And So Seattle

I was in Seattle last night, at Third Place Books, which is starting to feel like an old friend of a sort.  I’ve gotten to go there with every tour, and it never disappoints.  It’s a big glorious bookstore, and we filled it up with knitters.

This never ceases to amaze me.  Not that there’s a lot of knitters, I know there’s a lot of knitters, and not that those knitters like to gather in groups – I am a knitter.  I get that too… It’s the reaction of ordinary people staggering by, asking what the book is and why there’s a crowd and then being simply gobsmacked as the reality of a couple hundred knitters (all knitting) in one place sort of washes over them.
Never mind when they start lining up to show you first socks, which they did. First up was Whitney, who brought her first socks, her second sweater, and her first baby Declyn and her husband (covered in knitwear, and clearly a supporter) Bryan.

Also working the first baby/first sock combo were Lauren and Lila.

and Ellen, Andi and baby Liam

They had to work a combo.  Ellen has the first baby, and Andi has the socks.  (And no.  She didn’t knit her sweater, I already asked for you.) Then there was Lucy,

Then Karen (who want’s you to know that she’s not an overachiever, she just didn’t know what she was getting into.)

and Kate:

then Rebekah (if you could see those socks, you would see they sort of accidentally have really different toes)

Kimi brought her first sock- which used to be part of a pair but isn’t anymore, which doesn’t really bother her because they didn’t fit anyway.  (It’s like looking in a mirror, that one.)

and Erica:

and then Sandra, who was representing for her mum – Amy Rose, who knit these socks.  ( I might have that backwards.  That might be Amy Rose who’s holding up her mum Sandra’s socks.  I can’t remember.  My mind is shot at this point.  Sorry guys!)

Brightwind brought several first socks, because they’re all sort of in the middle of being done and none are a completed pair, so she was sort of unclear about which ones to designate as "first."  (I am too.  We agreed she should hold them all.)

Maybe someday she’ll have a pair.  Maybe not.  I’m not sure she’s the type.
Cassie couldn’t stand to bring her first socks, so she brought her most impressive ones. 

They were very impressive.  While I was on my way to this event, ST-2 Lisa texted me to tell me that there were some very good babies waiting for me.  Besides the ones above, we had Jessie and Clark

Leila, Annika and Marion.

Kate and Zoe. 

Margaret didn’t bring her son Simon because he’s two and she knew it would be a set-up for unhappiness for him (good call.  Two year olds aren’t usually that into book readings unless there are funny voices and lots of pictures) but she did bring the Hallowe’en costume she’s knitting him.

He’s going to be Ernie.  (Best costume ever.)
Walt showed up for his daughter Jesse,

He was bedecked in all that she’s knit for him.  (He’s very, very proud.)
It was Andrea’s birthday !

(She was also wearing her first socks, but you can’t see them.)
Rachel knits dragons.  (I believe that speaks for itself. She’s specializing)

And our new friend Kim suffered a cruel lesson at the hands of Mother Gauge.

Same pattern, same knitter, same needles, same yarn – two mittens of completely unrelated size for NO REASON.
Carmel brought a fabulous worsted weight cashmere shawl

(Yes.  She should have insurance on that. If only to protect it from the likes of me.)  – And speaking of cashmere, guess why all these knitters are touching Kate?

Yup.  Cashmere, but with a little angora in there to really make her huggable.
Elisabeth brought an incredible wedding ring shawl.

Took her four years to knit it (on and off) and you wouldn’t believe how great it is.
Lisa wanted to say hi to her knitter buddy Tucker:

Abby and Sherri were back:

the last time we saw them they looked like this:

Abby’s growing up into a very nice knitter.
Sally and John came.

Apparently she knits and he reads this blog.  Together, I pointed out, they are one fan.
Alex works in a yarn shop, and wanted to show this off as proof that he can knit:

Apparently there is doubt in t
he heart of the occasional customer.
Almost finally, it wouldn’t be Seattle if we didn’t see McKenna, our Lady of The Stash Weasels.

I love me a good stash weasel.  (She’s onto Dr. Who themed ones now.  Be still my beating heart.)
Finally, last but certainly not least,  I give you Scott.

What’s that?  What’s his tattoo say?

Damn Straight. 

Thanks for everything Seattle.

185 thoughts on “And So Seattle

  1. Looks like an amazing group, Love the tattoo!! If I wasn’t such a coward that would be an excellent saying to have on my person forever, but I think I’ll choose to have it sewn into a knitting bag instead.

