweat on discovering a similar hiccup I might pluck up the courage to try that too (well, as you rightly said, one can still unravel if all else fails). Still, it’s kick-ass nifty to even think of that.
    On my needles, eons behind the bandwagon, is a noro striped scarf. Noro kureyon sock to be precise in a very lovely colourway involving loads of greens (apple, moss, turquoise) and a brown, copper, ochre sweep, and the striping is done with a very unassuming solid black sock yarn. The combination sets off the noro like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, it was premeditated but it still takes me by surprise at every stripe just how well that works. It’s like stained glass almost, the colours just GLOW.
    I’m not a big one for mass-projects. If everybody knits it, I’ll try to be stubborn enough not to, but the noro striped scarf deserves it’s massive fan base and from here on out I’ll meekly be counted in on this one.

  115. Loving all your projects, and I’m so happy that you really like Gwendolyn after all that … ummm …conflict. The socks are great and fernfrost is one of my favorite patterns – so there you have it. Be safe and enjoy your last couple of stops. LOL – By now, Portland should feel like home to you!

  116. Glad the “Gwen” sweater will be ready to wear in the chilly NW. Just finished knitting the 10th cotton washcloth for DSIL’s kitchen. Yarn in variegated aqua to match the walls of kitchen remodel after last year’s house fire. Considering returning to shawlette of handspun given to me by my DS, plan to finish the two toes of my top down self-striping socks by Monday, need to begin another purple baby hat (reminds parents of “shaken baby syndrome”), and will sort and stach yarn given to me in September. Thanks for the fun and funny view from your book tour!

  117. Baby surprise jacket! You introdused me to Elisabeth Zimmermans work, thank you! Knitter’s Almanac is now on my nighttable, giving me nice little stories before falling to sleep. (It might be that I’m nerdy, reading knitting directions for entertainment..you think?)Since I now have about 10 friends expecting, I keep knitting different versions of this lovely jacket. I can now knit it without the pattern, can you believe that?? Wish your book tour took you to Norway (where I live), that way you would have plenty of time to finish your scarf! 🙂

  118. Well, thanks for asking! I’m stalled on that funky baby hat that looks like a zigzag but turns into a bonnet, that you recommended from Homespun Handmade (waiting for LYS to re-stock). I’ve got 1/2 a sleeve left on a stockinette cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. And I need to crank out a bunch of warm mittens for little boys in the house, as the temps will drop soon. Oh yeah, and a boring sock, the second in a pair that’ll be my first. I’m finishing only because of guilt. Sort of like practicing piano. My future socks will be much better but I should learn on this little unloved piece. What I really want to knit are a gazillion Milo vests for my baby, because they are just lovely with a long-sleeved onesie, and knit up quickly. Enjoy the warm Cali sun! I’m loving to travel vicariously with you.

  119. You can wear Gwen today in Seattle, the weather should be cool enough. I’m looking forward to the signing tonight!!

  120. Hooray on Gwen! I hope you get a standing ovation when you wear it! I instantly recognized your scarf as an Anne Hanson design, so I am feeling very smart.
    I’m knitting a pogona in madelinetosh sock fragrant and what I am calling my “process knitting scarf” — French Nautical Scarf of manos lace in natural and a varigated red that is lovely. On 2.75 mm needles in stockinette stripes with garter stitch edges to prevent rolling. I will probably finish it after the end of the Mayan calendar next year.

  121. It is my experience that nothing named Gwendolyn turns out well. However, your determination and great skill are admirable, Stephanie! Congratulations!!! It is a beautiful sweater.

  122. In the time it took you to knit Gwen, I have finished *one sleeve* of my cable project. It’s the Must Have Cardigan from Patons. Well, okay, a pair of socks just off the needles last night, a beret that turned out to have a pointy boob-top which I’ll frog & redo, a Tulip baby sweater, and a few pair of fingerless mitts (which have become quite addicting).
    See you next week at Port Ludlow!

  123. Love your Gwen! Have been fascinated by the progression from cakes to sweater, along with all the problems and your ingenious fixes. Socks are great, too. But Fernfrost, now that is lovely, and I can hardly wait to see her grow into her final form.
    What am I knitting? A self-imposed time-suck of my own, which consists of a bajillion skeins of Cascade Sierra yarn in various shades of pink. Said skeins are becoming, very slowly I might add, large banket knit in basketweave pattern.
    It is reminding me of MLP&BGOAAB&POAU!!! (My neice is still in her Disney Princess/Barbie phase-what can I say)
    Hope the rest of the tour goes well, and be safe on your travels.