  2. I know these tours wear you out, but damn, you do manage very entertaining blogging through it all. I love these city-by-city reports! Thanks!

  3. Phew! Your book tour posts are making ME tired — and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I’m not tired OF reading them, just tired WHILE reading them. You must be exhausted! But look at all those knitters. Warms my cold, New England heart.

  4. I’m the Karen with the huge socks above. My husband’s ski boots were eating his calves raw, so I decided he needed knee-high socks for skiing. I figured socks were socks, no matter what length. I truly didn’t know better. I was frequently asked if I was knitting sweater sleeves! But the ski boots stopped eating my husband’s calves, and that was what mattered.

  5. Again I must say thank you for taking the time and effort to post after each of your tour stops. It’s been a real pleasure to see and read!

  6. Boo Hoo! The book event was on my calender but after two memorial services (my dad) and a wedding at my house (two friends) in October, I celebrated by coming down with a monstrous fall cold so I did everyone a favor and STAYED HOME. Thanks for the blog and the pictures!

  7. geez, I can’t seem to remember anything that came before the cute male knitter with the awesome tattoo – thanks for saving the best for last on this one… !!

  8. OMG – I could almost get a tattoo if I could get that one – I guess I’ll just settle for the photo. Somewhere there is one really fine tattoo artist who deserves a bit of credit.

  9. i love that you are posting about your tour. thanks so much. it must be tiring for you, but it’s great fun for the rest of us.

  10. Man, that tattoo is awesome. My next tattoo will have knitting needles in it, but isn’t solely knitting focused. Scott is way more badass than I am.

  11. My non-knitting daughter came with me last night (in Seattle) just because I asked her to (and bought her dinner). My family doesn’t quite get my obsession with your blog, although they’re willing to give Grandma some slack, especially when I knit stuff for them. My daughter laughed – a lot. THANK YOU! Vindication is mine.

  12. I got so enraptured with the tattoo (or was it with the wearer, Scott) that I forgot to comment on all the really wonderful knits in this post – where do I start – Alex’s shawl, the weasels, the stunning wedding ring and (you were so humble you didn’t mention)the Baby Yours (or is it Baby Mine??) All knitting is wonderful, but these stand out.

  13. Yeah! I’m so proud my dad got on someone else’s blog! (He is missing the hat I knit him, I’d better check and see if it still exists or he’s getting a hat and mitt set this year…) Go Seattle!

  14. I must be a slacker mom… when my kids were Ernie & Bert for Halloween I fabric painted sweatshirts. 🙂 That said, this post made me miss my homeland. Sigh.

  15. Thank you, Stephanie for a lovely reading and signing last night. You were wonderful and Liam told me later that night that he’s sorry he couldn’t stay awake and give you a special smile.

  16. If ever I would want a tattoo (which is never), it would be this one!! 🙂
    Love the Dr Who themed Stash Weasels, too!

  17. Ooooo, I love that tattoo on Scott! Very sexy!! I’ve been enjoying following your tour. I don’t live in a big city so I have been attending through your posts!!!

  18. That’s gonna be my next tattoo! love it. Even though I seem to miss you when you come to town, I do love the travelblog. Can I come with you next time?

  19. @ Karen with the Giant Socks- Don’t feel bad. My bf and his father are sock ADDICTS. And I don’t mean that they knit them either. They both are madly, obsessively, passionately in love with knee socks.
    Ask me how many pairs of knee socks I’ve knit since meeting his family? (The answer is 6 btw). This means a 15″ cuff attached to a size 12-13 shoe (one is 12 one is 13). That means a 9 inch foot before the toe.
    The really strange part-I love knitting them socks. Warren’s (the dad) first pair he got so excited about I didn’t get a chance to warn him about woolies and tile. Near miss on Christmas morning. Hilarity ensued. Be brave for those of us in sock minority!

  20. That tattoo just made my day. I’m not into tattoos, but if you’re going to have one, that’s clearly the one to have. Amazing!

  21. I’m not even a knitter and I love your blog so much. Looking at all the great things people are working on — socks and stash weasels and giant shawls and Halloween costumes (not to mention amazing tattoos!) — the knitters you meet are so clever and original! Thanks for all the laughs!

  22. Oh Stephanie, thank you so much for posting the picture of my BFF Lisa. We chatted while she was driving home from the bookstore and she totally confirmed your fabulousness for me. 🙂 The only thing that would have been better is if I was in Seattle to see the both of you for myself! Safe travels to Portland and beyond!