  124. Last night was a blast, thanks for picking Southern California for this tour instead of our woolier sister by the Bay. I was in need of a good laugh!
    Gwendolyn looks awesome. I can’t wait to make my own cable-encrusted-Lord-of-the-Rings sweater. (See, everything’s a movie to me.)
    I’m knitting a jockstrap. Thanks for asking.

  125. I’ve got a half done Meliae (Just found a mix up between where I am on the lace pattern and where I am on the decreases. Somehow ahead on the decreases. Oy, learning lace is taking patience.) but have stopped to work on making Knitted Doll Baby and clothes for both of my girls for Christmas.
    So excited to see you in PDX tomorrow! 🙂

  126. Are those albatross buttons on naughty Gwen?
    She is beautiful, regardless!
    I am knitting my first Elizabeth Zimmerman mittens and bracing myself to snip a hole in them to make afterthought thumbs (shudder).

  127. Well, I’ve been trying to finish a simple little summer-ish sweater,but since I bought your new book it’s been a toss-up between reading and knitting. I can’t do both at the same time, unfortunately…And since my sister counted 27 ufos (including sewing projects) I suppose I should put the book down and get busy. But I am enjoying the book too much and I detest sewing up sweaters so guess what is winning out? Hope the rest of your trip goes very smoothly, and the Gwendolyn sweater is beautiful!

  128. I love that you finished Gwen — can’t wait to see photos! I made some leg warmers with a self striping sidar DK for my boyfriend’s neice..and now I am making many hexagons & pentagons that will be a stuffed soccer ball pillow for his nephew! Finished my first socks for Socktoberfest2011 – but am still awed by all of you who seem to knit socks in an evening!!

  129. I am so happy that the Sweater is finished and looks so very gorgeous. I had a hard time seeing the wrong twists….I am also so happy to see so many other knitters with so many projects going on at once. I have been trying to knit some of the iconic patterns in the last year, so I just finished two Bordhi moebius last night,one EZ Baby Surprise, have to put buttons on the just bound off periperum sweater (baby sweaters for charity – teen mom clinic) have Bordhi insouciant lcae socks on sz 1 needles that are taking forever, one half finished cabled seater, one just begun thrummed mittens, and since I just bought an IPAD, I have to make a felted case for it…And Wooly Wormhead’s November Mystery KAL is abotu to start – 2 hats and a highlight of my knitting year….whew I need to retire from my day job

  130. Beautiful knitting, as always – and I’m glad you showed that Gwen not to mess the The Harlot. Me, I’m knitting Christmas presents for the in-laws (scarves, mittens, snoods), and I’m 2/3 of the way done. Hope that doesn’t panic you in any way…

  131. Gwen is lovely and I seriously doubt if any of your readers will ever want to make it after seeing all the grief it gave you.
    Stephanie, I looked at your travel schedule and I can’t imagine how you can keep your sanity. You not only manage to stay sane, but you smile and entertain people and even knit Gwen 3 or 4 times over! You amaze me. And then when you get home, Christmas knitting will be waiting for you.
    What am I knitting? Too many things. Two baby blankets for my 4 week old twin grandsons [sweaters and mittens are already finished}, Rowan froggie sweater for 3 year old grandson {just need to seam it and knit the collar], a pair of socks, cable swatches for my Textures class at Webs and, my favorite, a pullover using Nikki Epstein’s Panda block for my 1 year old grandson. I’m “designing” that sweater and am pretty excited about it.
    My husband can’t understand why I feel I have to make all of these things ~ somedays I can’t quite understand it either, but ultimately I love to make things for the people I love. That’s probably why most of us do it. Or is it the yarn fumes???

  132. I wish that I could show you the harry potter “ravenclaw” socks I am knitting for my 12 year old nephew, who enjoys harry potter and handknit socks equally. I think you would like them. I have really enjoyed the saga of Gwendolyn. I am a fast knitter but my projects take forever due to fixing all the mistakes. You make me feel better about it. 🙂

  133. I sent off my early-winter box to the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation in South Dakota, so I’ve been knitting for ME ME ME ME! Making yet another cardigan out of Elann’s Peruvian Highland in their beautiful plum, and THIS ONE (tilted duster) seems as though it’s going to fit ME and not my pesty sister.
    (Have to finish it in a hurry, tho, and start on Christmas knitting … which includes a cardigan for Petsy Sister.)

  134. Beautiful sweater – definitely worth the effort. After all that hard work, I hope it serves you well for a long, long time.