  23. I sure am sorry I had to miss your reading last night. Really wanted to stand in line to meet you in person and thank you for a kindness you afforded me two years ago. I am one of the bad people who bought the Kindle version of your book. But, Amazon is a local bookstore around here, albeit not an indie like Third Place. Regardless, I know you are well-loved in all of those other cities, but none of them love you like Seattle does!! Have a good trip to PDX and safe travels home.

  24. I am loving these tour posts. I’m more of a ‘skip that boring stuff and take me straight to the knitting!’ type. But you manage to make me care about all the people you meet. Sad it’s almost over, but I’m sure a bit of a relief for you.

  25. Aw, I had to miss you last night at Third Place Books because my daughter had a band concert (which was wonderful, of course–but STILL!) I’ve enjoyed being there other years and I dearly hope to make it next time. These gatherings are so full of bonhomie and displays of amazing handknits. And you always make us laugh, love that!!

  26. Seattle Knitters ROCK! Stash Weasels, tatoo’s, fathers who bring all their daughters knitting.. I think I’m going to move to Seattle.

  27. I missed you in Pasadena a couple of days (?) ago. I agreed to fill in for a missing golfer before checking my calendar! STUPID, STOOPID , STOOOOOPPPPIIIDDD. I would have driven the 4 hours, true!
    BUT, I’m gonna have to check your calendar and fly to where ever you are. I suppose I”ll have to spring for a non-knitting friend who is always up for a road-trip, but penny poor. Once again, I’ll volunteer to be your body guard, panties buyer, vege lookout, etc. the next time you hit the road! Honestly!
    BTW – we won the cup!

  28. Finally, a tatoo I wouldn’t mind seeing on my teenage son! I just told him that the only thing I wanted from him for Christmas are your new book, and him getting a job. Hoping you’ll come our way someday –

  29. This has been so fun to follow and inspiring. Brightwind was one of the socks on needles Patons Lace in sachet?? I love that yarn NEVER thought sock, now my socks will match my scarf. those dragons of Rachels are the cutest. and love the tattoo

  30. Scott’s cute but I’d take Alex any day! He can knit and he’s extremely huggable. I like some meat on my bones 🙂

  31. Uhm, about Alex-who-works-in-a-yarn-shop? Is he married, do you think ? Because that is one magnificent piece of knitting, there.

  32. My wonderful non-knitter SIL stopped on her drive from Portland to Lynden to hear you read and pick up a signed book; I’m living in London for a spell and didn’t know if I would get to see you this tour. Big cheers for my lovely Jeannie—-she said she had fun (I may convert her yet).

  33. I hate tatoos but love that and would consider if only briefly. Glad for the success of your tour. Am getting your latest book for my birthday so thanks again. Some day I, too, will make it to one of your events. Keep doing what you do, you are my hero!

  34. Damn, Grace beat me to it.
    And, not to take away anything from your posts, which are awesome and lovely to read, but will we ever see a picture of you in Gwendolyn, aka the Neverending Cardigan of Infinite Challenges?

  35. Have you ever thought of requesting a Jumbotron for your book tours? You know, so when the knitters show, even the people in the way, way back can see how great you look.

  36. great tour, and now…YOU CAN GO HOME!! Btw, W. Michigan still wants you! (Ludington, MI; Nautical Yarn, just a hint).

  37. Non-knitter here who loves your blog. … Especially the book signing tour. Thank you. I may still take up the needles.

  38. ooooooohhhhhhh! please hook me up with more stash weasel-ness! i want to know more, see more, make some of my own maybe? just point me in the right direction… website? blog? ravelry?

  39. While it’s been great fun getting your bird’s eye view of each event, I think readers are missing the true gem of this book tour – you’re actually reading!
    You’re definitely an essayist who can hold her own with the best of them. Everyone – buy the book. 🙂

  40. There are definitely some great knitters in Seattle. As much as I enjoy cute boys who knit, I’m particularly smitten with the elderly couple that together make one fan. And the dad donning all his daughter’s knitwear. REALLY wishing I had been able to make the drive from San Diego to see you in LA. But thank you SO MUCH, for taking the time to post so we can be there vicariously. Safe travels home!
    Laura in San Diego

  41. You forgot to mention the yarn-bombed microphone stand! My sister-in-law got a picture of the lady as we watched her sewing it onto the mic and giggled. I hope she got to meet you! I think she’s the one in the cashmere-touching picture, on the far left with her back turned (red shirt). I’ll try and get the picture so I can send it to you.
    It was a pleasure to meet you last night, and to spend time with all the other knitters! It was wonderful. Tired or not, you are awesome! 🙂 And I’m loving my book so far.

  42. One of these days my daughter and I would just love to see you in person. I have all your books except for the new one. I guess I am wanting to get that one signed by you 🙂 I am hoping that you will come to Central California so we can enjoy you and all the knitters. Thanks so much for your blog – it is truly inspirational.

  43. Just so you know, today I went in Blue Elephant books in Decatur, GA, to order All Wound Up. The lady behind the counter said, ah, the Yarn Harlot! The very same , said I, and she wants us to get her book locally. “thank you Stephanie Pearl-McFee,” said the proprietress. Indeed. I’m looking forward to it. Safe travels!!

  44. Lol, looks like Seattle was a smashing finale! Love the tattoo and enjoy the trip back home and the catching up w/fam, rest, etc. waiting there for you.

  45. I love the tour updates, do you have any guess as to the number of knitters you have met on this tour? And does Scott have any idea what size needles his tattoo is?

  46. Oh, I’m so glad my mum was able to meet you and present my well worn first socks! I very regrettably missed the event (emergency choir rehersal) but I was there in spirit (and in sock)! Can’t wait to read the book…
    If it’s anything like the others I’ll be smiling the whole way through 🙂

  47. Auugghhhh!! I missed you! I was so sure it was tonight you were in Seattle, and just now logged on to check the time I should head out to Third Place Books.
    Maybe if I start right now I can make it down to Portland…..

  48. Mmmmmm male knitters. I don’t recall in your lovely report if any of those guys are single? And Stephanie, thank you so much for the posts, pictures and the love and laughter you spread. Ordered the new book from Knitpicks today-can hardly wait for it to arrive! Glad you are headed home to your own bed, kitchen and yarn stash. Only 8 more weeks til Christmas!

  49. This tour is the most fun I’ve had all month! Thank you ever so much for sharing. And I don’t mean to nag (much) but Ohio is a whole lot closer to Canada than LA is – just a quick zip across Lake Erie. We have LOTS of knitters here, too. I’m pestering our (almost) local bookstore to host you. Maybe next year?

  50. To Kim,
    My first colorwork mittens did the same thing. The right one fit beautifully, the left one took a trip through the wash (but not the dryer) with some jeans and came out the to be an appropriate size (even if that one is now a bit dense). The colors bled a bit, but now I can wear them. Just a suggestion, but take it with a grain of salt, and I take no responsibility if it becomes toddler sized.

  51. Stash Weasels!!! And a fabulous tattoo. And Whitney, the Bedford turned out gorgeous, Declyn looks like a little angel (surely your hints at a meltdown were in jest), and Stephanie is right, Bryan is an all-around dream hubby. You deserve every inch of him. 🙂

  52. So you were only 30 minutes from me, and the event was in my calendar for weeks, and I was/am so sick with a very bad cold. I should have bought those masks, slathered myself with hand sanitizer and slept in the guest room. Thank you for a lovely time as we follow your travels and your knitting adventures.

  53. Looks like Seattle’s been the best yet. Loved the photo of Scott and his tat. Had to show my sons 17,19 & 22 that if they ever thought knitters were wimpy Scott proved otherwise and also Alex with the awesome lace work. They quickly assured me they never thought knitters were wimpy.

  54. McKenna! I keep having addresses for you that don’t work. You need to know that my first-gen Stashie nestles in my writing studio in a fabric bowl a friend made, so I think of you frequently. The weasels are evolving into even greater charms. (And Steph, at least you should be able to find vegetarian food in Portland.)

  55. Sad I missed it last night! I have been following your blog since I began my knitting addiction almost three years ago, but have only recently started making my way through your books. Was so excited to realize you would be coming to Third Place Books, until I checked the date and realized that it was on my husband’s birthday. I suppose I will just have to wait for the NEXT book tour–glad to hear that Third Place is always on the itinerary!

  56. Thank you so, so much for taking us all along on your book tour. Thank you to all the knitters who were there for those of us only there in spirit. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks. Fall into the arms of your family Stephanie and reflect on the gift you’ve given to so many.