  135. Sorry about Gwen(biso)..I have just finished two hats for my husband and I’s Halloween costumes…Smurfs(don’t ask me how I did it, but he is going as a Smurf w/me! The hat did entice him as he can use it as a snow/hunting hat). I have a Gwen right now that is the baby blanket from hell and I am considering removing it not so politely from my house hold. I just finished Rosamund’s Cardigan. sweetpeajenny@blogspot.com

  136. I have a Dido and Heliotaxis on the needles because I am in the 11-Shawls-in-2011 group on Rav and I need to finish a few more to get my 11 done for the year. And I also need to block Vernal Equinox and overdye Holden and block it. But I am about shawlled-out because I did 10shawls2010, too, so I am making several sets of ‘Christine’s Stay-On Booties’, ‘Babies and Bears’ Sweaters and 2 days into ‘Ben’, a Christmas sweater for my long, tall son.

  137. Almost no knitting here, I have a mostly finished first sweater sulking in back and a partial garter stitch shawl going. Been to busy taking care of our little monkeybutt, she will be 7 weeks on Sunday. Just started looking at shirts and dresses last night on Ravelry, something that will be cute, easy and can be layered.
    I hope Jen’s baby is doing well and getting big, our babies almost share a birthday.

  138. Just about all of what you knit is to my taste, so naturally I think Gwen is gorgeous! I’ve been away from the computer lately and just had a chance to catch up. Re: veg food when out. I can usually get grilled cheese sandwiches, or if it’s a place that has steaks, the sides- baked potato, brocoli, sometimes mushrooms, after enquiring about cooking methods. “Homestyle” resturants usually have mac & cheese, baked beans but again enquire about method. The mid-west has lots of “Italian” so that means marinara or alfredo sauces. Some places have heart healthy designated on the menu and I check those. Hope this helps.

  139. I actually got finished the heel of my first chart-only sock while listening to you at Vroman’s yesterday in Pasadena. Of course, now I have to rip out the first post-heel rows, but that’s par for the course with this sock anyway.

  140. Knit Picks Felici has nice big stripes like that and some really nice colourways, fyi.
    I’ve got finished (on paper – sleeves aren’t blocked or, y’know, attached but everything else is done!.. um, except buttons) a Must Have Cardi that I’ve had sitting in the quiet spot for almost a year (done before winter, so I’m pleased). Just the other day I c/o for a pair of fair isle car mittens for my oldest son. I’m using Chroma (another KP) and just love it, splitty and all!
    I wish I had time to make myself another pair of house socks, fast as they are to make, but I’ve trick or treat bags half done and a surprise Christmas cardigan to make for a big man so all my glorious, warm-toed plans have been tossed out the window.
    Congratulations on Gwen, she’s lovely.

  141. I am so in love with the Continuum big strip sock yarn! It’s going on the wish list fast.
    Knitting lacy cowl/wimples and fingerless mitts out the wazoo here for an upcoming show. (Definitely underestimated the time before the show and overestimated my knitting speed and available time, but that’s pretty much par for the course.) Haven’t touched my emergency-sock-on-the-go in about 6 weeks, so looking forward to getting back to something normal.
    Enjoy the rest of the tour – loved today’s post!

  142. I have two pairs of small balls of yarn, left over from 2 other pairs of socks, and I’m knitting a pair of socks (on separate circular needles) with them, striping as I go. When I run out of yarn, the socks are done.
    I’m dying to do Gwendolyn, but I’ll have to check the stash to see if I have any applicable yarn. I just moved and am horrified by how much yarn and fabric I have!!!! (And books. Let’s not forget the books….)

  143. In true yarn harlot fashion, I packed 4 in-progress knitting projects for the vacation I am on: a plain scarf on small needles for the plane rides, a shaped shoulder/neck warmer for the 2 days of car travel, and 2 different pairs of mittens for sitting at the beach house. I tried to explain the need for different types of projects to the hubby, but I stopped when the blank stare appeared.
    I was reading your newest book while sitting next to a quiet stranger on the plane, but had to stop – I nearly burst an eyeball while trying to suppress my laughter. Thanks Stephanie!!

  144. Wow! I’m so impressed with your knitting. I was able to find the mistake yesterday and didn’t say a thing, like you asked. So glad Gwen is finished and you’re wearing it. Hope today wasn’t too warm for you. Recently we haven’t had much sunshine but the last few days have been beautiful. Best wishes!

  145. That is one gorgeous sweater.
    Me, knitting? A sweater for me, a sock for the husband (Christmas), and a Pi Shawl for the heckuvit.

  146. I’m a big fan of wide striped socks, too. Let others sneer. I know how relaxing and even pathetically exciting they are. I’ve just finished a pair in Christmas colours. Should have been knitted LAST Christmas but we do not speak of it..