  57. Wow – what a gathering of knitters! Looks like great fun. I got to see you in Baltimore and it’s been fun reading about your other stops. I hope you have a great trip home – I’m sure the family misses you!

  58. Thank you so much for keeping us abreast of your book tour travels. It’s amazing that you’ve been doing this long enough to see some of the wee knitters grow into less-wee knitters! Beautiful!
    Oh, and I just knew that Margaret was knitting an Ernie sweater for her son. That’s how good it is! Wishes for continued safe travels!

  59. Love the tattoo..that’s serious dedication to the cause! Now, when and where can we see the Yarn Harlot in Canada? More importantly, Ontario!??

  60. Love the tattoo, love the knits, love the blog and all the knitterly good cheer! What a great week of reading it’s been! Thanks, Stephanie, for all the posts.

  61. OMG – that’s the first tattoo I’ve ever seen that makes me think “want”. I think that I would put little balls of yarn instead of skulls at the end of the needles, though,
    Steph, these travel blogs exude so much warmth, I almost don’t need to toss another log in the woodstove.

  62. I was there! It was amazing! I just wish I wouldn’t have been so starstruck. I wanted to get a picture I wanted to show you my first fair-isle (the chrysanthemum mittens). But I was so flustered all I could do was show you the knitting squirrel found in my local brewery. Thanks for a memorable evening! PS-I Kinneared you!

  63. STASH WEASELS? KNIT FAST, DIE WARM, with SKULL KNITTING NEEDLES? The world has so much more awesome for me today than it did yesterday. Plus, much as I love my Prom King, Scott is hawt.

  64. I really wanted to see you in Portland tonight but my day got away from me.
    I would have happily shown you my knitting tattoo too!
    Hope it goes well for you. Loved seeing you when you last book came out.

  65. To Kimi above: The yarnbomber did get to meet Steph, and yes, it’s her in the picture touching the cashmere/angora sweater. I rode over with her and her husband, and there were serious discussions about which of the yarns she had grabbed looked most like Steph. These things are important!
    I had a great time last night! And my knitting friends are all impressed that my picture made the blog!

  66. Wait a minute. I missed your visit to my area due to a bad attack of insomnia the night before. You mean you don’t do your book readings with funny voices and lots of pictures???
    Maybe you should try that, and really scare the muggles.

  67. I love all of these posts of knitters in their knit wear, but I would love to know their ravelry names so we could get a better look at their knit wear. I believe a support group needs to be made?

  68. What does Scott’s t-shirt say? It looks like “Jesus Hates the Yankees.” That’s even better than the tattoo!

  69. Love Sally’s idea to share Rav names. Would love to see Alex’s knitting up close! Also wish I had “agree” and “funny” buttons a la Rav for other people’s comments. Y’all are a funny group!

  70. You were here last night????? Wow. I have been SO out of the loop for SUCH a long time! I’m sorry I missed you. I’m glad you had a great time. I just wanted to say, “hi!”

  71. Thank you for posting and including us in this tour. – I’m sitting here, trying to think of the right words to use, but I’m getting tongue tied, (or “type tied”), but it’s really been helping me through a difficult few days. – Take care x

  72. That is the best tattoo ever…almost enough to make me want to copy cat it! What a guy!
    Wish I was in the US to come along to one of these….

  73. That tattoo is awesome, and so true LOL! What I really want though is a stash weasel!!! Could you please let us know where to get one or find a pattern for one because they are too cute! Thanks for all the great posts lately and congrats on finishing your sweater. I really appreciate you letting us know that occasionally wool sweaters kick your butt while you’re knitting them because they always kick mine. You give me hope that maybe someday I’ll conquer a sweater!

  74. Stash weasels (Tell me more!) and tattoos! Had me laughing once again ’til I needed a tissue! Thanks for bringing joy to our lives!

  75. Seeing all these people and all this love in city after city fills me up. It’s like the opening scenes of “Love, Actually” at Heathrow, with image after image of people greeting and embracing, huge smiles, hugs, warmth, humanity, hope. Thank you so much for bringing it to us. Heroic. Much needed. Safe home, Stephanie.

  76. I would never get a tattoo, but if there is a bumper sticker that says “Knit Fast, Die Warm” I’d put it on my car – next to the one that says “Will knit for beer.”