  147. Your Gwen is gorgeous! I’m working (for the rest of my life on the sweater on the front of “Cast On(or is it Cast Off)) the Knitting Guild magazine. I may be dead of old age before it’s done but it is wonderful. Hope you are home and in your own bed soon!

  148. I just finshed what started out as a vest, but since I had enough yarn, I made 3/4 length sleeve, and instead of the collar it called for, I did a shawl collar which I kinda screwed up, cause it was my first attempt at short rows (note to self: always wrap and turn, don’t just turn, and don’t do short rows in ribbing, it comes out kinda dorky), other that that I love it, it fits, its very cozy and warm, and did I mention it FITS!!!!?? now all I need to do is give it a nice warm bath, block it out lightly, and then sew some really cute buttons on it and it’s done! then it’s back to lace shawl and of course the ever present socks! and tonight I plan a nice relaxing stash dive to see what I’ve got that picques my interest. and I plan to sort my needles. I see wine in my future.

  149. Hi Stephanie, I just sat down to read your new book. I understand your angst regarding the first chapter. Come to Taos, New Mexico the wool capital of the U.S. There is a wool festival there the first weekend of Oct. I’m from Kansas but I travel to Taos because I can knit in the town’s square with my 3 dogs and people smile, nod and understand… of course there are yarn shops of the local flavor and beauty to behold. Check it out you’d love it. I appreciate all your books, your blog and how you think!

  150. HAAHAA! I’ve been knitting a sweater for the last almost 2 years on Foxhill Farms cormo laceweight. NEVER ENDING! But I haven’t given up on it! I still knit a row here & there. Good luck with the scarf. It is lovely yarn!

  151. Knitting – hah! dreaming of knitting! We (DH, 5 kids 10yo-7mo, cats, guinea pigs, chickens) have moved to some acreage and hoping to have our own fiber to spin (and knit) by next year. Right now (to not-quote Seinfeld) – no knits for me!
    Are you familiar with the song “My Name is King of Socks” by They Might Be Giants? It sounds like a themesong for SockSummit!

  152. Congratulations for finishing Gwendolyn! It looks amazing.
    Now that my stitches are out and the pain in my wrist has rapidly become a distant memory, I’ve eased back into knitting. Today I finished knitting a watch cap for my dad. Hooray! Tomorrow I’m either going to tackle a cell phone holder, which I really, really need (having dropped said cell phone at least once a month) or perhaps I’ll start (gasp) my first sock.

  153. I’m knitting, was knitting, Piece Out by Stephen West, until I ran out of yarn four rounds from finishing!! So disgusted!

  154. I wish I planned my knitting the way you did. As it is, for my US to Taiwan to Japan to Taiwan to US trip, I brought 3 sock yarns (a varigated yarn with long repeats, 2 solid colors), 2 crochet hooks, and Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Squares. On the Atlanta to Tokyo flight, I crocheted swatches for a baby blanket. I slept on the Tokyo to Taiwan flight.
    Then when I got to my parents house in Taiwan, I ended up making granny squares, which is pretty mindless crocheting. Perfect for long conversations and many cans of beer while dealing with jetlag 🙂
    Fortunately for me, today I’m going to the yarn shop where I bought my first supplies when I learned to knit in 1987, so I’m sure I’ll find some thing to do.
    As for Japan next week, I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for Noro and anything else.
    So maybe my trip home with be yarntastic.

  155. Oh my, what haven’t I been knitting? An absolutely HUGE afghan for my hubby that has been in the works for 3 years, a baby kimono with matching soaker & hat, and another baby hat with matching booties. Thanks so much for the pattern! Enjoy traveling the beautiful west coast.

  156. Oh what a gorgeous sneak peek! I hope you will get someone to snap you wearing Gwen, not just letting her (it?) lay on a bed for the final photo shoot.
    I just finished the 4th pair of identical white fingering boot length gusseted socks (cast on 88 sts on 2mm needles) for my brother in law. Finally, a gorgeous pale yellow Cascade Heritage in Filey, a sort-of gansey sock. So thrilled that DH agreed to yellow socks.
    Nice to see you have a bit of down time for “relaxing”.

  157. I’m absolutely loving following your trip and fantasising about how I could possibly get to an event as you aren’t coming to England. When might you come to England? Anywhere! As to what I’ve been knitting this week – I decided that I should finish some projects before I cast on anything new. After a gap of a year I truly do have second sock syndrome with one completely different toe, a string bag that’s stretched so much I don’t know how i’ll ever use it, two baby garments finally sewn up but now waiting for a baby of the right gender and a sheep! Early morning knitting has been a square lace shawl and I succumbed and cast on a square for my share in a baby blanket. Lesson i’ve learned is that if I haven’t finished a project it’s probably because I don’t need to – and I still have eight to go! And one of them is a Gwen that has a wrong cable in it!