  77. Love, love, love the tattoo. Husband wants me to steal it for my forearm… or elsewhere. I’ll be good. Also love Scott’s shirt if it says what I think it says. (Jesus hates the Yankees, yes? — not that I think Jesus gives a flying fig, mind you, just amuses me endlessly as a bit of a Mets fan)

  78. What a wonderful post. I love seeing the knitted projects, the babies and the children growing up knitting. The tattoo was a great photo to end with!

  79. I might have to get one of those tatoos ……
    I love the dad who came for his daughter and showed off her knitting. My dad was proud of things I did but I doubt he would have gone that far. ; )
    Obviously the west coast gets knitters much more than Baltimore. We’ll try to do better next time.

  80. Thanks for sharing all the stops on your book tour. You must be happy that you are almost heading home, despite the awesomeness of all the knitters you have met.
    I am a 59 year old woman and I have been seriously thinking about getting a knitting tattoo. My kids (whom I have forbidden their whole lives to get tattoos, and they are still listening to me)think I am crazy. Thanks to Scott, I have seen the tattoo I want. Shh, don’t tell the children. 🙂

  81. So glad I got to see you again in Seattle. 4 of us came together and we all had a great time.We were laughing the entire time. You are so funny and we could relate to all of the stories. I can even just barely make us out in the photo.

  82. I’m still grinning from last night’s talk in Portland. If you’re still in Oregon today (Saturday) and want some knitting company, ‘cmon down to Salem – the Salem Area Ravelers (knit, crochet, gardening, green living, and social justice with chickens, bees, and Trevor the Airedale) group meets at the IKE box, corner of Chemeketa and Cottage, starting between 1:00 and 1:30. We got good coffee!

  83. Thanks for all the pictures – I miss my home (one mile from where you were sitting) so much. It’s great to see that everyone is still there and nothing is really changing (except that kids are growing). Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  84. I read this at 6am on my way home from work and was sad that I’d missed yet another Harlot meeting (I’m really hoping that the next book tour comes close to either one of my vacations so I can follow you, or that you come closer to me 🙂
    So my subconscious gave me a fabulous dream: you came and did a reading at my hospital, in the conference room, which my boss graciously let me sit in on instead of doing treatments because I’d helped set up the chairs and refreshments and such. In my dream you were amazing!
    I’m sure when I finally see you in person it will be just as good!

  85. I think I’m in love with Scott, or at least his tattoo… If I wasn’t already married, to a muggle… Sighs… My fantasies will never be the same…

  86. Love that tattoo….and the stash weasels are amazing! Can you hook us up to a link/site/blog for that wonderful designer? I mean, gee, the weasels are so “Redwall” and Doctor Who is … Something I HAVE to see….we love that show on our house!

  87. Thank you to everyone who loves my tattoo. I’ll be accepting marriage proposals at either my ravelry page or my blog: knitapair.tumblr

  88. Congrats on making the best sellers list (for the 2nd time?!), way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I too saw you in Seattle. It was my first time and I really enjoyed listening to you read. During one of your readings you said something about keeping/storing/stashing yarn in a freezer, I was going to ask you about it when you signed my book(Thank You Again) but I forgot. Do I have to do something special with it before freezing? Can it just go in a Ziplock or a seal a meal? Tupperware…..I have a huge freezer in my garage and sadly it is 1/2 empty and I have more than enough yarn to fill in the void.

  90. How beautiful & inspiring the knitters & their projects are! Had a lot of fun & enjoyment reading your posts of your travels.

  91. I missed you when you were in IL, I had to work.
    I hopeto catch you on the next tour!!! I do have one question though, is Alex from Seattle single?

  92. I so love it when you go on tour because I LOVE seeing what everyone is knitting (and showing you). Is there any other group other than knitters that would fill a book reading like they have for you everywhere you go?? I also love all those babies and seeing photos of knitting kids having returned to see you a few years later.
    Can’t wait to read your book. When will it be released in Canada??

  93. I believe Alex’s rav name might be ButlerAl22. But it doesn’t look like he’s been there in a while. Scott might be cabledguy, but I can’t really tell, and I’m leaning towards no.

  94. AMAZING tattoo – just incredible!! If I wasn’t needle-phobic I’d get one just like it!

  95. congratulations on the booksellerslist and now you are four hours home at least, I wish you a good nights sleep.

  96. Scott, your tattoo ROCKS! Steph, congrats on your book’s bestseller status…it’s well deserved!

  97. I hope you get home soon . . . this trip is over the top . . . congratulations on your new book!

  98. If I had a Doctor Who stash weasel (10? 11? 4?) I would die happy. (It could have its way with the series 13 scarf I just finished.)
    And then there’s the tattoo and its host.
    Well. This is one fine blog post! It’s been far too long since I’ve made it to one of your readings…clearly I need to get to one, soon. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

  99. Stephanie!! I am very sorry I didn’t make it to Third Place Books, I had tickets to a jazz show and timing was impossible.
    Looking forward to the next time I can see you…..
    lots of love-

  100. Home again, home again!! Thank you for sharing while on tour. I am waiting impatiently for your book to come to my LYS (and not using that on-line giant per your suggestion). Congrats on the best selling list !!! (After you rest up, get someone to add the new book to your blog)

  101. Woo! Was a great talk and reading, and I can’t wait for the next event. ^^ (Assuming some rest in between, of course). That, and talking to some of the people there was very welcome. Thanks everyone!

  102. YAY! I am back in California and SO excited to have made your blog! It was wonderful to meet you, you are as hilarious in person as you are in print. I am now devouring your book and loving every word. Enjoy being back in your own bed, with your own coffee maker.

  103. I am totally not into tattoos, but a temporary one of the Knit Fast / Die Warm would earn some knitter a bunch, I’d bet.

  104. Love that tattoo! Ladies, if this illustrated man ain’t taken yet, he will be soon. Obviously he’s got his priorities straight. Thank you, Harlot, for letting us all join you on your book tour again–it’s always such a hoot to see all these knitters and know we’re a Nation.

  105. I love the ‘cruel lesson at the hands of Mother Gauge’ quip! The before and afters are great too. It’s wonderful that blog from city to city but it’s wicked amazing that you search your archives to pair these photos up. Whole other level, Steph! Thanks for all the entertainment and keep up your spirits; The “conjugal” is only days away!

  106. Darn if the same thing didn’t happen to my Selbu mittens. Counted those stitches and rows 53 times, no difference, same needles, same yarn. Whew, it wasn’t just me.

  107. Clearly, any lonely single men out there are missing out by not taking up knitting. Does Ravelry have a dating subsidiary?

  108. love that last one “knit fast, die warm” tattoo. I’d get that in the temporary variety. But I need to copy it somehow. Even putting it on T-shirt would be so cool. Great idea.

  109. Clearly, Scott wins at Life.
    Ugh, why don’t I live in Seattle where these sorts of things happen? Seattle gets visits from MegaRan and the Yarn Harlot.

  110. BEST….TATT…..EVER!!!! Very knitterly, and still appropriately masculine. I want a feminine version!!

  111. Still feeling as if I am with you on your tour. Thank you for the pics and intros.
    Good thing my daughter doesn’t read, she would want that tat.

  112. Did someone show you the picture of the trees in Pioneer Square that were covered in knitting last summer?! My daughter and husband were on a dad/daughter trip and she sent me a picture from her phone with the caption – “all the trees have sockies!” It was adorable, in large part because my 19-year-old thought of me when she saw the knitting even though she doesn’t want me to knit for her!
    Thanks for the great updates on your travels. So fun.

  113. This clinches it: I’m applying for school in Seattle. It raises my chances of meeting Scott.

  114. Glad you’re home.
    Each time I read a section in your book, I think: this one’s the best.
    No wonder it’s on NYTimes best seller list!
    Thanks for another great book.

  115. I didn’t see it the first time around (why yes, I occasionally read blog posts twice) but Scott also has on an awesome t-shirt. Must be a Red Sox fan. Icing on the cake.

  116. Just a quick comment to wish Joe a very happy birthday. I’m sure you’re happy to be home to celebrate it with him. Enjoy your day!

  117. It’s me! With the wedding ring shawl! I made it onto the Yarn Harlot’s blog! Is it wrong that I feel like I’ve really accomplished something now?

  118. Speaking of better late than never – Happy Birthday, Joe! (Not a stalker, no not me – it’s my birthday too so I just remember his, and one of your daughters has my daughter’s birthday too (May 31st so I remember that.)
    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and that moving into the holiday season is enjoyable for you this year.
    PS – totally didn’t have to turn the heat on until we had that freak snowstorm/nor’easter a couple weeks ago – made it two weeks later than normal!

  119. Is it kosher to re-post pics from your blog? I’d really like to share those of Scott and his tatoo…Please???
    I so wanted to come to Chicago to see you but I just couldn’t make it happen. Maybe next time – or you could come to Lansing, Michigan 😉

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