  158. A Tequila Sunrise shawl (my own design) for my friend’s mom; baby woollies including a BSJ for a small human expected in April; a gansey for my oldest son only to him I call it a sweater because to his non-knitting mind a “gansey” would sound too strange to wear. Also have a bag of finished items that need to have buttons sewn on, a task I despise, some of which are destined for another small human born one month ago. The shawl yarn is glorious, Patons, mohair and no longer in production, I snagged the last six balls on the face of the earth; but I LOVE the colours!

  159. I so think Gwen’s name should be changed to Trial By Fire – due to your sweater’s color and the tribulation it caused. Love the first socks – some might actually fit my husband!!

  160. Congrats on finishing ole Gwen. I admire you greatly for sticking with it. You are a better woman than me.
    I am knitting cowls and more cowls for Christmas, my second ever pair of socks and a fair isle hat (first attempt at that too). Hope it all turns out well because they’re Christmas presents!

  161. I am making pretty good progress on a huge had for my husband. I never thought of him as having a huge head, but when I measured it, measured for gauge, and cast on and began knitting, it looks like a medium sized purse rather than a hat. We shall see!

  162. The sweater looks great! And so do the October socks! you are such an inspiration and constant source of laughter to me. Currently i have a coffee cozy on the needles amd a pretty lacey scarf!

  163. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful epic cardigan. Since you asked, I’ve been knitting Jill Vosberg’s Magical Mitered Vest and Birgit Freyer’s Lazy Katy shawl on my vacation this week.

  164. Lovely haul! I’m glad you finally showed Gwen who’s boss.
    I just finished a Dr Who scarf…all of the knitting was done in January. And I finished the last row while we had company, and put it aside to cast off “later”. Because where do you block a 9 foot scarf? (In your workroom. IF, that is, there’s floor space.)
    I cast off and blocked it this week. Just in time for the lovely sleet and snow storm that dropped by to mess with us before Halloween.
    Oh, and I’m making Christmas stuff. Item three is OTN now. A little lace scarf for my MiL.

  165. Aside from a few stolen moments with my Sock du Jour, I haven’t done much knitting in the past week because I had to ply up over 3600 meters of singles and skein it off into hanks (22) to add to my stock for sale at this weekend’s two-day art market, and I have another market next weekend, so, there will be much spinning next week, too, and some dyeing to do as well. Yay for income, but I’m behind on holiday knitting.
    In the queue: Mom wants a simple, plain, worsted, camel-colored cardigan. Very plain. Perhaps with ONE small cable or openwork motif to enliven the front, but no more than that. Yes, this is the same Mom who pointed to a beaded lace lavender Koigu tunic sweater in a back issue of Knitter’s magazine a few years ago only two months before Christmas and made puppy-dog eyes at me. This year, she started hinting in August for the simple camel-colored worsted cardigan. So of course I started last week and then remembered I had a parade of fall arts markets coming up, demanding handspun. Sigh.
    So, in the official holiday knitting queue: Sweater for Mom, sweater for husband (designing the pattern as I go), socks for my very favorite cousin, several pair of fingerless gauntlets for friends, and a couple of hats. Almost done with a shawl for one of my very dearest friends and almost done spinning half a pound of blue merle collie combings into yarn which will become a simple scarf (your One-Row pattern) for another dear friend’s January birthday, because her wonderful, wonderful dog is getting old. And also a baby blanket for my husband’s exercise physiologist (who is amazing if anybody out there in Harlot Land knows anyone who has had a severe injury and needs to learn to walk again) but their baby isn’t due until Valentine’s Day.
    Those last two don’t need to be ready for Christmas, though.

  166. aww, thank you for the nice shoutout about my fernfrost scarf; i totally have yarn envy, that is gorgeous. i think i may ahve added it to my perpetual list of yarns i need to seek at fiber shows . . .
    i’m knitting with spirit trail nona ta the moment and something secret as well. good november knitting.

  167. I am in the middle of knitting 2 baby blankets for charity (waiting on more yarn for one so it is kinda stalled at the moment), not knitting the last bit of a dragon blanket for my sister, knitting a queen sized blanket for me and a stuffed rabit (which was supposed to be for chairity too, but doesn’t look nearly as rabittish in reality and it did in the patern pictures….), and trying to find yarn to start a baby blanket for my cousins first child **but I need help finding a yarn warm enough for a Newfoundland winter, but not made with any wool or other animal based yarn (because I’m allergic and can’t knit with them), so anyone have a good warm yarn they can recommend??????

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